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➸ The Rap Year Book  Free ➮ Author Shea Serrano – Transportjobsite.co.uk chapter 1 The Rap Year Book , meaning The Rap Year Book , genre The Rap Year Book , book cover The Rap Year Book , flies The Rap Year Book , The Rap Year Book 278962523e743 The Rap Year Book Takes Readers On A Journey That Begins In , Widely Regarded As The Moment Rap Became Recognized As Part Of The Cultural And Musical Landscape, And Comes Right Up To The Present Shea Serrano Deftly Pays Homage To The Most Important Song Of Each Year Serrano Also Examines The Most Important Moments That Surround The History And Culture Of Rap Music From Artists Backgrounds To Issues Of Race, The Rise Of Hip Hop, And The Struggles Among Its Major Players Both Personal And Professional Covering East Coast And West Coast, Famous Rapper Feuds, Chart Toppers, And Show Stoppers, The Rap Year Book Is An In Depth Look At The Most Influential Genre Of Music To Come Out Of The Last Generation Complete With Infographics, Lyric Maps, Hilarious And Informative Footnotes, Portraits Of The Artists, And Short Essays By Other Prominent Music Writers, The Rap Year Book Is Both A Narrative And Illustrated Guide To The Most Iconic And Influential Rap Songs Ever Created

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    if you don t like this book FOH

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    I ve always been confused that there s not a greater crossover between my literary friends and my hip hop friends Both rely on a love of language, the way words can twist and stretch and hit, and both are about storytelling, about immersion and experience and emotion Also puns And I have longed for the day where a writer talented enough to bridge those worlds could write the book that explains the joyful mischief and soulful depths of great hip hop to an audience that hasn t got it yet.Shea Serrano hasn t quite taken us there But I do think he s found the blueprint ahem with this book, which is billed as a chronological look at how hip hop grew and mutated and evolved, year by year, from 1979 to the present It s a great structure, and if it was a bit fleshed out than it is here, it would be a truly elegant solution The problem lies in Serrano s style he s the kind of writer who will tell you an extended metaphor or personal anecdote to highlight a point but tell you to trust him, guys, he s getting to it and when he does it will be hi larious and if any of you are getting antsy then just calm down because that s the type of book this is, get it And that s fine, I even enjoy it in pieces, but to tell a whole book like this while trying to be authoritative cuts two ways It undercuts the importance of the thing you ve selected as being worthy of talking about although Serrano is definitely on to something with his rebuttal section in each chapter, where another writer lays out an alternate choice for that year s most important song , and it s also guaranteed to turn off people who don t already know what he s talking about So, no, this isn t the great hip hop is art book that I ve been hoping for But the illustrations are amazing and are all time top 5 good, and the song selections are remarkably on point, and Serrano s explanation of the evolution of hip hop reminds me of when I was 16 and my co worker made me a Hip Hop History mixtape and basically my life hasn t been the same since, and really isn t that all I was looking for

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    This book raised as many questions as it taught me things, but in a good way Now that I know which song was most important every year since hip hop became a music genre in collective consciousness, I want to know who were its most important artists There are none nominated than two times, but West Coast hip hop had an eleven years run where it was at the forefront of the genre s innovation, so what does that mean Is Dr Dre the most important rapper of all time, at least statistically He was nominated by Serrano in 1988 with NWA, in 1992 for Ain t Nutin but a G Thang and for his iconic collaboration and personal favorite of mine California Love in 1996 THIS NEEDS TO BE DISCUSSED What s a little clear to me after reading THE RAP YEAR BOOK is how much the genre evolved over the years, found its place in mainstream music with an image it wanted to project and evolved past it over the last decade, thanks to self conscious artists like Kanye West and Kendrick Lamar Fun book I could ve read two hundred pages on the subject Looking forward to Serrano s basketball tome in October.

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    The Rap Year Book by Shea Serrano was, as an authoritative read on the history of rap, a decent read until 1998, until it completely fizzles out of control when Serrano starts to require forming his own opinion.Major themes, and driving forces were unforgivably omitted notably the role of the female rapper as an antithesis to the flamboyance and brutality of gangster rap see The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill , picking Lifestyle as best song over Kendrick Lamar s ode to breaking free from the hardships of the hood in i , or any real explanation of the effect of the internet on rap be it through pop culture or the creation of bedroom rappers bar Serranos vague reference with In Da Club Yet I kept reading it, playing the songs in the background trying to find a justifiable explanation to many of his fair opinions Instead We are served a conversation from Serrano you d expect in a college dorm, where he himself doubts the vast majority of what he s saying, ideas flowing off tangents, and lines do an injustice to one of the most poetic forms of music.But looking beyond his major thematic omissions of rap history, his disappointing deliverance of initially good ideas of songs and even missing the whole plot of Kanye s rap game shunning Monster I respect Serrano for being one of the first authors to do this He manages to create humour at times, provides some of the most stunning pop artwork, and has the humility and wisdom to admit the inevitable difficulty if not impossibility of creating such a yearbook.Much like the MCs of the past who tried styles knowing they d be in the wrong quite often, Serrano does the same hoping to extend our worlds view on musics rebellious darling child Rap music.

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    Quintessential example of why I wish Goodreads had a 3.5 star rating Excellent primer to hip hop for the casual fan, introduces the reader to most of the major players and narratives in the genre s history which tends to seem like the world presented in comic books or action movies than real life Serrano s writing is specific and sporadic in the best ways, jumping around between objective history, personal opinion and a smattering of other details from his subjects lives and his own The prose is at times infuriating, though he repeats the same turns of phrase over and over and constantly introduces sections using the format of This is a thing, and it may not be an important thing, but it s definitely a thing that happened, so here it is One who has read the book may mistake that quote I made up off the top of my head for an actual quote from the book It s cute at first but gets grating chapter after chapter I mean, imagine every four pages reading that sentence This is not a perfect analogy, but it s not a bad analogy, and I like it, so I decided to make it Chose a four over a three because it is a book I d recommend almost anyone reading despite some minor flaws due to it s overwhelming warmth and enthusiasm and its masterful simplification of the breadth of an entire history of an artist and their song down to a couple pages, and because the illustrations are gorgeous.

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    First book I finished in 2016, what a great start to the year.

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    Like all good music writing, it is very funny, overflowing with love for rap music, history, and culture, and imbued with a healthy and sensible fear of and love for DMX.

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    Ugg, I was gifted this over Christmas by a buddy who already had a copy He wrote one of the rebuttals It s an interesting book in theory picking the best rap song by year since 1979 and one I should ve loved considering how often I reference EgoTrip s list of greatest rap singles found in their Book of Rap Lists Unfortunately it falls apart in execution.It loses points right off the bat for having Style Maps Basically clip art used by Serrano to pad out the length of his book Is reading too tough for you Well now you have pictures to do the lifting for you Next, Shea Serrano is a pretty poor author Here s a quote of him breaking one of the most elementary rules of composition Let me tell you quickly about the beginning of Native Tongues, because that s important, but let me be as cursory as possible without being detrimental There s so much wrong that I don t even know where to begin here.I guess my biggest complaint is how needlessly includs himself into every story Here, instead of The Native Tongues was an important and polarizing rap movement during this period that he s instead framed the discussion around himself Again This comes after he decides that he s had enough of this researching thing and recounts a pointless story from his childhood rather than discuss Public Enemy s Fight the Power I guess he felt two Style Maps in one chapter would be gauche decided to be cursory so he can fit in an aforementioned clip art Style Map Don t get me wrong, I know it s tough nowadays for journalists to make a living So kudos to Serrano for creating a shtick and sticking with it, no matter how frustrating it is to read I appluad his ingenuity, and give one star just because it s fun to get reacquainted with most of these songs.

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    Oh how I love everything about this book The reasons are many but I ll unpack it in four parts.First The Concept How can you not love the idea of sifting through every rap song from 1979 2014 and choosing the most important one of each year It is just as it seems, a monumentally difficult and subjective task Some years it s fairly clear, others there are 4 or 5 that could easily fit author Shea Serrano s criteria of not simply being the best but contributing something either to the evolution of rap or the social moment it was created in In 1982 there is Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five s The Message and Afrika Bambaataa s Planet Rock , both as Serrano writes divinely significant 1988 had N.W.A s Straight Outta Compton and Public Enemy s Rebel Without a Pause but you can only choose one In 1992 Wu Tang Clan s C.R.E.A.M and Snoop s Who Am I What s My Name You get the idea So how to sort these incredible songs Second The charts and graphs I should say up front that I ve loved reading and making lists since I was a child I would often listen to the Billboard Top 40 on the radio and remember being in a near panic when my family went out for Chinese food on New Year s Eve one year while the Best 100 songs of the year were being broadcast my mom ever patient with me agreed to play the radio in the car So imagine my delight that Serrano supplements each year s selection with a handy graph describing what makes this song noteworthy The key he decides for these graphs is equally entertaining It uses descriptors such as Declarative, Deadly, Thrilling, Aggressive, Considerate, Boastful, Powerful with neat little pictures such as a ram for powerful , a teddy bear for considerate , and a turtle for descriptive for no other reason than Serrano seems to like turtles, which is good enough for me They add some real color and insight into the songs as well as humor.Third The biographies Although never than a few pages long, Serrano writes not only about the songs, but the artists who created them and why this song at this moment mattered It provides some very fascinating looks at some very fascinating people In his section on DMX Serrano is very upfront about how he views DMX when he writes DMX is terrifying Were I ever to find myself in the position of suspecting my wife of having fellated him, then that s just some shit that happened, is all that is Ruff Ryders Anthem which is his song of the year for 1998, Serrano writes about DMX s childhood It isn t pretty At all DMX s early existence was built largely around isolation The most overt and literal case involves his mother quarantining him as a young child alone in his room for thirty days straight with the door closed as a punishment He was only allowed to leave to get water and use the restroom Or I could hear the breaking of the wires That s a quote from Lyor Cohen, remembering watching DMX perform for him in 1997 when Cohen was with Def Jam Records X had suffered a very crucial beating prior and had to have his mouth wired shut Still, given the opportunity to perform for a contract, he rapped with such ferocity and fervor that he nearly pulled the brackets holding his mouth together apart Cohen signed him that night Jesus Christ Knowing these biographical details about DMX, you begin to understand better where his music comes from Serrano himself has perhaps the best description of DMX when he compares him to Puff Daddy Puffy wanted a plane made of diamonds to fly him to a private island where the beach was also made of diamonds and the natives were big bottomed women and, guess what, they had diamonds for nipples DMX did not want a plane DMX wanted a father DMX wanted a mother who didn t abuse him DMX wanted peace in his heart, but felt fated to emptiness Puff wanted a dollar because he wanted to be rich DMX wanted your dollar because he wanted you to be poor That is some wonderful, albeit bleak, writing.Fourth The humor The incredibly depressing section on DMX notwithstanding, this is an exceedingly clever and funny book that never takes itself too seriously I found myself laughing out loud times than I can remember when Serrano wrote such amazing things like On Big Sean s Guap There was Guap which was about money, and he also talked about having sex with seventeen girls at once on it, and that seems excessive, but I guess that s why they call him Big Sean and not Normal Sean On the kinder, mellower late period Ice Cube In 2014, Ice Cube was on Sesame Street It was a two minute segment where he did magic tricks while explaining to Elmo what the word astounding means Astounding is when something is soooo amazing, it catches you by surprise Cube said, wearing a long sleeve, nonthreatening aqua blue button down shirt, shortly before making a baby dinosaur appear from a top hat.I wish there was a way that 1988 Ice Cube could be introduced to 2014 Ice Cube He would be as astounded as a motherfucker On Ice T Ice T went to a Tupperware party once because he thought Denzel Washington was going to be there Denzel Washington was not there Ice T is interesting On Young Thug Imagine if you could hug your own happiness Imagine if you took both of your feet and stuck them in a bucket full of warm mud and wiggled your toes around, except that mud isn t mud, it s your soul That s how Young Thug raps If you are even remotely interested in rap, hip hop, homo hop apparently a thriving sub genre of gay rap , or any of the multitudes of offshoots, this book will have you scrambling to find these songs and make the greatest mix you ve ever made Just don t forget to put some DMX in there.

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    I loved this so much I ve always been a fan of the Grantland style definitively ranking subjective things in such specific ways So detailed, so funny I laughed out loud and also cried at one point during the chapter about Same Love Bummed that the only woman really highlighted was Nicki her verse on Monster IS iconic , like where s Kim Queen Latifah Salt n Pepa MISSY But again, subjective Super fun read Highly recommended.

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