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Her Christmas Protector (Silver Valley P.D. #1) pdf Her Christmas Protector (Silver Valley P.D. #1) , ebook Her Christmas Protector (Silver Valley P.D. #1) , epub Her Christmas Protector (Silver Valley P.D. #1) , doc Her Christmas Protector (Silver Valley P.D. #1) , e-pub Her Christmas Protector (Silver Valley P.D. #1) , Her Christmas Protector (Silver Valley P.D. #1) 17554761c23 A Sinister Silent NightTwo Female Ministers Have Been Shot In The Heart Of Silver Valley, Pennsylvania Now Zora Krasny, Navy Veteran Turned Undercover Operative, Is Posing As A New Preacher That Means Her Life S On The Line, Yet It S The Only Way To Smoke Out A Psychopath But She S Not Alone She S Got The Best Of The Silver Valley PD At Her Side Detective Bryce Campbell, The High School Boyfriend Zora Left Behind When She Joined The Navy Bryce Must Pose As Her Fianc , So He Can Stay Close And Protect Zora It S A Role They Re Both Finding Way Too Easy To Play But With The Killer S Imminent Christmas Countdown, Zora And Bryce Can T Afford Any Distractions

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    Very good book with excellent suspense and a terrific reunion romance After her years in the navy, Zora became a counselor and moved back to Silver Valley to open her own practice She also has a secondary job that no one is aware of, as an undercover operative She has avoided getting in contact with any of her old friends, especially her old boyfriend Bryce, but now she has no choice Someone is killing female preachers and Zora s mission is to pose as one to draw him out As a detective on the police force, Bryce will be playing the part of her fiance, to stay close to her and protect her.I liked Zora a lot She s a strong woman with a calling to help people She s a bit nervous about pulling off her role, but it s working with Bryce that has her emotions all wound up She still feels badly about the way she broke up with him all those years ago, but at the time she thought it was the right thing to do Now she discovers that her feelings for him never really died Bryce is a terrific guy He has his own drive to help people, which is what pushed him into law enforcement He s never forgotten Zora, and he was stunned to find her as the replacement preacher Right away his protective feelings went from professional to personal He knows that the only way to keep her safe is to keep his mind on the job, but that s much easier said than done.I loved the rekindling of their relationship The fact that they knew each other so well in the past gives them a good place to start getting to know each other as adults I really enjoyed seeing how easy it was for them to pretend to be engaged The biggest thing that Zora had to deal with was allowing herself to trust Bryce with the full truth about her past Once she did that, I loved seeing how emotions that she d been burying for years started to reemerge Bryce s reaction to what she told him made me love him even His sensitivity to what she d been through, and his admiration for what she had done were great I also liked the way that they were determined to keep their personal feelings on hold until after the killer was caught There were a few slips, but I loved how their dedication kept them focused.The suspense of the story was fantastic There was the issue of the guy who was killing the female preachers I liked the parts where we got his point of view, so that we could see what his motivations were While his identity was revealed to the reader early, it didn t diminish the story at all The suspense continued to build as it got closer to when they expected him to strike The final confrontation was intense, and kept me riveted until it was over.There was also a secondary storyline involving the reappearance of Zora s mother and if it was connected to the release of some former cult members from prison I completely understood Zora s reluctance to have anything to do with the woman I hurt for her after that last scene with her mother I also suspect that we haven t heard the last about the cult members The secondary characters were also good I liked Zora s boss Claudia, who is an amazing woman and leader There s an interesting vibe between her and Bryce s boss, the police chief, that I suspect will play a part in a later book I also liked Bryce s friend Rio I hope he gets his own story too.

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    Awesome start to a new series

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    Enjoyable romantic suspense but I wasn t glued to the pages or anything Bryce and Zora are fairly good characters, and with a killer on the loose close to Christmas, things are heating up.

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    I really enjoyed this book The suspense was excellent Zora, and Bryce, along with the police department, and trail hikers were working to solve two open cases Two female ministers has been shot in Silver Valley, Pennsylvania Zora is a Navy Veteran, and now is working as a counselor She goes undercover posing as a preacher With her psychology background, it s easy for her to slide into the role of pretending to be a minister Bryce is there acting as her fianc , and body guard The two had chemistry in high school Zora left for the Navy, and never looked back Now that she is back, and working by Bryce s side, the sparks are still there When Zora was 12, she told the authority s about her living on the true believer s compound Her mother was part of a cult Zora testified against the cult leaders, and was placed in witness protection She was later adopted The prison terms has been served by the leaders, and the police department, and trail hikers has reasons to believe that as the leaders get out of jail they are moving to Silver Valley Not sure if the reason, is to find Zora.

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    Fairly standard category romance fare Enjoyable at the time but no lingering impressions left behind.

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    Geri KrotowHer Christmas ProtectorThis is the first book I have read by Geri Krotow ad let me tell you.it will NOT be the last I read it in one day 9 hours to be exact until after 4am to finish it I COULD NOT put it down Her Christmas Protector keeps you guessing until the end The story wraps around an open murder case of 3 female ministers, two were killed and one injured in Silver Valley, Pennsylvania Zora Krasny is a navy veteran who is in an elite undercover secret task group that helps when needed by other law enforcement agencies Zora was brought to Silver Valley when she was 12 and adopted Bryce Campbell and Zora were best friends growing up until Zora left expectedly and didn t keep in contact with anyone in Silver Valley except her adopted parents Bryce is now a detective with the SVPD Together they tackle the case with them going undercover as Zora a minister and Bryce her fianc e It soon becomes apparent old feelings haven t died Just when you think you have figured out who the killer is, it isn t Until the end Plus Zora s past becomes involved and that makes it interesting You both love the characters and you want to slap them at the same time.But all in all.it s a great read I would recommend this book for anyone, especially those that like a good romance suspense book.

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    The realism in the first Silver Valley P.D book makes every second come across as strongly believable There is never a moment when a situation did not seem as though it could actually happen, as details are convincing in a very true to life manner Because of all the unpredictable scenarios that may perhaps happen to the main couple, my worry over their well being continued to grow with each page turned I frequently become caught up in the lives of a book s hero and heroine, but not often do I respect plus like a couple as much as Zora Krasny and Bryce Campbell This is the first Harlequin Romantic Suspense for Geri Krotow, and I truly hope the talented author has many stories to write for one of my favorite lines Escalating threats in HER CHRISTMAS PROTECTOR are riveting, while emotional personal issues touch the heart Though Zora Krasny is not a naval intelligence officer any longer, she does still help to solve problems in two different ways While she offers family counseling for those in need using her psychology degree, she also randomly works for Trail Hikers, a covert agency which provides assistance to those who enforce the law Her latest assignment is in Silver Valley, PA, her hometown The case is related to the deaths of two women who were preachers Zora will pretend to be a minister who has just arrived, and hopefully the person responsible for the murders will come after her and then be apprehended Working with the Silver Valley Police Department may help to keep her safe, but seeing Bryce Campbell again makes Zora uneasy He was her best friend after she moved to the area when twelve years old, but she has not spoken with him since leaving after high school to attend the naval academy It is decided that the best way to draw out the killer is for Zora to take over the duties of a local minister and have Bryce watch over her by becoming her fake fianc Being together so much has them thinking about what they once had and possibly could have now Yet catching the person who might want her dead must be dealt with first and hopefully by Christmas With an original storyline and interesting characters, it did not take me long to be completely engrossed in this suspenseful holiday novel The danger to any woman who is a minister in Silver Valley is undeniable, and the reason for the killings is certainly disturbing Geri Krotow builds the tension between each act of violence, as the when and where is not known for much of the book I definitely got a sense of what Bryce and Zora were going through as they waited for an incident to take place, because their inner thoughts were clearly conveyed As they make plans for keeping her unharmed if someone tries to take her life, Bryce and Zora become closer as their pasts are revisited and some new facts are revealed While it has been fifteen years since they saw each other, little time is needed to recall what was once between them All of their reactions are very genuine, and the desire they feel is expressed with caring affection Bryce and Zora are individuals whom I greatly respect for their dedication to helping others, and I am eager to learn about of those who work for the Silver Valley P.D in future stories from Geri Krotow Christmas traditions are scattered all throughout the story, making it cheerfully festive at times yet danger is never far from most minds HER CHRISTMAS PROTECTOR is constantly enthralling with risky adventures Copy received from author for a CataRomance review

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    This was a quick read A bit dark for a lighthearted romance But the romance between Zora and Bryce was well written and quick paced It had a nice blend of suspense with romance.

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    Start to a new series from new to me author Geri Krotow Undercover agent for a secret government organization, Zora is taking on her toughest assignment Not because it puts her undercover as the target of a serial killer but because it pairs her up with the one friend she had growing up, Bryce, that she left behind to join the military Zora could never tell Bryce what brought her to Silver Valley, PA initially but when her past comes to haunt her she needs to open up real quick Bryce missed Zora as soon as she left especially since his feelings were begin to grow in to something than just friendship Twelve years later he knows work comes first tracking down a serial killer but the chance to know Zora again is something he can t pass up AS these two works hard to track a serial killer, stop Zora s past from repeating itself, they can t help but open up about the feelings that have lingered But will they have enough time to find happiness A very sweet story The double plot with the killer and Zora s past seemed to be a little too much but there s a chance it s going to be used in the future of the series, I m not sure Fun read.

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    I enjoyed this book There was suspense, but than sufficient clues as to who the bad guy was Even without the author s note, I could tell it is part of series due to certain set up points, but that did not detract from the overall story There was a little too much blind acceptance by the hero of some of the background details and the covert agency, but overall the character development was good.

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