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    She has a kitty by his tail This story is so compelling The characters are so amazing you will love it In book one Avery is captured by an assassin named Nathaniel of the Dawnclaw clan Nathaniel ran across Avery when he had gone to Bloodmoon clans stong hold to kill their Leader Nathaniel takes Avery back whith him when he can not find the leader Avery ends up getting feelings for Nathaniel plus Dawnclaws leaders son Riley plus both men develope feelings for her to In this book Dawnclaws leader decides to set a trap for Bloodmoons leader using Avery as bait No one at Dawnclaws knows Avery is the so called daughter of Bloodmoons leader At the trap Avery s so called Dad gets a big surprise as Avery is set out for revenge on him You will want this book with its suspense,mystery,action, and steamy romance It is a must read book.

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    I was given an ARC by the author for an honest review.I really enjoyed this book The relationship between Avery and Nathaniel was steamy and the relationship between Riley and Avery was sweet The twist at the end has me excited for the next book

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    An ARC was received in exchange for an honest review Book 2 of the Dawnclaw Alphas certainly did not disappoint Filled with the same intensity and action driven writing from Book 1, this second instalment continues right where the first left off in a dramatic stand off between rival clans, Dawnclaw and Bloodmoon And Avery, our lead female character, finding herself right in the middle of it She is also torn between two men within the Dawnclaw clan Nathaniel, the dark, brooding, werepanther who rescued her from Bloodmoon and Riley, the calming, protective heir to the Dawnclaw clan Avery s reactions to both of these men are so different, and she must decide for herself which man she will be withor will that choice be made for her Overall, I ve really liked the first two books in this series Paranormal romance is not a genre I ve ventured into since the Twilight series, but Athena Wright s writing is clear, fast paced, and kept me on the edge of my seat I am looking forward to the final book so I can learn Avery s fate within the Dawnclaw clan 4.5 stars

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    Woo, woo Proven is part 2 of 3 in the Dawnclaw Alphas series, and things are heating up I m still a bit unclear about the menage in the description, but I still have book 3 to read, so we shall see In Proven, Avery not only shocks the heck out of her new clan, but she learns a very important fact about her lineage, and I m happy to say that I was guessing right this time I m still a bit torn on the Nathaniel vs Riley portion of the storyline, but we will see I think it s just because Nathaniel can be a bit of a jerk I love an alpha male as much as the next girl, but come on, Nathaniel Lighten up a bit Riley is so sweet and caring Should Avery go for the blood heating, intense Nathaniel Or should she choose the safe, soothing, comforting and still hot as heck Riley I m excited to read part 3, especially since Proven ended on a steamy cliffhanger Things are getting sizzling over at Casa de Dawnclaw I d rate this installment a solid 4.5 out of 5 stars On to part 3

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    After the cliffhanger that ended Given, part 1 in the Dawnclaw Alphas, I damn well knew that part 2 would be even better I had so many anxiety issues until I read the second part Proven Well my girl Avery came through and proved her mettle when needed Nathaniel, you make my heart sing and flip and bleed, everytime you re on the page Riley, please God let everything go well for him, because I honestly can t bear to see him hurt But I guess I should be begging the author Athena Wright for that There are books out there that seem to fluctuate in the intensity department, seeming to let you down in the 2nd part and then spike up your interest in the end Not this, the interest in the story just got stronger and stronger, until the need to know pulses through your veins I am expecting part 3 to blow my mind At the moment I am trying to get down from this high I was gifted an ARC in return for an honest review.

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    WHAT What did I just read I was SHOCKED Some spoilers aheadBook 2 takes Avery, Nathaniel and Riley to a new placeAfter Nathaniel realizes Avery is the daughter of an enemy, he s prepared to end her.Riley proves herself to be worthy, and after they get back home she blows Nathaniel s mind But Nathaniel quickly decides he s not willing to accept whatever feelings Avery is making him have.Lincoln Riley s father and clan leader releases Avery as a prize for winning their trust He then sends Riley and Avery to search her old home for the key to her collar While there, Riley and Avery find the key and get better acquainted with each other.They head back to Riley s and now hers home for Lincoln to help remove the collar, it contains some sort of magic It s released and I DID NOT SEE IT COMING HOW WHAT SO GOOD I m headed to read book three, or at least start it right now Holy hotness

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    The world heard me scream at the end of Given part 1 of the Dawnclaw ALphas, series major mondo slap you in the face cliffhanger Proven kicks off with the cliffhanger ending Avery came through the way she needed and survived I have such mixed emotions I love Avery you know that she is meant for Nathaniel even if he doesn t , but Riley is such a sweet man who who who will win her heart, her soul and her body.The characters are strong and like able they are well defined and for such a short read the story has a strong beginning, middle, and end oh yeah another cliff hanger but not the screaming in the pillow like the last installment I can t not wait for Part 3 If you are looking for a super hot paranormal romance this series is well worth it Read them in order or you will be lost.

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    The riveting second installment of the Dawnclaw serial has Avery experiencing some shocking surprises and Nathaniel fighting his growing need to claim her.This part of Avery and Nathaniel s story starts off with excitement and ends with excitement and passion with lots of surprises in between These strong, compelling characters continue to demand your attention and draw you into their story while the scorching hot sex scenes heat up the pages but Nathaniel is still fighting his need for Avery and Riley is wanting her for his own The fast paced, smooth flowing plot keeps readers on the edge with lots of tension building excitement, passion and surprising revelations.Shocking and explosive are two words that come to mind when trying to describe this part of Avery s story and I can t wait to read the conclusion.

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    Originally posted on my blog Live Laugh Love BooksProven is much steamy compared to part one of The Dawnclaw Alphas and I am seriously looking forward to part three The sex is OH MY GOSH AMAZING and I love the flow of the story I hope that Riley does get to be a part of whatever is going on, because I actually prefer him over Nathaniel which might be surprising to others, but he just seems to pull my heartstrings .Anyway, a very good short story so far Also I just want to make a mention that you don t want to read these parts out of order because you might be a little confused I received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for a fair and honest review.

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    I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review In the second installment to this series we pick up right where we were left off Will Nathaniel ACTUALLY shoot and possibly kill Avery Will they bring down Bloodmoon s leader Well, all I can say is that I was pleasantly surprised at the turn of events in this book First, Avery is beginning to have mixed emotions She is inexplicably drawn to Nathaniel, but Riley makes her feel safe and warm Nathaniel doesn t really know how to react to his ever growing feeling for Avery Also, Avery learns something new about herself that leads her to question who she really is This is another short read that is very fast paced and jam packed with action I am eager to read the third installment and see where it ends

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Proven (Dawnclaw Alphas #2) summary pdf Proven (Dawnclaw Alphas #2) , summary chapter 2 Proven (Dawnclaw Alphas #2) , sparknotes Proven (Dawnclaw Alphas #2) , Proven (Dawnclaw Alphas #2) 3b12677 Avery Has Been Given Away Like A Plaything To An Unstable Werepanther Her Only Solace Comes From A Powerfully Built Werebear Fighter Can His Reassuring Touch Give Her Comfort And Will The Werepanther Who Owns Her Allow It AveryNathaniel Was Intense, Arousing And Heart Stopping At The Same Time Riley Was Warm, Reassuring, Calming My Rapid Heartbeat Which Reaction Did I Crave Nathaniel I Could Smell That Damn Bear On Avery Before I Even Saw Them Anger Beat At My Chest And I Raged Inside I Was Going To Throw Avery Down And Claim Her Until She Knew Who She Belonged To Proven Is The Nd OfParts In The Dawnclaw Alphas Dark Romance Serial, Featuring Alpha Males, Werebears, Werepanthers, And Lots Of Explicit Romance Some Parts May End In Cliffhangers

  • Kindle Edition
  • 47 pages
  • Proven (Dawnclaw Alphas #2)
  • Athena Wright
  • English
  • 12 September 2019

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