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[KINDLE] ❅ Twenty Tones of Red By Pauline Montford – Transportjobsite.co.uk chapter 1 Twenty Tones of Red, meaning Twenty Tones of Red, genre Twenty Tones of Red, book cover Twenty Tones of Red, flies Twenty Tones of Red, Twenty Tones of Red 4ef681299b926 Deeply Intense, Erotic And Romantic, Twenty Tones Of Red Is A Novel That Takes You On A Journey Into The Heart Of A Woman S Submissive Sexuality Siobhan Is A Bright, Sassy And Beautiful Young Woman, Who Has Always Had Wild Fantasies Of Being Tied And Dominated, And Matures To Realize That With The Right Lover She Can Find Total Fulfillment Unfortunately The Path Of True Love Doesn T Run Smooth And She Has To Overcome Obstacles And Wrestle With Her Fears And Insecurities In Order To Become Her Real Self And Find Her True Master The Story Of How She Reaches Total Sexual And Romantic Bliss Will Captivate, Exhilarate And Intoxicate You The Novel Contains Fully Graphic Scenes Of X Rated BDSM Sex, And Is Not For The Easily Offended Twenty Tones Of Red Details Siobhan S Training As A Sexual Slave, And Is Smokin Hot Full Of Romance, Hot Sex And BDSM If You Have The Fantasy Of Being A Master S Sexual Slave This One Is A Must Read, I Loved It Five Stars

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    copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review I sincerely apologise for the delay I was not going to give this novel 5 stars, I was actually set on 4 as it took me a while to get into it but I realised the intend of the author Bottom line is, there s nothing I did not enjoy about it This is a raw, unconventional, yet very real BDSM story It s not an easy read but a thought provoking and yet entertaining story, including creative scenes alongside good content I recommend it

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    This was very different than what I m use to reading I m use to talking and love I guess It was good but kinda dragged at certain times..

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    3 Stars I have to say it was really hard to decide how many stars to give this book because it s not my kind of book I figured that out quickly but for someone who enjoys the real aspects of BDSM and Role Play then this book might be a 5 for them I am not not into that much kink and believe me the Fuckery was than a little kinky 2 Words Pony Play I gave it 3 Stars because I read the whole thing and tried to see it from the point of view of someone that would be interested in this sort of thing As I mentioned just because it wasn t for me doesn t mean it won t be for you I will stick with Knight, Ethan Blackstone, Christian Grey and Gideon Cross to name a few They are tame lol

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    The story is perfect for those who loved the bestselling Fifty Shades of Grey I guess it s not for me then.

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    As posted on I ve a feeling we re not in Kansas any is what I told myself after reading the first few pages of this book This is BDSM erotica and while I ve always proclaimed myself an enthusiast, I quickly realized I was out of my depth Think Master slave, pony play and water sports seriously you should have seen my eyes as I read this book And yet I read on with some sort of morbid curiosity So what s it about This is the story of Siobhan Siobhan has always felt different and it has nothing to do with her red hair Since she was young, she loved being tied up while playing with her friends As she grew up, she became and curious about bondage which eventually led her to discovering BDSM She dated a little but it wasn t until she met David did she enter into a Master slave relationship But the path of true love doesn t run smooth And hers was no exception.I ll start by saying that this was a full on journey In fact the title could be changed to BDSM 101 and the content would remain the same We got to see Siobhan discovering herself, her sexual preferences we saw her seeking out the kind of relationship she wanted, we saw her struggles and in the end we saw her happiness It was an incredibly sweet story if you overlook the shock moments And the shock moments were there Again, this is because I m uncomfortable with things like pony play and many aspects of a Master slave relationship Siobhan wanted to be a slave, she wanted to clean and cook and worship feet and be whipped and eat like an animal you know, lapping from a dish on the ground well you get the drift I love BDSM erotica and dark erotica so I didn t think much could shock me but I was wrong I wasn t shocked in the way dark erotica shocks me I feel as though dark erotica is mostly mind play and that, I enjoy But reading this, I realized that I have only scratched the surface of BDSM erotica I ve read books with needle play and blood play, and both make me physically flinch as I read and after this book, I ve added a few things to the makes me flinch pile I don t mean to judge but man Comfort Zone me.Initially I thought the book was overly descriptive and I knew I d quit at some point At 70% I realized I was still at it The writing was well done, there were even jokes yes jokes A bit corny and I think that was the idea but I found myself smiling then back to shock at their BDSM play And just when I think okay wow, that was a weirdly interesting book, it becomes sweet The part where we realize the reason for the title so sweet and steamy And in the end it is a love story A sweet one at that Overall, I quite liked the book in fact, I know if you really enjoy the deeper aspects of BDSM and particularly Master slave relationships, you will love this book.3 starsFinally I d like to thank the author for providing this copy for my review.

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    This book nor the writing style wasn t for me It was about sexcapades and no story I don t normally enjoy a story told from a narrative I guess you could call it The book is erotica so I approached it from that pov but it just didn t do it for me.

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    This book was not for me If you like the deeper part of BDSM master and slave then you would probably like this story.

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    Only 2 stars For me the second half was much better than the first.The intense subject matter and unusual graphic detail relating to the BDSM lifestyle was not my cup.of tea The book also lacked dialogue between the characters, and was a bit to introspective for my personal tastes.The bright spot for me was James I loved his tender love for Siobhan, as well as his total domination So sexy

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    I Love it I love the BDSM scenes I love the romance and I love Siobhan and James But then I wrote it xxx

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    This book was not for me I m always curious to discover a new author but sometimes ca not suit me.

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