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    well, I wrote it, so I think it s pretty good

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    Best friends Tara and Betsy s journey toward psychic enlightenment is a hilarious, terrifying and heartwarming roller coaster ride The power of positive and negative energy becomes crystal clear on the pages of Ms Baker s unique debut novel The locations of Vancouver and San Diego were painted with talented prose, but it is the landscape of the heart and soul that makes this story truly shine.I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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    Donna s book was multidimensional, creative, and original I thought Betsy and Tara s relationship bordered co dependency but it seemed to work throughout the book I loved the references from the four agreements.

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    What woman doesn t live for the day she ll walk down the aisle wearing a gorgeous white wedding gown to begin her happy ever after And the only nightmare she dreads coming true is being left at the altar alone with her man disappearing to parts unknown and after which she begins to wonder whether or not she s been the cause of her situation.Imagine if you will if the reason for your true love s no show had been his sudden demise Wouldn t you feel as if fate didn t want you to marry this guy But suppose each time you ve fallen in love with some guy he had died as well, wouldn t you begin to believe you ve been cursed when it came to the game of love I know I would and I would feel the same sort of helplessness Tara Hudson felt.Now, if you can feel this same sort of helplessness, then you ll be able to step into Tara Hudson s shoes, because this is precisely how she feels when it comes to her happiness and relationships regarding men And if you were in Tara s shoes wouldn t the last you ll want or need is to have your best friend, the one who you could always depend on tell you that You re the reason behind your own situation and the men in your life are dying The reason I m saying this is because this is precisely what Tara s best friend, Betsy, is telling her.Perhaps what Tara needs is to find some sort of spiritual path and self discovery to find what s wrong in the life she s living And if you ve ever tried doing this, then you ll know it s not as easy as it seems as there will be countless hurdles you ll have to leap, and obstacles you must get around.Will Tara be able to reach the land of bliss she s so desperately trying to find and if she does, will she get the happy ever after which has passed her by for so long The answers are in the book.The book is wrought with dark humor and other of the author s characters can best be described as being somewhat pathetic, Tara is delight when compared with them which is why I ve giving Ms Barker 5 STAR for her endeavor here.I received a e book copy of this book from a giveaway the author had on LibraryThing, and the above has been my honest opinion.

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    Mother Teresa s Advice For Jilted Lovers is a hilarious, irreverent take on the darker side of spirituality Tara Holland finds herself broken hearted from yet another love affair gone wrong The last guy was merely a jerk, but the other three mysteriously up and died on her Needless to say, Tara s beginning to think she s cursed when it comes to men Her best friend, Betsy, who s always there to put the pieces back together with enough herbal remedies to open up a health food store, convinces Tara she s the cause of each of her boyfriend s untimely exit to the other side Could it be that Tara has that kind of psychic power What follows is a wild and humorous trek down the path of Tara s spiritual growth and ultimate awakening But the road to enlightenment is no cakewalk It s fraught with self doubt, suspicion and betrayal This is a must read Donna Barker has created an entertaining story full of heart, humor and meaningful messages Note I received this manuscript as a beta reader before the novel s release.

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    So many books, so little time This one is worth making time to read I met author Donna Barker at a Writers Conference and she offered to send me an advance read copy of Mother Teresa s Advice I loaded it on my iPad and headed off to Paris for my own adventure By day, I strolled through the streets of Paris and Provence By night, I curled up with the delightful twists and turns of Mother Teresa Donna s creativity and fresh storyline leave me rather wordless and I m a writer A few, however, rise to the top like steam on a caf cr me Fresh Innovative Funny Spiritual Quirky Mysterious Relatable A fun, must read romp that left me wanting to know what s next Always a good sign, in my humble opinion.

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    What a fun and quirky book I really loved the main character I think many can relate to Tara s struggle with God through organized religion At risk of spoiling anything, I will just say I love the spiritual journey she took even though discovering her power within through her business was definitely offbeat Well, I suppose I should say the business was offbeat Ha The entire premise of the book engaged me from the beginning and carried me throughout If you re looking for a creative and original book to read, this is the one I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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    Very interesting read and not at all what expected Some of the character lines were visible early on in the story but did not detract from the story itself Well formed plots with some comedic attributes Very enjoyable.

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    Unusual plot, exceptionally well written Riches here for all readers The story has elements that will appeal to everyone who has ever loved, been lost, felt betrayed, or enjoyed hope renewed.

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    Donna Barker s genre defying book, Mother Teresa s Advice for Jilted Lovers is a hidden treasure It is a laugh out loud hilarious journey into the mind, especially the deliciously unique and highly creative mind of Ms Barker It is part murder mystery, part a thought provoking spiritual journey into the conflict between good and evil, part heart warming romance, part an exploration of friendship gone wrong, part a self help spiritual healing advice book, and all infused with dark humor and brilliant and highly original and creative writing Tara and Betsy are life long friends and were former roommates Betsy has always been the alpha female with Tara happy to play the subservient role Tara s love life seems to be cursed Her lovers seem to all experience very different accidental deaths Tara has a chance encounter with a guy named Glen who she knew in high school and they soon become lovers and Tara thinks that she has finally found the perfect man for her Then he ghosts her without explanation Betsy moves back in with Tara and convinces Tara that she has psychic powers and that she was responsible for the deaths of her former boyfriends Since both are struggling financially, Betsy convinces Tara that she could use her psychic powers, with the help of her amethyst named Bob given to her by one of her former dead lovers named Bob , to give relationship advice to other romantically troubled women who were having a conflict with a boyfriend or husband After an early struggle, they change their business model and their business becomes wildly successful beyond their expectations Without providing any spoilers , the pace of the book really picks up with wild and hilarious and twisted tales of their Mother Teresa s Advice adventures Eventually, the business relationship and the friendship between Tara and Betsy soon goes off the rails Glen reunites with Tara and provides some information that that makes Tara aware of some things that she had only vaguely suspected previously but which explains the accidental deaths of Tara s other boyfriends To this point in the book, the action had been set in Vancouver Now, Tara and Glen go on a road trip to Sacramento, CA without informing Betsy.While in Sacramento, Glen is injured in what appears to be an accident and they both come to a full revelation of psychic events that have been going on for years and which were far extensive than initially realized Thanks to Betsy turning the tables on Tara, Tara ends up being arrested and adventures await during her incarceration.I truly loved everything about this book The main characters are quirky but well developed and vividly described The plot is well paced, innovative, unique and, the psychic aspects aside, human and believable The dialogue is witty and at times, belly laugh funny The writing is crisp and engaging All in all, this is a fabulous book that I totally enjoyed reading and am pleased to give it my highest possible endorsement.I received a copy of the book compliments of the author My review is provided voluntarily.

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