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    According to the Atomic Theory , I am 80% couch.

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    If you ever want to find out what it s like being the only sober person in a room full of professors telling each other jokes in Latin and heffing and hawing and pulling each others beards, here s a good place to start.Otherwise not.

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    The Third Policeman, Flann O Brien 1911 1966 The Third Policeman is a novel by Irish writer Brian O Nolan, writing under the pseudonym Flann O Brien It was written between 1939 and 1940, but after it initially failed to find a publisher, the author withdrew the manuscript from circulation and claimed he had lost it The book remained unpublished at the time of his death in 1966 It was published by MacGibbon Kee in 1967 2012 1390 256 9786002290144 20

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    UNA PINTA D INCHIOSTRO GAELICO Ci sono scrittori irlandesi che hanno un buon seguito nel nostro paese Penso a Catherine Dunne, Roddy Doyle, Joseph O Connor, John Banville, William Trevor, Colm T ib n, eccetera Ho provato a leggerli pi o meno tutti, ma nessuno mi ha catturato.Forse dipende dal fatto che ho poco da spartire con la religione cattolica, in Irlanda invadente e dispotica forse perfino pi che qui l ho subita come la maggior parte dei miei connazionali, ma l ho sempre detestata e me ne sono allontanato appena possibile a dodici anni , e per quanto possibile.Ho amato Edna O Brien pubblicata da e o Ma questo suo omonimo, che ha generato un piccolo culto qui da noi il libro sempre ristampato, Einaudi, Adelphi , quasi da iniziati, non riuscito a convincermi Ho fatto due tentativi con questo Terzo poliziotto , ma non sono riuscito a innamorarmi Non credo rientri nella pattuglia di quelli menzionati sopra, non fosse altro perch morto ormai da pi di cinquanta anni e a soli cinquantacinque anni.Alcolizzato, e pessimista cronico, stato citato da J.J Abrahams come principale fonte di ispirazione per la sua serie Lost questo romanzo in particolare il fatto che io mi sia perso , cio proprio smarrito, alla terza stagione della serie, e sia arrivato in fondo alla quinta pi per la bellezza dei posti e della luce che per il resto, credo dica qualcosa sul fatto che nonostante i due tentativi, Il terzo poliziotto mi sia rimasto ostico Incompreso.Un ritratto di Flann O Brien, pseudonimo di Brian O Nolan, fatto da un fratello per un francobollo commemorativo.Qualcuno pi bravo di me, e pi appassionato di me a questo romanzo, riassume cos la trama C un ragazzo che rimane orfano e in collegio diventa uno dei massimi esperti dell opera del filosofo e scienziato de Selby, considerato un genio bench nessuna delle sue teorie sia accettabile per esempio sostiene che la notte un illusione ottica derivante da emissioni di fumo Il protagonista, che non ha un nome perch non ricorda quale sia, coinvolto in una serie di disavventure insieme a due poliziotti, che controllano l eternit tramite macchinari e sono convinti che tra uomini e biciclette ci sia uno scambio di atomi e quindi di personalit .Un altro, ancora pi brava, sintetizza il plot come segue Il racconto in prima persona di un assassino che non si accorto di morire e scambia l inferno per il suo mondo abituale.Difficile metterli d accordo.Ora, considerato che a soli 24 anni, alla morte del padre, si ritrov a dover mantenere madre e undici fratelli con uno stipendio annuo che era dignitoso giusto per un single, si pu spiegare il suo pessimismo, ben venato di nera ironia, come spesso corrisponde alla terra d Irlanda, e pu spiegare anche il suo generoso ricorso alla bottiglia.Graham Greene volle a tutti costi far pubblicare il suo primo romanzo Molti lo paragonano alla follia letteraria di Joyce Purtroppo, non sono riuscito a risolvere il quiz Flan O Brien Io, per , torno a rileggere Ulisse.O Brien, alias O Nolan, tenne a lungo una rivista quotidiana sull Irish Times firmandola con l altro pseudonimo in gaelico di Myles na Gopaleen.

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    It Might be the Supreme Pancake Flann O Brien finished this novel in 1940, but it wasn t published until 1967, the year after he died of cancer.It must have broken his heart that it was initially rejected for publication It s arguable that it was finally released at a far appreciative time However, this is little comfort if you re dead, and what we readers have missed out on is the type of fiction he would have written had it been accepted.Flann O Brien ranks with great wordsmiths and humourists like James Joyce, Samuel Beckett and Spike Milligan.The novel loosely details a crime murder and a punishment hanging and the aftermath of both What s uncertain is the timing of the events As with so much in life, what appears at first to be linear could equally be circular or recurrent To say any or to be any less circumlocutious, would be to enter spoiler territory.The novel is intelligent, challenging, playful and economical It makes a powerful case for minimalism against maximalism.You can enter and re enter this compact, almost infinitesimal, world of infinite jest with infinite pleasure.To paraphrase the first policeman, It is nearly an insoluble pancake, a conundrum of inscrutable potentialities, a snorter For it to remain so when you read it, I m not going to say much about it apart from outlining the metaphysical speculation that seems to drive it Is It About a Bicycle It most certainly is But just as a bicycle has two wheels, the weight of the narrative is borne by two wheels that don t always spin in the same direction In fact, they might even counteract each other and defy progress I ll try to describe their dialectical machinations below What Fresh Hell is This See if this makes sense Everything is made of omnium Omnium is everywhere You could think of it as particles You could also think of it as waves Omnium is energy Omnium is also light This is the basis of Atomic Theory Obviously, in reality, particles are in contact with each other Omnium rubs up against other omnium Take me and my bicycle for example If I sit on the seat of my bike for long enough, some of me will rub off on my bike, and some of my bike will rub off on me Let s call the bit of me that rubs off on my bike my soul My soul is transported through my ass via the seat to my bicycle Eventually, it s possible that I might lose all of my soul to my bike What I get in exchange is timber Without my bicycle, I am only wood I am lifeless without my bike As if it s not bad enough that some among us are half man, half bike, the police are finding that and people are losing their bikes Without our bikes, we can t make any progress on our journey If our goal is heaven, we can t get to heaven without our bike, i.e., without our soul The handle bars on our bicycles are our consciences The lamps illuminate our path If we re parted from our bicycles, we might lose our direction in life We might fall into a life of crime We might be destined for hell Indeed, life without a soul might define hell We don t even have to die to get to hell When we get to hell, it might even look very much like life before we died When we get to hell, we might find that the punishment for our crime is to relive our lives Hell might be an eternal repetition of our lives of crime Hell might not be other people It might be us Hell might be an eternal recurrence of ourselves and our past lives A Journey is An Hallucination A different approach to life and death comes from the narrator s favourite philosopher, de Selby 1 He argues that a journey is an hallucination For him, human existence is a succession of static experiences each infinitely brief Each experience is a static occurrence No experience is a point on the axis on which you go from A to B It is simply a rest or a pause At no point is the traveller moving They are never actually going anywhere They are never progressing from A to B.The human mind groups together millions of these rests, and mistakenly calls the aggregate motion.However, de Selby believes that motion is an illusion He argues that there is no progression or serialism in life Time does not pass Time as we know it does not exist Life is a photograph, not a cinematographic film.If we are not moving anywhere, we are not moving or progressing towards death If death is the supreme hallucination, then our belief that we are approaching death must be illusory.The Triangulation of the Bicycular DialecticThese are two very different perspectives on life and death, morality and mortality But I won t say any It s important that you negotiate the novel s journey guided primarily by Flann O Brien and influenced by as few external preconceptions as possible You have to think it through for yourself when you read it That s the challenge and the fun part and the ultimate reward, the supreme pancake.However, I ll disclose some questions I asked while reading the novel If God is a Trinity, is the House of God triangular If God s Police enforce God s Law, who is the third policeman I won t answer them either, because Flann O Brien counsels, Always ask any questions that are to be asked and never answer any I hope you get to read and enjoy the novel FOOTNOTES 1 Reprised in The Dalkey Archive SOUNDTRACK Miles Davis Ascenseur pour l Echafaud Miles Moreau Clowns Collapse Board You shake your head you can t believeThe sickening stability of my lifeYou ve got about an hour leftAnd then you re standingOn the collapse board againAnd feel the rope around your neck again

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    Absurdity done right.

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    Joe had been explaining things in the meantime He said it was again the beginning of the unfinished, the re discovery of the familiar, the re experience of the already suffered, the fresh forgetting of the unremembered Hell goes round and round In shape it is circular and by nature it is interminable, repetitive and very nearly unbearable O Brien omitted from the published novel Hell is other people s bicycles.After finishing Flann O Brien s dark masterpiece of absurdity, I wanted to jam a well chewed copy of Joyce in one pocket, a copy of Sterne in the other, push a DFW in my back left pocket, put some dark strawberry jam in my back right pocket, turn left twice, exit into my tight little garage and immediately make sweet sweet love to the nearest bicycle available No Not yet She s not ready, nor is my review I ll pick up this peach seat tomorrow.So, it isn t tomorrow, but time and peaches are relative in purgatory This is one of those books that is nearly impossible to review, but there is a space beyond impossible where letting go of this book exists So, let s press forward shall we The prose is amazing, funky it floats and bursts from the page Like Joyce and other Irish writers, O Brien OWNS the English language it is merely mortgaged to us mortals Reading O Brien is like watching one of those strange kids who can keep a soccer ball from ever hitting the ground Gravity just doesn t matter But let s bounce back to bikes and literature So, Flann O Brien s novel seems to exist in a strange purgatory between Sterne s The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman and DFW s The Broom of the System It is full of digressions, wooden legs, bicycles, murder, policemen obviously , footnotes , and much much This is one of those novels where rules are murdered and post modernism is both born and twisted There are books that are written to be sold and novels written to be worshiped Get on your knees fellow travelers and start praying O Brien was out DFWing DFW before DFW was born.

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    The Third Policeman is a fantastic work of imaginative fictional wonder that by the end somehow manages to become a bit exasperating in all its fantastic imaginative wonderfulness Each chapter by itself is a kind of magical and mind bending set piece illustrating baffling physical and metaphysical conundrums, paradoxes, absurdities, and improbabilities, but this is perhaps a situation where the pieces are greater than the whole a standout example is MacCruiskeen s ever diminutive reproductions of boxes falling away into the invisibly miniscule, a wonderful metaphor for the metafictive act Though I was growing a bit impatient with its fireworks and blazing word thought comets toward the end, I believe this book still points the way toward Flann O Brien being some kind of mad genius of wordsmithery, and it inhabits a similar kind of position as At Swim Two Birds, being a book both hilarious and deeply unsettling Where it succeeds is in creating a universe parallel to our own where the imagination is unbounded, where physical laws are at the mercy of the whims of the mind, where possibility is not limited by the inconveniently impossible Did someone say the world of fiction itself Well if so, writing is hell Highly recommended, highly enjoyed, but just did not give me the full body readgasm I got from O Brien s first novel Let me reiterate this Irishman is a magician of the highest order and is not to be ignored.

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    The Last Laugh Joseph O Neil No sab a cu l era mi nombre, no recordaba qui n era No estaba seguro de d nde ven a ni qu era lo que ten a que hacer en esa habitaci n El color de una persona respondi lentamente es el color del viento que prevalece en el instante de su nacimiento La vida Muchos hombres se han pasado cien a os tratando de determinar sus dimensiones, y cuando por fin uno ha llegado a comprender algo y ha abrigado cierta perspectiva en su cabeza, por el amor de Dios, se va a la cama y se muere Se muere como un perro envenenado No hay nada tan peligroso, no te la puedes fumar, nadie te dar ni dos peniques y medio por la mitad de ella, y al final te mata Es un extra o artilugio, muy peligroso, una certera trampa mortal La vida De Selby ha definido la existencia humana como una sucesi n de experiencias est ticas infinitamente breves El principio b sico de la sabidur a se basa en hacer preguntas pero no contestar ninguna dijo Usted adquiere conocimiento preguntando, y yo, no contestando Me resistir grit , me resistir hasta la muerte y luchar por mi existencia aunque pierda la vida en el intento Toda la humanidad acaecida no s lo est impl cita en cada hombre nuevo que nace, sino que est contenida en l. Desprovisto de todo residuo de l gica convencional, El tercer polic a constituye una disparatada peregrinaci n a trav s del lado m s oscuro tambi n luminoso de la raz n m s inveros mil Una obra donde cualquier cosa o idea incierta o absurda puede resultar irrefutable y cre ble, donde lo irreal y lo incontrovertible se unen en contradicci n, paradoja y aforismo Con influencias de Beckett, Kafka y del surrealismo m s irreverente, Flann O Brien plantea un ejercicio de sanaci n, relato del movimiento como ilusi n y del desmantelamiento de tiempo y espacio Una novela repleta de hallazgos imaginativos, de los que son buena muestra los planteamientos filos ficos y cient ficos del extravagante de Selby la vida como experiencia est tica, el mapa de la eternidad o la ciencia hidr ulica esot rica Y dotada de una intensidad po tica y literaria que podr a concretarse en este p rrafo excepcional Muy pronto, yo descender a a la tierra que acoge a los muertos y tal vez saldr a de all sano y salvo otra vez, libre y desprovisto de toda confusi n humana Quiz s ser a el fr o de una brisa de abril, la esencia intr nseca de un r o ind mito, o tal vez participar a personalmente en la perfecci n intemporal de alguna cordillera omnipresente, ocupando para siempre su posici n en la azul lejan a O tal vez algo nfimo, como el movimiento de la hierba en un insoportable y sofocante d a amarillo, o alguna criatura oculta, camino de sus ocupaciones muy bien pod a ser yo responsable de todo eso, o de una parte O incluso una de esas inefables distinciones que hacen una noche distinguible de su propia ma ana, los olores y sonidos y vistas de las elaboradas y maduras esencias del d a, en las que no podr a ser del todo inocente mi presencia intrusiva y permanente O quiz s sea una corriente que prevalezca en las aguas, o algo arrastrado por esas mismas aguas, cierta disposici n del sol, de la luz y del agua desconocida y nunca contemplada, algo completamente inusitado Hay en el ancho mundo remolinos de vapor y de fluidos que predominan en su propio tiempo inm vil, nunca observados ni interpretados, v lidos s lo en su esencial e incompresible misterio, s lo justificados en su ac fala y ciega inconmensurabilidad, inexpugnables en su verdadera abstracci n muy bien podr a ser yo en mi propio tiempo la verdadera m dula quintaesencial de la cualidad interna de tales cosas Podr a pertenecer a una orilla solitaria, o ser la agon a del mar cuando rompe desesperado en esa misma orilla.

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The Third Policeman download The Third Policeman, read online The Third Policeman, kindle ebook The Third Policeman, The Third Policeman 32bc7845dbd8 The Third Policeman Is Flann O Brien S Brilliantly Dark Comic Novel About The Nature Of Time, Death, And Existence Told By A Narrator Who Has Committed A Botched Robbery And Brutal Murder, The Novel Follows Him And His Adventures In A Two Dimensional Police Station Where, Through The Theories Of The Scientist Philosopher De Selby, He Is Introduced To Atomic Theory And Its Relation To Bicycles, The Existence Of Eternity Which Turns Out To Be Just Down The Road , And De Selby S View That The Earth Is Not Round But Sausage Shaped With The Help Of His Newly Found Soul Named Joe, He Grapples With The Riddles And Contradictions That Three Eccentric Policeman Present To HimThe Last Of O Brien S Novels To Be Published, The Third Policeman Joins O Brien S Other Fiction At Swim Two Birds, The Poor Mouth, The Hard Life, The Best Of Myles, The Dalkey Archive To Ensure His Place, Along With James Joyce And Samuel Beckett, As One Of Ireland S Great Comic Geniuses