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Banker to the Poor: Micro-Lending and the Battle Against World Poverty pdf Banker to the Poor: Micro-Lending and the Battle Against World Poverty, ebook Banker to the Poor: Micro-Lending and the Battle Against World Poverty, epub Banker to the Poor: Micro-Lending and the Battle Against World Poverty, doc Banker to the Poor: Micro-Lending and the Battle Against World Poverty, e-pub Banker to the Poor: Micro-Lending and the Battle Against World Poverty, Banker to the Poor: Micro-Lending and the Battle Against World Poverty 79f71f6a55a Muhammad Yunus Is That Rare Thing A Bona Fide Visionary His Dream Is The Total Eradication Of Poverty From The World In , Against The Advice Of Banking And Government Officials, Yunus Established Grameen, A Bank Devoted To Providing The Poorest Of Bangladesh With Minuscule Loans Grameen Bank, Based On The Belief That Credit Is A Basic Human Right, Not The Privilege Of A Fortunate Few, Now Provides Over Billion Dollars Of Micro Loans To Than Two Million Families In Rural Bangladesh Ninety Four Percent Of Yunus S Clients Are Women, And Repayment Rates Are Near Percent Around The World, Micro Lending Programs Inspired By Grameen Are Blossoming, With Than Three Hundred Programs Established In The United States Alone Banker To The Poor Is Muhammad Yunus S Memoir Of How He Decided To Change His Life In Order To Help The World S Poor In It He Traces The Intellectual And Spiritual Journey That Led Him To Fundamentally Rethink The Economic Relationship Between Rich And Poor, And The Challenges He And His Colleagues Faced In Founding Grameen He Also Provides Wise, Hopeful Guidance For Anyone Who Would Like To Join Him In Putting Homelessness And Destitution In A Museum So That One Day Our Children Will Visit It And Ask How We Could Have Allowed Such A Terrible Thing To Go On For So Long The Definitive History Of Micro Credit Direct From The Man That Conceived Of It, Banker To The Poor Is Necessary And Inspirational Reading For Anyone Interested In Economics, Public Policy, Philanthropy, Social History, And Business Muhammad Yunus Was Born In Bangladesh And Earned His PhD In Economics In The United States At Vanderbilt University, Where He Was Deeply Influenced By The Civil Rights Movement He Still Lives In Bangladesh, And Travels Widely Around The World On Behalf Of Grameen Bank And The Concept Of Micro Credit

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    Muhammad Yunus and I are best friends Oops, I had to double check, and I d spelled Muhammad wrong Sorry, buddy Anyways, me and Mr Yunus are best friends because once he spoke at the library in Salt Lake City, and when I heard about it I drove down and sat shyly on the back row of the auditorium and clapped really hard for him Then after it was all over, I saw him just kind of hanging out all alone on the stage, and thought, Maybe I could go and meet him and we could be best friends So I went down and said, Mr Muhammad Yunus, I just think you are the greatest guy in the whole world and I love you Then he goes, Oh, thank you and he HUGS ME I have hugged Mr Yunus Or, I guess, he has hugged me That s why we are best friends.Then, like the next day or maybe the same day , I went to the Stadium of Fire in Provo, UT, and he was one of the honored people of the Freedom Festival and got an award on stage in front of millions or thousands of people And I yelled Hey buddy and he waved in my general direction That s the story of our friendship.So anyways, the reason why he is so cool is this he is the guy who started the whole idea of micro credit, where he would give very small loans like, 2 to poor women who would then start their own business, rise above generations and generations of poverty, and save the world He set up the most amazing programs with groups of women, and has the highest repayment percentage in like, the entire world His program grows and grows and grows and helps woman and families all over the place When the LDS church started up the Perpetual Education Fund, I thought, HEY That s totally just like Muhammad s idea Maybe President Hinckley read his book, too Oh, and it all started in his native Bangladesh There is some website where you can do micro loans with your own money My sister sent it to me once after I made her read this book I invited her to see Muhammad Yunus in SLC, but she declined, and so she is not his friend But, she might have that website still.Banker to the Poor is a cool book Read it.

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    After finishing this book, I wanted to shout, Yeah Preach it, brother Really cool book Yunus won the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize for his decades of work He is an academic who roles up his sleeves and produces something practical His book should be embraced by Christians, conservatives, liberals, libertarians, and Dave Ramsey.

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    Highly recommended A true must read book.

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    This book provides an informative overview of Grameen Bank and micro lending, but I think that its argument in favor of micro lending would be stronger if Yunus spent time addressing the arguments of critics Although some criticisms are mentioned briefly, Yunus brushes them off quickly As one example, I think that Yunus far too quickly rejects the arguments that poor people living in the developed world would not benefit from micro lending in the same ways as the poor of Bangladesh I think that he seriously underestimates the different attitudes that poor Westerners have, especially in light of the fact that their poverty is generally much less extreme Moreover, unlike the rural Bangladeshi poor who tend to have skills like basket weaving, I am uncertain that the average poor American would have marketable skills that could be translated into income opportunities.This book has a tendency to be preachy, and, in my view, becomes a little boring at times Still, it is accessible and readable than I would expect for a book about an economic idea I think that Yunus notion that worldwide poverty can be entirely eradicated through micro lending is way off base If mciro lending is the means to end poverty, why does Bangladesh remain one of the poorest countries in the world Yunus idea that micro lending could completely supplant the need for any safety net including for health care is, in my view, harmful and should properly be viewed as an ideology of the far right.

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    I read a 20 pages report written by a group of MBA students from Columbia Business School and it was as concise, succinctly put as this 200 pages book on Grameen Bank microcredit The importance of open access to resources is indispensable Hence, I agree with Muhammad Yunus that the current financial system has inevitably, and is successful in sidelining the neediest, which eventually gives birth to the need to establish alternative institutions that work on social benefits as the underlying guidance in providing their services to the people The establishment of the bank and many other replicators might seem to be successful in helping these people to break the poverty cycle, however exploitative forces still persist within the parameter Labeling these people as the untapped resources and knowing how profitable they all are once tapped, lure the profiteers in Consequently from this, we can see that the establishment itself has become counterproductive not all however It makes me think and feel extremely appalled by the greediness and the very fact on how destructive human beings can actually be Besides, I too agree with the fact that Grameen Bank might be one of the solutions to poverty, not THE ultimate solution for it, taking into account that it could not make a dent on the national or even worldwide poverty crisis despite the fact that the program has a widespread reach Though it is noble in its very own values, I was disappointed with the insufficient details from the borrowers accounts on how microcredit has served and helped them to combat poverty The mere statistically glorious achievements attained by Grameen Bank with 90 % repayment rate, XX% borrowers managed to cross over the poverty line and whatnots fail to quench the thirst I have in knowing what does microcredit really mean to the impoverished Yunus stated that everybody should be seen as potential entrepreneurs and access to credit is vital for the people to realize this Yet I hardly can see how successful the poor people are in transforming themselves from nobodies into entrepreneurs, thanks to the painfully brief victorious stories written by Yunus I was itching with curiosity to know the real, detailed stories from these people s perspectives How do they make do with the microcredit being lent to them What lead them to engage in the business that they are doing Is training really not necessary for these people Besides, there are things that Yunus had failed to mention in this book and one of those was the reasoning behind the creation of Grameen bank II, which I had come to know when I read the report I mention above the operational crisis due to the 1995 boycott movement, 1998 floods and moral hazard that the classic Grameen model had inflicted upon the borrowers In regard to this, I think that this book has been sugarcoated, with unaddressed crises and issues deepen my doubt about how successful Grameen Bank is beyond the statistical measures on social ground that is.

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    Dr Yunus could prove it is possible to lift the poorest out of poverty He could open eyes of bankers who stick with the idea that lending could happend only when collateral is secured His experience ilustrates the private sector is not only for the greedy but also for social minded individuals I would recommend the book to anyone who wish for a poverty free world.

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    90 .

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    Baru mulai beberapa hari lalu bacanya dan langsung suka Ekonomi yang terkenal sebagai fisikanya ilmu sosial ditangan Yunus berubah menjadi antropologi ekonomi Ilmu yang sarat identik dengan asumsi nomethetik sebagai kacamata paradigmatiknya, di tangan Yunus dikemas menjadi sangat ideografis, sarat dengan muatan lokal melalui pendekatan kasuistik dan misi perubahan sosial.Yah, Pak Yunus dengan sangat rendah hati telah mengubah dirinya dan lingkungan akademisnya untuk mau menjadi mahasiswa di depan kaum yang dianggap nir ketrampilan, ter kutuk, malas, dan banyak lagi tudingan menara gading lainnya Benar katanya, melalui beberapa bab yang terlewat, Kaum miskin mengajarkan saya ilmu ekonomi yang sepenuhnya baru Senang membaca buku yang tadinya saya duga akan penuh dengan angka, tapi nyatanya sarat dengan pesan yang memperkaya hati Tersentuh dengan Bapak nya Yunus yang dengan sabar merawat ibunya yang terserang gangguan jiwa Duh segala peri gombal Gibran tumbang dengan perilaku Ayahnya Yunus itu.Utang Baca makin banyaaaak Tralala tri li liUpdate 10 Juli 2008 Sebenernya dah mau tamat Namun masuk bagian soal dia memulai dan kemudian berhasil memetakan permasalahan kredit mikro yang terkait dengan problem sosio kultural, konstruksi gender yang tidak berpihak pada solusi pengentasan kemiskinan, sekaligus agama, dengan juga tantangan dari pihak luar, kok malah jadi ribet Ribet bukan karena paparannya, tapi bagaimana uraian Yunus yang naratif tidak mudah disarikan secara konseptual Seperti cerita pola akunting yang operasional itu dikembangkan berdasarkan kejadian lapangan Dan juga, cerita Yunus yang mencoba memperluas nasabah nya melalui baliho atau papan tulisan Namun, Yunus dalam ceritanya kemudian mengakui betapa ironisnya usaha itu Ia lupa bahwa sebagian besar nasabahnya adalah perempuan buta huruf Sehingga untuk lebih merengkuh nasabahnya yang sebagian besar perempuan yang modal utamanya adalah keinginan memperbaiki hidup diri dan anak anaknya, ia harus menyambangi mereka di lingkungan mereka, dengan rintangan budaya setempat yang menerapkah purdah, hijab laki dan wanita.Ceritanya mengalir Namun kepala ini susah juga diajak bolak balik buku konseptual dan buku cerita Buku Yunus ini buku cerita buat saya, narasi kasus pendirian dan pengembangan Grameen Bank Untuk itu saya lompat dahulu ke bagian penutup yang merupakan pidato Yunus ketika mendapatkan Hadiah Nobel Pidato nya merupakan ringkasan dari keseluruhan.hehe Sementara bermain curang dulu yah update 2 Agustus 2008 Mulai mendapatkan ide kenapa di buku ini lebih bermain emosi daripada mekanime yang dikembangkan sama Yunus Sebagai ekonom Yunus cukup rendah hati dengan mengedepankan pendekatan kasuistik dalam programnya agar setiap programnya selalu tepat sasaran, meski tetap menggunakan asumsi generalisasi nomothetic ala ilmu ekonomi Karena toh diujungnya, ia juga mendorong enterprenerialisme yang berbasis sosial, melakukan usaha demi kebaikan Sebuah ungkapan sederhana yang bila ditilik secara mendalam mengubah salah satu prinsip rasionalitas dalam ilmu ekonomi Rasionalitas yang identik semangat memperbesar keuntungan pribadi diubah menjadi sebuah semangan altruisme sosial dalam dunia usaha Saya sendiri masih menunggu operasionalisasi konsep Yunus itu Merapihkan review ini juga masih jadi hutang Bila saya mengingat Yunus yang berbuat baik bagi kaum miskin di lingkungan sekitarnya, dan kemudian ditanya niatnya, dia toh menyatakan, So one way, I try to kind of enlightened my frustration and agony by coming to the conclusion that I may not be useful as an economist, but I m still a basic human being. Soal niat saya cuma inget cerita Kang Harry Roesli ketika ditanya kenapa dia membantu pengamen dan anak jalanan, jawabannya adalah mencegah mereka yang hidupnya keras di jalan dari menjadi kriminal di besarnya nanti Karena mencegah mereka menjadi kriminal adalah memberi lingkungan sosial yang leih baik bagi anaknya yang seumuran dengan pengamen dan anak jalanan itu.Ketika mendengar Yunus bicara tentang niatnya, saya berkesimpulan, berbuat baik itu pun bukan sebuah heroisme atau altruisme yang berlebihan Berbuat baik itu tidak lebih adalah demi egoisme pribadi si pelaku Bagi Yunus adalah meredakan rasa frustasinya, bagi Kang Harry menolong anak jalanan adalah menciptakan lingkungan sosial yang baik bagi anaknya bila kelak dewasa Menolong orang lain tak lebih dari menolong diri sendiri Egoisme yang oleh Yunus ingin dikembangkan dalam konsep social bussines.

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    This book has much in common with Three Cups of Tea One Man s Mission to Promote Peace One School at a Time In it, Mohammad Yunus seeks to alleviate poverty one person at a time, with micro loans It s a fascinating look at how the system works, and the enterprise s founding and history were equally absorbing Like Three Cups of Tea, however, the writing is just so so Yunus comes across as a bit self righteous and a bit pedantic, and the writing at times is repetitive Overall it s an interesting and valuable book, though, and I was very glad that I d read it.

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