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Jasmine Falling summary Jasmine Falling , series Jasmine Falling , book Jasmine Falling , pdf Jasmine Falling , Jasmine Falling 9c64ee26f1 When Jasmine S Mother Dies Inside Their English Mansion, Hope Comes In The Form Of Her Multi Million Pound Inheritance But With Her Inheritance Threatened, Jasmine Is Left To Contemplate A Future She Does Not Know How To Live Jasmine Has Only Ten Days To Uncover The Circumstances Of Her Father S Decade Long Disappearance Before Her Fortune Is Lost Forever Forced To Return To His Homeland In Palestine, She Follows His Footsteps Through Stories Long Ingrained In The Local S Minds She Is Helped On Her Journey By A Mysterious Stranger Who Guides Her Through The Trails Of The Holy Land To The Scattered Broken Villages, Each Harbouring Its Own Secrets Under The Watchful Eyes Of The Ever Encroaching Occupation, Jasmine Must Piece Together Her History In The Broken Land, Before It Destroys Her Future

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    Recently I have been watching a new trend of novels of the thriller and romance genres set in the Palestine region For those readers who don t wish to read only about the occupation, Jasmine Falling by Shereen Malherbe offers a fresh view at an old subject.This is the story of Jasmine, a British girl with Palestinian roots After the death of her mother she travels to the occupied territories within Israel to search for her father There she learns about her own identity and the faith of her Muslim father She meets not only family members who haven t seen since her childhood, but also a mysterious stranger Josh That Josh has secrets is obvious to us from the first page of his introduction into the story Is he the hero, or is he not That s a question readers will continue to ask.No such question about Jasmine herself I love strong, female protagonists and she is everything I had been hoping for She may need Josh for emotional support or maybe even some eye candy but if there is a crisis, she is than capable of figuring it out on her own Bravo to the author for foregoing the typical simpering girlish fool I have seen all too often.Jasmine Falling has a little something for everyone The history and political buffs will enjoy the descriptions of occupation that permeate everyday life in occupied areas.After an hour, they approached Jerusalem The city made her feel claustrophobic It was segregated by checkpoints and around its perimeter, soldiers stood guard A winding wall at least eight meters high cut up the city Barb wire sat atop the grey exposed concrete face, towering above Jerusalem as it is coiled itself around like a hideous snake, entwining through and dividing neighborhoods Defiant graffiti stained it with declarations of freedom What is that said Jasmine It s a security fence, he replied Who are they trying to keep out, King Kong Josh laughed nervously, not quite It looks like the Berlin Wall to me We follow Jasmine and Josh all over the countryside, from the church sanctuary in Jerusalem to the smallest villages, and much Culture lovers will appreciate the descriptions of the street scenes, full of aromas of food and daily Palestinian life.From the streets, the gates of the Old City loomed in to view They towered above her with locks clamped on either side of the open doors A raven squawked from a perch on its walls, the sound splintering through her bones as she entered the maze Smoke hissed and escaped from kebab shops, shisha smoke blew from the lips of old men, drawn from decorated glass bulbs.For mystery readers there is a delicious little mystery which caught even myself by surprise The romance is lighthearted and suggested than explicit There are references to the Quran but without any sense of peaching, which is no mean feat for a Muslim writer I have seen others bogged down with scriptural references, but Malherbe keeps it light and relevant.On the other hand, I disliked the mention of jinn, only because it seems to be an overused and stereotypical theme in Muslim stories There are also a few issues with the technical aspects of writing, and a little drama in the main character s personality that I would have preferred But overall this is a solid debut and a meaningful addition to the growing Muslim fiction list I m looking forward to reading from Ms Malherbe.

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    The gist of my review I would recommend Jasmine Falling Jasmine Falling certainly put me through the wringer Within pages I would find myself going from pitying Jasmine to being downright angry with her she makes a number of decisions I don t agree with In the end I was overwhelmingly happy for her, because she found what her heart wanted I promise that isn t too much of a spoiler I had a hard time figuring Josh out I think I dismissed him for a while, but in the end I think he s probably a good guy When I took a step back from the book, I realized I was getting way involved with the characters than I normally do I was quoting the book and narrating Jasmine s life to those around me mostly my mother, ha which speaks volumes pun intended about how well written the novel is It s peppered with references to Islam, but the book does it feel Islamic, nor do the references get in the way of the story In fact, the references propel the story as Jasmine goes down the path of growth and self understanding This book may be particularly poignant for people who grew up outside of their parents culture, or who have parents from two different cultures but only lived in one It certainly made me realize how important it is to acknowledge and celebrate all of the cultures of those who reared me, lest I feel incomplete.

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    Jasmine Falling is a tale of hope, defiance, and unwavering faith Beautifully written, the author knows how to SHOW the reader her dear Palestine A good read and also a little folklore tale, it also hints at the fact that we shouldn t underestimate the unseen forces of this world I liked it.

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    Mystery, justice, brutality, excitement and love are just a few words that conquer your mind while sailing through this thrilling novel You optimistically watch the jasmine flowers falling down like pearls of dew on the cover page However, when you think of the main character, Jasmine, setting off in a painful journey searching for her missing father in his homeland Palestine, in dismal circumstances in a harsh and brutal world, guided only by very far memories, confusing letters and nightmares, which are ensued by the cold blooded murder of the eight year old boy Ali, you start to wonder whether to keep optimistic or just fall with Jasmine into pessimism Here, appears Josh as a rescuing angel, guides Jasmine through her dreadful journey, rescues her every time she thinks she is dipping into a bottomless pit, only to have doubts when you find out that he is really an Israeli soldier fulfilling his duty tightening the handcuffs on the already suffocated necks of the Palestinian people Jasmine starts her journey pursuing a fortune she would lose if she didn t find her missing father, but ends up finding a real treasure faith that takes over her soul and peace which arises from an endless conflict Throughout her amazing journey to the Holy Land, events unfold naturally to show much of the suffering Palestinians are afflicted with, without direct description of the atrocities Israelis commit every day, and without demonizing enemies and depriving them from the remnants of humanity that some of them may have This quiet description could beat all the propaganda manufactured by the media engines around the world with a truly innocent and convincing language.The letters by Bert to his father are a smart trick which increases the excitement and keeps the reader looking forward to put all the rings together and find out the secret behind them These letters serve their purpose quite well They open the way to compare the suffering of the Palestinian people with those who were victimized by the ruthless wars in Europe, only to turn into predators themselves imitating what they had suffered and destroying the lives of the Palestinians who had nothing to do with the atrocities in Europe Bert waits too long to meet the eyes of Jasmine, which resemble the eyes of her grandmother, the only survivor of a massacre he helped to commit Then comes his grandson Josh, an Israeli soldier himself, to accompany Jasmine through her journey showing a slight trace of humanity flourishing amongst the filthiness of an inhumane occupation.Does Josh really love Jasmine And, can such a relation be real The author keeps this question unanswered The search for love in a rumpled land continues, but it certainly can t thrive until justice prevails and oppression is lifted.

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    A fast paced, beautifully written book, offering a refreshing perspective on the political situation in Palestine Through the eyes of Jasmine, we see the horror and sadness of oppression, but also witness love, redemption and the power of human beings to survive and prosper From a lost, seemingly hopeless situation that could potentially taint Jasmine s future, we see how love and perseverance truly do heal wounds, past and present We are also introduced to the human and emotional side of the Palestinian struggle, described from both sides of the political conflict The reader is challenged to accept that at the end of of it all, we are all human, capable of hate and evil, but we are all also capable of unconditional, pure love, a love that transcends political borders and is far powerful than any other force in this world This book ultimately makes the reader see the power of love, the sacrifices a human being will make for love, and the inherent need of all humans to love and be loved It also has a strong theme of forgiveness and redemption, which is explored through several threads and characters Although we witness Jasmine face hardship, hopelessness, loss and confusion, we are never inclined to pity her She is a strong, pragmatic character who rises to every challenge thrown at her Her character is vividly revealed and beautifully portrayed, without being unrealistic The geographical imagery is clearly described and incorporates the strong history of various faiths in Jerusalem Although there is plenty of reference to religion from the point of view of the physical sites and their significance, religion is not a strong theme in this book, and there is no forceful acceptance of any faith We are reminded again that love in its purest form exists without and boundaries I enjoyed this book immensely and its themes gave me much food for thought This is a lovely debut from an author who has strong ancestral ties with the geographical location However, the reader does not feel like there are sides to be taken as the stereotypical images we all carry, are challenged, but also cannot be disregarded.

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    Sometimes you need to lose yourself to ultimately find your purpose Shereen Malherbe s debut novel Jasmine Falling is a work of literary fiction, from the perspective of her heroine Jasmine, cleverly intertwined with factual occurrences from her family s recent past, the history and mystique of Jerusalem, and the country s ongoing and real internal conflicts.Jasmine Falling weaves aspects of faith into the novel while moving us purposefully forward in the heroine s journey, through intriguing plot twists and dynamics with her mysterious guide, her family and the people of the country The story takes the reader on a journey from Jasmine s English manor house to a country in seemingly eternal conflict, richly depicted and with settings accurately described.Jasmine Falling offers us a fresh viewpoint of the people under Occupation bound into a fictional narrative that is both compelling and thoughtful.

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    After reading jasmine falling Not only have I fallen in love with jasmine and josh I have fallen in love with Palestine and all its hidden stories With each page that I read I felt like I was walking in the path of jasmine feeling her desire to find her father but so the desperation to find herself The book took me on a journey I will never be able to claim but feel I have lived through all the characters in the book A truly fantastic read, I am only disappointed with the fact that I have to wait for the second to find out about the secrets that Shereen has allowed us to share with her, I don t want to give away too much but this is certainly a MUST READ

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    Check out my book blog for book reviews and other bookish posts The cover was the first thing that pulled my attention to Jasmine Falling So when I was creating a it came to choosing books for my TBR for Ramadan Readathon, I decided that it would be a good opportunity to try this book with its beautiful cover and intriguing blurb.It s ownvoices for Palestinian and Muslim rep.__Jasmine is biracial, however she is only connected to one culture This book portrays, not only but also, her journey and immersion in a culture that was relatively unknown to her before she started her journey There were some quotes that resonated with me a lot, since I m multiracial They won t resonate with everyone who is multiracial though, but they put into words how I feel some of the time These are It left a half of her unaccounted for, half of her story completely unknown and lost in the world Deep down she knew, unless she explored it, the incompleteness would always hover over her It starts slowly and the pacing stays slow throughout the book However, somehow it still managed to not let me go I kept thinking that it was kind of not intriguing at the beginning, but now looking back, I see that the build up was so slow that I don t even know at what point I was sucked into the story I also enjoyed the writing The passages about food and cooking are so descriptive and yet simply written.I enjoyed the added input that was received in the form of the letters I couldn t understand why she wouldn t read all of the letters faster, but I don t know if those letters had been given to me, if I really would have been able to read them faster so this is NOT criticism.I thought that the numerous characters let to nuanced perspectives about the conflict between Israel and Palestine, thus explaining the complexity of it.I want to mention that Jasmine uses ableist language when she is saying that she hopes that she is not going crazy like her relatives The word crazy is also used in other instances.The romance story arc isn t in focus and it s also handled quite interestingly as it creates questions than it answers.The ending was beautiful I m not usually a fan of open ending but I liked how nothing was set it stone and numerous possible explanations were given Every reader can choose which option they think is most likely and which they d most like to be true.__I enjoyed Jasmine Falling a lot The writing pulls you into the story, and even though it is rather slow paced I couldn t stop reading There was a secret that was waiting to be unearthed, and I wanted to know It s a beautifully written contemporary novel and gives nuanced perspectives of the conflict between Israel and Palestine.Trigger warnings suicide attempt, alcoholic character, murder, ableist language.

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    I had quite high hopes for this book I expected to really love it and I m not quite sure why that was but I was sadly somewhat disappointed by it I don t like to give negative reviews and it certainly wasn t awful, just disappointing.Jasmine goes to Palestine straight after finding out she needs her father s signature to receive her inheritance of millions This alone felt like her motives were all completely materialistic which put me off her She had just lost her mother and there were no genuine feelings of grief or loss expressed by Jasmine only feelings of betrayal that her mother had made it necessary for her to get her father s signature.When she is in Palestine, Jasmine begins what seems to be a completely hopeless search for her father who has been missing for ten years The search is apparently vital and she has ten days before she will be unable to claim her inheritance Yet Jasmine seems to float around asking locals who knew her father questions but then she would leave and I would think to myself well she learnt nothing about her father and didn t even ask about him properly I just found it a bit halfhearted for something that was apparently so important to Jasmine.Meanwhile, Jasmine spends most of her time with a local she met on her first day and there is hints at romantic feelings between them This didn t become the main focus of the storyline but it still felt a bit misplaced.I felt I didn t get to know Jasmine at all and by the end of the book it seemed like the little I did know about her, I was supposed to believe was actually wrong if that makes sense It was a very short book though, so it could be put down to that I also struggled with the writing at times I would find myself having to reread sentences or even a whole paragraph to understand what was actually happening.One thing I did enjoy and find very valuable about this book was the intermittent insights into what life is like on a daily basis for Palestinians under the Israeli occupation This is what I expected and wanted of It was still an average read overall but not unmissable I did find myself wanting to continue reading in order to find out if Jasmine would find her father or at least what had happened to him my favourite thing about this book was probably the cover, it is very pretty.

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    I guess it was hard for me to read it because it s in English which is not my mother tongue I m used to read books in English but there is so many descriptions it was quite long i don t even know if I loved the story or not but I didn t really enjoy reading it as it took me so long maybe if I could find a French version I could enjoy it .I skipped some pages to finish it Read for the bookclub otherwise I would have stopped before the end.

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