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➮ [Read] ➪ Six Mile Canyon (A Savannah Swift Psychic Mystery Book 1)  By Kathryn Dionne ➺ – Transportjobsite.co.uk chapter 1 Six Mile Canyon (A Savannah Swift Psychic Mystery Book 1) , meaning Six Mile Canyon (A Savannah Swift Psychic Mystery Book 1) , genre Six Mile Canyon (A Savannah Swift Psychic Mystery Book 1) , book cover Six Mile Canyon (A Savannah Swift Psychic Mystery Book 1) , flies Six Mile Canyon (A Savannah Swift Psychic Mystery Book 1) , Six Mile Canyon (A Savannah Swift Psychic Mystery Book 1) 2bc8a70ce4fde AN BEST SELLER Please Let Someone Find Me Seventeen Year Old Savannah Swift Has Been Plagued With Reoccurring Nightmares About A Woman Being Buried Alive In Her Car Savannah S Father, A Baptist Minister, Says It S Because She Watches Too Many Scary Shows On TV But Deep Down Savannah Knows These Dreams Mean Something Significant But What With The Help Of Her Two Best Friends, Jade And Emma, Savannah Discovers Something Remarkable About HerselfShe Has A Gift But As She Begins To Use Her Special Abilities, She Soon Realizes That Not All Gifts Are A Blessing Sometimes, They Can Be A Curse

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    Wow, what a Book A Must Read Wow This book had me completely hooked I have been having issues at home that have been traumatizing but this book made everything in life bearable Every moment I could dive into Savannah s adventure, I did The author is incredible and has great world building skills and knows how to keep the reader hanging on, wanting and What I loved most about this book was that Savannah s life was so relatable and hit home hard As being a Tarot Reader for years, I know all the skepticism and how people look at it as Godless but as how much it is expressed in the story that all that I do is for God and only want to help people I respect everyone s beliefs and know mine are a bit different but am open minded and always respectful I felt Savannah s emotions and adventures through my spirit and bones As an Empath, it s hard to be understood or related to but like Savannah I experienced all the judgement and fears she did at the young age of17 The conclusion came together beautifully and you can t help but feel connected to the characters I am actually working on writing a story that is similar in Savannahs in a different aspect that is based on true events I went through.Enough of my rambling on and spooning over this story All I want to be known is this probably one of the best books I have read and I have read thousands This story connected to me in so many ways that it is hard to form into words but I highly recommend this book I am so thankful to get a chance to read this story it helped me than can be known Who knew fiction could help you learn to accept yourself

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    This is another compelling thriller by Kathryn Dionne Savannah is an intriguing, well rounded character, and she leads the reader on a believable journey The mystery has some great twists and turns set against the vivid backdrop of the Nevada mining landscape The psychic elements of the story are portrayed in a unique way, and I enjoyed the complicated family dynamics at work Dionne succeeds in crafting another page turner, and I look forward to her next book

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    Upon starting this book I thought it might have been Christian fiction, which would have been a turn off for me It is not Christian fiction, although Savannah s Pastor father and her Christian upbringing do play a role in the story This was a plus.I enjoy YA books, but this one read a little younger than my preference despite Savannah s recent high school graduation Also, in spite of the author s thanks to her beta readers there are still numerous typos in the version I read current version as of this date Overall a good story with a decent ending, but not quite enthralling for me.

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    Awesome book Love the way Dionne writes I ve read her other books, and this one is equally as good She has a way of making the characters come alive The story takes place in Scottsbluff, NE Through a series of dreams, seventeen year old Savannah Swift discovers that she has a remarkable gift But because of her strict upbringing, she s conflicted about embracing it With the help of her two best friends, they embark on an incredible journey If you like paranormal with a touch of the old west, you ll love this book Highly recommend

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    FabulousWhile reading this book, I did not want to put it down Along the way, while reading, I went on the adventure with these young women Fun, mysterious, and a delight.

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    What a fun and interesting read Ms Dionne combines paranormal and history in an intriguing way If you like that combination, then this is a must read

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    MesmerizingThis book kept my interest from beginning to the end Hope to read of Savannah s story soon Enjoy

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    I really enjoyed this book and I read it during an all day airplane ride Anyone that likes the Long Island Medium, will really enjoy this book.

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    Great Book Savannah Swift is your typical small town high school student She is the pastor s daughter and like her two best friends, Emma and Jade she is excited to graduate high school and start her life as an adult When she begins to have terrifying nightmares that are so vivid they feel real, she and her father chalk it up to watching too much Twilight Zone before bed When Savannah goes on a shopping trip with her friends, she learns that she has psychic powers, but immediately decides to hide them from her family who preach the importance of staying away from divination for fear that it will invite the Devil into your life She soon begins to realize that her nightmares are actually a message from the spiritual world giving her clues to a mystery about a missing young woman named Katie and her boyfriend Marty who live in Nevada.After graduation, Savannah and her friends embark on a road trip to solve the mystery and figure out what the spirits have been trying to tell her Overall, the book was good It drew me in from the beginning and kept me hooked throughout.Usually when I read a book, I can excuse a few errors here or there but in this book there were a few times when the author spelled the character s names wrong including her main character as well as misinformation and while the ending did have a plot twist, I was able to predict a majority of it about halfway through, so I gave it four stars Looking forward to reading the next book in the series

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