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✽ A Time for Dancing (A Time for Dancing, #1)  kindle Epub ❁ Author Davida Wills Hurwin – Transportjobsite.co.uk chapter 1 A Time for Dancing (A Time for Dancing, #1) , meaning A Time for Dancing (A Time for Dancing, #1) , genre A Time for Dancing (A Time for Dancing, #1) , book cover A Time for Dancing (A Time for Dancing, #1) , flies A Time for Dancing (A Time for Dancing, #1) , A Time for Dancing (A Time for Dancing, #1) 0bd2052b3e807 Samantha And Juliana Sam And Jules They Ve Been Best Friends Forever Now, In The Summer Before Their Senior Year, They Re Ready For Whatevers ComingCollege Professional Dance Careers They Ll Share The Triumphs And Face The Tears Together But Neither Of Them Are Prepared For What Does Happen Next Jules Is Diagnosed With Cancer And There Is No Cure An Unforgettable Debut By A Writer To WatchThe Novel Is Beautifully Composed, With Dialogue That Never Falters, Characters Who Are Fully Realized, And Plotting To Make Readers Turn The Pages Through Their Tears Kirkus Reviews, Pointer Review

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    This was one of the greatest books i have ever read in my life it had meaning to it It wasn t just made up This happens to real people I cried at the end, and hoped like the characters that the ending would be different I felt like I was the one who was dying and the one who had to watch This book had emotion behind, and only a truely great author could write something like this The story of Samantha and Julie, Sam and Jules, day and night, life and death, is one I won t soon forget It teaches a lesson, a lesson that all must learn on their own, a lesson that oen won t truely understand until someone touches their lives and leaves a mark so deep, that you don t know how truely important they are until they re gone And they can t come back This is a story of gains and loss But most importantly, this is a story of true friendship.

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    What do you do when you best friend is dying This was a GREAT bookit manages to break your heart, mend it, and break it again.Told in a way that makes you both frustrated and sad at the same time, it s one of those reads you can help but love in a terrible way

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    I read this book awhile ago, but I still find myself thinking about it A Time for Dancing is one of my all time favorite books Centered around two inseparable best friends I Samantha and Julia who share the love of dancing Out of the blue one Julia become diagnosed with cancer The moment Julia discovers she has cancer, their lives are turned upside down Alternating between the views of the two friends, you see both sides of the story I didn t know much about cancer, after reading the book, I could feel the pain Julia went through A Time for Dancing is an unforgettable book that really touches the soul Filled with sadness the importance of friendship, and happiness I m warning you, have a box of tissues nearby.

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    If I could give this book stars, I would.This book is amazing By far one of the best books I have ever read.And I read a lot.This book is about two best friends and their battle when one is diagnosed with cancer.A MUST READ

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    This is literally my all time favorite book in the history of ever And I m only 13 I have read it countless times and I never tire of the story.It is about Sam and Jules, the inseparable best friends Every time I read this book I picture myself and MY other self, Amiritha I am Sam, and she is Jules, that s just the way it is They match our personalities Sam is sarcastic, protective, daring and willing to do the crazy things, cause hey, life like there s no tomorrow Jules is the smart pretty practical and sensible one that still has a wild side So the story had that much meaning for me right off the bat The characters were so real, I could picture exactly what they looked like, and they just came to life I don t know how to explain this, other than when stuff happened to Jules.I just felt it I literally felt like I was Sam going through all this because metaphorically that seems to be my favorite word lately I was Sam.OK, so you better call this review quits unless you plan on having the book spoiledI am not ashamed to say I cried when Jules died And not a few quiet sobs like they do in movies you know when the tears roll gently down their face as they quietly heave No I mean like gut wrenching legit waterfalls I soaked my shirt and eventually my bed with tears and I had to stop to clear my eyes because it got to the point where I couldn t see the book I was a mess and was eternally grateful I wasn t reading it in public And the last line of the book It killed me KILLED ME It was so freaking beautiful and I was such a tearful mess and I just completely lost it I broke down crying and was still crying after the book ended For like 10 minutes.No book has ever toyed with my emotions like this book In my life So please read this book, if its the last thing you do READ THIS BOOK.

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    Since I ve been a kid, I ve had what I consider a practically obscene interest in reading about cancer patients, particularly young cancer patients My interest apparently continues.This is one of the good ones For me that means it feels as if it s an honest account about what it s like to have cancer and what it might be like to have someone close to you have cancer It s the story of two girls, who narrate alternating chapters They re in high school and have been best friends for nearly half their lives They met in dance class and dance is a passion for both of them One of them is diagnosed with stage four lymphoma, and her illness is a major focus in this story I inhaled the book in one day It was a welcome break from my book club group and a good book in which to immerse myself before I dive into various group books, non fiction and fiction books I want to read for just me, and my last 2011 continuing ed class I got invested in the characters They were so frustrating, but they seemed authentic and the various situations and arc of the story seemed, for the most part, authentic This was published in 1995 and parts do seem like a period piece for instance, there are no cell phones, but this is a character driven story so I just noticed such things in passing It s not a perfect book but the fact that I read it in one day, didn t want to put it down, and was completely engrossed earns it four stars from me According to my book there was a sequel being written I might check it out although I suspect I won t rush to read it.

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    Plot SummarySam and Julie are average teenage best friends They do everything together, from dance class to parties Nothing could tear them apart, except for when Julie starts to get a horrible pain in her hip After a couple weeks, it only got worse They went to multiple doctors but no one could figure out what was wrong with her Eventually she was told she has stage 4 diffuse histiocytic lymphoma, a type of cancer After Julie starts chemo she starts to change, and her once unbreakable bond with Sam starts to dissolve Personal ResponseI really enjoyed this book It was realistic and didn t have the perfect ending everyone wished for I really liked the characters in this book By the end of the book you re hooked, and you don t want it to end The book is so detailed in some parts you feel like you re going through what Julie was going through I liked how the point of view switches between Sam and Julie, so you see both sides of the story.CharacterizationIn the beginning of this book, Julie is a strong dancer with her biggest problem being her ex and his new girlfriend Towards the end of the book Julie is weak because of chemo, and struggles everyday to keep her head up At the very end Julie passed away, leaving her best friend and family behind.RecommendationsI d recommend this book to anyone It really opens your eyes to what people with cancer really go through I think anyone should read a book like this because you don t really know what is going on in their lives and the struggles they face.

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    I have recommended this book left and right during the past five years.I first read it when I was too young to fully understand what was going on I re read it when I was older, and WOW had my comprehension changed.Just thinking about it now makes me want to cry This is one of the most well written, saddest, oh the emotions, books I have ever read I am so, so glad it was published There are so many themes here that were skillfully explored, and it takes my breath away.This is ostensibly a book about teenagers.I firmly believe this was originally a book about women who were twenty or twenty one, but the publisher told the author that it would garner attention if it were about teens.The teenagers are too mature They are too confident They speak of themes that are far beyond their years, are too relaxed about relationship milestones, are too cunning, are too able to express their emotions, see themselves in too much a manner that speaks to adulthood These are not sixteen year old girls They are maybe eighteen, and I firmly believe in the original manuscript, they were all at a community college, or better yet, an artistic academy that served primarily dancers, but visual artists as well Jack and Rachel It s not high school ey enough.It could be argued that being in such competitive environments made them grow up too fast It could be argued I went to school K 12 in highly competitive academic environments, and none of my schoolmates and I ever had the capacity to think like this Our emotions clouded our judgment, especially when we were all teenagers In my mind, the story fits better if these were all community college students, or around that age.I still give this book five stars, and I still rave about it whenever I can.A quick note on the movie THE MOVIE IS ONE OF THE WORST I HAVE EVER SEEN IT IS SOMETHING WILDLY DIFFERENT FROM THIS BOOK, AND I FEEL HORRIBLE FOR THE AUTHOR IT IS A BAD MOVIE IN GENERAL, BUT A HORRIBLE INTERPRETATION OF THIS BOOK IN ANY REGARD.

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    You can read the full review on my blog Boarding with Books Yes This is a Cancer Book But I hate that people avoid these amazing books because of the topic because 1 that s not ALL they talk about and 2 So what Millions of people battle this illness everyday and others refuse to even read about it Lastly 3 It s such a loaded subject, full of heartbreak, love and anger and aren t those the main themes in all the books we read The only difference is that this conflict is man vs nature, and I guess because it hits closer to home for a lot of peopleSo The arguments above come to tell you to PLEASE READ THIS BOOK The writing, the flow, the feeling behind every word I was close to tears in the beginning already Part of the beauty of this book was that it centered around dancers but don t worry, even if you know nothing about it you ll be perfectly fine And for those of you like me, who not only know the studio life, but live it You ll be moved by the all too true descriptions of the highs and lows of proffessional dancing, the artistry behind it, and most importantly by what it means to the dancers And the main theme Real friendship These days, every fad book or epic series is accompanied by touching love story, but not enough center around a having a true and loyal friend, always there through storm or fire Dare I compare Samantha and Jules to Will and Jem I wasn t sobbing QUITE as much as I was in Clockwork Princess, so don t take that analogy TOO strongly, but many of the same elements were there.Cover Comments While some of you will think it s beautiful, others gross, I was stunned by how realistic the picture is That s no cover model someone took a picture of dancer after her class, no question about Sweat, hair and all Respect

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    A Time for Dancing, by Davida Wills Hurwin, was selected as an ALA Best Book for Young Adults and I couldn t agree with the ALA decision Ballet is center stage for high school friends Julie and Samantha They met in ballet class and have been best friends ever since Until everything changes changes due to cancer return return The book is written with a style that complements the content every other chapter is told from the perspective of one of the two friends In the beginning, it seems to be the normal high school story who likes who Who broke up with whom What is going on this weekend However, very quickly Jules finds out that she has an aggressive cancer And even though she and Sam have leaned on each other for years, Jules finds that this is something she must fight alone The chemo has devastating effects tired, nauseous, no hair, etc She seeks an alternate treatment, which caused me a little bit of concern at first, but the author made sure that this was only a temporary pause in approved treatment I am a two time cancer survivor and do not regret one day of chemo of course, I realize that my situation was much different And of course, as the author points out, dealing with cancer is very personal and solitary return return The book touches on religion and spirituality and has many moving scenes between the girls as well as between the individual girls and their families This would be a good book to use with high schoolers for a discussion of a number of topics There is also a film version of the book view information at my book blog

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