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    This is an extremely dense book, packed with insight into, and exercises for, the various psychological functions It has taken me about a year to even begin to understand how to apply the relevant exercises in this book, but it s all very clearly written by someone who knows what he s talking about.I found it easiest to get started by trying some of the exercises that correspond to my primary secondary psychological functions When I recommended a couple of the exercises to a friend choosing them based on his own primary function , he quickly asked for and said he really enjoyed the practice So I think those first two functions as a natural source of strength will have general appeal when used as a taste of how the concept works With that said, Nardi s advice to work further down the stack has been an amazing discovery for me It has helped me reach higher ground, where I am using of my gifts and experiencing a ha moments For example, as an aux Te getting deeper into Ti, I have started to realize why I found so much worth in creating my own frameworks from time to time the past, and definitely wondering why I didn t recognize the value of it as a general practice at the time and apply it widely to my life Ti really makes Te seem so boring sometimes, and I now understand how I have access to it and gifts in its use.Nardi works in academia hence, the writing is at least semi academic, and it is aimed a bit higher it seems than the beginner texts I ve read these two aspects may limit the book s usefulness to casual readers or those new to Jungian psychology.The end matter also has some very insightful notes on e.g stretching your personality or trying to mold yourself a certain way.Overall it s a rewarding read if you see the benefits of going deep into the topic I do, and so my copy has sticky notes all over the place, including a sticky note on the opening of the chapter corresponding to each function Ni Ne Te Ti, etc

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    Ignore the cheesy title, this is a great book and the next step if you already know the basics of jung MBTI The book gives you exercises for developing your personality, and it has introductory, basic and advance levels of each of the 8 cognitive functions 9 10.

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    After reading Dr Nardi s Neuroscience of Personality Brain Savvy Insights for All Types of People, I purchased 8 Keys of Self Leadership From Awareness to Action I find Dr Nardi s writing style and contexts resonate with my learning process As and ENFP, in order to better develop less preferred cognitive processes, I put into practice many of the the developmental action exercises.

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