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[Read] ➪ Painted Doll (Only In Tokyo Mystery, #4)  By Jonelle Patrick – Transportjobsite.co.uk chapter 1 Painted Doll (Only In Tokyo Mystery, #4) , meaning Painted Doll (Only In Tokyo Mystery, #4) , genre Painted Doll (Only In Tokyo Mystery, #4) , book cover Painted Doll (Only In Tokyo Mystery, #4) , flies Painted Doll (Only In Tokyo Mystery, #4) , Painted Doll (Only In Tokyo Mystery, #4) 109496c0c3421 When Tokyo Detective Kenji Nakamura S Phone Rings With The News That His Mother S Death Ten Years Ago Wasn T An Accident, His World Begins To Unravel New Evidence Links Her To A Young Woman, Whose Body Was Found Dolled Up Like A Movie Star And Tossed In The Gutter Like An Abandoned Plaything With The Help Of Part Time English Translator Yumi Hata, Kenji Begins To Piece Together What Really Happened The Night His Mother Died But The Closer He Gets To Discovering Who Killed The Painted Doll, The He Fears That The Truth Will Destroy All That S Left Of His Fractured Family

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    I love this author s work Though I am not a fan of mysteries, I do find that I love how she presents her stories I always feel like I have been to Japan and visiting with old friends when I read this series There is just enough education of the culture and a few words to make you feel like you are there Yet it isn t over done.When I finished this book, I didn t want it to be over so I just left my text to speech going as it read all the glossary of Japanese terms and English definitions and then the first chapter of Jonelle s first book of the series That made it worse because I already read that and knew how it would turn out Yet I got to stay with my friends in Japan just a little longer.Please, if you get the chance, try this series There is a lot to learn about Japan and about writing from Ms Patrick.

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    Jonelle Patrick does it again I m reading my second book of the series after Fallen Angel, I m reading completely out of order, as this just happens to be the order in which I acquired the books and couldn t wait to start so am already familiar with the relationship between Yumi and Kenji, and was delighted to get of them working together on a mystery again This one hits much closer to home, as it involves the cold case of Kenji s own mother whose death was ruled as an accident ten years ago although new evidence has resurfaced suggesting that this may not be the case The story races out of the blocks, setting the scene with the reopening of the case pretty much from the start of the book, and the pace never slows down till the end I particularly liked how Kenji s emotions were portrayed in this one, and the understanding by the people around him somehow this wasn t quite the expectation I had of Japanese workplaces, I was of the impression that the overall culture was very by the book The way in which he has to struggle with interference from a superior, with whom he has some bad blood, causing some conflict as he realises that giving up what he knows could be key to solving the mystery There was good balance between Kenji at work, trying to work things out with Yumi and handling the coming of light stuff about his father and brother that he wasn t aware of before I thought the use of a second, minor case of the underwear thief was a clever way of both giving some plotline to the Kenji Yumi line, as well as showing his diligence at work.The main case, of the Painted Doll, was well thought out with clues being revealed just at the right pace to keep me invested, and the use of multiple sources made it interesting for me as I felt like I was following along in the main characters point of view as he gradually pieced things together Sometimes cases like this can end in absurdity, but I thought all the way through from the reveal of what occurred to the outcome the author kept to a very realistic and believable plotline And, once again, my sentiments with Fallen Angel hold true, which is, like promised by the series title, this is truly an Only in Tokyo mystery rather than one that happens to be set in Tokyo The means and ways of the people, the meticulousness of record keeping even after decades and the use of things like host clubs maid cafes as place settings made this a story that really couldn t have happened anywhere else 5 stars, hands down.

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    Part of the Only In Tokyo series Tokyo detective Kenji Nakamura is than a little distressed to discover that the death of his mother ten years previously in a supposed accident, is actually connected to a string of murders of young women attributed to the Painted Doll Killer What follows is not only a complex and compelling investigation to catch a killer, but also a brilliant study of Nakamura s emotional turmoil when dark secrets from his own familial background come to the surface Patrick balances both facets of the book with a deft touch, producing a genuinely gripping crime thriller which wrong foots and perplexes the reader throughout, and drawing us in emotionally to Nakamura s travails both professional and personal The case proves itself to be violent and disturbing in equal measure, and there are some good turns of pace in the narrative The book is steeped in Japanese cultural references, and proved to be incredibly enlightening about the conflicts of old fashioned tradition, and contemporary society, and the gaps between the generations, as well as being highly informative on Japanese life generally Suffice to say, I will be seeking out the other instalments of the series Highly recommended.

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    This is another well constructed mystery by Jonelle Patrick I particularly enjoyed the intertwined plot lines and didn t anticipate the ending Yumi s character has become much stronger than it was in the first book of the series, making her seem like a genuine modern woman The details of Japanese life always give a feeling of being right there with the characters and that makes the books in the series especially informative and absorbing I m looking forward to the next book to learn about the further adventures of Yumi and Kenji.

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