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11 Before 12 summary 11 Before 12, series 11 Before 12, book 11 Before 12, pdf 11 Before 12, 11 Before 12 86cecf6dbe In This Brand New Duology From Acclaimed Author Lisa Greenwald, Two Best Friends Kick Start Middle School With A Bucket List Of Eleven Things They Need To Do To Become AMAZING Before Their Joint Twelfth Birthday PartyThe First Day Of Middle School Means Trading In Freeze Tag At The Pool For New Schedules, Fabulous Outfits, And A Fresh Start But For Eleven Year Old Kaylan, The Chaos Of New Locker Combinations, Cafeteria Cliques, And Potential First Kisses Is Than She Can Handle She Dreads The Start Of Sixth Grade And Feels Like She Wants No, Needs A Winning Game PlanLuckily, Kaylan And Her Effortlessly Chill BFF, Arianna, Have A Fool Proof Plan For Tackling Transitions A List Of Eleven Things They Need To Do To Totally Transform Themselves Before They Both Turn Twelve In November But Between Making Guy Friends, Getting Detention And Makeovers , Helping Humanity, And Having Super Candid Conversations With Their Moms About Their Flaws, The First Days Of School Turn Out Worse Than Kaylan Ever Imagined Kaylan And Ari Forget To Focus On Their Friendship And Soon Their Loyalty To The List What Was Meant To Help Them Keep It Together Becomes The Very Thing Tearing Their Lives Apart

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    In 11 before 12 two friends are starting junior high school But before they start junior though Kaylan and Ari Arianna want to accomplish some thing to show how they have grown over the summer, so they make a list But they make the list with a catch, Ari and Kaylan convince themselves that is they don t finish the list before they turn twelve, they will be cursed for the rest of this life What Ari and Kaylan didn t think about is how starting junior high might affect their friendship and them as people.I think that a good theme for the book is, People shouldn t change themselves when things around them change In think this is a good theme for this book because this whole book is about two girls change so they can fit in with other people around them A example of this is, before school starts Ari and Kaylan convince their moms that they NEED highlights in their hair before school starts, and they so get highlights, another example is, Ari and Kaylan also decide that they need to do something they thing they will hate, and the final example of this is, during the summer Ari and Kaylan love to go to the pool, and the pool there is always a freeze dance, they always do the freeze dance, but one time girls were laughing at Kaylan and Ari, so Kaylan stopped doing the freeze dance because she was embarrassed I LOVED this book so much I liked this book because it is practically what happens all the time to people, I have even had something like this happen to me, minus the whole list thing I liked this book because it tells the story of two girls struggling to fit in and keep their friendship together and the same time I also liked this because of how it has different perspectives in the book, its not just this one person complaining about what happened to them, it tells everyone s side to it, and i really like it when authors do stuff like that I liked this book a lot and i would love to read it again.

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    This main character sounds so much like I did in middle school, which on the one hand, means that I think the characters are super realistic and real middle schoolers will relate to them while getting a little wish fulfillment in at the same time but at the other time, big parts of it I cringed so hard at, wanting to yell Stop being such a jerk Jesus, just apologize already I m so glad I m not in junior high any.

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    Was a very hooligans hilarious book Great for readers in middle school and upper elementary.

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    A light sweet book that is a perfect summer read It tackles many of the tween starting middle school issues with humor, but some of it felt too stereotypical and cliche for me, but it still will likely be a popular and fun read that is very accessible to readers

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    11 Before 12 by Lisa Greenwald will put you right back in that time of your life when everything mattered too much and nothing at all mattered than your best friend Kaylan and Arianna find this to be true as they gear up for sixth grade They are chock full of excitement as they decide to make a list of all of the tasks they want to complete before turning twelve in November Having their birthdays one day apart has convinced them of the need to plan a joint twelfth birthday party to celebrate their friendship and the new age that will bring them what they consider so much of out of life.Instead they find that the list starts to tear them apart While Kaylan wants to stay true to the list and everything they ve planned for it, including doing it together, Arianna is open to bringing other people in and allowing them to be part of what Kaylan considers a super special best friends only listing of tasks for the girls to share While they do a few items together, they also find that they are finishing some separately It was nice to understand Kaylan s point of view throughout the whole story since it is really quite a spot on indicator of how any girl in her position would feel, worried about losing her best friend, but hopeful that things will eventually work out However, hearing Arianna s point of view a bit throughout would have been helpful As the novel progresses, we learn about how she feels about it all, but a dual look at their lives may have enhanced the storytelling a bit Yet, this was not really an issue.From Kaylan s worry over which boy to kiss and how to make a guy friend to Arianna s new girlfriends, lunch table gossip abounds, and the two are left sitting on the sidelines of each other s lives, waiting to be filled in with the nitty gritty details Any reader will feel smack dab back in the action of middle school, as Lisa Greenwald creates the questions of how Kaylan and Arianna will move forward, how their troubles will affect their futures, and how family can matter than a sixth grader believes, especially when on the outs with your best friend forever A definite must read for any young adult and middle grade novel lovers Beth Rodgers, Author of Freshman Fourteen and Sweet Fifteen, Young Adult Novels

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    Cute book for upper elementary students looking toward transitioning to middle school which, in this book, starts in 6th grade I appreciated that one of the main characters, Kaylan, was legitimately a jerk to her best friend and got stuck in not knowing both how to apologize for it and how to express how hurt she was by her friend It illustrates well how small hurts can escalate into big rifts in otherwise strong friendships I could see this being a really good read for a parent and child together reading separately and then discussing as it can be helpful to have these discussions about friendship drama while friendship waters are relatively smooth, before a kid hits the rapids of middle school.While the friendship drama rang true, there were two things that felt really off The first was the focus on first kisses in the summer between 5th and 6th grade, and how every character seemed to be experiencing a first kiss that summer Maybe I m really old, but that strikes me as REALLY early, and I hate that a child may come away from the book expecting that this is the normal timeline for a first kiss and he or she are way behind the times It also struck me as surprising that there wasn t a single LGBTQIA character or even a passing reference to acknowledging any differences in sexual orientation among the menagerie of friends So many new middle grade books are inclusive now, thankfully, but this one suck to an exclusively heteronormative cast of characters.I really appreciated the inclusion of Kaylan s older brother s storyline of a descent into depression, crankiness, and despair because his supposed best friend is being incessantly cruel to him and putting him down So often, people chalk up major personality changes in adolescent boys to just boys being boys , which often hides legitimate trauma and pain the boys are experienced yet are socialized to tough out and never talk about This can also open up conversations if this book is read with a parent.

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    Great book Easy to relate to.

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    This is a fantastic book about friendship Lisa Greenwald did an amazing job

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    Its a good book I liked it especially since I m 11 and the book was realistic

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    Kind of doobid B

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