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    Thanks to Netgalley, Chickadee Prince Books, and the author for a copy of the book to read and review, prior to its publication A lively, involving, fast moving read, with characters one cares about, and about whom the reader can t wait to find out what happens, all leavened no pun intended by the author s trademark wit and sass It combines the family dynamics and humor of the author s first novel, Extraordinary Means , with the mystery and political background of her second, California Street It also provides an incisive first hand view of what it is like to raise a neuro diverse child, in this case, a young boy with Asperger s Syndrome, in a time before much was known about the condition, adding to the small but necessary coterie of fictional books about the subject But for those of you who HAVEN T had the pleasure of spending time with the author over the years, it is also a terrific way to glory in the wit, wisdom and intelligence of this sui generis author.Disclaimer The author and I have been BFFs for over 40 years now yes, as a matter of fact, we DID meet in kindergarten , and despite my eternal fondness for her, I have tried to remain fair and impartial.

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    Pretty good book I thought it sort of dragged in the middle but the ending was good.

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    I thoroughly enjoyed reading this novel It s fast moving with well drawn and credible characters The story of Anna gripped me the tale of a mother in angst over her marriage and the charges against her ten year old son with Asperger Though the author was inspired by Anna karenina, it doesn t follow strictly that plot Nor is it a very descriptive, stately literary type book that can take me three or months to read or to decide I cannot finish Nor, unlike some novels that fit a plot driven story description, the language and characterizations were never simple or unsophisticated Consequently, I wanted to keep diving in every day Not to mention, its laughing out loud kind of humor The point of view character brings a light touch to some serious subjects she s snarky, prone to joking and sarcasm Plus Anna s approach to solving or trying to solve problems adds humor in some of her chancy or somewhat crazy reactions or endeavors.My husband read this book along with me and thoroughly enjoyed it too I was glad for how it made real to him the very difficult and possibly intractable problems of raising a high functioning Aspergers kid something we all need to understand There s nothing like a good story to create empathy in a reader and Donna Levin has succeeded in that mission.

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    A mystery wrapped in a searing social commentary, with enough human interest attached that I never once felt that I was being lectured this book was entertaining through and through, and I realized that by the end I d learned a lot about the real world behind California politics, and the struggle, and humanity, of kids with autism I really don t want anyone to think this is an autism book, but instead just a really good and well written novel.

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    I won this book on Goodreads I find it a good look into how children with austism and disabilities are judge and mistreated It also shows the strain having a child with disabilities can cause on a marriage and caregivers I really recommend this book even if you do not have a child with a disability as it might enlighten your outlook and show just how far some people will go if they do not know or understand.

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    I won an ARC of this novel, which is a book I would not normally have chosen to read However, I am glad that I did It was very good and offered a unique perspective and a fascinating story I was hooked within the first few pages and couldn t stop reading until I found out the truth It was very moving and educational If you are having doubts about this book, just go for it I am glad I had the opportunity to read this book because I would have passed over it otherwise.

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    Wow There s More Than One Way Home by Donna Levin is a touching and captivating story I felt Anna s pain as she deals with her autistic son being caught in a terrible tragedy with a classmate I highly recommend this book

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    There s More Than One Way Home by Donna Levin is absolutely stunning The story is beautifully written, thought provoking and brimming with complex characters Book clubs should definitely check this one out there s something for everyone in this novel.

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    This novel is about a young man who is on the spectrum and is accused of committing a crime But it is much than that It is a love story as well as a mystery I have a daughter with intellectual disabilities, and as I read, what struck me was how honest the author portrayed the mother of the boy in recounting her frustrations as well as the joys of raising a child with special needs Many times, when I might have been in a similar situation, it felt as if the author were reading my mind, living in my world, and yet, we ve never met, never shared stories In There s More Than One Way Home, I found the mother s reactions often mirrored real life not as far as the crime, but the thoughts a mother would have , every situation became complicated when a child cannot adequately communicate his thoughts There were twists and turns and I especially enjoyed trying to guess how the book would turn out Enjoyable, quick read.

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    Finally a new book from Ms Levin, the author of Extraordinary Means, after far too many years This new novel works as a mystery, love story, incisive political satire and pointed social commentary a big, funny, emotional roller coaster of a book from an author with many opinions about many things The years have not dulled her prose I only hope that we won t have to wait another couple of decades for her next novel.

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