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The King's Daughter summary The King's Daughter, series The King's Daughter, book The King's Daughter, pdf The King's Daughter, The King's Daughter 2633ca7fbd Seventeen Year Old Elizabeth Of York Trusts That Her Beloved Father S Dying Wish Has Left England In The Hands Of A Just And Deserving Ruler But Upon The Rise Of Richard Of Gloucester, Elizabeth S Family Experiences One Devastation After Another Her Late Father Is Exposed As A Bigamist, She And Her Siblings Are Branded Bastards, And Her Brothers Are Taken Into The New King S Custody, Then Reportedly KilledBut One Fateful Night Leads Elizabeth To Question Her Prejudices Through The Eyes Of Richard S Ailing Queen She Sees A Man Worthy Of Respect And Undying Adoration His Dedication To His People Inspires A Forbidden Love And Ultimately Gives Her The Courage To Accept Her Destiny, Marry Henry Tudor, And Become Queen While Her Soul May Secretly Belong To Another, Her Heart Belongs To England

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    Perhaps I ve been spoiled by the last book I just read, The Sunne in Splendour, but I found this exploration of Elizabeth of York s life lacking.The writing was clunky and awkward Mostly modern language had strange, Shakespearean sentences sporadically sprinkled about for seemingly no reason Though well researched, the insertion of history into Elizabeth s story usually consisted of the action grinding to a halt while Elizabeth the book is written in 1st person gives the reader the who s who of the War of the Roses She also uses the same stylistic tools over and over again Henry must have stormed out of Elizabeth s room with a quip about her father 6 times, and if I was told, rather than shown, one time about how much Elizabeth hated confrontation I was going to scream Also, the Perkin Warbeck thing dragged on for EVER AND EVER I m sure it did so in real life, but she was not able to keep the tension and fear up for the reader.Most people enjoy writing and reading historical fiction for the what ifs and so I won t say anything about the less likely spins she has on various mysteries However, I read historical fiction for the whys I enjoy delving into possible motivations we can only indirectly infer from a person s actions Ms Worth does not really attempt to do this at all Because of this, all of her characters are either GOOD or BAD.GOOD Richard, Anne, Edward IV, Elizabeth, De Puebla, ArthurBAD Elizabeth Woodville, Margaret Beaufort, Bishop Morton, Harry future Henry VIII Now I m not claiming that these people on the bad list were actually wonderful, saintly people, but everyone has their reasons, even if they re terrible greedy ones, and it s often the reasons that makes a person interesting Without an exploration of this, many of her characters became two dimensional cards.The only remotely ambiguous character is Henry VII himself, but only to the slightest degree, and there are still many questions about the man left unanswered Like if he truly didn t give two shakes about Elizabeth, then why was he seemingly faithful to her, or at least very very quiet about his affairs This was not the behavior of most kings.I would say the most disappointing characterization was the future Henry VIII, because it was such a cheap shot, and to make Arthur good and perfect and sensitive and Harry a sociopath was too cliche and shallow to be taken seriously.This was not a downright TERRIBLE book, mostly because she never goes out to left field in terms of the research and history, but there are many many better books out there exploring this time period and these characters I would also like to point out that on Goodreads, 2 stars equals It was ok which is exactly how I feel about this book.

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    And you, my cold arse of a lord, should try to find a heart, I hissed under my breath stabbing my needle through the silk.The Plantagenets and Tudors made fascinating history and reading this fictionalization of Elizabeth of York s life made me want to learn about Perkin Warbeck the so called Pretender The author s note which is nearly ten pages long was intriguing and I was happy that Sandra Worth included a family tree for reference.I don t know if it is because I had such high expectations for this book that I feel a little disappointed by it It is certainly well researched and I thought it was good, but I expected to love it and I only liked it Which certainly doesn t mean that you won t love it, you just might.I recently read The Sunne In Splendour by Sharon Kay Penman, which is a fictionalization of Richard III s life which covers battles and rivalries in detail and is an excellent companion book to The King s Daughter, I would recommend reading Sunne In Splendour first The events covered in it come first chronologically.Worth s portrayal of the influences in young Henry VIII s life were very interesting I really enjoyed learning about Harry s early years and the Pretender Perkin Warbeck, those two story lines were interesting to me than Elizabeth s story I think I would have enjoyed her story if Worth had given her some lines like the one above and if she had delved deeply into the relationship between Elizabeth and Henry VII.I hope Sandra Worth continues with her series and writes about Harry and his six wives, I will likely read the next one if she does.

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    The King s Daughter recounts the life of Elizabeth of York, daughter of Edward IV, sister to Edward V and wife to Henry VII and mother to Henry VIII This is all pretty much well known history and enough reviewers and the product page recap the main story line I don t want to rehash it again Worth s version of Elizabeth s life, told in the first person POV, just ended up for this reader to be a sodding, boring mess I ended up skimming through the last 200 pages The goodies were really really good and the baddies were really really bad Elizabeth herself was so pure and perfect I was waiting for her to cut her finger so I could see if she would bleed sugar, while her mother Elizabeth Woodville was practicing witchcraft when she wasn t busy running into sanctuary Her son Arthur is pure as the driven snow, while young Harry the future Henry VIII is a borderline child sociopath As for Henry s mother Margaret Beaufort well the only person I can think of to portray her in the movie is Cruella de Vil Honestly, Henry VII is the only character who got a fair shake in this one As for historical accuracy and the author s research from her notes, I am not a historian so I m not one to judge However, the bit about proving to Henry VII that she was a virgin has no historical basis that I ve heard of, nor does the author mention in her notes where she picked up that bit of supposition from Worse yet, is the unrequited love and never ending even after death Elizabeth holds for her uncle Richard To top it all off, way too much melodrama and woe is me from both Elizabeth s mother and daughter and over the top prose Here we have Elizabeth s reaction after Ann that would be Queen Ann Richard s wife as she tells niece Elizabeth her uncle will need her, I felt as if a shutter had been thrown open, pouring in brilliant light The sleepless nights, the pounding of my heart each time King Richard drew near my shyness in his presence Elizabeth s mother giving her advice on keeping her husband in line, You d know what to do you d get into bed and lick that king of yours until he stops listening to his mother and turns to you Eeeewwww Get the point It is unfortunate, as so little is really known about Elizabeth of York s life and a well written fleshed out novel on her is sorely lacking however, this is not it While its certainly not the worst historical ever written, IMO it s far from the best as well If you re dead set on reading this, get it from the library first and then buy it if you love it.

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    A very flat HF that features Elizabeth of York, queen of Henry VII, and having her cast as Heroine as Martyr, being so good and giving that she sweats sugar when it gets warm, along with plenty of theories about the survival of one of the Princes in the Tower Feh I honestly don t think that I could stomach another Worth novelFor the longer review, please go here

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    I think this book could have been about 50 75 pages shorter if the author had not kept repeating herself about how the character misses Richard and he s SO MUCH BETTER than Henry and how Arthur is the greatest thing since sliced bread Seriously It got old after awhile.

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    The book is about Elizabeth of York, mother of Henry VIII.I was really hoping it would get better towards the end but not really Always when I thought it got better, then it went down again I did not like how young Henry VIII and Henry VII was portrayed or Rickhard III Henrys were just too bad and Rickhard too good.

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    Com uma das mais belas capas portuguesas, este livro despertou a minha aten o assim que saiu por c Anos depois, encontrei o a um bom pre o e decidi apostar E verifiquei que ainda bem que a capa me atraiu um excelente romance hist rico Um dos meus g neros liter rios favorito o romance hist rico e gosto sempre de ler um bom romance hist rico, bem contextualizado, bem fundamentado, com personagens ricas e complexas, com uma linguagem apropriada e sem serem lamechas Gosto de uma boa hist ria, com emo o E pude encontrar isso neste livro, o que me agradou bastante Narrado na primeira pessoa, por Isabel de York, a primeira rainha Tudor, esposa de Henrique VII e m e de Henrique VIII, este livro deu me a conhecer v rios aspetos da Hist ria de Inglaterra que eu desconhecia e isso que eu tamb m procuro quando leio este g nero aprender algo sobre Hist ria Isabel de York, a Rosa Branca de York, filha de Eduardo IV, viu a sua dinastia desmoronar se e a sua fam lia ser perseguida pelos Tudor, no final da Guerra das Rosas, que op s York a Lancaster Depois de Ricardo III ser morto por Henrique Tudor na batalha de Bosworth, a melhor forma de trazer paz Inglaterra e tamb m legitimar o trono de Henrique que era bastardo era casar com Isabel, uma descendente do antigo rei do ramo de York No meio de uma enorme intriga pol tica, Isabel v se no centro de tudo e tenta sempre fazer algo de bom A for a com que suportou o seu papel, como referido ao longo do livro, fez me ver nela uma rainha excelente, uma mulher forte, que tentou sempre influenciar o seu rei pelo melhor, num tempo conturbado e horrendo, onde as persegui es eram intensas e as trai es tamb m N o conhecia a hist ria de Isabel e gostei de a conhecer Tendo conhecimento da hist ria de Henrique VIII, Ana Bolena e Isabel I, foi com agrado que li esta obra, uma vez que foi no per odo retratado que se iniciou esse tempo, o tempo dos Tudor e depois da Idade do Ouro Tamb m gostei de conhecer Henrique VII e os outros reis que aparecem na hist ria, apesar de aparecerem durante menos tempos Penso que, tendo em conta tudo o que referido, bem como as notas da autora e uma ligeira pesquisa que fiz depois de ler o livro, a autora conseguiu criar excelentes personagens, tendo o cuidado de as caracterizar de acordo com as suas personalidades reais A rela o personalidade comportamentos atitudes pareceu me muito bem conseguida O ambiente est muito bem descrito, tanto a n vel das estruturas castelos, espa os, corte , como da poca A autora conseguiu criar um ambiente bem contextualizado, de acordo com a cultura e os modos daquele per odo Tamb m gostei muito das descri es das roupas que est o muito boas, sem serem ma udas Ali s, nenhuma descri o ma uda Tudo bastante flu do, a todos os n veis, tanto de di logos, como de descri es Tendo em conta que a narrativa abarca um longo per odo de anos, a autora mostrou grande poder de s ntese, indo aos pontos cruciais, sem ser muito r pida e simplista A escrita e a forma como a hist ria narrada contribui muito para o sucesso da narrativa e da sua coer ncia e coes o, porque bastante flu da Tenho s uma coisa a apontar que podia ter sido revisto, uma vez que trabalho de revis o da Editora existem nomes que est o umas vezes traduzidos para Portugu s e noutras vezes est o em Ingl s, como Ricardo e Richard Soa um bocado estranhoEm suma, aqui est mais um excelente romance hist rico, que recomendo sem reservas, a todos os que gostam deste g nero liter rio e principalmente queles que gostam de saber mais sobre Hist ria de Inglaterra Quero ainda voltar a referir o excelente design da capa, que a meu ver est maravilhoso.

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    Elizabeth of York was the eldest daughter of King Edward IV and Elizabeth Woodville, his reviled queen Her unhappy relationship with her own mother was only relieved by a brief happy period as lady in waiting to Queen Anne, Richard III s wife Richard was dazzling to Elizabeth, a kind and good man whom she grew to love When Richard was killed in battle by the man who would become Henry VII, Elizabeth s heart was broken She was forced to marry Henry because she embodied the end of the great Plantagenet line and lent authenticity to Henry s less than royal bloodline They had one thing in common, though Henry s scheming and domineering mother, Margaret Beaufort, is easily as hated as Elizabeth Woodville ever was Margaret Beaufort was the engineer of the Tudor reign Without her, Henry would never had become king She was Elizabeth s cross to bear for her entire marriage Her mother in law oversaw every single aspect of her life It was no better than imprisonment for Elizabeth.But Elizabeth had a kind and loving nature, remembered by history as Elizabeth the Good She loved her children and did her best to instill in them the virtues of kindness and benevolence Her love for England and its people led her to accept her position in life and to endure with grace and dignity, though she was sickened by her husband s bloody reign.In The King s Daughter, Sandra Worth opens a window into the life of one of history s least known women She was truly royal and that showed in her acceptance of the difficulties of her life This is a detailed and well researched novel with engaging characters and rich background I particularly liked her portrayal of Richard III as a clear thinking, honest man who never wanted the crown and whose heartbreak and grief over the loss of his wife and child drove him to throw his life away.

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    This is the story of Elizabeth of York, daughter of Edward IV, wife of Henry VII, and mother of Henry VIII Her dad dies, her brother becomes King Edward V because he s just a kid, their uncle Richard becomes regent At some point, someone suggests to young Elizabeth that she s in love with Richard, and from then on, she idolizes him in a creepy, incestuous way Soon after Edward IV dies, Richard takes Edward V and his younger brother also named Richard to the Tower for their protection Elizabeth s parents marriage was then deemed invalid, and Richard became king Richard III The boys disappear, but Elizabeth can t believe that Richard s done anything wrong Richard dies in battle and Henry Tudor takes the throne as Henry VII Elizabeth marries Henry, thanks to an agreement made by their mothers Elizabeth is devoted to her children and just dotes on Arthur She thinks the world of Arthur and looks forward to his coming home every holiday But she sees Henry as a spoiled bully and looks at him with a bit of fear Ironically, she repeatedly notes, thank goodness, it ll be Arthur, not Henry, who will become king The book didn t seem to be very well thought out, and there s not much art in the storytelling It reads like a diary, with many banal details year after year, it s Christmas is coming and Arthur is coming home The poor storytelling, combined with the creepy incestuous storyline which I understand may not be entirely the author s fault , kind of turned me off on this book.

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    Elizabeth_woodville Well, Well, this Book was verrrrrry wierd I mean seriously guys What type of girl would fall in love with her freakin uncle And why Does she think that 11 year old Henry VIII is a cruel kid Ok So you have to split the characters into 2 sides Goody goody 2 shoes Richard III, Edward IV, Elizabeth of York, Prince Arthur of Wales, anne Neville and kinda Henry VIIBaddy Baddy high heels elizabeth Woodville 3, Margaret Beaufort, Henry Duke of York, bishop MortonI mean seriously My favourite character in the book is Elizabeth Woodville because she was so evil and cool, when she banged up in Bermondsey, it wasn t fun any Although I like the portrayal of Edward IV because he was kind and caring to his daughters too, it s refreshing to see a father that like his daughters after reading books about Henry VIII, and I like Henry VII s portrayal too, he was controversial This book was weird and funny too even though It was a tiny bit touching

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