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[KINDLE] ✿ Ever Dark  By X. Aratare – Transportjobsite.co.uk chapter 1 Ever Dark , meaning Ever Dark , genre Ever Dark , book cover Ever Dark , flies Ever Dark , Ever Dark 9c600a322b299 To Be Alone Forever That Is What Vampire King Daemon Believed Would Be His Fate All Who Drank His Blood Died None Were Granted A Second Life As One Of His Bloodline His Essence Was Simply Too Powerful And Overwhelmed Those He Would Make ImmortalSo He Chose To Sleep Until One Day A Human Might Be Born Who Was Strong Enough And Brave Enough To Offer Themselves To Him, Drink His Blood And Survive His First Fledgling Would Be Precious To Him Than Anything Or Anyone In Existence He Dreamed That They Would Come To Him In Time He Would Sleep He Would Wait They Would Find Him And He Would Rule The Ever Dark, The Vampire World, Again, But, This Time, Not Alone To Be Without Answers Julian Harrow Is An Adventurer Just Like His Parents And Just Like His Parents He Is Mocked For Believing That There Is To This World Than What We Can See His Parents Died Trying To Prove The Existence Of An Ancient Civilization That Lives Right Alongside Humanity In A Place Called Ever Dark A Place Hidden By Magic, Unknown, But To A Few, Where The Vampires DwellJulian Is Following In His Parents Footsteps He Is Determined To Discover The Truth He Will Go To Ever Dark He Will Find The Vampires He Will Show The World That Vampires Exist No Matter What The CostWelcome To The World Of Vampires Welcome To Ever Dark Currently For RR Members Only

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    Fun m m vampire series Ever dark is owned by Raythe Reign which is paid by month serial site They release so many chapters for books mangas for 9.99 a month I enjoy the raythe website, but they really need to invest in some editors for there content This was my first yaoi book on the site I quite enjoyed it The Ever dark universe is interesting, vampires hunters looking for well vampires on a plane outside of earth Not a new concept, but who doesn t like science fiction vampires from outer space The characters are your typical alpha hot studs, who happen to also be emotionally sensitive types Meh Some sexy moments, lots of I love you but can t say it some action Lots of blood porn I mean they are vampires.Ever Dark is a fun quick read Waiting for it to get action packed once the next 75 80 chp are released.

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