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    Psychologists assert that conflict resolution involves perspective taking , that is, seeing the word through another s eyes I was fascinated to read Queen Noor Al Hussein s whose name was given to her by her husband King Hussein of Jordan when they married it means light of Hussein account of her 20 year marriage, which spanned two decades of turmoil in the Middle East Queen Noor was born and raised in the United States as Lisa Halaby Her heritage is both Arab and European Her vantage point for events in the region was Amman, Jordan and Aqaba also in Jordan and bordering Israel Her memoir weaves together history, political commentary, and the richness of family life While I won t assert that her perspective on politcal and social events in the region is the right one indeed, there can be no single right perspective, in my view , her unique experience is told with objectivity and compassion Her account of Hussein s monarchy is also a story of a dedicated peacemaker, who became King when he was just 17 years old Their influence spanned the globe, and Queen Noor s devotion to her adopted country s culture, education, health care and children is inspiring.

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    Reading this book forced me to reconsider my opinion of the Camp David accords and the participants there I have come to think of Carter, Begin, and Sadat as heroes Sadat going on to sacrifice his life for his decision and to consider the Jordanian position made me sadly aware of how superficially I understand the complexities of the whole mideast situation She presents a strong argument for a balanced approach in the mideast and shows that the US often favors Israel unfairly over Arab states Her husband s struggles on behalf of peace are well documented The recent Nobel Peace Prize to Obama as one who approaches the Muslim world with open arms makes sense in view of her views On a personal level I certainly admire the way this young woman bravely threw herself into a marriage with a man who already had 8 children and 3 previous wives, 2 alive, a man very much in the public eye in a very dangerous area of the world Her conversion to Islam strikes me as real, though her previous religion commitment, Christian Science, does not seem to have been highly developed I don t envy her any of the personal sacrifice she made to keep her marriage intact Out of curiosity I googled her eldest son to verify the impression I had, correct, that her step son Abdullah, now King of Jordan, has broken is promise to his father to name Noor s first son Hamzah as his successor in favor of his own son I d like to know her true reaction to his decision to make that very public unfaithful change This decision made since the book was published Also, I wonder how much of this public version of her marriage is accurate I had the feeling she really tones down her feelings of unhappiness and frustration, which merited about two sentences Hussein cannot have been an easy man to live with, and he was lucky to have Noor s loyalty I m glad I read the book, but it left me wanting to read the unedited version.

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    I remember when King Hussein passed away and being mesmerized by his American wife This is her story and it s an amazing one The book is really a tribute to her husband, a love song in a sense I loved learning not only about her journey as Queen Noor and marriage to the King of Jordan, but the historical events that they were so involved in It s always an eye opening experience to hear another perspective such as the Gulf War than what we hear on the news here in the States I also thought the book was extremely well written.

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    I was looking forward to reading this book because I LOVE the country of Jordan I was so disappointed in the book Her Majesty seemed embarassed by the fact that a child of the 1960 became a Queen, which philosophically she would be opposed to since Queens are old fashioned and by their very nature not democrats small d She also spent time than she should have being critical of the USA or it s policies She should have spent time building up her adopted home land She could have used her fame to encourage people to visit the country which desperately needs the tourism.She could have talked about what a beatiful country Jordan is and how wonderful and genuine the people are The book does not make you fall in love with the country which it could have and should have Instead she seemed to gripe too much I felt like I wss reading a policy document for a think tank rather than a book that could have BUILT UP and AFFIRMED her nation The book was also promoted as a love story While I have no doubt of the love of Their Majesties as a couple, she was very private about their actual relationship I am glad that it was not a tell all, in that regard It just should not have been promoted as a love story since most readers would expect romantic details I know the publishers could not have sold it had it been billed as a position paper.

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    I had not realized to what extent these memoirs would actually provide a historical, and yes, to some degree, subjective prospective of the crisis in the Middle East As someone already with an interest in Arab culture, I enjoyed it I live in an area possessing the largest Arab population outside of the Middle East, and went to school with many young people of this background I was amused by some of the negative reviews Noor did not refuse to acknowledge Israel s right to exist, and in fact, correctly attributed the seeds of the whole Jewish Arab conflict to the European meddling in the early 20th century She is correct that prior to the British mandate, Arabs, Jews and Christians all co existed in the region She also pointed out the documented instances of Israel s over retaliation, and their perenial disregard of UN Resolutions that could ve done much to temper the volatility in the region There is no need for her to detail Palestinian aggressive responses, as they have been media fodder all along However, she does relate these instances as well Overall, it is a fascinating account of a woman transplanted into nearly surreal circumstances against the backdrop of global events and her struggle to achieve a balance professionally and personally.This book is not meant to be merely a love story It is meant to enlighten the side of a conflict that has been given an all too biased facade over the past 60 years.Complaints over the lack of personal expression also bemuse me Were readers actually expecting a detailed accounting of their intimate moments from a woman whose faith circumscribes modesty and piousness I think her emotional reactions over different events from the marital to the political are quite warmly and well expressed.Her observations over the stereotypical ways Arabs are portrayed in movies and TV are definitely on, and something I had already noticed myself.I especially appreciated the point about obsession in other parts of the world with the truly absurd While in that part of the world, civilians were dying or being displaced on a daily basis, the newstory du jour in the US was the assault on Nancy Kerrigan We do have a distorted view of the value of pop culture.Her speeches, some of which are published on her official website, show her eloquence and ongoing mission to bring about, not just sympathy for the Palestinians per se, but the necessity of widened understanding among all opposing groups.If you were looking for something like an Andrew Morton book ala Diana, this ain t it.

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    Before reading this book I did not know much about Queen Noor other than she was an American who became royalty After reading this book, I can say I still do not know much about Queen Noor although I learned a great deal about her husband King Hussein, the Middle East, and her anti American views Early on I got the feeling she wrote this book to preserve her husband s legacy I ve never seen the words my husband used so many times in one book At one point she managed to use the phrase three times in ONE sentence I m sure the decision to become a queen and leave her family and homeland behind was a monumental one, as was becoming a Muslim, however both topics are summed up in only a couple of sentences Queen Noor spends a lot of time retelling the history of the entire Middle East region, which is fine if you re reading a history book, not so interesting when you re reading a royal autobiography She rails against the Western media s bias towards Israel, but does nothing to provide a fair and balanced view She just goes in the complete opposite direction In Queen Noor s world, everything bad that has ever happened in the Middle East was caused by the United States or Israel About halfway through, I decided this book was nothing than a propaganda piece I really wanted to quit reading at this point, but I kept going for one reason only I wanted to see if she ever discussed the Iran hostage crisis or 9 11 Queen Noor spends a lot of time complaining about Hollywood s stereotype of Arabs in the 80 s and discusses the Iran and Iraq war that began shortly after the hostage crisis in great detail, but never once mentions the 52 Americans who were kidnapped and held hostage by Iran for 444 days Sept 11 gets only a very brief mention and, in case you re wondering, it was all America s fault for getting involved in the Gulf War in the 90 s Sadly, it wasn t until the final chapters when King Hussein is dying of cancer that the book actually becomes interesting and we get a personal look at the royal family.

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    The former Lisa Hallaby became Queen Noor of Jordan,King Hussein s fourth wife.This is a highly readable account of her years with King Hussein,palace intrigues, politics and war in the turbulent Middle East.

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    I distinctly recall my first impressions of Jordan I had been en route to the United States from Iran, where I was working for a British urban planning firm From the window of my aircraft, I had found myself spellbound by the serene of desert landscape washed golden by the retreating sun at dusk I was overwhelmed by an extraordinary sensation of belonging, an almost mystical sense of peace I decided to read Queen Noor s autobiography for my 52 Books Around the World Challenge, in the hopes of learning about the country of Jordan After all, an American girl who finds herself the love interest of a Middle Eastern King is bound to have an interesting perspective on this exotic and fascinating kingdom.While I certainly did not expect a tell all , I did expect than I got There was very little describing and contrasting Jordan with Lisa Halaby s Queen Noor s name pre marriage earlier life I expected this book to be similar to contemporary First Lady autobiographies, which tell of their struggles to fit the role assigned to them, their passions and their work as the first lady of the land, and of course, their love and admiration of their husbands She definitely got the love and admiration part down In fact, she absolutely sanctifies the man I m not sure if that was purposeful on her part, or if she was encouraged to do so I found it amusing that the few comments about Hussein that might be construed as faults like his tendency to risk own life and the lives of his passengers by doing crazy stunts while piloting airplanes , she related as amusing anecdotes Perhaps that was the only way she could reveal his character flaws, or perhaps she really did enjoy his wild side Queen Noor presents quite a bit of the history of Jordan and the Arab perspective of the conflicts in the Middle East Unfortunately, it s extremely slanted In fact, it s so biased there were times I felt I was being subjected to a propaganda piece For instance, she lists several examples of Israel s unfairness in dealing with the Palestinians, including setting curfews that make it difficult for Palestinians to get to and from work I seem to recall near daily attacks from suicide bombers in Israel at that time, and the curfews were a way to address these violent attacks After all, Israel could have denied Palestinians admittance entirely Also, she condemned Israel for attacking Jordanian territory on the West Bank in retaliation for Palestinian attacks coming from the settlements there And yet, Jordan refused to refused to police the area or arrest the offenders in order to stop the attacks.Ultimately, she describes her husband King Hussein as a saint who could have achieved peace in the Middle East if it weren t for the Israelis, the PLO, The United States, and all those self interested leaders who agree to one thing and then go head and do the other.On a positive note, it did make me want to learn about the Middle East Perhaps my next book will be enlightening.

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    I picked this book up mostly because my sister is currently living in Amman, Jordan while she spends a semester abroad as part of her college studies Before she had announced her intentions of leaving for the Middle East, my knowledge of Jordan was limited to what I had heard on the news and picked up while trying to make sense of what was going on in the world Jordan hardly figured largely in the headlines dominated by Iraq, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Iran any other country besides Jordan, it seemed Was the relatively small space allotted to Jordan in the newspapers a sign that the country is a quiet, safe place Negative evidence wasn t enough to calm my anxieties about sending my younger sister halfway around the world to live with strangers in a region that I knew to be hostile to outsiders, no matter how much genuine goodwill and eagerness to learn they might arrive with As an American who chose to live in Jordan and later convert to Islam, Queen Noor is able to share a unique perspective on her adopted country and on the relationships between the countries in the region and the United States Born Lisa Halaby into a well connected family of both European and Arab descent, Queen Noor recounts her childhood and career that led her to a fateful visit to the Hashemite Kingdom of Trans Jordan and the path that her life took from her extraordinary relationship with its King Her perspective was some ways an ideal window on the events of the past three decades in the Middle East for Americans like me Queen Noor s accounts of the history of the region are full of insider details and perspectives that would be hard to come by from a scholarly participant, while at the same time her American outlook means that she can use terms and references that I understand and can use to make sense of the culture she was describing I was grateful for this combination of insight and familiarity as an introduction to the very complex country of Jordan.I don t yet know enough to judge how biased Queen Noor s accounts of her husband s actions and her adopted country s role are It is only natural that she would like to present her beloved husband as a voice of reason and above reproach In her favor, I was impressed by her frankness in her assessment of her own fashion sense deplorable , King Hussein s rigid control of the Jordanian press, and her assessment of his near crippling empathy that manifested itself at times as insensitivity to the suffering of those closest to him This is only another reason to recommend Leap of Faith as a book that inspires further reading while giving a broad and accessible introduction After reading it, I was pleased that I was able to ask intelligent questions during my bi weekly phone calls to my sister and have some hope of one day understanding her answers Review written 8 2005

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    I ve had this in my Hoopla To Read list since I got my Hoopla account It s Woman s History Month so this seemed like a good time to read it.I listened to it for 6.5 hours and then stopped because I wasn t getting much from this tale of a woman who loved a king.She comes across as humble, na ve early on, not very worldly or wise from the outset It all sounds like something a privileged white woman with a proper upbringing would tell, a bit disingenuous, overly polite, terribly respectable, not overly aware Charming and lovely but like frosting, less like meaningful reflection She makes Jordan sound like it was caught up in the middle of a lot of stuff because of where they were, geographically, but that the king was always kind and wanted peace and they were never in the wrong I don t remember this time well I know we Americans hated all of the Middle East and there were wars in Iraq and Iran, which we pronounced eye RACK and eye RAN Flock of Seagulls jokes ensued I don t remember a fervor made over a young American woman becoming Queen of Jordan she was not a darling like Princess Di I just don t have much to go on regarding knowledge about world politics in the 70 s and 80 s and I can t say this enlightened me in any way other than giving the Queen of Jordan s polite point of view.Mostly that point of view, up through the 6th hour, focused on how very much Noor adored her husband That s great, very romantic, but not what I had expected or wanted from this memoir.

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Leap of Faith: Memoirs of an Unexpected Life summary pdf Leap of Faith: Memoirs of an Unexpected Life, summary chapter 2 Leap of Faith: Memoirs of an Unexpected Life, sparknotes Leap of Faith: Memoirs of an Unexpected Life, Leap of Faith: Memoirs of an Unexpected Life 0ac48d1 Leap Of Faith Is The Dramatic And Inspiring Story Of An American Woman S Remarkable Journey Into The Heart Of A Man And His Nation Born Into A Distinguished Arab American Family And Raised Amid Privilege, Lisa Halaby Joined The First Freshman Class At Princeton To Accept Women, Graduating InWith A Degree In Architecture And Urban Planning Two Years Later, While Visiting Her Father In Jordan, She Was Casually Introduced On The Airport Runway To King Hussein Widely Admired In The Arab World As A Voice Of Moderation, And For His Direct Lineage To The Prophet Muhammad, Hussein Would Soon Become The World S Most Eligible Bachelor After The Tragic Death Of His Wife The Next Time They Met, Hussein Would Fall Headlong In Love With The Athletic, Outspoken Daughter Of His Longtime Friend After A Whirlwind, Secret Courtship Lisa Halaby Became Noor Al Hussein, Queen Of JordanWith Eloquence And Candor, Queen Noor Speaks Of The Obstacles She Faced As A Naive Young Bride In The Royal Court, Of Rebelling Against The Smothering Embrace Of Security Guards And Palace Life, And Of Her Own Successful Struggle To Create A Working Role As A Humanitarian Activist In A Court That Simply Expected Noor To Keep Her Husband Happy As She Gradually Took On The Mantle Of A Queen, Noor S Joys And Challenges Grew After A Heartbreaking Miscarriage, She Gave Birth To Four Children Meshing The Demands Of Motherhood With The Commitments Of Her Position Often Proved Difficult, But She Tried To Keep Her Young Children By Her Side, Even While Flying The World With Her Husband In His Relentless Quest For Peace This Mission Would Reap Satisfying Rewards, Including Greater Arab Unity And A Peace Treaty With Israel, And Suffer Such Terrible Setbacks As The Gulf War And The Assassination Of Prime Minister Rabin Leap Of Faith Is A Remarkable Document It Is The Story Of A Young American Woman Who Became Wife And Partner To An Arab Monarch It Provides A Compelling Portrait Of The Late King Hussein And His Lifelong Effort To Bring Peace To His War Torn Region, And An Insider S View Of The Growing Gulf Between The United States And The Arab Nations It Is Also The Refreshingly Candid Story Of A Mother Coming To Terms With The Demands The King S Role As A World Statesman Placed On Her Family S Private Life But Most Of All It Is A Love Story The Intimate Account Of A Woman Who Lost Her Heart To A King, And To His People

  • Paperback
  • 496 pages
  • Leap of Faith: Memoirs of an Unexpected Life
  • Noor Al-Hussein
  • English
  • 07 February 2017
  • 9781401359485

About the Author: Noor Al-Hussein

Queen Noor of Jordan is the last wife and widow of King Hussein of Jordan She was queen consort of Jordan during her marriage 1978 1999 and has been queen dowager of Jordan since her husband s death in 1999.American by birth, of Syrian, British and Swedish descent, she acquired Jordanian citizenship and renounced her American citizenship at the time of her marriage She is the current president