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Legacy (Keeper of the Lost Cities #8) files Legacy (Keeper of the Lost Cities #8) , read online Legacy (Keeper of the Lost Cities #8) , free Legacy (Keeper of the Lost Cities #8) , free Legacy (Keeper of the Lost Cities #8) , Legacy (Keeper of the Lost Cities #8) 6a3a68ce0 Illusions Shatter And Sophie And Her Friends Face Impossible Choices In This Astonishing Eighth Book In The New York Times And USA TODAY Bestselling Keeper Of The Lost Cities SeriesSophie Foster Wants Answers But After A Lifetime Of Lies, Sometimes The Truth Is The Most Dangerous Discovery Even The Smallest Secret Comes With Terrifying New Responsibilities And Sophie S Not The Only One With Blank Spots In Her Past, Or Mysteries Surrounding Her Family She And Her Friends Are Part Of Something Much Bigger Than They Imagined And Their Roles Have Already Been Chosen For ThemEvery Clue Drags Them Deeper Into The Conspiracy Every Memory Forces Them To Question Everything Especially One Another And The Harder They Fight, The The Lines Blur Between Friend And Enemy

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    DISCLAIMER This is not a review for KOTLC book 8, LEGACY It s a mixture of a rant about deadlines, a sorta Flashback review, and some shipping stuff I did not put the spoiler filter on because I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT HAPPENS IN BOOK 8 But if you haven t read Flashback DON T READ THIS REVIEW Or you could Your choice Oh, also, this review has been written over a long period of time, and I m still adding things to itOK, I m sorry You re probably all screaming at me for rating this two stars But it seems to fit There are two things that I thought when I heard that there would be an 8th book YES THERE IS AN EIGHTH KEEPER BOOK gets down on knees HALLELUJAH THANK YOU SO MUCH SHANNON MESSENGER On the other hand Ugh Another year of waiting Yes, I know I haven t even read Flashback yet but STILL Sure, I know we need to give her time for her to give her best work, but the rest of me hates deadlines like this SO FREAKING MUCH.Edit 1This doesn t have a date because I m too lazy to ask Siri or google assistant or whatever It s sometime in november Ok I just finished Flashback Honestly I would ve rated it 4 stars It was very slow, had a lot of talking, shippy stuff, which I would have been fine with but AACK Too much Fitz Also, WHAT HAPPENED TO MY POOR TAMMY ANYWAY spoilers ahead in case you missed the thing you tapped on that says THIS CONTAINS SPOILERS Anyway on with the rant I didn t feel like the end was a cliffhanger I thought it was of a CONFIRMATION As soon as I read that Fitz doesn t want a bad match I thought Sophie and Fitz are gonna be a bad match CONFIRMED Ok, but Keefe won t care He s faced scorn from his parents his whole life He won t care about a bad match So anyways, I am pretty happy I think that this book will expand on keefe, which I m very excited for But, Shannon Messenger, if you re reading this, PLEASE READ RIGHT HERE PLEASE don t stall any on the storyline I have a feeling there s going to be 10 books who stops on nine If you re gonna write a ton of books, at least end on an even number , but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE put story in each book I hope each book won t be like Flashback Like Lord Cassius Empathy book, the RELAVANT story could be summed up in less than a minute So PLEASE let this be a little lag in the overall story kinda like Michael Vey Storm of Lightning and PLEASE do not let this series end up like Warriors I don t think I can bear to wait another year for only like 200 pages of relavant story or add KEEFE in the next books and I ll be good Goodbye until next edit if I do a next edit Edit 2 Ok apparently I m doing a next edit Yippee This is just to expand on Keefosterness that non Keefoster fans might not want to hear Here s how I view the ships Sodex What makes me upset is when some person on a fandom says Sodex for life guys Dex is the only one Sophie kissed No Seriously You don t need to read through the lines to know that SOPHIE DOES NOT LIKE DEX Sorry to all Sodex shippers I mean this in the best possible way Sorry Sophitz K, this one is sadly the most popular ship probably The reason I don t like Fitz a ton is how their relationship is based Sophie Fitz is hotFitz Sophie is hotFitz Let s kissSorry but no People may argue that that s not what it s like but for dramatic effect, let s say it is Meanwhile, keefoster is deep, complicated, and interesting It s based off of years of friendship, not just crushes DO YOU SEE THE DIFFERENCESophitz is built MAINLY on physical appearances Keefoster is based off of selflessness and trying to protect each other.And that s where my argument ends Sophitz seems to me like a cho and Harry type relationship, a first relationship that falls apart Basically just a two way crush Keefe likes no loves is accurate Sophie and because of that steps out of the way from Fitz to let her be happy even though he can t be The only reason Fitz has had almost kiss moments is because Fitz is WAY pushier Keefe and Sophie had FIVE almost almost kiss moments but didn t push it so that it wouldn t strain her relationship with Fitz which Fitz absolutely NEVER thought of the other way around or he did, and decided to be a bad friend or whatever I mean seriously, that s the difference between Fitz LIKING her and Keefe LOVING her Yes, there is a big difference.So sorry, that ended up being a shipping lecture instead of a review I hope that Keefoster shippers can find hope in the turbulent times of post Flashback, and that sorry Sophitz shippers MIGHT change their minds Possibly.Keefe quote But afterward, he had a plan.From that point on, he had only one goal to be whatever Sophie needed.Not the hero.Not the one taking charge of everything.Just a guy ready to listen and help and be there for her.A friend.Until she was ready for Not If she was ready for, not In case she decided one day that she was ready for , but UNTIL she was ready for What this is basically implying is that he knows that one day she WILL be ready for Keefe is an Empath He s picked up a lot of emotions fromSophie before even she realized she was having them and this isn t even when she s enhancing him Remember in Lumenaria when Sophie enhanced Keefe and he smiled He later said that this was the time he proved Lord Cassius theory right that emotions in the heart are purer than the onesin the head Either this is a VERY strange and inaccurate choice of words from an experienced author especially since that quote was meant to be the big boom at the end of the short story and that s the part that an author would work hardest to get right and ALSO a coincidence that Keefesaid he felt purer emotions from Sophie when she enhanced him AND THEN GRINNED ABOUTIT especially since he was obviously worried about Sophitz being a thing remember the Sophitz moment that happened only a hundred or so pagesprior to Lumenaria Honestly, there is only one way that these things line up and that s that the emotions in Sophie s heart are of Keefe.Edit 3.5 My predictions for Legacy I came out with these one December 10th at 12 29, so anything I said was a complete guess, and I can now say that both the title and the cover were exactly right Title LegacyCover Keefe, Sophie and Fitz In that order standing very close, with Sophie enhancing both of them.Here s generally what I think will happen The book starts out with Keefe or Dex talking to Sophie They ll have already learned about what happened with the match, and they ll be talking it over with her, or talking about something else so that Sophie doesn t have to bring that up They know her super well they ll know which she ll prefer She doesn t know how to tell Fitz about the match, because obviously he s too wrapped up in his awesomeness to notice anything about Sophie, so SHOCKER she doesn t tell him at all When he finally figures it out, he BLOWS UP at Sophie, ranting about why she should have told him But at the same time, Fitz is hesitant about dating Sophie if it means constant scorn Between the anger issues and the hesitancy, Sophie realizes she deserves better than Fitz but tries very hard to break up with with Fitz without hurting him She starts hanging out with Keefe , because Dex is gone with Tinker, and they get to be really close friends nothing , because Keefe is keeping to his promise about only doing what she wanted Linh is going nuts about how Tam joined the Neverseen She knows it was necessary, but she still doesn t like it, and asks Sophie every night to reach out telepathically to him and ask him to come back He s convinced he s found the REAL caches, because as the new Shade they ll have to tell him stuff, like how to access the caches which probably has to do with something like shadow conjuring or something, and they might not trust him at first, but he probably is willing to prove himself he s a lot darkish and willing to do that than Keefe He finds the caches and during a battle, appears and gives the caches to the Black Swan, but Lady Gisela or someone hits him with a truly lethal sopordine dose They get the caches, and Linh goes Scarlet Witch on the Neverseen I don t know, sucks all the moisture out of five people other sentient species bodies and uses the water to drown five people or something I don t know, sorry for the morbidness Everyone gets back to safety except Tam RIP and hold a funeral Bronte and Tinker disappears with Dex working on making new weapons, and these real caches which they know is real because they manage to find a Secret, and to fit my plot theory, it s an abandoned facility in the Forgotten Cities It s in the caches because it was originally created by the Ancient Council Yes, the Council made a facility for testing humans because they were also but blotted it out from their memories to take away the guilt Vespera found it, but found it too inelegant and made Nightfall in Atlantis Anyway, I m off on a history tangent That was the Forgotten Secret On with the plot.They learn about the nature of this facility in the Forgotten Cities the Forgotten secret comes with a handy dandy Wikipedia link about human experimentation facilities and so when Keefe realizes what his mom had been planning, hisSanitySHATTERSNaturally, Fitz tries to comfort Sophie, who s freaking out Fitz realizes how much of a bad friend he had been to Keefe and vows to make it right if he ever wakes up Sophie realizes she can save him, and immediately goes into Keefe s mind with Fitz watching what Sophie sees in Keefe s mind through their connection, she Enhances Fitz and he sends the energy back As she s searching for part of him, she sees a gold memory, and realizes just how much he cared about her, and how hard it must have been for him when Sophie and Fitz were kinda dating She gets ready to inflict positively, from her heart, and surprisingly it was much easier to heal him and convey how much she cares for him than she thought He comes back, and, between her getting to know him better from the epic Fitzphie fail and how easy it was to inflict love to him, and the gold memory, she is REALLY grateful that he s back Nothing than that happens because Keefe had already decided to take it slow Later, when they re fighting, she leans a lot closer to him Anyway, this is all the shipping stuff that happens for the rest of the book.Climax They re in the facility in the Forgotten Cities, fighting in Tam s memory Tam is the first mjor character to die besides Forkle One and to fight for equality and safety of humans They take over the hideout, but Lady Gisela and Ruy and Gethen get away Fintan joins them and agrees to work with the newly formed and newly recruiting Neverseen in order to get rid of the Black Swan Cliffhanger I m not completely sure Maybe, all things considered, as they re escaping, they bring down the entire city with them DUNDUNDUN Edit 4 UPDATE WE HAVE A TITLE Legacy.Shannon Messenger has said that the Keeper books are getting harder and harder to name, because one word is hard to sum up all the plot threads But she said this was the FIRST one she thought of, so what does this mean THE LEGACIES ARE COMING TOGETHER I ve actually been so sure that it would be called legacy that whenever I talked about it I just called it Legacy Now it s time for.my obsessive analysis of the rejected and real titles Rejected title 1 Inception Here s what sw_messenger said that s the right link.Never mind, it s not the right link Sue me.Rejected title 2 Deadlock This one fits really well and sounds like a good name Here s what Shannon said for this title not a picture this time Time to reveal the next REJECTED title for Keeper 8 DEADLOCK I loved the drama of this word, and my editor liked the idea it conveyed But I worried readers would see the word Dead in there and assume it meant someone would die in this book and I would never give a spoiler like that away I mean, I m not saying that someone DOESN T die in the book I m just also not saying that they DO I m saying you ll find out when you read noSpoilers So once again I went back to brainstorming, and ended up with the awesome title I ll be revealing on 1 31 And tomorrow I have one rejected title to share keeperofthelostcities kotlc shannonmessengerLast rejected title Rematch She basically said she didn t get very far before not liking it And I don t blame her.And the ACTUAL title Here it is the official title for Keeper 8 LEGACY I know this is a title many of you have been hoping for, so I hope you love it as much as I do It was actually the very first title I thought of when I sat down to figure out what to name this book, but then, because I m me and because I wanted to make sure we picked the best title and not just the first I kept brainstorming and came up with the other titles I ve been sharing all week plus lots too horrible to share The KEEPER books are getting harder and harder to name, since each one has so many plot threads going on and it s hard to find one word that captures all of that But LEGACY really is the perfect title for this book I can t wait for you guys to read and now you know when that will happen LEGACY goes on sale in the US and Canada on November 5, 2019 I guess this means I need to get back to writing, huh So what does everyone think The cover probably won t come out until March Personally, I think the rejected titles will also play a role I ran out of time to type out an analysis Also if you re not watching the comments, apparently Avery Fitz s middle name means Council Fitzillor is confirmed Originally written by Emma EDIT WE HAVE A COVER This is the closest I can get to having a picture on a review My full Obsessive Analysis of the cover They re in London Big Ben is in the background This fits with my theory about the new facility in the Forbidden Cities and the Black Swan having to save the people I hope this means human involvement, Amy, and less human helplessness She s either using Inflicting which she must have perfected since Keefe and Fitz are fine or telepathy which is why Fitz would be holding her hand or a new ability She s not wearing gloves, which means she is enhancing both keefe and Fitz on that later She has a kind of evil looking and intense expression, which means either the neverseen did something terrible e.g killing tam or she s getting ready to unleash an epic attack Or maybe both She s floating, so maybe that means she s using a telepathy barrage and using mental energy and floating like in book one Sophie and Fitz are looking one way, straight forward, presumably at the neverseen, but look at keefe He s either looking off to the side, or at Sophie He has a distraught expression, probably symbolism for his feelings for Sophie being destroyed by Fitz s needs And since SM said that the cover reflected on the feel of the book, I mnot happy Finally, the most devastating part Look at how awkwardly she s holding Keefes hand, and how comfortably she s holding fitz s First of all, since this is a scene from the middle or the end, that means that Fitz and Sophie are still cognates But maybe not Look at Fitz s posture His back is actually turned to her, suffering thatMAYBEthey broke up but had to team up one last time for a fight of good vs evil Sophie is with Keefe and Sophie but levitating above them, hopefully hinting at her friendship but not dependence on either of them One last thing Sophie is enhancing Keefe Keefe is reading Sophie Keefe looks distraught If you put the pieces together, it seems like Sophie was holding something back that was absolutely crucial to the plot Or maybe it was something with Sophitz Maybe this is the Keefe Deserved Optimism Theory Keefe has grown to accept Sophie and Fitz s relationship but he can t quite get over Sophie But Sophie has kept something back from Fitz that prevents their cognatedom from being effective tHaNk YoU fOr LiStEnInG tO mY tEd TaLkIf anyone has anything to add, or disagrees with it and wants to assert their uniqueness, feel free to channels inner cringe LIKE SUBSCRIBE AND COMMENT BELOW

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    Edit Take a look at this Timestamp 30 seconds Please take the following rant with a grain of salt.My friend introduced me to this series a year or two ago and it was one of the first series I added to Goodreads At first, I really enjoyed it but with every book, I just got and annoyed Nevermind the fact that this series is basically a Harry Potter rip off My issue is that this series is, what the YouTube Community would call, a content farm For those of you who don t know what that means, it is basically a creator that just reposts old content to get views For example, 5 Minute Crafts.This series is just that Recycled content being published over and over again The basic plot of every single goddamn book in this series is as follows Sophie and her friends are in trouble Sophie has some sort of issue with her powers Sophie gets this close to discovering everything and saving the world Sophie is then foiled Cliff hanger.And that happens again and again At first, I enjoyed it I like being kept on the edge of my seat but I soon got really tired of never getting an ending Beyond wanting to know how everything ends because god forbid we get a resolution , I also have to take issue with the fact that this series is scamming people out of their money That s right They pay good money just to have to pay for the next book I mean this series is already on its eighth book with each book being 800 pages long Even Harry Potter was able to be a good series at much less than that I am sick and tired of being lead in circles It s unfair and despicable This is not an attack on the author I think she is a great writer I just think that she or her publishers or both are taking advantage of people.Don t waste your money You ve been warned.Keepers of the Lost Cities,

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    THIS DUCKING COVER 1 Keeper of the Lost Cities 2 Exile 3 Everblaze 4 Neverseen 5 Lodestar 6 Nightfall 6.1 Nightfall Keefe Short Story 7 Flashback 7.1 Flashback Fitz s Short Story This may not be my favorite series any but I WILL NEVER EVER STOP SHIPPING SOKEEFE

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    I m dying I want it right away Ugggghhhhh Gimme this quirky wonderment of goodness I want itttttttt Now

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    I wish I had a time machine to see this book sooner.Keefoster better work out.Update 2 3 I know I m super late, but it has a title, Legacy A lot of people called it, but I m curious to see what it means There are a lot of possible meanings like the Vacker legacy and Keefe s legacy.Update 5 13 Well it s about darn time The glorious cover is now here Sophie, Fitz, and Keefe Shannon Messenger might be trolling us And also, are they in the human world COME OUT SOONER PLEASE.

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    I m rooting for Team Foster Keefe it s a no for Fitzphie from me

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    I just wanted to write something, so ignore the stars.I may have hated Flashback but I am still super excited for this I bet the title is Legacy have to wait one day for the confirmation, though I hope that Keeper 8 restores my love for everything Ah Can t wait MoreDex MoreKeefe MoreEveryone ExceptFitz P.S In the published part of goodreads, it says October 11th So not November I really hope this is true EDIT WE HAVE A TITLEIT S LEGACYI WAS RIGHTAHH ALSO OFFICIAL RELEASE NOVEMBER 5Edit 2 We have a summary Yay Now we need the cover and the actual book xDEdit 3 Yay, a cover I am simultaneously so happy that my favorite character Keefe is on the cover and also irritated that my least favorite Fitz is on the cover Oh well, what can ya do I really like this cover, except Sophie seems to be drawn oddly The expression, along with the angle, make Sophie s face look distorted Still really beautiful, though.

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    January 18, 2019So I didn t like Flashback as much as the rest of the series Sue me But I m hoping that everything from Flashback sort of comes together in this book, and that my love of Kotlc is renewed I still love Kotlc, of course, but I need it to end just as beautifully as it started And I m sure it will Yay Book 8 June 9, 2019Legacy London A cover representing Sokeefe and Sofitz I must say, we re off to a good start If only the plot and the pacing turns out as good as the title and the cover, I ll be happy.

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    Can Not Wait.

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    I have mixed emotions, I m happy because I get to see of this but I m also annoyed because I thought the series was over and it s stopping me in my tracks Just thinking about how much I need to wait is lowkey killing me I was going to cry because I thought the series was coming to end but now I think I ll just cry because we have to wait 2 years.

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