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The Summer Guests txt The Summer Guests , text ebook The Summer Guests , adobe reader The Summer Guests , chapter 2 The Summer Guests , The Summer Guests f224cf From The New York Times Bestselling Author Of The Beach House Series Comes A Heartwarming And Evocative Novel About The Bonds And New Beginnings That Are Born From Natural Disasters And How, Even During The Worst Of Circumstances Or Perhaps Because Of Them We Discover What Is Most Important In Life Late August Is A Beautiful Time On The Southern Coast The Peach Trees Are Ripe, The Ocean Is Warm, And The Sweet Tea Is Icy A Perfect Time To Enjoy The Rocking Chairs On The Porch But Beneath The Calm Surface Bubbles A Threat It S Also Peak Hurricane Season When A Hurricane Threatens The Coasts Of Florida And South Carolina, An Eclectic Group Of Evacuees Flees For The Farm Of Their Friends Grace And Charles Phillips In North Carolina The Phillips S Daughter Moira And Her Rescue Dogs, Famed Equestrian Javier Angel De La Cruz, Makeup Artist Hannah McLain, Horse Breeder Gerda Klug And Her Daughter Elise, And Island Resident Cara Rutledge They Bring With Them Only The Few Treasured Possessions They Can Fit In Their Vehicles Strangers To All But The Phillips, They Must Ride Out The Storm Together During The Course Of One Of The Most Challenging Weeks Of Their Lives, Relationships Are Put To The Test As The Evacuees Are Forced To Confront The Unresolved Issues They Have With Themselves And With Each Other But As The Storm Passes, They Realize That What Really Matters Isn T What They Brought With Them To The Mountains Rather, It S What They Ll Take With Them Once They LeaveWith Mary Alice Monroe S Usual Resplendent Storytelling Patti Callahan Henry, New York Times Bestselling Author , The Summer Guests Is A Poignant And Compelling Story Of Self Discovery, Love, And Redemption

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    3.5 Stars THE SUMMER GUESTS is the first book I ve read by Mary Alice Monroe I know she s well known for her Beach House series, but I wanted to jump in with a summery standalone novel.As a Category 5 hurricane is barreling toward the coast of Florida and South Carolina, a mix of different people from the equestrian community, as well as their horses and several rescue dogs, evacuate to the safely of Grace and Charles Phillips farm in North Carolina As they ride out the storm together, each faces personal and interpersonal conflicts that must be resolved for them to move forward.I enjoyed how the cast of characters represented a range of age groups, from the early 30s to 60s The characters were strong, though some of their stories felt rushed given the large number of them The details of horses, horse riding, and the equestrian community were well researched Maybe a bit too horse heavy for me, though someone into that scene would appreciate it .I adored the descriptions of Grace and Charles Freehold Farm, set in the gorgeous mountains of North Carolina It was the perfect, magical place to take shelter from an impending storm The amazing location was probably my favorite character THE SUMMER GUESTS is a lovely warm weather read, though I wish the focus had been on a couple of main characters versus having to keep track of so many Disclosure I received a copy of this book from the publisher through Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review.

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    Mary Alice Monroe effortlessly blends characters and nature, and captures the complexities of interpersonal relationships SUMMARYA hurricane is threatening the coasts of Florida and South Carolina and evacuations are mandatory An eclectic group of evacuees flee for the mountains of North Carolina and the home of their friends Grace and Charles Phillips The Phillips s daughter, Moira has brought eight rescue dogs with her from South Carolina Hannah McLain a makeup artist living in Palm Beach, Florida brought her boyfriend, the famed equestrian Javier Angel de la Cruz, along with his prized horse Also migrating from Florida to the Phillips s ranch is horse breeder Gerda Klug, her Olympic bound daughter Elise, Elise s spirited horse, as well as Karl, the horse s trainer Cara Rutledge is trying to get to the ranch as well but has to head to South Carolina first They bring with them only the few treasured possessions they can carry Strangers to all but the Phillips, they ride out the storm together.During the course of a challenging week, relationships are put to the test as the evacuees are forced to confront the unresolved issues they have with themselves and with each other But as the storm passes, they realize that what really matters wasn t what they brought with them to the mountains but what they ll take with them once they leave.REVIEWThere is quite the assortment of summer guests and animals evacuating to the Phillips s ranch The diversity in personalities adds substance and interest to this entertaining story We are skillfully transported to the gorgeous mountains setting, as well as to the eye of a hurricane THE SUMMER GUEST is engaging and I loved learning a few things about horses, horse training, show jumping and dressage My favorite part was how Hurricane Noelle brought this group of strangers together, and this gathering resulted in several characters making major life altering decisions Author Mary Alice Monroe effortlessly blends characters and nature, and captures the complexities of interpersonal relationships Monroe is a best selling author of 22 novels Thanks to Netgalley, Mary Alice Monroe, Gallery and NetGalley for an advance reading copy of this book in exchange for a honest review Publisher GalleryPublished June 11, 2019Review www.bluestockingreviews.com

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    I loved The Beach House series and this is another great story from Mary Alice Monroe where she s also included Cara from that series and her new beau in its storyline Racing against time to rush from hurricane Noelle brings people together at the Freehold Farm in NC Old and new friendships, horses and loads of southern hospitality is the backdrop for this well told story.

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    Being from Indiana we are right in the middle of tornado country where you basically just cross your fingers or pray tornadoes don t pop up or if they do they don t do too much damage Hurricanes aren t something that happens where I am however I have had a couple of close vacation calls with Sandy and Matthew down in Florida so I couldn t help but be curious when a storm is at the heart of this story.The Summer Guests by Mary Alice Monroe is a women s fiction or chick lit read that focuses on several characters who need to escape the path of an oncoming hurricane But, not only do these people need shelter for the storm they also need a place to transport their animals where they will be safe so Grace and Charles Phillips who live in North Carolina have opened up their farm to these friends and strangers alike along with their horses.This novel actually started out rather strong in my opinion with some great tension from the impending hurricane and slowly starting to introduce the various characters involved However, the further and further I got into the story the danger there suddenly was of it completely losing hold of my attention I guess I expected from the storm than there was but honestly I think there just may have been a few too many characters to keep track of when the second half turned toward personal drama Maybe it was me but depth put into a few choice characters with life alternating decisions would I believe make it much engaging than trying to spread out so much between so many By the end I just felt this one was so so or just OK.I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley.For reviews please visit

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    The Summer GuestsMary Alice MonroeTHE SUMMER GUESTS is the first book I ve ever read by Mary Alice Monroe and it won t be the last The twists and turns keep coming and I had to know how it was going to end Every time I thought I knew where this story was going, a few pages later, Mary Alice Monroe threw me for a loop and I knew I was wrong I m kicking myself for not reading this wonderful novel sooner THE SUMMER GUESTS is an engaging read and difficult on your emotions It also left me wanting , I wasn t ready for the story to be over as I wanted to stay with my new found friends.THE SUMMER GUESTS is unputdownable There were quite a few times when reading it that I wanted to reach into the pages and slap a few of these people with their silly ways of thinking I found myself giggling one second and then tearing up the next If you are looking for an emotional and raw story to pull you out of your book slump, you can t go wrong with THE SUMMER GUESTS I m so excited to read of Mary Alice Monroe as she is now one of my auto buy authors The descriptions of Grace and Charles ranch were so perfect that I actually felt like I was right there, breathing in all the smells of the beautiful North Carolina mountains.The twists and turns in THE SUMMER GUESTS are going to keep you up late into the night trying to figure it out One minute you believe you know what is going to happen and the next you are sitting there shaking your head, wondering what the heck just took place I had my ideas, I had it all figured out, or so I thought, and BAM.wrong again Once you start reading, trust me, you aren t going to be able to stop When everything is finally revealed, well, you won t believe it Mary Alice Monroe sure knows how to draw her readers into her story to the point that you feel you actually know these people and really care for them At least that is what happened to me.THE SUMMER GUESTS begins with Grace and Charles Phillips preparing their ranch for quite a few visitors, human and animal There is a hurricane hitting Florida and her family and friends are coming to her home in the mountains of North Carolina to take shelter As they ride out the storm, they each face internal conflicts that must be resolved in order for them to move forward The grief and pain along with loss that some of these people have gone through will break your heart I thoroughly enjoyed reading THE SUMMER GUESTS It is also heart breaking and filled with so many different emotions There is so much going on in this story, but Mary Alice Monroe does a wonderful job of weaving all the pieces together All of the characters will have you feeling sad and then giggling on the same page Once you finish devouring this story, you are going to want to tell everyone you know about this awesome book I received a complimentary copy of this book from Netgalley All opinions expressed are my own and were voluntarily given.

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    The Summer Guests tells the story of a group of people gathered inland as a hurricane threatens the coast While this premise could have been interesting, the characters didn t really resonate with me There was a ton of information on horses dressage, jumping, etc so perhaps someone with of an interest in horses would appreciate this book than I did I also felt there were too many characters and not enough development with any of them Grace and Charles are hosting all of the guests, and we start getting information about Grace, but that stops Greta and her daughter Elise could have an interesting storyline, but it wraps up abruptly at the end Moira and Elise have an interesting interaction, but then it s never returned to and just left open ended Moira s ability to connect with nature and animals was fascinating, but barely mentioned Hannah is forgotten midway through the book and Angel s motivations are never clear Karl disappeared about 3 4 through the book The side story with Cara seems out of place and irrelevant The ending of the book was very abrupt on its own and didn t really provide any conclusion.Overall, this book was a miss for me I would have appreciated character development from a handful of characters focus on Grace, Gerta and Moira, for example and left the other characters as ancillary It seemed that this is trying to write about too many characters plus horses and it just gets overwhelming Thank you to NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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    The Summer GuestsBy Mary Alice MonroeWhat it s all aboutHorses and personalities That s what this book is about Plus a lot of it is about the personalities of horseswhat they like, whom they like and what they will do if they don t actually like you A hurricane is looming and friends have gathered inland at the horse farm of Grace and Charles Everyone has issues as they come together Horse issues, marriage issues, personality issues and what should I do with my life issues Luckily the horse farm is large enough for people and horses and rescue dogs to spread out and eventually come to terms with their life choices My thoughts after reading this bookI just simply enjoyed this book The horse talk was fascinating, the people were both fascinating as well as annoying and I love every horse I encountered What I loved bestI think I really loved best learning about the personalities of the horses That truly surprised me but the horses were connected to these people in obvious as well as mysterious ways What potential readers might want to knowThis book was intense, delightful and filled with lively personalities It was a great way to enter into a summer reading frenzy I received this book from the publisher through Edelweiss It was my choice to read and review it.

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    Started The Summer Guest with a different expectation By the cover, I thought it was going to take place on the beach with a hurricane s impending doom I should have paid attention to the boots The novel starts out with action pack suspense of what do you take with you when your home could be possibly destroyed Then it changes direction, the reader finds themselves in the equestrian world By the way, love the orange cat It was a fun summer read.

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    Sigh As far as craft goes, this was a MESS but I was still entertained enough to read it in a day

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    Very excited to win a copy of this book in a Goodreads giveaway Looking forward to reading it

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