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  • Kindle Edition
  • 285 pages
  • Finding Forever
  • Emilia Finn
  • 27 January 2018

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    Yes Yes, you ll marry me Yes I ll marry you You should have asked me when you bought the ring I would ve said yes then, too I love you so much You said yes No takebacks SO MUCH ANGST, AND FOR WHAT Those two idiots Why can t they just admit their feelings for each other and save me the trouble of almost needing a therapist Jimmy and Izzy are the second childhood friends to lovers book I ever read and, even though it s not my favorite trope, Emilia Finn made me fall for them I found the whole book so good, the writing, building Jimmy and Izzy s relationship Not gonna lie, it scared me to death at some point okay, than once , but I really believe Jimmy and Izzy are meant for each other And I love Jimmy Oh my God, I can t believe he waited for her And Izzy is such a badass, my babygirl

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    Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy Through the first 2 books in the series I watched and wondered about Jim There was something about him, the baby of the clan that made me want to know his story and the soft place I had for him was formed I hurt for him when Iz shared her baby news I waited for the time and place for him and Izzy s story to be told and now it has been They have a loot to work through I mean there never should have been anyone but them but that s changed They have to grab their hea and hang on for all it s worth if it s gonna happen they will have to get past their past But of course you know it s not that easy for the Kincaids it never is Jon isn t going to roll over, that would mean Jim would have to choose between his brother and the love of his life Then again Jon may be the least of his worries I love this family and it s so cool that the author is now on this generation Man how things have changed from it being just the two to this massive clan This time they get to protect than their women, showing themselves to be their father s sons It s like catching up with family and this author makes it personal and like coming home.

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    Is an entertaining read on the intricacies and myriad of issues surrounding a relationship The writing wasn t bad but the whole book was full of cliches and the story was all over the place.I didn t like the characters enough to care about any of it, plus they were too many and I got confusing The heroine is immature and whiny and hero is a strong silent Izzy had been in love with Jim since before she was 6 and Jim was in love with her to but circumstances kept them apart, then thrust back together in a strange situation The story is too long and full of drama and they don t get together until 65% of the book, whole lot plot twists before and after that and the last tidbit is thrown in and then nothing comes of it, after that this endThis was okay read.

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    Sweet hero and sweet heroine.

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    It s a love story that s brutal, complicated, overwhelming, painful and downright messy and without question stronger for it From the series first hint of Jimmy Izzy you knew their story was going to be painful their lives too intertwined, their feelings too deep and history too long for anything else Izzy s pregnancy only intensifies the matter I loved Izzy and I still do but it was hard to particularly like her in this book, especially with Jimmy showing such raw emotion under his easy going facade While Izzy showed enough maturity to handle the pregnancy and impending motherhood, in all other regards, especially Jimmy it was painfully obvious she was 19 proving Jimmy s otherwise presumptuous comment about wanting to wait until they then she grew up a wise choice The majority of the book is spent with Jimmy desperately trying to preserve some type of relationship with Izzy and support her, while trying to let go, move on but really searching for a way he and Iz can still have their future Essentially Jimmy repeatedly proves himself both considerate of Izzy s feelings situation and dedicated to their friendship than Iz who despite feeling guilty for the one night stand that resulted in her pregnancy never once imagines the situation reversed and her reaction if Jimmy got someone else pregnant yet bitterly fixates on his absence after a fight 3 years prior which we later learn was when he bought her engagement ring Jimmy makes obviously painful attempts determined not to lose their friendship if nothing else and each time Izzy seems offended that he isn t pursuing a new romantic relationship largely rejecting the effort hindering the progress Jimmy s hardly perfect, definitely stubborn and a tad dense a one night stand will not make her feel better but I appreciate how he made absolutely sure a life raising the baby with Iz was what he wanted before going to her.Jon s reaction to their engagement was perfection it was brutal and I could feel Jimmy s pain betrayal when Jon attacked him, but realistically as her older brother who protected and largely raised her even knowing Jimmy their entire lives and the brotherhood between them would temper the initial reaction

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    I honestly don t know if I have enough words to explain how much I loved this book This series has quickly become one of my all time favorites, read them over and over, fall in love with all over again every single time, and yell from the rooftops for every one to go read these books, series From the first book Finding Home where I first met the Kincaid family, to the second book Finding Victory where I got to see Bobby and Kit have their wedding and the start of Jimmy and Izzy, and now in Finding Forever we get to see Jimmy and Izzy and find out what happens with them I don t want to give spoilers, so I ll say if you have read the first two books of the Rollin On Series and if you haven t I HIGHLY recommend you grab copies, they re free on KU also Finding Forever is a MUST read I cried in a restaurant I smiled so much my face hurt I sighed like a girl with her first crush at how incredibly sweet Jimmy was I loved the glimpses of my other favorite Kincaid men that we get in this book I started my morning reading this while out to breakfast and I kept reading all day I got none of my adulting done and regret nothing This is a book and series you do not want to miss

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    Finding Forever by Emilia Finn This is the story that I have been waiting on since I read the other two books Izzy and Jimmy share a bond that binds them together No matter what they go through, they are always there for one another They are in love with one another but are too stubborn to make the first move When Izzy gets involved with a jerk, Jimmy is heartbroken When she makes the announcement that she is pregnant, he still stands by her The back and forth between the two nearly killed me a couple of times There were moments where I almost threw my Kindle out of the window I was screaming at them to get their acts together The Rollin On family is the best They are the true definition of family I am a huge fan of Emilia Finn s works She always leaves you wanting from the Rollin On Crew She throws in twists that you will not see coming I will recommend this book to others I give it 5 5 Platypires

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    HEROINE RATING 4 starsHERO RATING 4 starsPLOT RATING 4 starsSEX SCENES RATING 4 starsSEXUAL TENSION 4 starsSEX SCENES FREQUENCY 4 starsDIALOGUE RATING 4 starsWRITING 3.5 starsEMOTION 4 starsSTORY TELLING RATING 3 starsSTORY ENDING RATING 4 starsWas there an instant connection with the book YesMy Opinions My only problem was the same with my previous review of the first book, the sexual tension was missing.I don t know if it was just me but it was soo fast I noticed with Emilia her stories aren t about HOW they got together, but how they are when in a relationship Which is nice because very different I m so used reading about how and why they get together, and the tension of them finally being together that that s why I found this was fast Does anyone agree

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    Book Review Finding ForeverI am an independent reviewer This book is the 3rd in the Rollin On series and ends in an HEA Jimmy and Izzy have been BFFs since they were kids A fling for Izzy results in a devastated Jimmy and a pregnant Izzy There are so many feelings in this story Jimmy and Izzy have so much to work out There is a marriage and a birth that showcases how protective and loving Jimmy really is The way the guys all treat Bean is so sweet, especially Jack.There is an unforeseen danger and a silly red herring that really doesn t need to be there in order to make the book exciting This book is appropriate for an adult audience I am giving this story 5 stars Jimmy s secret is an unusual twist and so sweet to see.

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    It s always been youIzzy and Jimmy have always loved each other from the time she was 6 and he was 8, they have been best friends since before then, they have been each other s protectors and closer than most siblings could be but they aren t brother and sister even if they are family in every other sense of the word This story will break your heart and make it whole agin and leave you wanting of the Kincaid family, I know I can t wait for the next book Define recommend

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Finding Forever characters Finding Forever , audiobook Finding Forever , files book Finding Forever , today Finding Forever , Finding Forever cb57b Jimmy And Izzy Are Up Izzy Hart Was His From The Beginning Of Time Despite The Fact Her Brothers Would Kill Him For Even Looking At Her Best Friends Since Birth, Jim And Iz Grew Up Together And Knew Where Their Futures Were Heading They Just Didn T Tell Anyone Else Their Plans, Least Of All Each OtherNow Iz Is Having A Baby With Another ManWas Jimmy Too Late To Claim His One And Only Love Will Izzy Find Happiness With Him, Or With The Father Of Her Baby Come On A Roller Coaster Ride With The Rollin Crew They Re Guaranteed To Keep You On The Edge Of Your Seat Again What Are Reviewers Saying About Finding Forever I Love This Series Jimmy Kincaid Is One Of My Top Book Boyfriends Of All Time Emilia Finn Is A Amazing Storyteller This Book Is About An Epic Love And Two Peoples Journey To Find Their Way To Where They Belong It S About Forgiveness It S About Family Finding Forever Is A Beautiful Journey About Friendship, Family, Honor And Unconditional Love I Fell In Love With Ms Finn S Magic About The Author Emilia Is A Real Life Martial Arts Enthusiast She S Competed In Full Contact Tournaments For Years, And Has A Fancy Display Shelf Full Of Pretty Trophies To Show For It She S A Mom To Two Littles Who Still Keep Her Up At Night, And She Married Her Real Life Fighter, As Well Between Changing Diapers And Cooking Food Her Children Refuse To Eat, She Writes Her Books, Submerging Herself In The World Of Kincaid It S A Wonderful Place To Be She Hopes To See You There