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❴Read❵ ➪ The Tragedy of King Richard the Third Author William Shakespeare – Transportjobsite.co.uk chapter 1 The Tragedy of King Richard the Third, meaning The Tragedy of King Richard the Third, genre The Tragedy of King Richard the Third, book cover The Tragedy of King Richard the Third, flies The Tragedy of King Richard the Third, The Tragedy of King Richard the Third 8fd6c9deb0b69 Richard III Is One Of Shakespeare S Most Popular Plays On The Stage And Has Been Adapted Successfully For Film This New And Innovative Edition Recognizes The Play S Pre Eminence As A Performance Work A Perspective That Informs Every Aspect Of The Editing Challenging Traditional Practice, The Text Is Based On The Quarto Which, Brings Us Closest To The Play As It Would Have Been Staged In Shakespeare S Theater The Introduction, Which Is Illustrated, Explores The Long Performance History From Shakespeare S Time To The Present The Commentary Gives Detailed Explanation Of Matters Of Language, Staging, Text, And Historical And Cultural Contexts, Providing Coverage That Is Both Carefully Balanced And Alert To Nuance Of Meaning Documentation Of The Extensive Textual Variants Is Organized For Maximum Clarity The Readings Of The Folio And The Quarto Are Presented In Separate Sections, And Specific Information Is Given At The Back Of The Book Appendices Also Include Selected Passages From The Main Source And A Special Index Of Actors And Other Theatrical Personnel

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    Richard III, abridged RICHARD Mwahahaha Mwahahahahaha Mwahaha CLARENCE Hey brother So, I guess I m being sent to the Tower of London Sucks, right RICHARD Don t worry, Clarence, you ll be fine I ll try and get you out, and certainly won t hire assassins to kill you or anything CLARENCE Awesome You re the best RICHARD Mwahahaha ANNE You killed my husband and my son in the last play, you asshole I HATE YOU SO MUCH RICHARD I only killed your husband because you re so fucking hot ANNE OMG TAKE ME RIGHT NOW RICHARD Mwahahahaha MARGARET YOU RE ALL GONNA DIE BECAUSE OF RICHARD I CURSE ALL YOU FUCKERS EVERYONE ignores Margaret EDWARD V The king is dead Good thing he made you Lord Protector, Richard, so now you can make sure no one steals my throne.RICHARD Yeahso you know what the best hotel in town is The tower of London I got you and your brother a suite EDWARD V Awesome Let s go RICHARD Mwahahahahahaha Hey everybody, those kids are bastards I should be king instead EVERYONE WOOOO WE LOVE RICHARD HASTINGS Okay, I was fine with all the usurping and mudering up until now butseriously dude, I gotta ask WHY ARE YOU SO EVIL RICHARD I m a hunchback Discussion closed Oh, and you re under arrest Say hi to my dead nephews for me.BUCKINGHAM Wait, what Dude, you have officially overdone it I m out RICHARD Memo to self get Buckingham killed Mwahaha ELIZABETH Okay Richard, you ve now killed my two sons, my brothers, and I m not completely sure you didn t kill my husband too What else could you possibly do to me RICHARD Well, your daughter s kinda hot And fortunately, my wife just came down with a deadly illness the symptoms include head neck separation, very gross and I ve got to start making some legitimate heirs, if ya know what I mean ELIZABETH Fuck you The Earl of Richmond is gonna kill you so hard RICHARD Oh shit, that s right, we re being invaded Guess I d better head over to Bosworth field, then.AUDIENCE Oh thank god, it s nearly over For those of you keeping score at home, Richard s current body count is ELEVEN FUCKING PEOPLE GHOSTS OF LITERALLY EVERYONE IN THE PLAY BOOGEDY BOOGEDY BOOGEDY You re so gonna die tomorrow, Richard, because we re on the Earl of Richmond s side In fact, we ve already started calling him Henry VII DESPAIR AND DIE, MOTHERFUCKER RICHARD Mwahaha AUDIENCE SERIOUSLY CAN HE PLEASE GET KILLED ALREADY SO I CAN GO TO THE BATHROOM RICHARD All right men, first let me say thanks for sticking with me, despite the fact that all my close friends seem to mysteriously die whenever they disagree with me Secondly Yorkists, ready your breakfasts and eat hearty FOR TONIGHT, WE DINE IN HELL MWAHAHAHAHAHA aaaack That hurt AND WHERE THE FUCK DID MY HORSE GO HENRY VII I KEEL YOU RICHARD Oh, fuck dies AUDIENCE Thank god sprints for the bathrooms THE END.

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    I remembered this play as being nothing than a superb melodrama organized around a charismatic, one dimensional villain, but I now realize it is complex than that Richard s deformity is not merely a physical sign of spiritual evil, but also a metaphor for the twisted era of internecine and intra generational violence of which he himself is the inevitable conclusion Richard claims that his disability disqualifies him for a peaceful age s love making, but his effective wooing of Lady Anne literally over her husband s dead body belies this claim No, Richard, who from infancy has known nothing but civil war and betrayal, can only be effective when he is either murdering his Plantagenet relatives or plotting to do so Thus, when he finally becomes king, he can neither enjoy the honor nor rise to the challenge, and therefore is soon plagued with nightmares and consigned to destruction Richard fancies himself as the medieval Vice, commenting sardonically to the audience on the action he has devised, heedless of the fact that he is also part of a universal moral design Richard, who embodies in concentrated form the worst deeds of his time, must be purged so that a new age can be established.It is here that the women of the play become important, transforming it into Senecan if not Sophoclean tragedy In periodic choruses, the queens Margaret, Elizabeth and Anne plus the Duchess of York mourn their children and others who have been snatched from them by civil war, and call down vengeance on Richard and other murderers The interesting thing about this chorus, however, is that it is not composed of unified expressions of grief and vengeance, for the woman continually curse and blame each other, each proclaiming her own sorrow as somehow superior to that of the others Ironically, the age s long history of crimes against mothers deprives even maternal grief of its unity I believe this is Shakespeare s first self conscious attempt to create tragedy in the classical sense out of popular drama The conception of the women s chorus both a traditional tragic chorus and at the same time something personal, ironic is particularly impressive in this regard Unfortunately, however, Shakespeare overreached himself In execution, the chorus of queens is often whiny and wearying, and slows down the action without illuminating it Nevertheless, it is a great step toward the tragic resonances of the major plays.

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    A hero, in his own mind or a historical villain King Richard the Third , grew up in the turbulent years of the War of the Roses, 1455 1485, the English crown fought between the House of York, symbolized by the White Rose, and the House of Lancaster, the Red Rose, Sovereigns on the throne, vanish rapidly, ironically, two branches of the same Plantagenet family Richard s brother Edward IV, at 6 foot four inches, the tallest British monarch in history, is dying, over indulgences, so much food and drink, the warrior king has become very fat, I mean obese His two sons, Edward and Richard, are too young to rule, with the demise of their father, Uncle Richard, the Duke of Gloucester, places the young , trusting princes, his nephews, in the legendary Tower of London, part castle and the other a prison, Queen Elizabeth, the mother, Edward the fourth s wife, flees to a sanctuary with her two remaining daughters They the little princes, disappear without a trace from sight, a mystery that has never been solved Wild rumors spread that they were executed, by the rather ambitious man Through less than ethical maneuvering, treacherous, some say with the help of the greedy Duke of Buckingham , takes the throne, many rivals fall, Buckingham too, including even disloyal brother Clarence, the last one, he has, and the blood spills freely, but a new king is crowned, Richard 111, long live the king Queen Anne dies, the new monarch s wife, he then wants to marry young Elizabeth, his brother Edward IV s, daughter Uneasy lies the man on the throne, a new threat emerges from exile in France, the Earl of Richmond s navy, lands in England, his marching army sets off to challenge Richard, the Battle of Bosworth Field , will decide who becomes master of the unstable nation But the eyes of the dead, will no longer see the beautiful blue skies above, the green grass under their feet, the sweet smelling roses, both white and red, growing on the land, the soothing sounds of water, as it goes over rocks, in a small brook, the singing of the happy birds, to each other, on a tree, the gentle winds touching the gentlemen s faces, the magic of the rainbow colors, after a refreshing rain, the warm Sun, drying the pastures The caressing and kisses , of loved ones, the untroubled, shouting children, playing outside riding a horse over a hill , looking at the gorgeous sunset, as it dips below the horizon, pets who are always glad to see you, without any reservations, the taste of newly baked bread, the wonder of the moon shining down, on them, as they walk under the rays, trying to guess, what it really is, the steep, powerful sea waves rushing the shore, bringing unknown objects and quickly going back no the winners or losers, that can not rise again, will miss all these things as their lives ebb slowly, into nothingness

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    Ah good old Dick III Killing yer husbands, killing yer children An all round family guy.

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    Richard III The Tragedy of King Richard the Third Wars of the Roses 8 , William ShakespeareRichard III is a historical play by William Shakespeare, believed to have been written in approximately 1592 It depicts the Machiavellian rise to power and subsequent short reign of King Richard III of England The play is grouped among the histories in the First Folio and is most often classified as such Occasionally, however, as in the quarto edition, it is termed a tragedy Richard III concludes Shakespeare s first tetralogy also containing Henry VI parts 1 3 It is the second longest play in the canon after Hamlet, and is the longest of the First Folio, whose version of Hamlet is shorter than its Quarto counterpart The play is often abridged for example, certain peripheral characters are removed entirely In such instances extra lines are often invented or added from elsewhere in the sequence to establish the nature of characters relationships A further reason for abridgment is that Shakespeare assumed that his audiences would be familiar with the Henry VI plays, and frequently made indirect references to events in them, such as Richard s murder of Henry VI or the defeat of Henry s queen, Margaret 2002 1379 368 9640007048 1389 9789640007044 1452 1485 16

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    A horse a horse my kingdom for a horse Poor old Richard I think you needed than that horse to save your kingdom..

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    Now is the winter of our discontentMade glorious summer by this sun of York And all the clouds that lour d upon our houseIn the deep bosom of the ocean buried A powerful study of evil Richard, though, is made to be complex than the medieval personification of Vice, human and thus, terrible No beast so fierce but knows some touch of pity But I know none, and therefore am no beast.

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    4 out of 5 stars to William Shakespeare s famous play, Richard III, one of his War of the Roses tragedies produced in the 16th century in England People have generally heard of this King, and know about him than they realize, but he is not one of the famously read plays in high school or college, falling behind the popular comedies and tragedies of Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth, Hamlet, Othello, King Lear and A Mid Summer Night s Dream Why This Book Although I read this play in high school, I had a in depth read in a Shakespeare course where we compared each play to a painting of our choosing and a TV or Film adaption instructor choice We watched the 1995 film version starring Ian McKellen, Annette Bening, Kristin Scott Thomas, Maggie Smith and Robert Downey, Jr., a modern re appropriation of the film using themes from the play and fairly current politics Overview of Story Richard III wants to be king, but he s third in line behind his brothers He s also angry over a physical deformity, carrying a rather huge chip on his shoulder He goes on a small killing spree, then forces one of the widows into marrying him He has his brother the king executed and makes it look like his other brother committed the crime All that stands in his way are his 2 young nephews, and while Richard is ruling the country until his nephew is older, it s just not enough for him He manipulates others into asking for him to become the permanent king, and then secretly locks the princes in a tower or kills them The world may never know Over a short period of time, he becomes mocked and disliked, as the people know he is a horrible man When his wife is no longer valuable to him, he has her killed and attempts to marry the daughter of the former Queen young enough to be his granddaughter supposedly , to strengthen his claim to the throne The battle begins for the throne, and Richard has a dream he will die The next day, he is killed by his rival, who then marries the daughter of the former Queen and becomes the new King Approach Style 1 It s written in the late 16th century, so some of the language requires some interpretation.2 It was a play, so not a typical book read with a specific point of view.3 It s based on reality most of the plot actually happened to the kings and queens of that time Strengths Shakespeare knew how to write His language was beautiful His words created vibrant and memorable images He included themes and motifs across the scenes He took as much from reality as he could, interjecting only enough balance of humor to offend some, but not those who would imprison him.The story is simply fantastic So many things people talk about today come from Richard III, including a few lines from this play My Kingdom for a horse is a very famous line Most everyone who knows a thing or two about British kings and queens are familiar with the young boys imprisoned in the tower And when Richard III s body was dug up in 2012 in a parking lot in Leicester, the world waited to find out if it was actually him or just some other skeleton It WAS him.Brothers fighting brothers Power hungry man with either a hunchback, curled hand or limp leg many different versions interpretations It s a bloody story, but helps teach a lot of history to kids in school Open Questions Concerns For one thing, it s Shakespeare, so there s little wrong with it But it s not for everyone And not an easy read.Questions and concerns are about 1 Did Shakespeare really write it, or was it a ghost writer 2 Did Richard III really kill the boys, or did they die somehow else 3 What was his deformity 4 Was he really all that bad, or did Shakespeare mock him and for 450 years, we ve all played a game of telephone If you don t know that one, email me 5 Which TV or Film was the best adaption You must see the one I noted above It s brilliant A masterpiece in acting, plot re creation and scenery Final Thoughts If you re going to read it, invest the time in reading all the plays tied together for the War of Roses Get to know the characters, look up their realities, understand their relationships, and jump in with eyes wide open Don t just read it because it sounds like a good story There s to it, and you won t enjoy the style of the play without having the affinity for 450 year old words and a love of British royalty About Me For those new to me or my reviews here s the scoop I read A LOT I write A LOT And now I blog A LOT First the book review goes on Goodreads, and then I send it on over to my WordPress blog at where you ll also find TV Film reviews, the revealing and introspective 365 Daily Challenge and lots of blogging about places I ve visited all over the world And you can find all my social media profiles to get the details on the who what when where and my pictures Leave a comment and let me know what you think Vote in the poll and ratings Thanks for stopping by.

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    I played Anne in my school s production of Richard III when I was 15 In the seduction scene from Act 1, the guy playing Richard, who was a complete asshole, decided to put his hand on my left breast somewhere towards the end I turned round and punched him in the face, knocking out one of his teeth.They had to end the play there and then and I got expelled, but it was worth it.

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