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❮Ebook❯ ➮ The Poison Thread  ➯ Author Laura  Purcell – Transportjobsite.co.uk chapter 1 The Poison Thread , meaning The Poison Thread , genre The Poison Thread , book cover The Poison Thread , flies The Poison Thread , The Poison Thread 007309f3dc1f1 A Thrilling Victorian Gothic Horror Tale About A Young Seamstress Who Claims Her Needle And Thread Have The Power To KillDorothea Truelove Is Young, Wealthy, And Beautiful Ruth Butterham Is Young, Poor, And Awaiting Trial For MurderWhen Dorothea S Charitable Work Brings Her To Oakgate Prison, She Is Delighted By The Chance To Explore Her Fascination With Phrenology And Test Her Hypothesis That The Shape Of A Person S Skull Can Cast A Light On Their Darkest Crimes But When She Meets One Of The Prisoners, The Teenaged Seamstress Ruth, She Is Faced With Another Strange Idea That It Is Possible To Kill With A Needle And Thread Because Ruth Attributes Her Crimes To A Supernatural Power Inherent In Her StitchesThe Story Ruth Has To Tell Of Her Deadly Creations Of Bitterness And Betrayal, Of Death And Dresses Will Shake Dorothea S Belief In Rationality, And The Power Of Redemption Can Ruth Be Trusted Is She Mad, Or A Murderer The Poison Thread Is A Spine Tingling, Sinister Read About The Evil That Lurks Behind The Facade Of Innocence

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    Perhaps I do have the liberty to come and go as I please But I do not attend for my own amusement I came for you To offer some comfort Jesus Christ, this bookWhere do I begin After the outstanding The Silent Companions, Laura Purcell creates a story that is dark, haunting, atmospheric, mysterious and complex So different to his successful predecessor and yet equally powerful and agonizingly intense The Corset will surely enter the lists of the best reads of 2018, arriving just in time for the spookiest part of the year.Dorothea is a young woman, born in the upper English society, aiming at comforting the women convicts in the Oakgate Prison It is there that she meets Ruth, a sixteen year old girl, accused of vile murders, awaiting her trial Dorothea is drawn to Ruth s story because the young seamstress doesn t claim she s innocent She is convinced that her hands led to the death of a number of people, through her stitches Her unique ability as a seamstress becomes a murder weapon Dorothea doesn t know what to believe and she cannot imagine that Ruth s story will lead her to doubt everything she s ever taken for granted in her life and in her family I ve had enough of people talking behind my back The writing is exquisite Beautiful in its darkness, raw and haunting The Victorian era comes alive through the pages in all its grim and dark aspects and the two heroines are marvelously portrayed Their voices are clearly different, their thoughts reflecting the views of their class and personal experiences Even if you didn t read the names at the beginning of each chapter, you would definitely understand whose story you re reading.What creates a special setting in The Corset For me, the combination of certain supernatural factors and an all too real harsh social status The heart of the story lies in a variety of traditions related to sewing In many Northern European and Slavic traditions, the stitches on a cloak or a chemise were part of a spell to guarantee the safety of the fighting warrior Think about the scabbard of Excalibur, stitched by Morgaine in The Mists of Avalon In other tales, the stitches were part of ill wishing and betrayal Consider Kriemhild and Siegfried s cloak in the saga of the Nibelungs In Greece, we believe it is ill fortune to sew clothes while someone s wearing them If we can t help it, we whisper a few words to exorcise the evil that may lead to death In the old days, we believed that no one should mend your clothes apart from your mother and many men learnt how to sew as a result of this superstition So, ill wishes while sewing can lead to disaster A needle and thread can prove lethal and Ruth is convinced of that.Another topic that belongs to the paranormal sphere is the pseudo science of phrenology, one of my favourite absurd mock science moments Phrenology was one of the obsessions of the Victorian age, a study of a human s skull in an attempt to decipher the character and the inclinations In an era that nothing would come to surface because of a severe notion of propriety, many tried to see beyond the tangible world and its inhabitants and this is how the frenzy for all things paranormal was born Dorothea tries to answer the question of evil What if any evil propensity could be discovered at a young age and eliminated This is an issue that science still tries to address Are we born bad or certain circumstances lead us there Now, these supernatural factors are brilliantly married to the bitter circumstances that influence the two women s lives The living conditions and the social status of Dorothea and Ruth are perfectly juxtaposed Dorothea is a little bit too protected from the dark world and it is through Ruth that her eyes open She acquires a newfound strength, adding to her own conviction of refusing to become just a wife and a mother Ruth was forced to meet life face to face in cruel ways and we see that both women are actually in a prison of their own One literally, the other socially.The character development is nothing short of outstanding, with Ruth being the most complex character because of her life background and her grim adventures I loved her as I loved Dorothea to whom I found myself fervently connected There is a rich cast of secondary characters that are nuanced, some of them likable, others much less so but all with their own part to play in the advancement of this dark story Sometimes, this is the function of a character and I don t see why should this be a fault Whatever.I ve read a multitude of books that fall into the Gothic Fiction genre The Corset is on a pedestal among them So different to The Silent Companions, equally beautiful in a twisted, dark, sad way I can t wait to see what the amazing Laura Purcell has in store for us in the future At what point do we cease to be merciful, and become fools Many thanks to the PigeonholeHQ and Laura Purcell for the serialized ARC It s been a beautiful, excruciatingly agonizing experience in the best possible way Sharing views in real time with other readers and discovering the writer s own thoughts in the pages made this reading even memorable.My reviews can also be found on

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    I really wanted to read this book after I came across the blurb, and the reality certainly didn t disappoint The narrative is shared by two young women in Victorian England, Dorothea, a wealthy heiress, and Ruth, a seamstress imprisoned for the murder of her mistress Dorothea has an interest in phrenology, the study of peoples skulls to see if they have a propensity for murder among other things, and when she comes across Ruth during a charitable visit to the local gaol, she can t help but try to read her skull As the two women become closer over the course of Dorothea s visits, Ruth s story unveils, her shattered childhood, her abuse from her employers, and the fact that she seems to be able to control peoples fates through the clothes she makes for them I was captivated by this book, it s a breath of fresh air with it s original plot straying from that of most Victorian Gothic novels The first half did tend to get a bit bogged down in the narrative, but it does set the scene up nicely for the rest of the book A first class read for lovers of historical mysteries and gothic tales.

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    4.5 starsThis book had my attention from the get go I loved the synopsis Is prisoner Ruth Butterham mad or a murderer Victim or villain I knew this book would be pretty much up my alley and it was But what does that say about my alley It s dark and twisted folks Doretha Dotty Truelove let s, for a minute, admire her last name , is a young woman from a good home Her mother died when she was young, and she has been raised by her father Dotty is a smart and inquisitive young woman who wants out of life than just being a married woman She is interested in phrenology and believes it can shed a light on one s crimes She does charitable work at Oakgate prison and there she meets a sixteen year old accused of murder named Ruth Butterham what a last name Ruth believes that she has a supernatural power and can has killed people using her skills as a seamstress Is she a skilled killer or is she a skilled seamstress Is she both From the description the reader knows that one woman is from a life of privilege and luxury while the other is poor extremely poor Dotty has known a relatively easy life Ruth has known pain, loss, suffering, and hard work Their socio economic difference is HUGE as are their outlook on life, and each s understanding of the world.I devoured this book I thought it did a good job of showing just how hard life was during that time How huge the differences in the classes were, how people took advantage and how people were treated Ruth and the other young women she sews with are subject to harsh conditions, horrific treatment and abuse How about the debtor s prison You go there because you can t pay your debts and yet you can t make money there so how will you ever pay your debt You don t You die End of story Life is harsh, no Extremely.How scary to live during that time Geez just learning what was in some of the fabrics fabric colors made at that time gives new meaning to the saying Beauty hurts Why not wear a Victorian bone corset while you are at it and have someone tighten you in Really enjoyed the story and the twists and revelations Who saw that coming Seriously, who Anyone Anyone Well written and captivating Were there some plot holes Perhaps, but who cares I didn t Again, this was right up my alley I loved the time frame, loved how it showed the division of class, and how criminal justice was handled back then We have come a long way baby is all I can say I was fully invested in the story and how things would turn out Was she a killer Was she mad Was she a supernatural killer Was she a victim I loved The Silent Companions and loved this book as well It s Gothic and evokes feelings of dread In some ways this book reminded me of another book I loved The Unseeing about a woman in prison accused of murder telling her story The plots are different, but both felt the same I have been reading some doozies lately and reading this was like a breath of fresh air It was nice to curl up and read a book which I found riveting and compelling.

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    The tenor of this novel is one of menace and foreboding as two women s lives intersect at a prison One is a prisoner and accomplished seamstress whose tools of her trade may include the monstrous ability to commit murder and the other is a privileged woman of breeding with a penchant for phrenology Both are young but neither are particularly decent people There is anguish, abuse and injustice between these pages The Poison Thread out gothics the gothic novel.

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    The Corset is a gothic novel by Laura Purcell set in Victorian England.Gothic is a term I had never really questioned before Out of interest I looked up several definitions of Gothic Literature Most definitions feature the traits fear, horror, death, gloom and sometimes romance These sum up this book pretty well The Corset isn t a light Victorian pastiche, in fact at times it is graphically violent and bleak There are grotesque plot twists and a pervading feeling impending doom The descriptions of poverty in London and the British penal system of the time are quite shocking The story concerns Dorothea a wealthy young woman who single mindedly follows her passion for science, specifically phrenology the study of the cranium and how it s shape dictates personality Dorothea visits prisons and studies the inmates, particularly murderers She hopes to find the reason and source of their evil doings This enthusiasm upsets her father who wants a conventional role for his daughter a good marriage etc.Whilst visiting the newly built Oakgate prison Dorothea meets Ruth, a very young self confessed murderer Ruth is a poor but skilled seamstress with a macabre and very chilling backstory The contrast between the wealthy middle class and the unimaginably poor is a constant theme.This novel has an original, creepy storyline and is definitely melodramatic, playing throughout with supernatural themes The dialogue is elegant and feels realistic and the characters are fully imagined.There is pathos in a Dickensian sense but its not cloying and the storyline is certainly involving There is also humour in Dorothea s droll take on the characters and world around her All in all a good, exciting but extremely dark historical read.

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    This was one of my most anticipated releases of the year, after reading and loving Silent Companions Unfortunately it fell short of her previous one I really think Purcell is a talented writer with her atmospheric historical settings, creative plots, ability to raise tension However, she couldn t escape certain pitfalls in this book that some writers often do The Corset was also a Gothic story like Silent Companions with 2 protagonists Ruth and Dotty with intercepting lives I don t want to give spoilers, so I will be very brief with my review I found the idea in this book very original, even so than the first book I loved Dotty and Ruth as characters However, there were many problems in the plot In addition, there were too many characters Purcell created a very good suspense at the beginning, but as we moved on in the story, and characters were added, the story line became unstructured, sloppy at times She couldn t tie all ends together as there were too many fronts open I couldn t understand the point of some characters existence She spent so much time fiddling around some unimportant characters and events that we lost sight of the main story Yes, people say the end was a surprise, and it was But, I think because of the side stories and characters, the reader was not allowed a chance to add two and two I don t appreciate this kind of surprises personally I d like to have all the elements in front of me, and still the writer should be able to surprise me Additional comment, there was quite detailed gore in this book, which I m surprised about I thought they were totally unnecessary and didn t add much to the story Plus, it made my stomach cringe In summary, I still enjoyed Purcell s writing, especially parts of the book when there was suspense building But, there were too many loose ends, too many unreasonable actions from characters, and too many side stories and characters to deal with For those reasons, I gave this book 2.5 stars.Thanks to NetGalley and Raven books for a copy of this book, in exchange for an honest review.

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    I listened to the audiobook of The Corset and it worked well in that format The narrator had a pleasant voice which never intruded yet made it quite clear which character was speaking And there was plenty of interest and anticipation in the story to hold the listener s attention at all times.It was a great story told from the points of view of two main characters, both young women, but from the opposing ends of Victorian society Dorothea, overprotected and na ve is twenty five years old and lives in luxury Ruth is only sixteen but seems older and has, from her life at the lower end of society, seen and experienced many awful things by the time the two meet This happens when Dorothea is doing good works in the prison where Ruth is being held while awaiting trial for murder.The Corset is historical fiction at its best The story is set against a well researched and fact filled Victorian lifestyle but there is a gothic side to it as well Could it possibly be true that Ruth can sew death into the garments she makes or are the deaths which occur around her all coincidence And then that perfect ending what an unexpected twist.It is a rather blood thirsty book, there are many deaths and some of them are really gross, but they are all appropriate to the place and the time I enjoyed it and must now look out for the author s previous book The Silent Companions which I have not yet read.

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    Thank you to Penguin Books who provided an advance reader copy via Edelweiss.I was tipped off of this gothic murder mystery by my Goodreads friend Mary Beth, who knew I had enjoyed this author s previous offering The Silent Companions I enjoyed this book equally, if not The book takes place in England during a period when chamber pots are still used for bathroom trips and women wear whalebone corsets There is also the spector of the debtor s prison when you can t pay your bills.This story revolves around two main characters Ruth Butterham is sitting in prison accused of murder Still in her teens, her life will soon be over when she s hanged for her crime Her life up until now has been one unspeakable event after another The crux of most of her misery has been the increasing plague of poverty that has haunted her life From being shunned and taunted at school, forced to wait on her financial betters, and often being abused by her employer, in some ways her new whitewashed prison cell was better lodgings She s had to sleep in a basement on a pallet of hay, been confined to a dark coal hole as punishment, and been forced to share a murky, crowded, lice infested room with one chamber pot for a night s shelter Her talent is sewing When her mother was still alive, she used to take in sewing to make ends meet Her mother came from money, but in defiance married a handsome artist and was disinherited Although still painting, Pa wasn t that successful and he was also an alcoholic Even with Ma s sewing they were barely existing and couldn t even pay a doctor if one of the family got sick When Ma discovered one evening that Ruth was an even skilled embroideress than she was, Ruth was taken out of school to financially bulk up the family Dorothea Truelove is 25 and still unmarried, much to her father s chagrin Her father has designs for her potential husband, but Dorothea secretly loves a policeman Dorothea occasionally meets up with her secret admirer discreetly in public gardens Dorothea has an intellectual passion, that of phrenologyor the study of the shape and size of the skull cranium as an indicator of character and mental abilities She is well known at the local prison where she is on the board and visits prisoners It is here that she met up with Ruth Butterham.As the narration alternates between these two contrasting characters, the quality of their lives couldn t be in sharp relief In fact, when the narrative would switch over to Dorothea I would actually find her cushy, well born existence a bit sickening While Dorothea frets and dallies over whether or not to marry the policeman she loves and lose her station in life, or to marry the posh and well heeled gentleman her father prefers, Ruth is struggling not to starve and to have a roof over her head I actually felt cheered and relieved when I would read Ruth s account, even though her story was quite sad and horrific This was an engaging, and sometimes riveting account of an unfortunate young woman who is convinced that the items she sews can cause harm to others It s also a lesson in life of the haves and have nots, and the horrors of being destitute in Dickensonian fashion.

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    The Corset was a long awaited book for me, after devouring Silent Companions , and I feel extremely lucky to be given the opportunity to read this earlier.I wish I could say I liked this book as much as SC but sadly this isn t the case In general, there is no doubt that Purcell is a skillful story teller and she s done an extensive research to take us back to the times the book is in However there are some major problems in The Corset that let me down After This point, my review contains spoilers view spoiler My main problem in the book is that there were too many characters, which Purcell invested time to develop and left them like unfinished dresses lying around Sir Thomas, David, Sir Thomas s sister, Dotty s to be stepmother Mrs Pearse, even the twins Ruth s plot and Dotty s plot, were not connected and was the most final touch to the story necessary What happened to Thomas, and David Why were they even in the story Was Thomas only a plot device to hint about Dotty s dad and what he s possibly could have done and open her eyes Second flaw for me was the lenght and repetitious events We start with Ruth s unfortunate backstory, which was to me far too stretched, then pulled into a world of cruelty in Metyard s There was again no joy for me reading what Ruth have been through Mrs Metyard s house A plate breaks, there is torture, then a candle falls, there is torture, I think at one point there was also a stain or slime in the clothings, so there was torture cruelty I can t understand why those repetitions were necessary and looking back I can t see what it adds to the story line The big reveal was a total hideout, except the mention of one of the villain s expressionless ness and a coming and going cocoa a few times there was no way to see it coming But then If I am not falling into a misunderstanding, I am quite baffled by the way the villains plotted their revenge Surely, getting rid of the older Mrs Metyard s were important for them, so why did they planned the younger one but the fate of older one was coincidental Also why couldn t Dorothy do anything after realising what was happening to Ruth She is surely a women from a respectable status in the society as hinted many times in the book So for me, these look like plot holes.The gothic zing the Silent Companions was all about the atmosphere, the thick Yorkshire fog swept our face whilst we read it, however Corset fails to go beyond some bloody and gory scenes to chill us There is no chilling horror elements in Corset, it didn t really scared me as SC did.Long story short, this might be a good historical book but falls short in means of plot and characters For me it was a bit crowded, and the real villains weren t properly portrayed Why invest in other not crucial characters when you don t even develop your villains I hope this review doesn t sound too harsh, I think I am not feeling satisfied, maybe because I had really high expectations I really liked the vague, elegant ending in Companions and this one felt like just looking after to surprise shock the reader, but without really building the premise up to the surprise And the ending made no sense to me whatsoever Is this the story of Ruth, Dotty or Dotty s parents, or Billy Nellie Really unclear hide spoiler

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    If bad things stared happening to everyone around you, to each and every person you stitched clothing for, it s inevitable that you d start to wonder whether it might somehow, in some crazy way, be your fault Maybe you re jinxed Maybe your hatred and anger and despair somehow infected the material, maybe your bad luck rubs off Or maybe you did it on purpose Maybe, if you tried, you could do it againSo goes the tale of Ruth Butterham, in prison for murder, her confession of guilt meaning the case is closed before the trial even begins, the death penalty looming in her immediate future Enter the well to do Dorothea, apparently at the prison for charitable works, though actually desperate to prove her ideas about the science of phrenology What better place to link the patterns of the skull with the immorality and degradation of women in the penal system Ruth s woeful past is related in flashbacks to Dorothea, whose chapters deal with the current day, and who is, initially at least, dismissive of such supernatural idiocy Ruth s uncanny abilities seem no than the product of a superstitious mind That is, until she starts to see things that plain thinking just can t explain.Following traditional gothic style, the game, of course, is working out who or what you believe whether the events recounted can be justified by the normal rules of the world or if extraordinary explanations must be sought Especially difficult when both narrators are far from reliable Each of the deaths, tragic or well deserved, that could ostensibly be the result of Ruth s deadly stitching are stretched to the extreme in ways that leave them wide open, with the supernatural aspect pushed for the sake of the plot at one point, then human agency at another The problem I have is that I m quite willing to believe in both, in literature at least, so I can hold both answers in my mind simultaneously without having to decide on one or the other The mystery is in the way the author will take it, but I am equally prepared for, and happy with, either or both If, however, the answers are strongly signalled early on, the climactic build is completely undermined as there s nothing left to wonder It was completely different in the author s first book, The Silent Companions, which was one of the best modern pieces of gothic lit I ve read well written, atmospheric, and beyond creepy Each event was deeply unsettling because it had that genuine possibility of being malicious humanity or something inexplicable Either way, it was frightening This has none of that Other than the horrendous abuse suffered by Ruth during her young life, there s no real horror and no sense of the unexpected Honestly, so what if she can kill people with her stitching I m not getting a gown made any time soon, so i ll be alright, cheers It s too distant to make you feel anything, it doesn t have enough menace to chill As in the first book, the writing is vibrant, with gothic themes layered throughout The slowly blooming revenge plot is the best part, twisting through both stories so that the climax is inevitable, but no less pleasing The clever way it changes one character s perspective, even her very nature, while setting up a kind of reversal for the finale was beautiful to watch Both women are trapped in their own ways, claustrophobic lives that offer scant chance for personal freedom, but they find their own paths in the end Even with the aspects that didn t work for me, there s no doubting this author s talent I won t hesitate to pick up whatever she writes next But for those who want her best, go for The Silent Companions.ARC via Netgalley

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