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    This story grabbed ahold of my heart and wouldn t let go Full review coming soon.

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    Review is of an advanced reader copyA throughly engrossing novel One of the best fictional accounts I ve ever encountered about the devastation wrought by cancer The focus of the story is Maddy, a bright, passionate sixteen year old girl battling a cruelly destructive disease Raised by her devoted mother, Eve, Maddy has never known her father As she wrestles with her own mortality she sets out to learn about the man who contributed half her gene pool Told in alternating points of view, the reader is able to glimpse a deeper understanding about both Maddy and her mother s states of mind One of the things I liked best about this book is that, in addition to the detail about Maddy s medical treatment, she is ultimately, still very much a teenage girl with typical teenage yearnings Her crush on the neighborhood boy and the clash between wanting to grow up yet simultaneously wishing to remain a child are nearly universal Well paced and almost lyrically written, this is definitely a winner

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    This a remarkable book If you are lucky, you will never experience having a child being diagnosed with cancer and going through all of the accompanying emotional and medical struggles It is a complex experience, but I think most people have a tendency to simplify it and see the family going through this in very stark, black and white terms That somehow the child going through this relinquishes their wonderment of life and experiences and simply walks away, almost like someone checking their coat at a restaurant As a step father in a family that had a 15 year old daughter go through a year of battling cancer and dying, I can testify that life doesn t stop until the very last breath And that she experienced the same myriad of emotions that every teenage girl is inundated with as I watched them wash over and through her in the midst of her medical struggle, amplifying every moment with her peer group, romantic objects, and family The author did a masterful job of telling this story She managed to not only get inside the head of the young girl with cancer, but also the interior life of her mother and the others around Maddie as every one in her orbit tries on a daily basis to make some sense out of living through something that seemed so profoundly unfair and unstoppable Like someone falling out of the sky from a great height and in slow motion, the characters in this story have time to contemplate their descent This is a beautifully and lovingly written novel by Karen Rainey, and I highly recommend your reading it and perhaps feeling feelings you may not have felt before.

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    Advance Copy Review This book was heartbreaking It pulled me in with it s witty prose and held me captive with it s search for peace I found Maddy to be such a profound character In her weakness, she found laughter and purpose Through her sickness, she touched others with her art and made an impact on the world She connected with a lost relative, fell in love with her best friend, and showed her mother that even when things are gone, they can still be remembered in a positive way She was the definition of strong and will forever remain a top heroine in my eyes Eve was a complex character with a mix of emotions and a hard to follow personality With that being said, her parts were my favorite I found them to be raw and gritty She exposed her hurt and often made bad choices In her faults though there was a likeness that just drew me in I loved her I felt for her and I understood why she was the way she was I think for me, what made this book so good was just how vulnerable each character was Even the side characters had a story and they could be felt on a main character level I appreciated the letters that connected the past to the present and I especially enjoyed the reconnecting of Antonio and Eve Although when Eve went home to Robin, everything felt complete All in all, I recommend this book to all ages I thought it would be very YA, but the Author addressed adult issues and made an Adult the main focus of the story It is a book that will be appreciated by many I can t wait to read from the Author.

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    Honestly, the premise of the book was really captivating I really had my hopes up as I anxiously waited to receive this ARC in the mail Upon its arrival, I immediately took to its pages At first, the change of perspectives Maddy and her mother, Eve as each chapter progressed were very enchanting However, about halfway through the book, the writing fell short, and while I sympathized with Eve s plight, her relationship with the people around her felt insincere and I truly began to hate her character I just felt she didn t have a story arc that was complete.

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    This was a poignant read Maddie is just 16 and has cancer She is exploring a developing relationship with a boy and communicating with the father she doesn t know The book is divided between her perspective and her mother, Eve s The theme is about acceptance and forgiveness as well as dealing with the hardships life throws at us Thanks to Edelweiss for the early read.

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    I really really liked this novel it is well written both emotionally and descriptively The story of a mother and daughter, their special bond, and their mutual loss is beautifully told and heartfelt and tender The previous reviewer didn t seem to understand that Eve, the mother, was truly grieving I didn t see anything selfish in her actions or attitude The characters were well written and everyone was understandable I kept reading and reading, eager to see that everyone was ok in the end And that is my definition of a captivating good book

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    This was an incredible book I stayed up all night to read it, Woman raises her daughter alone, after the sperm donor decides he does not want children, with her Eve and Maddy, who is 16 are a family unit, and they have Eve s parents, and her live in boyfriend for love and support Jack, is like a step dad to Maddy He is good to her, but he is not her bio daddy.Unfortunately, Maddy gets sick So, Maddy starts trying to experience life, on her terms.Wonderful read.

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    The debut novel from Karen Raney, All the Water in the World, is a look into the life of a family facing a lifetime of grief and the struggle to figure out where someone whose life is shortened fits into the world Set in Pennsylvania, Washington DC, and London, the book is both lyrical and vivid This novel will leave readers asking the hard questions of how they would deal with a terminal diagnosis of a loved one.This novel is gripping and almost impossible to put down From page one, Raney pulls readers in with her descriptions of both the physical and emotional world Told in alternating points of view, we first meet Eve, a single mother whose daughter is dying from cancer Eve introduces readers to the Pennsylvania lake where her family has had a home for over 40 years, a setting that reflects so much of the book Eve meets Norma, a new neighbor who knows nothing of her grief, and finds herself opening up to her.We meet Maddy next as she s contemplating Heaven Sixteen years old, she asks the questions of a young person raised by an atheist, concerned with the logical rather than the spiritual Maddy s quest to understand her place after death spans the entire book and on than one occasion brought me to tears Along the way, she reconnects with a childhood friend, Jack, and together they experience first love Jack and Maddy start work on an environmental project and author Raney uses the decay destruction of the planet as an ongoing metaphor of Maddy s life While I understood what she was trying to do it was at times too obvious of a literary tool That said, there were powerful moments as Maddy considered how after death her physical body, and by extension her essence, would return to the Earth, allowing her to have a place in the world.It was Eve s journey that truly affected me As a mother, it s almost unimaginable how I would cope with a terminally ill child, but in Eve I could clearly see it Every raw emotion or real thought that Eve had spoke to me in ways that were almost a relief as it let me know that I wouldn t be alone in this anguish Raised without a father, the relationship that Eve and Maddy shared was singular With Maddy s diagnosis, Eve had to relinquish some of that, even unknowingly as Maddy began a search for her biological father, Antonio.Overall, All the Water in the World is a gorgeous novel that addresses grief, faith, and the choices that we make It delves into how humanity contributes to art, music and the planet and how these things live on long after we die, leaving something of us in the world It s angry and melancholic, beautiful and heartbreaking While at times the book takes on too many things, some of which feel unfinished, I would definitely recommend this book.I received a copy of this book through the Vine program and Scribner Books.

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    This was a novel written from both the mother Eve and daughters perspectives during Maddy s time with cancer and after Both views were engaging, but I tended to find my mind wandering while reading from either viewpoint I like it, but wasn t overly into it Scribner books provided me with an arc copy.

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All the Water in the World summary pdf All the Water in the World , summary chapter 2 All the Water in the World , sparknotes All the Water in the World , All the Water in the World c9863e1 A Stunning Debut Novel About A Teenage Girl And Her Mother As They Grapple With First Love, Family Secrets, And TragedyMaddy Is Sixteen Smart, Funny, And Profound, She Has Loyal Friends, A Mother With Whom She S Unusually Close, A Father She S Never Met, Devoted Grandparents, And A Crush On A Boy Named Jack Maddy Also Has Cancer Living In The Shadow Of Uncertainty, She Is Forced To Grow Up Fast All The Water In The World Is The Story Of A Family Doing Its Best When Faced With The Worst Told In The Alternating Voices Of Maddy And Her Mother, Eve, The Narrative Moves Between The Family S Lake House In Pennsylvania Their Home In Washington, DC And London, Where Maddy S Father, Antonio, Lives Hungry For Experience, Maddy Seeks Out Her First Romantic Relationship, Finds Solace In Music And Art, And Tracks Down Antonio She Continually Tests The Depths And Limits Of Her Closeness With Her Mother, While Eve Has To Come To Terms With The Daughter She Only Partly Knows, In A World She Can T ControlWith Unforgettable Voices That Range From Tender To Funny, Despairing To Defiant, This Novel Illuminates The Transformative Power Of Love, Humor, And Hope

  • Hardcover
  • 352 pages
  • All the Water in the World
  • Karen Raney
  • 11 March 2018
  • 9781982108694

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