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  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 307 pages
  • About a Boy
  • Nick Hornby
  • English
  • 21 March 2019
  • 9780140285673

10 thoughts on “About a Boy

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    3.5 starsNot sure who I d recommend this to, but I enjoyed it well enough.It s basically a story about a fucked up guy with zero substance, a fucked up 12 year old dork, and his fucked up crazy hippie mother.To me, none of these three were very sympathetic characters I mean, Marcus was the only one who even slightly deserved any pity.But even for a kid he was gratingly dense I just wanted to shake the shit out of him for being such a pussy And, YES I know how horrible that sentence sounds Ugh I almost hate myself for even typing it, but that s the way I felt If there was an award for writing the most annoying pre pubescent goober ever, then Hornby should get it Congratulations, Nick You made me want to slap a 12 year old And now I m going to burn in Hell Thanks.Most of Marcus problems came from his idiot mother, Fiona She was so irritatingly harebrained, that she managed to make Will a morally ambiguous liar look like an excellent choice for Marcus to run to for advice.You could totally see where Marcus got his pathetic personality from, so I couldn t help but root for him to grow the fuck up and give her the finger And I guess that s partially what this book was about.Growing up, realizing that your parents don t always know what s best for you, and telling them to stuff it.Although, the Mom in me thinks this is a terrible idea Kids, if you don t listen to your mother, you ll turn out just like MarcusLook at him He s a zombie now holds up hands Alright, alright Maybe, just maybe, it s a really good idea to take a hard look at the values your parents raised you with, and decide if those are values that you want to live by You probably won t turn into a zombie if you deviate off of their path, and find our own way.But.You should definitely stay away from lunatic girls Seriously.Nobody needs that kind of self inflicted drama in their lives.As far as Will goes, he s such a non person that I can t work up any righteous indignation for the antics he gets up to He figures out that he can probably get a better quality woman than he s used to, if he can hook up with single moms Because, you know, they re a bit willing to compromise about certain things.Now, having been a single mom, I should be irate with his character But, hell, he s probably right I m not saying single moms are desperate, but on the whole, your priorities change when it comes to dating Or, at least, they did for me I was no longer looking for someone who was the life of the party, I was looking for Come to think of it, I wasn t actually looking at all.But my husband managed to reel me in anyway And he did it by pretending he loved children and was wanting to get involved in organizing some sort of Halloween thing for the kids in his neighborhood ManyManyMany years later I found out that was soooo not the case He had, in general, avoided children like the plague I would love to be angry about that little white lie, but he s been a pretty darn good dad, so I can t really hold that shit against him eyeballs Hubs Much.Will, however, did a bit than pretend he enjoyed the company of children He invented an imaginary kid of his own and then infiltrated a single parent s group in the hopes of getting a date with a vulnerable attractive mother.Now, over the course of the book, everyone grows and changes a bit.Will matures enough to face up to his insecurities, Marcus grows enough to stop letting his mother s weird beatnik stink permeate his life, and Fiona grows enough toWell, Fiona is still a fucktard, but at least she isn t crying every five minutes by the end of the book.Thing is, that s sort of how life goes Not everyone is special, cool, or awesome, and we all have issues that make us unlovable and odd shrugs I guess one of the things we have in common is that we all hope to make a few friends along the way, and maybe even grow a bit before it s all over.Or not.

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    I have weird habit of reading books that were made into movies AFTER I ve seen the movies Dopey, right I don t know why I love to do this I guess just to see how it all turns out on the other end.Anyway, this review is pretty straight forward About a Boy is awesome Like the rest of Hornby s work that I ve read, it s hilarious in such a BRITISH way so dry, the laughs usually coming from some poor uptight Brit s bumbling embarrassment I also admire Hornby for writing consistently about men in a very honest and entertaining way In this case, he also gets into the mind of the eccentric, troubled Marcus, who s twelve and being raised by a depressed hippy mom who sings earnest folk songs with her eyes closed this most spot on description of Marcus mother and uncool people generally comes up often in the book and always cracked me up beautifully Marcus is that tragically unhip kid who is completely deprived of television and pop culture We all know him He gets beaten up and teased, and his accounts of his life at school and at home the narration tag teams between Marcus and Will, the immature, lazy hipster that Marcus adopts as his own are achingly painful This book is readable and touching Highly recommended.

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    About a Boy is a book that I ve dreamed about a meaningful book about human relationships as opposed to adventures that is to the point and not chock full of rambling and embellishing imagery Sadly, I m very honest, and I can t rate this 5 5 The reasons why I like this book and why I can t give it a bogus score are the same I m very like Marcus The old me is like the old Marcus from before he changed at the end The newer me is still like him But enough of us The titular reference to Nirvana hit me after the umpteenth mention of the grunge band It was kind of daft, so many dropping references to Nirvana But though I can see the point, it felt still gratuitous The tricky thing that Nick Hornby has gotten into was that, it was difficult to pull off treating the death of a real person, so when he s such a celebrity I once based an essay on the death of former manager of Manchester United, Matt Busby A friend of mine told me it was not conducive to a good piece of homework He was right The clear and superbly understandable writing of the author was a conscious decision It makes me want to read High Fidelity One distinguishing characteristic of this book is its strong chapters I feel a lot of thought got put into when to end chapters The endings are definite, strong, and meaningful That decision was very apparently resonant around chapters 15 to 18 There are books that have chapter endings such as she was relieved to find the window unbroken or she felt at home here in the doughnut shop Yeah, I read a quite a few cozy mysteries But my point is, whenever cliffhangers are propped at the end of chapters in About A Boy, they catch the readers attention It was only at the end of chapter 32 that I noticed there were only two cliffhangers in total in the book I don t know why the movie version s finale centered about a stupid music day at Marcus s school I was relieved when the book turned out to be different In any book, there is a character most responsible for the book to end A book needs to have an end, of course In Lord Of The Rings, the person most responsible for the ending was Gandalf Here the candidates for this accolade is that the right word are Marcus, Rachel, and to a lesser extent, Will They all precipitated events and the breakthrough, which was the emerging of Will and Marcus as healthier members of the society Marcus allowed Will to get closer to Rachel In a way Rachel got Marcus together with Will It s not apparent, but it s there So there we have it, my honest review and my honest rating Bye.

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    Like most, I have read this book after seeing the movie adaptation with Hugh Grant years and years ago The movie turned out to be a rather faithful adaptation of the novel, but featured a completely different ending.The general plot of About a Boy is well known Will is a 36 year old single man, who lives off royalties from a famous Christmas song that his father wrote Will doesn t have to worry about money and work, and spends his life largely without responsibilities and commitments Looking for a new way to pick up women willing to go out with him, Will invents an ingenious scheme he makes up a fictional ex wife and son which are to be his ticket into a single parent group, where he hopes to interact with eager single mothers Despite having to constantly pretend to have a family the plan seems to be working, until Will meets Fiona and her 12 year old son, Marcus who quickly discovers Will s act Marcus agrees to not expose Will, if Will will teach him how to be cool like he is what shoes to wear, what haircut to get, what music to listen to Like it or not, Will takes the troubled youth under his wing and in the course of their relationship both will learn much not only about one another, but about life itself.This is a very entertaining and fun book to read, if not particularly memorable Horbny writes with ease and the novel is full of dry humor and references to the time it was set in 1993 The growing relationship between Marcus and Will is a pleasure to see develop how Marcus changes from an always serious, socially awkward and culturally oblivious young into a typical teenager and slowly learns to enjoy life, and how Will slowly stops being the man child he always was and learns about responsibilities of adults It is a predictable book, but not unpleasantly so and although it was probably overshadowed by the film made out of it, it is still worth reading It d be a good summer read, without meaning the category as an insult those interested might consider putting it on their lists for the upcoming holidays.

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    Originally, I picked up a friend s copy of this while watching babysitting, simply as a means of amusing myself while the kid was happily playing with some toys I d already seen the movie, and figured the book would probably be something that I could pick up and put down fairly easily.I was wrong.See, I went into this thinking I obviously knew the story and the characters but what happened was I quickly forgot about the movie version, and became fascinated with the story of Will, the selfish slacker who doesn t really have much of a point, and Marcus, the nerdy little boy who makes Will realize that yes, he does.Once I started reading, I was hooked, and ended up purchasing my own copy, which I quickly devoured in about 4 days.

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    Brilliant ok, that s just a bad homage to the Brits but really, this was a funny, sweet book I d have given it a 3.5 but with no half stars at my disposal, I ll give it the benefit of the doubt Anyway bought it b c I was looking for High Fidelity at our local used shop but this was the only Hornby on hand I m glad since I saw the movie version of H.F but not this so it was a good surprise It s a love story of sorts but not between lovers Rather, between a mid thirties man child Will and a peculiarly wonderful twelve year old Marcus It s a book long question as to just who is the boy in question but ultimately we find maybe both are and again, maybe they re both men as well The cast of characters also includes Marcus hippie dippy, suicidal mom, a handful of Will s female conquests Marcus Nirvana loving fifteen year old dream girl the setting is early 90 s London In combination they tread what could be dreary ground with endearing funny psychoses, self righteousness and sincerity The dialogue is what s best here you ll hear the English accents and rhythms in your head with every wacky conversation.Great for a laugh An easy read.

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    What a surprising read I found this book in the Fujisawa library in Japan My other choices were D.H Lawrence and other books that boasted intimidating thickness I suppose I chose this book because I thought it would be a breezy read It was a breezy read A breezy, enjoyable read with a surprising amount of depth and charm I had previously read one other Nick Hornby book A Long Way Down, which was a morbid look at the lives of several people who try to commit suicide About a Boy shares some of the morbid outlook of that book, but comes up feeling lighter and entertaining If I was entirely secure with the word trash novel I might call it that as a compliment of course Despite its entire lack of pretensions or perhaps because of it it turns out to be a minor masterpiece It doesn t try to be overly deep, and it sort of rejects any sort of glib endings or hints at elaborate and deep structures to the world other than We re all messed up someway and we do our best to go on Despite sharing some of the pessimism of A Long Way Down, the book finds ways to be funny and upbeat It has the basic elements of great fiction even despicable characters are likable, they go through important changes by the end of the book, and we are forced to come to terms about how we feel about these changes and whether they are good or bad So, if you re holding a can of beer or a glass of wine, let s cheer this no so trashy trash novel a light read of great literary quality that also happens to have Hugh Grant s face on the cover.

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    This was a terrific book from beginning to end Equally funny and sad but never dreary despite the very serious overtones of the book Marcus was a peculiar, wonderful boy with a huge burden on his shoulders and I really enjoyed watching him become a stronger, confident person Will was also great I loved the fact that he was a such a self centered jerk and completely content to remain that way No guilt, no remorse, no commitments Until he meets Marcus, that is Their relationship was laugh out loud funny and so very believable I had a very difficult time putting this book down.

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    3.5 Stars I enjoyed this book a lot than the first book I read by Nick Hornby, How To Be Good One similarity between the books though is that all of Hornby s characters seem to be really annoying But unlike How To Be Good, I actually liked reading this I wanted to see what would happen with Will Marcus and I thought their relationship was interesting for lack of a better word I thought Will Marcus had two different voices that were easy to distinguish Will cared about nobody but himself and I thought that some of the things he said and did were absolutely repulsive but he was also very self aware and I thought that was interesting to read Marcus perfectly embodied a 12 year old who was very mature because of his circumstances but yet also very naive and innocent because he is only a child The story itself focuses on relationships Relationships we have with friends, family, strangers, lovers etc and the impact that those relationships have on us Will ends up realising that maybe being intertwined with people isn t such a bad thing while Marcus learns that relationships come and go If you don t have a solid relationship with your mother, it doesn t really matter as long as you have other healthy relationships with people who support you Perhaps it s not a typical happy ending but the sentiments are realistic ones The only thing that annoyed me about the ending was that in the last chapter, Will describes Marcus as having changed dramatically I know that some time passed but he transforms from being the odd, quirky kid that made him Marcus to being a typical teenager I d have preferred if that chapter wasn t there or we got from Marcus that explained why he changed so much Throughout the book it was like Marcus had an inability to understand certain things like pop culture, appropriate things to say and what to wear but then at the end he knows what to say, he knows what to wear and he seems to know about pop culture The writing was good enough The best thing about the writing was definitely the characters Hornby wrote They were so elaborate and even though the story is quite ordinary, I think everything about the characters were top notch They were just so three dimensional and I m just really impressed with how good they were I would have liked to have seen a good likeable character but just because I m curious to see how Hornby would write that character I would recommend this book I would read by Nick Hornby.

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    A very easy, breezy book that doesn t have the to me anyway expected ending I know, I m late to the party on this one and it explains finding it at a book sale but I m guessing the book was better than the movie This would be a nice summer read that s a little serious than the usual beach chic read Very odd cover though.

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About the Author: Nick Hornby

Nick Hornby is the author of the novels A Long Way Down, Slam, How to Be Good, High Fidelity, and About a Boy, and the memoir Fever Pitch He is also the author of Songbook, a finalist for a National Book Critics Circle Award, Shakespeare Wrote for Money, and The Polysyllabic Spree, as well as the editor of the short story collection Speaking with the Angel He is a recipient of the American Acade