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Syrian Brides summary Syrian Brides, series Syrian Brides, book Syrian Brides, pdf Syrian Brides, Syrian Brides a0dee7612c This Delightful Collection Of Short Stories Offers Insight Into The Lives Of Syrian Women, Both The Married And The Brides To Be It Reveals The Warmth And Humor As Well As The Oppression In The Syrian Society The Stories Make The Reader Laugh While Addressing Serious Issues Such As Domestic ViolenceUm Hussam Can T Find A Suitable Bride For Her Son, Testing Each Candidate S Sight, Hearing And Reading Skills, Occasionally Cobbing A Feel Jamila S Husband Hassan Can T Forget His Deceased Wife, Until She Makes Sure He Never Mentions Her Again Rami Can T Help But Wonder Whether His New Bride Is A Natural Beauty Or A Talented Surgeon S Masterpiece Khadija S Maid Stabs Her In The Back While Rana S Husband Muafak Can T Find The Right Excuse To Avoid A Fight

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    In Syrian Brides author Anna Halabi brings us a fascinating collection of short stories that invite us into the intimacy of the homes of her characters, all of them married women or brides to be, living in Syria.Some of the issues dealt with in this book will be familiar to married women the world over, including sadly, domestic violence, but taking this to another level, Halabi demonstrates the complete and utter control of another human being used by some of the husbands in these stories, and it will initiate disbelief and outrage to many of us brought up in the West and who take our freedom for granted However, it s definitely not all gloom and doom, as there is much to smile about too, particularly the story where an abused wife tricks her husband by way of 7 fish and 7 watermelons, but I won t give anything away other than to say that it was quite an ingenious little plot on the part of the author This is a delightful peek into the lives, culture and culinary skills of Syrian women, with many references to authentic Syrian dishes It takes skill to create short stories, for there is never enough breadth to create character development These stories however were like parables in style, with wise and perceptive characters, and Anna Halabi has done a great job of providing insight into a completely different culture and making me care about these women and their lives Thank you to Anna Halabi for my copy of Syrian Brides I have given an honest unbiased review in exchange

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    Syrian Brides by Anna Halabi is a 2018 publication An eye opening collection of short stories centered around Syrian brides or brides to be These stories range from charming to alarming giving readers a unique insight into the Syrian culture This book created a little buzz a few months back, piquing my curiosity I m always eager to learn about different cultures, so I decided to check it out for myself I m so glad I discovered this gem These stories are full of whip smart dialogue, is very fresh and quite clever, and often ironic The tone is often humorous, but these stories have a bite to them The subject matter is not light, addressing domestic violence and repression and oppression Yet, these women, for the most part, display fortitude, grace, wit, and strength They are quite ingenious, given their circumstances, often finding ways to circumvent or lessen their burdens All these stories are good but, I don t feel comfortable describing them in detail because it would most likely give something away The author wisely begins the collection with a delightful story which made me smile and was the perfect segue into what followed The stories have a whimsical quality, but are serious and cautionary, as well, providing a great deal of food for thought Some relay messages any culture can recognize and learn from, but, naturally, I did bristle at the offensive attitudes of the men in these stories.Each of the eleven stories is strong, no fillers or weaknesses Naturally, I liked one or two than the others, but even when I didn t care for the outcome of a given story, I respected the lesson learned from it As we all work to better the lives of women, not just in our own country, but for women everywhere, this book left a deep impression on me On one hand, I felt disheartened by the patriarchal dominance and oppression described within these stories, but on the other hand, I feel humbled and gained much insight through these stories The author has done a fantastic job, not only with the writing, but with the organization and order in which the stories were presented I m going to press the recommend button for this one 4.5 stars

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    I am actually really impressed with this collection of short stories Every single story has its own heart, its own personality, its own reality they took the shape of their own hero.Some of the stories made me smile, others made me sad Some actually were so unbelievably brutal that made me tear up It is a reality that happens beyond the words of those stories A reality meant to be heard and acknowledged by everyone.Thank you, Anna Halabi for providing me with a copy of your work

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    Wonderful Anna Halabi has compiled a wonderful novel composed of short stories about Syrian woman A book that made me laugh and cry A beautiful view into the culture of Syrian women, their lives and relationships The characters are memorable as they live their lives Some live in terrible circumstances Others incredibly funny A well written and beautiful book of Syrian folk tales A HIGHLY recommended MUST READ Easy to read, a cultural education and wonderful descriptions throughout this book The author presents these stories in such a way that one must love them in their uniquely acceptable positions The characters are literally breathtaking I found the environment and descriptions beautiful It affords the reader a chance to see through the eyes of another world Finely written Empathy is unavoidable One feels love for these women

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    Between 3 and 4 stars, closer to the 4The author sent me this book in exchange for a honest review.This is a collection of short stories about Syrian women and their relationship with their husbands.Some of the stories simply give the reader an impression how life in Aleppo could look like the stories are set in a time before the war , some stories are just funny and entertaining, but all of them include an unxpected twist You find here every kind of woman from the skillful thief and swindler, using the system to her advantage, to the opressed and abused young wife who finds a way to liberate herself to the young wife who eventually starts loving her fomerly detested mother in law.I really enjoyed reading this book It made me smile and even laugh out loud Some of the stories made me even quite angry But the most important impact these stories had on me, was to see how restricted women in very patriarchalic societies sometimes live And still they find a way to cope with it For someone without much of an idea about how life in Syria looked like for a woman, these stories were very educational and interesting Also the writing was smooth and very pleasant to read.

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    Anna Halabi uses humor in her short stories to expose harsh realities of the culturein Syria Anna Halabi was born and raised in Aleppo, Syria She immigrated to Europe in 1999 for university studies She currently lives with her family in Germany This is her debut inspired by people the author knows My favorite tale was Nobody s Bride A woman uses her beauty to allure a couple of businessmen for her thievery advantage It was funny, fresh clever with no political slant It was a story that could have taken place in any country Once the stories touched on heavier issues such as domestic violence I couldn t stop thinking about the devastating conditions in Syria All the humor went out the window for me I was just glad our author saw an opportunity to improve her own life She s not living in Syria any longer Personally, I m generally not a fan of tongue in cheek storytelling as a response to daily social crisis Innocent women are targeted victims of violence in Syria every day.It s difficult to raise awareness about empowering women to combat sexual violence because even talking about it goes against the culture The living hell conditions in Syria is just too sad and frustrating for me to be the right audience for the humor Anna writes Yet.I applaud Anna for underlining the resilience of Syrian women Many people have loved these stories fishy watermelons, etc.Anna has a flair for writing great dialogue conversations , but I m not over zealous to read about humorous stories in Syria.

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    This book was given to me in exchange for a honest book review..My thoughts These were short stories, but done in of a style of a parable and not every story has its niceties, some have the woman being battered and slapped at, but I feel this is necessary in this type of story telling to see how strong these woman are to get beyond it all some are actually quite hilarious and I had quite a few LOL moments, and some I just adored the ingenious of the author and her creativity what comes to mind is the watermelon and fish incident..There is also another side to these stories, I found I was drawn into the story of how Syrians live, the custom and the culture The author herself writes in such a friendly tone, that you right away feel quite comfortable in reading I also liked the fact that, there were footnotes on the pages, so I could refer to the bits and pieces of the cultural words It gave me of an understanding of Syrian culture and lifestyle This book was quite an educational tool for me, not only did I learn about the different foods, but I searched on Google maps to see where Syria is, I found it really facinating..This book comes highly recommended by me, I m giving it 5 stars I do think the mature person would find this of a treasure to read, where most would understand the situations these females would be in For me it was an understanding of the situations and I empathised with the woman characters so in saying that, I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to know about Syria, the life, the food, their customs, etc To anyone who likes short stories To anyone who likes females as strong characters and anyone who has an understanding of what male domination is all about..I would like to sincerely thank Anna Halabi, for letting me read her book free of charge.

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    First and foremost, a large thank you to Anna Halabi for providing me with a copy of this publication, which allows me to provide you with an unbiased review.Anna Halabi recently contacted me, asking if I would read and review her collection of short stories set in her homeland of Syria Creating a collection on the theme of love and marriage, Halabi has pulled together fourteen tales that depict Syrian life and values Some are amusing, like the young bride who tries to cash in on a rich, elderly husband, while others show a deeper sense of angst in the household, such as the woman who is forced to play mind games with a greedy and disrespectful husband The reader travels through these pieces, each of which can stand on their own, while learning a little about the regional culture and the nuances of love than transcend race, religion, or socio economic situation Halabi comes at the theme from a number of angles, each of which differs from the others, while weaving in a proverb that precedes each story This approach is not only entertaining, but helps the reader to see the goal of the story and what message the author might be trying to portray Marriage need not be perfect, but it also need not be entirely serious, as Halabi seeks to explain to the reader who makes their way through the entire collection Recommended to those who love short stories to pass the time, as well as the reader whose interest in other cultures is piqued by reading.While the world has been hearing so much about Syria, little can be called uplifting or highly promising That being said, Halabi, who left the country for Europe two decades ago, brings a lighter spin on the region with this collection While I am no expert, I felt a better understanding of Syrian culture and views on marriage, love, and the connection to Allah when reading these fourteen stories Halabi chooses a vast array of characters to tell the story of Syria and its views, some of whom are less than grounded in stern values, while others hold what the Western World might call traditional views The stories are well written and keep the reader guessing as to how they will tie in to the proverbs offered before each There is also a highly entertaining factor in that some have twists I did not see coming, while others delivered the precise punch to the gut one might expect Halabi fills each story with regional slang and items worry not, there are endnotes to explain them which adds another layer of authenticity to the pieces I almost felt as though I were a fly on the wall at times, as the banter and dialogue was seamless and appeared to come from actual events While some may feel the stories offer too much in regards to strict Islamic adherence, I feel this added to the experience, by contrasting with much of what I am used to in my own personal and romantic relationships Halabi has created an easy to comprehend and quick to devour collection, perfect for an afternoon in the sun, or around a crackling fire or anywhere else the reader chooses to relax A must read for those who want a break from the everyday fluff that fills bookshelves.Kudos, Madam Halabi, for delivering a winner with these pieces I hope you have to offer, as I was delighted with reading these short stories.Love hate the review An ever growing collection of others appears at Book for All Seasons, a different sort of Book Challenge

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    This Review Blog Twitter Instagram Book provided by the author in exchange of an honest review So this is an anthology of stories about brides and newly married women I am not the biggest fan of short stories as I feel like always lack the proper story development The good thing about this book that is I did not feel that, I was not confused, I could relate to the characters and maybe that stems from my background as an Arabic guy Those stories kind of reminded me of the short stories we had in our school Arabic books, they are meant to be taken lightly, not too serious and sometimes there is a moral behind the story My problem is that I am a hard to please guy and that growing up I was never a fan of those stories so you will probably like this than I do and nothing is personal What came to my attention is that some of those stories felt unreal to me although the author s note says they are stories of people she does know so you really never know Like the story were the wife told her husband to hit her and prior to that the way he described what he did felt unrealistic to me, see this quote and tell me if men talk like this I made mloukhieh 71 and rice Your favorite, he said nervously, trying to fill the silence The laundry is ironed and folded I helped the boys wash up and tucked them into bed They finished all their homework, ate their dinner and watched TV for only half an hour Not a minute I promise I don t want to discuss each story by itself but some stories were better than the others One story showed some racism not from the author but from the characters which is realistic specially to servants in the Arab world but I wish it was handled a bit carefully and the closure was better in that story Summary So this is a collection of short stories about Brides and it is just that, not less and not I think they should be taken lightly and not over analyzed If you are curious about marriage in the Arab world then this is a recommended read I also liked that the Arabic worlds were used only were necessary and were an alternative wouldn t have conveyed the same meaning.you can get books from here Book Depository

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    SYRIAN BRIDES was a delightful peek into the lives of Syrian women revealing the good, the bad, the sad, the funny, the warmth of a culture unknown to most American women.The book consists of eleven short essays on varying aspects of the Syrian ladies lives One of my favorite stories was NOBODY S BRIDE in which a woman outsmarts two shop keepers in order to acquire jewelry I found it quite humorous.I loved THE COUNTERFEIT BRIDE Men, be careful what you ask for The man asks for a woman who is blonde, blue eyed, and fair On his wedding night she discovers she has been wearing blue contacts her eyes are actually brown , hair extensions and black hair dyed blonde, fake nails, and other cosmetic changes to give him exactly what he was looking for I think we can agree that this story would apply to most cultures today One of my least favorite stories was THE GROOM S MIRACLE which, in my opinion, was the epitome of the stereotypical Muslim marriage a stereotype that those knowledgeable of the Muslim culture realize that the relationship portrayed is not the norm and not what their religion teaches But, sadly, marriages like this one do exist The husband locks his bride in each day when he leaves for work Throughout the day she has conversations through the opened window with her upstairs neighbor whom she has never met The bride had been told her husband to be, at the time, was handsome, religious, very pious and honorable, and would treat her with respect However, in reality, he abused her physically and emotionally.The other stories will either warm your heart THE BRIDE S CAKE or cause you to cringe THE BRIDE S MAID , but none will leave you unaffected.

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