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    3.75 StarsI have been looking forward to this book ever since I read book one in this series and we were introduced to the deliciousness of Libby and Greyson s hot mess of a marriage.Everyone has tropes they love Some than others And while I must say that I have a ton of tropes elements I crumble for, here are a few that seriously crank my tractor second chance marriage in trouble angstAnd Natasha Anders brought all of that to this story in spades But you know what else you can always count on my homie Anders ALWAYS bringing to the table GROVELING And there is nothing on this earth I love than groveling For serious And Greyson s was delicious Now, this book as many of Anders books are is based on a Big Miscommunication plot I will be the first to admit that I usually HATE this plot device and avoid it like the plague For some reason, however, I love it in Anders books and keep coming back for In fact, this is my 9th Anders book Because as I said earlier Angst GROVELING I also really enjoyed reading of the backstory on Greyson and Libby s relationship and also the dynamic between Greyson and Harris and Harris and Libby But what I think I enjoyed than anything was seeing Greyson move to Riversend and make some bromances I could have done with some flashbacks which I can t believe I am saying, cause I usually hate flashbacks of Libby and Greyson s relationship to cement their connection in my mind a little , but other than that, I really enjoyed this story and as always look forward to from Anders in the future.

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    Anders sure does have the knack with writing idiot heroes that eff up monumentally and then blam She goes on to torture them with their guilt annnnd commence the grovel Damn, Anders knows how to make those flawed characters of hers give good grovel Greyson did that grovel so well I ended up rooting for him and wanting to slap Olivia upside the head for being so stubborn, despite the fact he eviscerated her with his idiotic reaction to a doozy of a string of miscommunications causing the marriage to break down Oh yeah, he bumbled his way through that grovel and I loved every word Oh, and there is NO cheating, none whatsoever.I love me the marriage in trouble trope, throw in a kiddie or two, great side characters and a slow burn to their HEA and I m in my happy place However, I felt the story dragged a bit at times and could have done with of the past and tightening up of the present which knocked a star off my rating.This is the story I wanted whilst reading Harris and Tina s book and am glad to say I enjoyed it way .Arc provided by Netgalley for review.

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    4.5 StarsI don t know how she managed to do it, but Natasha Anders pulled off the unthinkable I m now officially a fan of Greyson Chapman, and let me just say, I started off Nothing But This not quite sure that was even a possibility.Libby Lawson and Greyson Chapman have always been in each other s orbit When little girl Libby wasn t helping her mother in the Chapman kitchen, she was playing with her bff Tina and the Chapman brothers, Harris and Greyson While Libby and Harris developed a quick and lasting friendship, Greyson remained aloof and distant from the group As time moved forward and the group started realizing how great the opposite sex was, Libby developed a not so subtle crush on sixteen year old Greyson, which he promptly snuffed right out by telling her to leave him the hell alone, or something charming to that effect.A decade plus passes with little to no interaction between the two, but that all changes the first time grown up Greyson spots grown up Libby across the room at a party He says something ridiculous like come to me , she scampers eagerly to him and before you can recover from the whiplash, Greyson Chapman and Libby Lawson are married.It comes as quite the shock to Libby when she tells Greyson she s pregnant and he reacts less than enthusiastically It comes as an even bigger shock when, after seeing his newborn daughter for the first time, Greyson tells Libby there s no possibility the baby is his and accuses her of having an affair Libby s self preservation finally kicks in and before Greyson has time to realize what a huge mistake he s made, Libby and her daughter are starting a new life far away from Greyson.This book could have easily gone either way for me At this point, I ve made it clear I m always up to read a Natasha Anders asshole, as I ve become fond of calling them I had high hopes for Greyson and boy, did he deliver I started off thinking I was going to need a grovel of epic proportions to make right what Greyson had so callously eff d up As Greyson begins to wake up and realize what he threw away, and how stupid his logic was for doing so, he knows he must make things right, but has no idea where to start From the moment Greyson decided to get his family back, he s all in He may not have a plan beyond moving to be near Libby and begging for forgiveness, but he gives it his all Libby does her best to resist him, as she should, but even she can t deny the effort he s putting into making things right and the overall softening his baby daughter has on Greyson as a whole When Libby finally realizes Greyson is willing to shift his entire life around to make her happy, regardless of whether she takes him back, the possibility of reconciling finally felt a little realistic Put simply, my need for a huge, over the top grand gesture was made good by the thousands of ways Greyson tried to make it up to Libby and the sincerity in which he did it And he now recognized that even if he hadn t fucked everything up with his stupidity, if he had continued keeping the most important pieces of himself from her, their marriage probably would have failed anyway Because he had expected so much than he had been willing to give That s some serious self awareness right there, Greyson Natasha Anders gave me no choice but to fall in love with him, faults and all, when she slowly but surly shows us his awkward, insecure and adorable side I m bumping this up a half star for the awesome job Ms Anders did in humanizing Greyson I loved Libby and Greyson, even when they weren t together I had my doubts, but Nothing But Us turned out to be a wonderful read with a than satisfying ending This book is the second of the series and while it can most definitely be read as a standalone, I think I got out of it by reading Harris and Tina s story first ARC provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest, voluntary review

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    This book was good A real douche of a followed by levels of groveling and interactions It probably would have been a read if not for herself I found her extremely el cen ered, and judgmental at times Her feelings and towards I fully understood, but her inner thoughts regarding Tina were pu g and as a result I never loved her character % Still, this was my favorite type of romance and gets two thumbs up from your truly BLOG FACEBOOK TWITTER PINTEREST BOOKBUB

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    THIS was seriously everything a second chance romance should be In this second standalone romance of her new series, Natasha Anders serves up an absolutely heartbreaking storyline of characters suffering through the most legitimately gut wrenching deterioration of their marriage What an exquisitely tortuous reading experience this was, what a beautiful second chance romance unfolded I eat every Natasha Anders novel hungrily but Nothing But This was especially delicious I have never been so on board with a heroine denying a reconciliation It s really hard to wrap your head around what Greyson has said and done in this story and I thought Olivia s actions, her decisions in response to his behavior were PERFECTION All of their push and pull, the slow burning evolution of their second chance, the grovel that was about actions than words, the sexual tension, the heartache, the absolute despair it all made for such an emotional storyline that I absolutely loved I love stories that hurt but that I can buy into, that I find believable and authentic and Natasha Anders nailed it with Nothing But This As much as Greyson deserved to really grovel and needed to repent, I can t even tell you how much I came to love him He was so broken, so tortured, so determined and I felt every bit of his longing, his devotion, his heart I enjoyed every bit of the growth of his character, every moment of the rebuilding of what was once destroyed This story hurt, it was peppered with moments of sweet tenderness, steamy sensuality and breathtaking romance and it felt seamless It was rife with heart pangs and brutal chest twinges and I loved all so completely.

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    ARC REVIEW 5 Can people change when they realize what they ve lost Stars This book wrecked me.This book, as in as so many of Natasha Ander s books is one of misunderstanding, confusion, and miscommunication.This book really stuck with me because I became emotionally involved I related to the characters, in particular, Libby who was raising her daughter by herself and trying to do the absolute best by her all by herself.I was reading it and crying so hard, that I couldn t see the words on my kindle at the end of the story, that I had to stop and get a coffee so I could finish the book Okay, let s start by saying that this book runs parallel with More Than AnythingI think you can read this book as a standalone, BUT you would benefit greatly by reading More Than Anything so you would understand what the bet they refer to in the story and what it did to Harris and Tina, and why their relationship was so volatile, even after 10 years.I have to admit, I absolutely hated Greyson at the end of More Than AnythingHe reminded me so much of Dante Damaso from A Ruthless Proposition I hated him too.I thought Greyson deserved every which way Libby was treating him I felt absolutely no compassion or remorse for how she was treating him because she trusted him once with her heart, and he trampled all over it BUT, once again Natasha Anders has an amazing talent of letting her readers see the other protagonists point of view.How Greyson was ostracized, made fun of, and excluded from social interaction He just didn t tick as other people did We are able to see how Greyson felt, what he experienced, how he grew up not making friends and trusting people easily because he was so reserved and quiet.It certainly doesn t forgive what Greyson thought or how he acted, but it explains why he acted the way he did Now, he has to fight for his daughter and his wife, and he ll do anything to do right by them.His journey to forgiveness, reconciliation, and FINALLY admitting love was SO worth the battle and wait I highly recommend this book, but I recommend that you read More Than Anything first to totally enjoy and understand the dynamics of the story and the characters involved I voluntarily read an ARC of this book which was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review

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    5 Always and forever Stars I knew as soon as Libby and Greyson s story kicked off as a secondary plot point in the first book of this series More Than Anything that it was going to be a humdinger when Natasha put them front and centre in their own story There marriage had ended with a positive pregnancy test and she hadn t even realised. Nothing But This was all I expected it to be, and once again the author took an irredeemable reaction, and Greyson s unforgivable accusations, and gave him a rock solid platform from which he had to elevate himself from, in order to work his way back into his marriage, something that at the beginning, I as a reader wasn t sure would be possible He wanted a second chance he didn t deserve one. But as always with one of this author s alpha assholes, there is so much to Greyson Chapman than we initially learned through his interactions with Harris and Tina in the first book, and the reasonings behind his actions towards Libby and her pregnancy and as a result of that, his long, emotional, journey to redemption with her and now their new daughter Clara, as well as his brother Harris She hated him now But it couldn t possibly be as much as he hated himself. So much so, he ups sticks, moves to a new town, and pretty much suspends his normal day to day life in an attempt to prove to Libby that he can change and is still worthy of her love, and that their marriage still means something to him, as well as trying to prove he can be a good father to their daughter His persistence was annoying, but kind of endearing too I knew this would an emotional rollercoaster of a read from the start, this is a couple where you initially think that there is no way they can save their relationship, no how, not a chance and rightly so, even I wanted to nut punch Grey at the beginning of Nothing But This Especially after things that were said, the actions that he took and the amount of time he allowed to pass before he finally decides to pull his head out of his butt and try to make right all of the wrongs he knows has committed I did and said so many things I regret And I don t know I have no idea how to make it right again Starting with his relationship with his brother Harris, then Libby, as well as creating a relationship with his daughter quite hilariously at points give all the facets to this story that made it one of Anders best books to date She basically took a man out of his suit, put him in jeans, removed the trappings of a life of luxury, and went back to basics with everything, she made him work for each and every step of progression he made with Libby, and a lot of the time it was actions than words that counted But when the words came, they were all the special, because you knew just how hard it was for him to admit to just how wrong he had been It had once been so easy to love him I loved that we got to spend time in Riversend too, I hope that the author has in store for this town now, as the community she has built around her last two series there is one, where I would happily spend time in the future Definitely my favourite book of this series, and I look forward to seeing what the author has in store for her readers next ARC generously provided by the author via Netgalley, in exchange for the above honest review.

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    4 STARS I ve been trying to find the right words The proper combination of sounds that would make you forgive me, that would make up for what I said and did But those words don t exist Ever since Natasha Anders introduced Grey and Libby in More Than Anything, I ve been completely enad and invested in their story If there s one thing that I love than a hero that royally screws up with his woman, it s watching him grovel to get back into her good graces again And this book It s one long, delicious, and emotional grovel Now I love a good alphahole as much as the next girl, but this book didn t focus on that You get plenty of Grey s generally cold disposition in the first book Enough of it to know that when the man makes a mistake, it s the biggest mistake of his life This book focuses on him dealing with the repercussions of that mistake and trying to grovel his way back and somehow make amends You get flashbacks of what transpired to bring Grey and Libby to the point where they are now I loved that Libby really grew into herself in this book She goes from a besotted girl to a woman that s not afraid to make him work for it She s not willing to forgive and forget, nor should she I mean, the man thought their child was the result of an affair.The flow is really organic and the pacing is superb It highlights every bump along their road and twists and turns your heart right along with them Their journey is painful and emotional and totally enrapturing Nothing But This was a painfully beautiful story of second chances It was sweet, funny, and utterly gut wrenching in parts It wasn t an overly angsty read but it was certainly an emotional one I really loved this book It was a gripping and charming and hits every single feel ARC courtesy of author in exchange for an honest reviewFind me on

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    If you love broken marriage romances that include lots of groveling, you re going to absolutely love this one This time around we get all the deep down and dirty details of what exactly happened between this broken couple There s no denying that Greyson acted in a manner that could be unforgivable no cheating But as the story unfolds, we learn so many things about the man He s a loner even among his family and the very essence of who he is has led to insecurities which led to unforgivable actions Fortunately, he s able to get his head out of his rear and pursue Libby with plenty of groveling along the way.Libby has her own lessons to learn, despite the fact that she was the one who paid the price for Greyson s beliefs and actions With so many layers to this relationship, there isn t an insta fix I love you doesn t heal everything and I m sorry isn t even close to being adequate Actions speak louder than words, and sometimes it s making yourself completely vulnerable and accepting the inevitable before closure can be found in the most heartbreaking way But he didn t quite know how to say sorry for something so completely unforgivable And God knew if he couldn t apologize to his brother, he didn t stand a chance in hell with Olivia, because she deserved than apologies She deserved nothing less than to have him standing in front of her barefoot on broken glass, begging for her forgiveness And ever that wasn t enough Even while we have some extremely steamy scenes between Greyson and Libby, there is never the feeling that everything is going to work out Greyson won me over by his constant need to make amends Along the way, he finds a new Greyson, a relaxed, carefree and loving man who is willing to do anything to find a way into Libby and Clara s life He knows he doesn t deserve forgiveness, he can t even forgive himself, and he realizes there are no words in the human language to ask for forgiveness My heart hurt so badly for him For a hero who had done the unthinkable, I found myself cheering for him I didn t expect that to happen I love you, Clara, he whispered and kissed her soft cheek, his nose nuzzling the powder scented silky black curls at her temple I love you so much And I m sorry I wasn t there for you Daddy s so sorry This is a super angsty read laced with some of the sweetest, swooniest moments between father and baby girl Moving from some lowest of lows to sweetest of highs, I was engrossed in every faucet of this couple s struggle to come to terms with their past, their present, and what their future would look like.We met and got to know some of what was happening with Greyson and Libby in book one but there s than enough information included here that it s not necessary to read it beforehand if you haven t already Although I highly recommend it because it s just so good This is an amazing married second chance romance that will capture your heart and squeeze it dry before soothing it with a believable reconciliation and the sweetest of sweet epilogue.Dual POVSafe view spoiler no ow om drama separation due to H believing h had cheated on him, becoming pregnant hide spoiler

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    3.5 stars I m a sucker for the marriage in trouble trope and especially when one of them screws up and has to win the other person back In this case it s Greyson who screws up by accusing his wife of cheating with his brother Harrison since Greyson can t have children and Libby has given birth to a girl.Greyson has definitely screwed up and I enjoyed his attempts to win Libby back He s a fantastic father and adores his daughter Clara Greyson and Libby s road back to each other and for Libby granting Greyson forgiveness is long and I think Libby is a little hard on him She doesn t give him many chances in the beginning of gaining back her trust I would have appreciated flashbacks cause I struggled with their connection I couldn t feel the love between them Even Libby doubts her husband feelings towards her and that goes back to when they meet that night they first slept together Two months later they re married Them co parenting and Greyson redeeming himself are my favorite parts Yes, I struggled with their connection and chemistry but they worked as a couple who wants to do what s best for their child Greyson coming out of his shell, finding friends and showing different sides of himself were great too I would have liked to have seen that in those flashbacks that did appear throughout the story Nothing But This had its flaws but I definitely enjoyed it I voluntarily read and reviewed an arc generously provided by Montlake Romance

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Nothing But This download Nothing But This, read online Nothing But This, kindle ebook Nothing But This, Nothing But This 5e6b303e1c9b A Married Couple Yearns To Rediscover Lost Love In This Novel About Forgiveness, Reconciliation, And Emotional Growth It S Always Been Complicated Between Libby Lawson And Greyson Chapman And Married Life Isn T Any Simpler But When Libby Gets Pregnant, She At Last Sees A Bright Future Ahead There S Just One Problem Greyson Says He S SterileFurious, Greyson Abandons The Young Family Equally Furious And Deeply Hurt, Libby Cuts All Ties With Him After All These Years, It Seems Their Relationship Has Finally Expired But Love Is Resilient And Endures Even When You Don T Want It To Greyson Still Longs For Libby, And Though Libby S Heartbroken By Greyson S Lack Of Trust, She Holds Out Hope For A Complete, Happy FamilyAnd So They Embark On The Journey Back To Each Other, Wary Of All The Obstacles Between Them It S Been A Long Road Already One Strewed With Fear, Doubt, And Misunderstandings Will They Keep Looking To The Past, Or Will They Look To Each Other And Walk Hand In Hand Toward A Broad New Horizon