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Pucker pdf Pucker, ebook Pucker, epub Pucker, doc Pucker, e-pub Pucker, Pucker 0f1f79ebf5e Thomas Quicksilver, Known To His Classmates As Pucker, Has Always Been An Outsider His Crazy Mother, The Secret Of His Family S Strange Origins, And Above All, The Terrible Scars On His Face From A Childhood Fire These Things Have Kept Thomas Isolated And Lonely But Now, At Seventeen, Thomas Is Suddenly Given The Chance To Change All ThatTo Be Magically Healed, Even Beautiful To Have Girls Throwing Themselves At HimTo Fit In The Question Is, What Is He Willing To Sacrifice His Home His Personality His Mother S Life

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    Reviewed by Me for TeensReadToo.comPUCKER is, without a doubt, one of the best books I ve ever read And since I ve read and reviewed over 250 books since August 2005 alone, I have a lot to compare it to The book is probably best described as a contemporary fantasy, but it s so much than that The story centers around Thomas Quicksilver, who at seventeen has spent most of his life with only his mother and a few close friends as acquaintances Burned on the face as a young child, he s known as Pucker to his cruel classmates, and his only living relative is his mother, a woman who tells the future for her clients from her bed, where she spends all of her time But what none of those clients, or his best friend, Patrick, knows, is that Thomas Quicksilver has in his past than the trauma of a childhood accident For Thomas and his mother, Serena, were once Isaurians They lived in a world where technological advances were not pursued, where every step of a person s life was foretold by the Seers Not just cataclysmic events such as earthquakes or blizzards, but daily ones such as avoiding a street with a large pothole that could twist an ankle or what a family would have for dinner the following week For Serena and her husband, William, the calm, patented life of Isaura wasn t enough they longed for their only child, Thomas, to have a normal life, one filled with love, desire, regret, and the unknown In return for their wayward thinking, Serena and William were stripped of their Seerskins, the outer layer of skin that allowed them to foretell the future As William lay dead on the kitchen floor, Serena barely conscious, young Thomas was overwhelmed with grief and accidentally allowed a fire to rage in their home, burning his face Exiled to Earth for their sins, Serena and Thomas began a new life, free from the safety and monotony of Isaura But Serena, minus her Seerskin, discovers that she can still tell the future on Earth and the gift, or curse, is much stronger than it ever was in Isaura Her only hope to save her life, and her sanity, is for Thomas to return to Isaura for her Seerskin, which she hopes will dampen the ability to foretell the future on Earth For Thomas, this means entering his homeland as one of the Changed humans with lives bad enough to be offered a chance of redemption in the land of Isaura His only goal is to find his mother s Seerskin and return to Earth before she dies, but he s soon sidetracked by his new, healed face and by the lovely Phaidra, a rebellious girl who knows there s to the Changed than the Isaurians are letting on I know I ve made PUCKER sound a lot complicated than it really is One of the reasons I enjoyed the book so much is that, although a fantasy, it s easy to follow along and relate to the characters It is, basically, a story about love, about forgiveness, about identity and the desire to be loved for who and what you are It is, in a word, simply amazing Pick up a copy today, and I promise that you ll soon be as involved in the life of Thomas Quicksilver as I was that you ll be wishing for a happy ending for this unbelievably courageous and brave young man.

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    The book leaves you with a positive resolution which is nice, but I think it gets there in ways where it doesn t really address any of the issues it puts on the table The protagonist is from another world and he comes to America with his mother, etc There are parts that are nicely written, but I think she glosses over what she is trying to get at It isn t an unpleasant read though I never felt like I was wasting my time as I was reading it I guess its collective impact afterward is a little less than anticipated.

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    Loved the book, could not put it down,

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    Let me say this right up front this is not a story about kissing, or wrinkles, or things that are sour It s a story about redemption.Thomas Quicksilver was born in Isaura, a world that exists parallel to our modern Earth In Isaura, everything is pre ordained Family dinners are dictated weeks in advance, not because anyone wants it to be so, but because a group of fortune tellers called The Seers have predicted what they will be Each day, the citizens of Isaura visit the Seers to learn what their fate is for that day, and how it can be changed for the better In Isaura, most of the hard labor is performed by a group of people called the Changed individuals who were deformed or handicapped in some way on Earth but are made whole when they come to Isaura Both of Thomas s parents were Seers, but he and his mother were exiled to Earth after the death of his father Thomas was the one who found his father, lying on the kitchen floor dead and stripped of his Seerskin, a glittering golden membrane that makes it possible for Seers to do their work His mother had been skinned as well Thomas, afraid and alone, hid under the sink until he thought he could sense Cook, a woman who had cared for him his whole life, coming He reached up to grab her, but instead, pulled the curtains out of the kitchen window down upon himself she wasn t there yet, and the candles that were burning in the kitchen when he found his parents had set the curtains aflame Thomas was burned to the point of deformity.On Earth, Thomas s mother can use her precognition even without her Seerskin, and makes a living by telling fortunes Eventually, she starts to sense everything that is about to happen to everyone near her, to the point where she can t be around people any because her head has become so crowded with images of their futures She tells Thomas she needs him to return to Isaura, disguising himself as a candidate to be Changed, and recover her skin He reluctantly agrees to do so, but once he is in Isaura he finds himself distracted It turns out if he hadn t been so severely burned, he would have been stunningly handsome The Changed girls all want to spend time with him, and he enjoys the attention he s never had He falls in love with another of the Changed, begins to feel himself at home again in Isaura, and is tempted to forget about saving his mother and just stay there Thomas is torn between his desire to live a life he s never known and his obligation to help his mother.This is a book about redemption, though it comes to it in a roundabout way Melanie Gideon has created a fascinating world, and paints a picture of a society that is apparently serene, but exists only because of a disturbing social structure The world building Gideon has done here is Pucker s greatest strength Even when I was tired of Thomas Quicksilver, I still wanted to see how things would turn out for his world.Thomas Quicksilver is not a flawless hero, and the flaws he has aren t charming He is, however, an accurate portrait of a teenage boy If you put down Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix because you found Harry s behavior obnoxious, you shouldn t read Pucker If, however, you kept reading either because Harry s teenage antics amused you or because you wanted to see how he would grow through it all, then Pucker will provide you with a similar vision of a young man s growth Thomas Quicksilver does some things that make him near despicable, not the least of which is dating a set of girls all at the same time, disparaging them while doing it, and pursuing another girl who is the one he actually loves Still, these conflicting actions made him all the believable to me Teenage boys chafe against authority, love being an object of desire, and especially when denied a normal experience, as Thomas has been might drink too deep once offered life s pleasures While some of Thomas s actions hurt his likability, they absolutely cemented his plausibility In a book set in a world so different from our own, we need a foothold to understanding the world Characters who feel the same things we feel and do things we or people we know might do can be that foothold, and that s how Pucker succeeds.I would recommend this book to fans of the recent Harry Potter books and anyone who likes stories where utopias are maintained through dystopian circumstances.

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    I really enjoyed this book I m not a big sci fi kind of person, but, none the less, I enjoyed this book I enjoyed the character development and, at points, did not like the main character I feel that is good that I did not empathize with the character throughout I would love a 2nd book to this story.

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    Gideon, Melanie Pucker, 273 p Penguin Putnam Thomas and his mother fled their world nine years earlier after Thomas was badly burnt in a fire Even without her Seerskin, Michael s mother has visions which help pay their way on Earth Now, though, she will die without the skin the visions are driving her insane So Thomas undertakes the journey back to Isaura, knowing that he will be healed, but also that he must give up everything to return to save his mother I was faked out by the title and the cover, but still enjoyed the reading The book has a few swear words but one of them is F and a couple of breast mentions which TOTALLY could have been left out , which leaves this out of the middle school definitely you high school people will have to choose for yourselves Should be a big hit in the public library, though MS NO, HS OPTIONAL

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    Actual rating 3.5The beginning of this book had me thinking I wouldn t like it at all It felt like a jumbled mess of a story The middle was better, it flowed very well The ending was what helped I didn t like that it ended so fast All the good stuff happened in the last 30 40 pages, but it was really good I think if the author would have done a little world building, this book could have been 4 star read for me.

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    This book ended up being better than i thought it was going to be This story took many turns and pulled me in automatically Definitely a quick read for me the adventure of the knew world was very descriptive , so were the physical features of Thomas Q and his friends that hes had met in the other world.

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    Nice enjoyable sci fi read

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    A badly scarred teenager travels to his birth world to retrieve his mother s seerskin in order to heal her.

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