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A War of Witches : A Journey into the Underworld of the Contemporary Aztecs pdf A War of Witches : A Journey into the Underworld of the Contemporary Aztecs, ebook A War of Witches : A Journey into the Underworld of the Contemporary Aztecs, epub A War of Witches : A Journey into the Underworld of the Contemporary Aztecs, doc A War of Witches : A Journey into the Underworld of the Contemporary Aztecs, e-pub A War of Witches : A Journey into the Underworld of the Contemporary Aztecs, A War of Witches : A Journey into the Underworld of the Contemporary Aztecs ed8aa676dd3 A War Of Witches Is An Astonishing Account Of A World Of Magic And Sorcery That Echoes The Deepest Roots Of Aztec Mysticism What Begins As An Innocent Ethnographic Encounter Ends In A Revelation As Knab Uncovers The Ghoulish Dimensions Of A Blood Feud That Has Left Dozens Of Sorcerers Dead Wade DavisAuthor Of The Serpent And The Rainbow A War Of Witches Represents A Uniquely Original And Authentic Piece Of Research Into One Of The Most Difficult Topics To Penetrate And Evaluate The Highly Sacred Rituals Concerning The Gods And Lost Souls Of The Modern Aztecs It Will Long Stand As A Milestone In Anthropology Richard Evan Schultes, Harvand Botanical Museum Author Of Plants Of The Gods

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    Wow This was totally awesome, but difficult to wrap my head around An anthropologist gets immersed in local culture in remote Mexico He begins learning the ways of the curandero Indian folk healers and gets caught up in tales of soul stealing and witchcraft A first person account of fantastic and mystical stories, folk cures, healings, etc in village life Simply amazing.

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    Absolutely fascinating book If you re expecting a repeat of Carlos Castaneda, then don t It s not like that, even though it starts off that way Yes, it s an anthropologist finding out about Mexican sorcery and being taught their ways, but that s only half the story The real story is what he uncovers about Mexican history a war over land, between rich landowners who wanted coffee production, and peasants who wanted to grow food to live The war was fought not just with gunmen, but with witchcraft Bullets did battle with superstition and poison, resulting in gruesome murders and social upheaval Fifty years later, the participants have become old men and women, still retaining grudges from half a century earlier, still settling old scores in bizarre ways They appeal to the Lords of the Underworld for justice in powerful shamanic rituals, and fear the vengeance of those long dead.The entire story is worthy of a movie, it really is.For the student of mesoamerican sorcery, this is a goldmine It s packed with detail about their beliefs, including the geography of the Underworld, and shows how ancient Aztec magic survived into the late 20th century.

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    A book sitting in my library for years Witches have always interested me, probably prompting me to pick it up years ago In this story, we follow the author an anthropologist in his quest to learn the old Aztec ways from his mentors, Do a Rubia and Don Inocente.Do a Rubia is ill, and as he learns the old methods of Aztec healing while mixing in modern day treatment Whether the old healing really works is part of the story, but it certainly is important to Rubia and Inocente Rubia and Inocente live in the small town of San Mart n, and he slowly learns about the history of the town, including a War of Witches but there haven t been any witches here for a looong time The witched killed many people with a variety of tactics including using the underworld Was a witch after Do a Rubia Would one go after Timoteo the author as he learns the old ways and becomes a healer himself Set in Mexico, it brought back some memories from the years that I lived there If you like Mexico, anthropology, or Aztec history religion, this might be worth your time.

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    Review A War of Witches A Journey into the Underworld of the Contemporary Aztecs by Timothy Knab, San Francisco, CA Harper San Francisco, 1993 I was drawn to A War of Witches at the recommendation of Matt Wood, the author of a number of books on herbal medicine because of the important concept that it teaches us When one dreams of one s animal one gains eyes and ears in the spirit world Though it was written 26 years ago, this story through the underworld is timeless and needs to be read now to bring us in touch with those spirits that reside within us which can teach us how to survive in the approaching New World Timothy Knab, as an anthropologist, gained the confidence of two shamanic healers of an Aztec community in the mountains of Mexico such that they took him under their wings to teach him of their medicine ways In this community there was a history of numerous witches who used their ways to kill others in the battle for wealth gained through growing coffee to the exclusion of corn needed for the people s survival These murders led to murders that led to an open war between these two factions of the community, ending with the decimation of the witches Though Knab s search to uncover the history of this war was very fascinating such that the book was hard to put down, important to me was his dreamtime journey through the underworld, Talocan, an underworld that was quite extensively mapped by his two mentors, the blind Inocente and the elderly Rubia Both curers were very open in teaching him their ways of healing and journeying into the underworld, but they were very evasive in telling him about the War of the Witches As with several other anthropologist such as Felicitas Goodman in their search to understand the nature of the ways of a shaman, Knab goes beyond remaining aloof or objective in understanding these ways as is expected of anthropological research They become very personally involved in the ways of these shamans such that they gain a deeper understanding and the ability to personally experience such powers When the elderly Rubia becomes sick, she and Inocente believe that she was bewitched by a sorcerer Knab in his concern sought how he could help in healing her, which led him on his first journey into the underworld of a cave that was considered one of a number of entrances to the underworld To enter the blackness of this terrifying cave with it many dangerous spirits he needed to take a number of offerings to appease the spirits, including flowers, beans, and a live chicken to be sacrificed Innocente and Rubia tell him in detail the ritual he needs to perform to appease the spirits to protect himself and to retrieve Rubia s bewitched soul Some of the offerings were purchased from Don Pedro, a local merchant who was the person who eventually opened up to tell Knab about the war of the witches Upon his return from the cave Rubia and Innocente begin to question him about his nighttime dreams, looking for his spirit ally All his past dreams seem quite mundane but he does recall childhood nightmare of a black bull that they think has possibilities for this spirit But over the course of the book, with their encouragement as they interpreted his dreams, Knab s dreams become much intense, involve journeying into the underworld through its various entrances and into its various domains, some dangerous and others healing, with his dreams providing him with his needed spirit guides One dream character with the name Cruz becomes a pivotal figure in the story in protecting him in these dreamtime journeys Again Rubia and Innocente become evasive in telling him about Cruz, but Knab eventually learns that he was one of the witches who tried to bring about peace in the war of the witches but ends up as a spirit in the underworld along with the other witches who die in this war With my personal love for and valuing of my dreamtime experiences, whether from my nighttime dreams or my hypnotic and ecstatic trance experiences, and in working with these dreamtime experiences, I find A War of Witches especially exciting and valuable reading These dreamtime experiences are healing and provide considerable spiritual growth in soul recovery from the many major and minor traumas one experiences in life, and Timothy Knab brings alive the healing nature of these dreamtime journeys I believe that with global climate change and the possibility of the world as we know it coming to an end, there is much we need to do to change how we experience the world by returning to the ways of our hunting gathering ancestors A major change is to again learn to commune with the spirits of the Earth and of our ancestors to find the needed ways or maps for our survival, and this communication needs to be through our heart while experiencing these spirits in dreamtime This is why I have become a certified instructor of ecstatic trance as taught by Felicitas Goodman and the Cuyamungue Institute in New Mexico, and continue to offer workshops on ecstatic trance, one avenue into this dreamtime world If interested, I have written a number of books, beginning with the book The Power of Ecstatic Trance, a shamanic form of trance, and continue to write about and value these journeys into the world of the spirits.

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    So, Carlos Castenada had us all fooled Timothy Knab treds the same ground, but comes up with a much believable, if fantastic account A good read I m not sure what to make of it, but then, I ve learned to go with the flow.

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    I re read every few years It is an interesting insight into one thread of modern Aztec shamanic practices or witchcraft, as they call it in the book and the people who practiced it.

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    Though I d rather be a jaguar I meet my nagual, the possum, at every crossroads in my life since reading this booksometimes even on top of vehicles or AT MY FRONT DOORno bsread it

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    While the topic of the book is interesting the Aztec belief system, witchcraft and visiting the underworld in your dreams, this book felt like a never ending dialogue without a plot I couldn t wait for it to be over By writing this himself instead of finding assistance in turning his incredible research experience into a story, I feel the book lost out on it s potential.

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    Interesting read It took me a bit to get into it but once I did it was fascinating.

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    This is in a pretty similar vein to the Carlos Castenda books That being said, this does lack the directish personal development instruction that I prize in my favorite Castenda books.

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