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The Testament pdf The Testament, ebook The Testament, epub The Testament, doc The Testament, e-pub The Testament, The Testament 4eb6788f4d2 Troy Phelan, A Year Old Eccentric And The Th Richest Man In America, Is About To Read His Last Will And Testament, Divvying Up An Estate Worth Billion Phelan S Three Ex Wives, Their Grasping Spawn, A Legion Of Lawyers, Several Psychiatrists, And A Plethora Of Sound Technicians Wait Breathlessly, All Eyes Glued To Digital Monitors As They Watch The Old Man Read His Verdict But Phelan Shocks Everyone With A Bizarre, Last Gasp Attempt To Redistribute The Spoils, Setting In Motion A Legal Morality Tale Of A Contested Will, Sin, And Redemption Our Hero, Nate O Riley A Washed Up, Alcoholic Litigator With Two Ruined Marriages In His Wake And The IRS On His Tail Is Dispatched To The Brazilian Wetlands In Search Of A Mysterious Heir Named In The Will After A Harrowing Trip Upriver To A Remote Settlement In The Pantanal, He Encounters Rachel Lane, A Pure Hearted Missionary Living With An Indigenous Tribe And Carrying Out God S Work Rachel S Grave Dedication And Kindness Impress The Jaded Lawyer, So Much That A Nasty Bout Of Dengue Fever Leads Him To A Vision That Could Change His Life Back In The States, The Legal Proceedings Drag On And Grisham Has A High Time With Phelan S Money Hungry Descendants, A Regrettable Bunch Who Squandered Millions, Married Strippers, Got Druggy, And Befriended The Mob The Youngest Son, Ramble, Is A Multi Pierced, Tattoo Covered Malcontent With Big Dreams For His Rock Band, The Demon Monkeys Will Nate Get Straight With Rachel S Aid Do The Greedy Heirs Get Theirs What S The Real Legacy Of A Lifetime S Work The Testament Is Classic Grisham A Down And Out Lawyer, A Lot Of Money, An Action Packed Pursuit, And The Highest Issues At Stake It S Not Just About Great Characters It S About The Question Of What Character IsRebekah Warren

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    What I learned from this book 1 Everyone should have a fully executed will 2 A poorly written Will is bad estate planning.3 If you have lots of money and hate your family, make them think you are giving them 11 billion and then swap the Will that gives them nothing, and then jump off a building plunging to your death so that they can t do anything but settle with the estate This is my first Grisham book And many to come, I am sure

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    The Testament, John GrishamThe Testament is an adventure story by American author John Grisham It was published in hardcover by Doubleday on February 2, 1999 I am the owner of this glass paneled building, where I am sitting right now, ninety seven percent of the house building company, located below, with its surrounding land, half a mile, and employees Where they are busy everyone is in my possession I wrote a will two years ago, and I left all my assets to the last surviving I wrote another will, three years ago, and gave my property to charity organizations to get rid of the vultures, But 2000 1378 437 9646273165 20 .

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    An overly preachy and hastily written Grisham novel with his typical battle of big money versus the good of heart I am always drawn to Grisham for a good rainy day read and the premise sounded pretty good, but from page one this one is a waste of time Too many characters bogged the story down and it dragged on and on, especially when Grisham started getting preachy By the end of the book, it felt like Grisham had tired of the story himself, and just threw something together to be done with it.Think of me what you will, but I don t like missionary work, and it bothers me that the protagonist here is painted saintlike perhaps that is a poor choice of words because she chose this occupation in order to hide from the world the idea of God is just an afterthought Even though I am a Christian, I don t like to assume that my path is the only way to know God, and missionary work feels selfish than selfless because of this assumption Go into the jungles and deserts of the world and give out medicine and build houses without trying to put another notch on your belt for Jesus, and instead teach about the goodness we can all do for one another, and then I ll approve of the mission Until then it s not going to happen, and I was very annoyed with Rachel s character and the way in which she was exalted for what to me were shady motives.I saw Rachel as no less selfish than the other characters, even if there was a different motivation and product Even without the let down of an ending and the overabundance of obnoxious characters, the idea of the missionary as the protagonist in the good of heart role would have turned my stomach enough for a poor rating on this book.

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    I used to be an avid reader of the likes of Grisham, Patterson etc but found myself moving away from secular fiction after I became a Christian I remembered that a few of Grisham s novels had moral or Christian principles The Testament is one of these The story centers around the suicide of billionaire Troy Phelan He has effectively lived a careless life of self indulgence treating those around him with contempt He married three times and was believed to have had six grandchildren whose lives he also ruined by spoiling them with million dollar payouts at intervals No longer able to bear the weight of living he chooses instead to plunge to his death triggering an inevitable fight over his will But what if there was a mysterious illegitimate daughter serving as a missionary in a remote country. Nate is a recovering alcoholic He is also a lawyer and assigned to the Phelan case His task, to track down the elusive Rachel whilst resisting the allure of the bottle that has wrecked his life to date.I enjoyed this the second time round The biblical principle that the love of money is a route of all kinds of evil is clearly shown through this story The author also does a good job in highlighting how an alcoholic will always struggle with the temptation to drink.The author claims to be a Christian and as already noted I have seen these themes in his books at times He states in his bio that a close friend of his is a Baptist missionary In this novel he nearly explains the way of salvation in a manner understandable to all readers However, he also states elsewhere that he believes that faith is a private matter.how can it be private when we have been given the Great Commission by Jesus Himself and when people are perishing on a daily basis This author has a great platform for evangelism should he choose to use it He has spent millions of dollars on football stadiums which maybe shows where his priorities are.There are a few swear words in the book but it is not strong language There is no graphic violence or sexual content apart from a few innuendos I recommend this book.Check out my John Grisham Shelf

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    This is the kind of book we all hope to read Excellent story right from the start to the very last page.

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    SPOILER WARNING One of the best books I have ever read Grisham does a great job of blending the law genre and the adventure genre Nate O Reilly, the main character is a lawyer fresh out of rehab, for the fourth time Nate travels to South America to find out about Rachel Lane, mysterious illegitimate heir to Troy Phelan s 11 billion dollar will Out of Troy s 3 marriages, dozen s of children, Rachel Lane gets it all Nate travels to Cor mba, Brazil in hopes to find Rachel Lane, a missionary working in the Patanal swamp Not only does Nate find her, he befriends her But, she is unwilling to receive the 11 billion dollars Nate finally leaves to come back to D.C when he contracts Dengue Fever, and almost dies He is sent back to the states after recovering, but misses Cor mba Rachel was able to show him the ways of god and help him quit alcohol and drugs Nate decides to reinvent himself and visit the family from his broken marriages First stop is Salem, Oregon where he visits his young children Next he travels to Detroit to visit his older son, who had flunked out of college When he gets back he is ready for the trial Two Weeks after, the dispositions all done, it was time for the official trial Afterwards Nate travels back to Cor mba to get Rachel s signature on the papers Only to find out that she contracted Malaria and died She had left a holographic will of herself, taking the fortune she received in the will of Troy Phelan and putting it in a trust that Nate was in charge of The book ends on Nate s journey back to the states John Grisham

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    The Testament is a typical John Grisham novel which means it s an entertaining and suspenseful read Troy Phelan, wealthy and dying, decides to teach his ex wives and many children a lesson by changing his will and leaving his money to a daughter, Rachel, that no one knows about The book alternates between the family members and their multiple attorneys who are fighting to get their money, and Nate O Riley, a lawyer with the firm representing Troy Nate is just out of yet another rehab, so he s expendible He is sent to find Rachel, a missionary, which means traveling to the untamed jungles of Brazil and searching for someone who doesn t want to be found What was uniquely interesting about this book is that half of it is jungle adventures The descriptions of the unexplored parts of Brazil, the dangers of snakes and rivers and unfriendly Indians and deadly diseases, were exciting and I loved the contrast going back and forth If you like John Grisham novels, if you like legal thrillers, or if you like adventure novels, I recommend this book One of John Grisham s best.

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    I m going to write a review I m going to do it Why Personal reasons ahem first of all, I feel like John Grisham tries too hard to make this book seem action packed and suspenseful, when really, it s very predictable, cliche and slow moving You always know what s coming I found myself only reading one chapter, then putting it down Then coming back hours later, reading another chapter maybe two, then putting it down again, etc It didn t hold much interest The only reason I read it so fast is because a friend lent it to me, and I wanted to give it back as soon as I could The dialogue was bland, there was way too much legal jargon that no one cares about, his descriptions of scenes and people didn t really leave much to the imagination, and the plot was pretty weak An old, reclusive, very rich man who hates everyone commits suicide in the lamest way possible and leaves his fortune to a long lost illegitimate daughter who s a missionary in some far away country, so a lawyer has to find her and give her the money Big deal And of course, it wouldn t be complete if the lawyer who has to find the Christian woman is a drunken, drug addicted slob whom she helps to find God and he is reformed simply because she taught him to say Forgive me God Kthnxbai and your slate is wiped clean I guess that s all it takes nowadays And don t even get me started on her so called Christian teachings I think I only gave it two stars because it gave me something to do.

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    As the book title implies, this is a story involving the last will and testament of one of the wealthiest men in the world But it s really comprised of two separate storylines One is the wrangling of heirs and their unscrupulous attorneys to overturn the final wishes of the deceased essentially a money grab The second storyline is the journey of an ambulance chasing, alcoholic attorney who must brave dangers lurking in Brazil s in order to locate the rightful heir of this fortune.Grisham novels, IMO, tend to be hit or miss I loved Pelican Brief and The Firm Others, not so much This book was really great until the very end, when I felt the author must have simply run out of steam The ending, while it did kinda wrap up the story, left me feeling a bit cheated Still worth reading for the overall story, but don t expect to be particularly satisfied at the end.

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    A rich old man is dying,leaving behind an eleven billion dollar fortune.He doesn t want his ex wives or his children to inherit it.But the one he wants it to have,doesn t want it The setting is exotic,and memorable, in the Brazilian jungle.It is a thrilling adventure.Grisham spent time there himself,and gives a fascinating description.Still remember how much I enjoyed it,one of Grisham s best.

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