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Reaching for Sun summary Reaching for Sun, series Reaching for Sun, book Reaching for Sun, pdf Reaching for Sun, Reaching for Sun 55d4175b02 Josie Wyatt Knows What It Means To Be Different Her Family S Small Farmhouse Seems To Shrink Each Time Another Mansion Grows Up Behind It She Lives With Her Career Obsessed Mom And Opinionated Gran, But Has Never Known Her Father Then There S Her Cerebral Palsy Even If Josie Wants To Forget That She Was Born With A Disability, Her Mom Can T Seem To Let It Go Yet When A Strange New Boy Jordan Moves Into One Of The Houses Nearby, He Seems Oblivious To All The Things That Make Josie Different Before Long, Josie Finds Herself Reaching Out For Something She S Never Really Known A Friend And Possibly Interlinked Free Verse Poems Tell The Beautiful, Heartfelt Story Of A Girl, A Family Farm Reduced To A Garden, And A Year Of Unforgettable Growth

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    I had always thought I wasn t into books in prose, but I know I m wrong now It takes talent to tell a story without too many words, but with enough imagery to capture the readers interest.Josie is a girl with cerebral palsy and feels very much on the outskirts of life Until one day she meets a fellow outsider, Jordan, does she begin to feel a sense of normalcy Though the book is short we go through a year of Josie s life and quite a year it is On the lower right hand corner of the page there is a picture of a flower emerging and once you reach the end that flower is in full bloom, much like the journey of Josie s year of growing up I would have liked to have seen a novel based on these characters but I do understand that the author s strength is prose so I won t lament too much about that My favorite line, For the first time I feel as broken inside as everyone must see on the outside Though that is the line that touched me the most my favorite part would have to be on page 158 I think I really could appreciate this story even because I know someone who has to live like Josie, and it made me smile to know that Josie saw a way to live her life and be happy.

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    Reaching for Sun is a story in verse, providing the insights to the world of protagonist Josie, a girl who lives with cerebral palsy She is aware of her limitations and her strengths, as well as the social isolation during the middle school years She lives with two strong characters, her mom who is never home between work and school and her gram who provides warmth and wisdom As Jordan enters the story, the new sensitive and geeky kid in the neighborhood, Josie finds real friendship with a peer who sees her as a person rather than a disability When Gram becomes ill, Josie has opportunity to shine with her strengths, during time of sadness and loss The poems flow in this book, creating a vivid picture of Josie as she narrates her story It provides increased awareness of what it means to live with a disability in a seemingly authentic voice I was surprised at how quickly I read the book, in part because I did not want to put it down This format would be a good introduction to free verse in middle level and perhaps grades 9 10 I would include it as an option for a book group, introducing journal writing using a free verse format.

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    I usually hesitate with books in verse though the few that I have read I liked After being told how great Reaching for Sun was I decided to give it a try I read it in one day and it was effortless In the few words that are used I understood what was trying to be said Cerebral Palsy makes others around Josie think she is retarded but she knows full well about the things going on around her Josie is realistic in her views of the world but not really self pitying She is frustrated than anything I think.13 year old Josie has lived with her mother and grandmother for all her life and has never had a friend until a new neighbor comes in From there a friendship blossoms as they spend time together But it all isn t sweet and sugary just because of her new friend Josie sees her mother s efforts as being told that her mother think she needs to be fixed Classmates treat her as if she were stupid still A simple book full of feeling I might ve liked it better as a novel but for what it is it deserves a lot of credit.

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    I would recommend this book for grade 7 and up This is a story about a girl named Josie She has cerebral palsy and lives in a farm with her family Developers are trying to take the land from her family I love that this story is told from a seventh graders point of view in free verse It makes the story so much rich and almost tangible A rich boy named Jordan moves to a mansion behind the farmhouse, Josie soon realizes they have similar passions Jordan is neglected by his father, so he enjoys Josie s company Both Josie and Jordan love nature, so the novel is filled with botanical images a nice touch Josie s grandmother works with her in the garden and really helps her grow throughout the booklike a flower I really enjoyed the short chapters and the simplicity of the text The book was well written and easy to read This is a great book for all students and even for an all class poetry unit

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    So this is a rare occasion, but it I really enjoyed this book even though it was written in verse My main complaint with poetry books is that they I cannot connect to the characters, but this was not the case with this story.We follow young Josie who has cerebral palsy, and her life with her mom and grandma She meets a young boy named Jordan, and both become best friends, as he doesn t judge her for her disease unlike all other kids at school.This book was so sweet and heartwarming I couldn t put it down, and really enjoyed reading it.A definite recommend when it comes to poetry books.

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    Recommended for ages 10 and upFrom BooklistAs if seventh grade weren t enough of a challenge for anyone, Josie also struggles with cerebral palsy, social isolation, a mom she needs time and support from, and monster bulldozers that are carving up the countryside to build huge homes around her family s old farmhouse Enter new neighbor Jordan, a sensitive kid whose geeky, science loving ways bring a fun spirit of discovery into Josie s days He melds with her and her family, especially the warm and wise Gram, and the friends create a kind of magic as they conduct all kinds of plant and pond experiments Further challenges face Josie when Gram becomes ill and Jordan goes off to camp Then, risking her mom s wrath, Josie secretly ditches her hated therapy sessions when mother and daughter eventually reconcile, Josie emerges from her rough patch in a believable and transforming way Written in verse, this quick reading, appealing story will capture readers hearts with its winsome heroine and affecting situations Anne O MalleyI fell in love with this story and it s language Writing about poetry is difficult for me to do, so I dont know that I can express my full joy when reading this book The actual story of Josie s relationships with her mother, grandmother and friend was fantastic and engaging However, the language that Zimmer uses in this book toppled me I found myself bookmarking particular passage that I re read to friends and family members When Gram gives Josie a quilt with the colors of summer watermelon, tomato, blue skies and lemonade I was overwhelmed with feeling, thinking, Yes That is summer Zimmer, so gently and beautifully tells the story of Josie, often through metaphor of the flowers and plants in the garden and surrounding land I have never really liked poetry I didn t get it and didn t like the formulaic poetry we were made to write in school However, this book has completely changed my idea of poetry Gorgeous I will buy this book

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    Reaching for Sun is a wonderful book that opens up your eyes to what it is like living with cerebral palsy The book follows a young girl named Josie and is written in first person from her perspective One thing I really enjoyed about this book was that it was written in poem form, which kept me focused and intrigued throughout the whole book At the beginning of the book, Josie feels really alone and only has her grandmother to talk to until a boy named Jordan moves in the rich neighborhood next to her family farm He is really into science which fascinates Josie They begin doing experiments with her Gran with flowers and planting When summer comes, Jordan goes off to summer camp and Josie s Gran has a stroke which leaves her unable to talk and in the hospital I think that this book is a great example of all of the curveballs life throws at you and the strength it takes to persevere, as Josie does The book ends with Jordan and Josie s Gran coming back home and although things will be different you get the feeling that they are all going to be okay This book is a great realistic fiction novel because this story could easily be true It is very easy to connect with the characters in this book I think that any student 3 5 or older would love reading Reaching For Sun An activity you could use this book for is having students write poems focusing on a hardship in their life or using a character from the book.

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    A book told from the point of view of a girl with cerebral palsy in poems A voice that should be heard It s about finding a place in a world that doesn t consider you having a place Beautiful.

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    Zimmer, T.V 2007 Reaching for Sun New York Bloomsbury.181 pages.Appetizer Josie Wyatt is in the seventh grade She lives with her mom who is almost never around since she s trying to complete her college degree and her grandmother She hates school She s never met her father Her family has had to sell most of their farm land and must watch subdivisions for the rich be built around their house She is bullied by most of the kids at school And she has cerebral palsy.Reaching for the Sun is set over just about a year as Josie makes her first friend, deals with her grandmother s deteriorating health and struggles to find the words to get her mom to let her not participate in a summer clinic designed to help her with her cerebral palsy This novel in verse is written by Tracie Vaughn Zimmer, a local author who I have heard speak a couple of time, and who full disclosure made contact with the literary agency that would eventually represent me So far, this is my favorite book by her Josie s voice is honest and poignant The moment that really drew me in was when she thinks about what type of man her absentee father must be I wonderif he ditched me and Momwhen he found out about my disability,or if it gave him the excuse he needed typed letter left behind in the mailbox,no stamp.I wonder if I got my straightblond hair, blue eyes,and cowardice from him,and whether he s real smart,rich, and now got himselfa picture perfect family p 15 Ouch Throughout the book, there are also illustrations of a flower growing in the bottom right margin of each page As you go through the story, Josie grows and blossoms as a character and the flower grows and blossoms too I thought this was a wonderful touch that complimented the content and name of the story beautifully.Overall, I found Reaching for Sun to be a very touching and realistic story of a girl coming into her own.Dinner Conversation The last bell rings,butI m hidingin the last stallof the girls bathroomuntil I hearvoicesdisappear behind closingclassroom doors.Only thendo I slip outinto the deserted hallwayand rush to room 204,a doorno onewants to be seen opening.Not evenme p 3 With my odd walkand slow speecheveryone knowsI ve got special ed,but if I waituntil the hall clears,taunts like tomatoesdon t splatterthe back of my head p 4 Mom wants meto love school like she does,follow her lead to college,make my mark the first astronaut withcerebral palsy,or at leasta doctor or lawyer,something with a title or abbreviations, I guess.But Mom s dreams for meare a heavy wool coat Iwear, even in summer p.46.Tasty Rating

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    Reaching for Sun by Tracie Vaughn Zimmer is a 2008 Schneider Family Book Award winner This book is written in free verse poetry, narrated by the protagonist Josie Wyatt, a middle school student with cerebral palsy Josie lives in a small farmhouse with her mother and grandmother Acres of their farmland needed to be sold when her mom decided to go back to college to pursue her career Subsequently, the sold land becomes a new development consisting of enormous homes Fortunately for Josie, a boy named Jordan moves into one of the new mini mansions and he becomes her new and first real friend Jordan is a unique, quirky boy who sees Josie for Josie, not her disability and it s through him and Josie s voice, with her beautifully written free verse poetry, that we appreciate this unique friendship.The reader also sees clearly through Josie s eyes the social isolation, miscommunication, stereotypes and pain that come with cerebral palsy To avoid being seen walking oddly in the hallways between classes, Josie hides in the bathroom She also doesn t like people to see her entering Room 204 And the fact that she talks slowly does not mean she s retarded as many kids whisper behind her back Josie has many strengths, she knows herself better than your typical 12 year old and this story does a fantastic job showing us how she grows up and changes during the course of one year, especially when she encounters the challenge of Jordan going off to camp and her grandmother becoming ill When students read this book they will learn that what you see on the outside is not what is heard or felt on the inside And if they look a little deeper, they will learn that opening yourself up to friendships with all kinds of people, can change your life.On the bottom right hand corner of the book is a sketch of a blooming flower It starts off as a small bud and grows tall, in full bloom on the last page If you skim the pages quickly, similar to an animated flip book, you can see the flower move as it grows and eventually blooms as it reaches for the sun This would be a wonderful book to use in middle school when studying poetry, journal writing and what makes people different Tracie Vaughn Zimmer s webpage gives this a reading level from ages 9 through 12.

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