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  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 307 pages
  • Something About You
  • Julie James
  • English
  • 04 October 2019
  • 9780425233382

10 thoughts on “Something About You

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    Ok, here comes a quick and short review quite a feat for me P BAM BAM BAM What does it remind you of WhaMA WhaMA WhaMA WhaMA WhaMA WhaMA. C mon readers You know the answer Wheewammawamma BAM Wheewammawamma BAM Ok, clues Here they come Smack Smack Oh shit, I m cooommmminnggg Yes Oh yes YES You ve finally got it right It s the WALLBANGER NO NO NO Hold your horses, people Unfortunately it s not him Our wallbanger is. BAM SHOCKED Well, you know those little blue pills They re magical, readers Can make a man go on for hours and hours P They can work wonders Well, good for him P But not so good for Cameron Lynde. The wall behind the king sized bed shook with enough force to rattle her headboard, and Cameron cursed the hardwood floors that had brought her to such circumstances. Thirty thousand hotel rooms in the city of Chicago, and Cameron Lynde managed to find one next door to a couple having a sex marathon But this wallbanging business turns deadly What happened to the woman next door She s dead And Cameron finds herself in the very uncomfortable, undesirable position of being the sole witness to the murder.as if an assistant U.S attorney needs trouble on her plate sigh No sleep and a murderthis was definitely not her night And it takes a turn for worse when he walks in, the FBI agent assigned to this case.Agent Jack PallasHandsome of course Tall double of course.AndGlowering dark showing a brooding ill humor DHe s the same Jack Pallas who still blames Cameron for a botched crackdown 3 years ago and for nearly ruining his career.And getting him transferred to icy Nebraska..And 3 years later here they are Thirty thousand hotel rooms in the city of Chicago and she picked the one that would lead her back to him. They strike each other with razor sharp wordsBut at the same time they can t seem to keep their eyes and minds off each other image error

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    5 stars Contemporary Romance Romantic SuspenseThis is my first read by author Julie James, and I absolutely loved it I devoured this in a single sitting Something About You has everything I enjoy in a contemporary romance romantic suspense read Hot, brooding, gruff, protective alpha hero who s former Army Special Forces, a Special Agent with the FBI, and drives a Triumph motorcycle Check and YOWZA Strong, intelligent, yet genuine heroine Check Witty, often laugh out loud, dialogue Check Amusing, sexy repartee between the H H Check Perfect dose of suspense Check Electric, magnetic chemistry and smokin hot sexual tension Check Steamy love scenes Check Cover ties in perfectly with the book Check Now I m off to consume A Lot Like Love

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    My God, Jack with a look like that, you two should just get a room And try not to pick the one with a dead body next to it this time That s right Julie James,you have reduced me into a gibbering incoherent mess And that being said by a person whose job is to make valid, coherent arguments.Now every time I close my eyes,I picture Jack.freaking.Pallas More like a chocolate molten lava cake A dessert so sinful, so luscious, so filled with inner heat it made a girl want to lick each and every crumb right off the plate That was Jack Pallas I drooled.That s the ugly,embarassing truth.Whilst reading Something About You I.actually.drooled.And I thought my fangirl symptoms couldn t get any worse sighs Let s take it from the start.Cameron Lynde is an Assistant U.S Attorney who decides to give herself a treat and spend the weekend in a five star hotel,only to become witness to a murder involving a Senator.As if things weren t bad enough,the FBI investigation s leader is Jack Pallas,a man who holds a grudge against her for three years.When her testimony is the only thing that keeps the Senator out of jail,she has to constantly interract with said agent and the danger she faces brings them unexpectedly close If it makes you feel better, I don t give a fuck what comes through that door.They re not getting to you I loved loved LOVED this book It was really enjoyable and funny,with a generous dose of steam and hot n heavy tension generous meaning your skin crawled with anticipation and your mouth dried and yes,drooling and hyperventilation and extremely high pitched noices were involved.If I thought J.D from Practice Makes Perfect is hot,then Jack Pallas is a freaking volcano Lots of lava people.And sexual tension and angst and unspoken feelings and stolen kisses.Jack is glowering dark showing a brooding ill humor and fits the strong alpha male type that sets you on fire.Grumpy,sassy but extremely adorable when he admits how he feels,he is pure perfection Cameron is also a great,hilarious and relatable heroine and holy moly their chemistry is off.the.charts They are so stubborn that they keep fighting and bickering and driving each other crazy,until they embrace their feelings I also loved the secondary characters,Amy and Collin and Wilkins are fantastic Jack turned to Cameron Do you just line them up, waiting to yell at me, on the off chance I ll stop by Even though we learned pretty soon who the killer was,there was suspense and action,and secrets and betrayal that made Something About You a nice romantic suspense novel.My instinct about Julie James was right I have found a new favorite romance author

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    This was pretty fun It started off with an intriguing murder mystery, in which two characters that can t stand each other are forced together Oh man, could you feel the chemistry between them My hopes were high for some hate sex But then you find out almost immediately who the killer is, and the rest of the book quickly descends into OMG, WANT TO BONE CAN T BONE BECAUSE CAN T STAND OH WAIT, NO, THAT WAS JUST A MISCOMMUNICATION, LETS BONE with a side of Wait wasn t there a murder or something Oh, and sadly, there was no hate sex This review can also be found at The Book Eaters.

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    4.5 stars In all my years with the army and the FBI, there s only been one person I ve ever had any problems controlling myself around Thank you Katerina for recommending this book I have truly fallen in love with Jack Pallas But maybe I shouldn t have started this book at 11pm By the time I reached the climax double entendre lol , it was 3 am Not the best time to read about men hiding in your closet, let me tell you My heart was beating so fast and I was so paranoid I had to turn on the lights Sometimes, Assistant U.S Attorney Cameron Lynde has the most rotten luck She just wanted to pamper herself in a five star hotel without becoming a prime witness to a high profile murder case for a day Is it too much to ask for Now that she got herself involved, she s forced to interact with the one man who humiliated her three years ago because of a dropped drug syndicate case Tall, dark, and glowering, FBI Special Agent Jack Pallas has no wish to get involved with Cameron, especially since he believes she s the reason he got shipped out from Chicago to Nebraska three years ago But if they want to clear the senator s name and find the real culprit, he and Cameron will have to work closely together Lot of sexual tension here The two hate each other, but it s pretty obvious that before things went to shit, they had something going on there Those three years apart have not diminished their palpable chemistry, and now that they have to be in constant communication, they ll try to figure out if they can fight the strong they have over each other What the hell am I supposed to do when you look at me like that To be honest, I m not that much of a romantic suspense fan since I freak out easily, but damn it, I couldn t put this book down I had to know who killed Mandy, why he did it, and I wanted to see him and the rat get caught The culprit s identity is revealed somewhere in the middle of the book, but there s still a suspense factor because we don t know what he ll do once he finds out Cameron s the star witness.Jack freaking Pallas Man, I love my male leads tall, dark, handsome, and brooding Jack is all that He was a freaking badass undercover agent and he knows how to kill you using a paperclip He s sassy, has a sense of humor, and he s too damn hot But I loved how thoughtful he was and how protective and caring and loving and oh my god I can t I have too much feels image error

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    Another re read Yep, still a solid 4 stars I wish she would write faster Although she has a new one coming out soon The two main characters have a past, and not a romantic past, at that There was an attraction 3 years ago there still is Jack is sexy, handsome, rugged LOL Everything I like in a hero And he is a nice guy too Cameron is beautiful, independent, strong everything I like in a heroine Who the fuck is this guy I need to stalk him on Pinterest LOL Thirty thousand hotel rooms in the city of Chicago and she picked the one that would lead her back to him Julie James is an auto buy for me Solid reads every time What really caught her attention were all the books An entire wall of Jack s living took was filled with books hundreds of them organized neatly on dark mahogany shelves More books rested on the lower shelf of his coffee table Sigh, a man who reads ORIGINAL REVIEW BELOW Sometimes I am just in the mood for a nice, solid read of a good book with a good storyline, minimum sex and absolutely no BDSM or hidden agenda and stuff like that Julie James definitely delivers This was a re read and was just as good the second time around Look forward to her new book coming out very soon.

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    Fun Sexy Sweet.Julie James certainly made my addiction to her books reach a whole new level Something About You is a real page turner It captured my imagination, made my heart pound furiously, and melted me into a puddle.Cameron Lynde is an Assistant District Attorney who was just in the wrong place at the wrong time She was supposed to spend a relaxing night at luxury hotel, but turned out, she d become the only witness to a crime that involved a U.S senator And when she thought her day couldn t get any worse, then came Jack Palls, a man who made a comment on national television, told thirty million people that she had her head up her ass.FBI Special Agent Jack Pallas was assigned to this murder investigation He d believed that Cameron was the one responsible for ruining his career three years ago Given their history, how could he stay professional and handle this case like any other I loved almost everything about this story It was fast paced and it kept me engaged from the first page to the last Jack is so wonderful, so sweet, and sinfully sexy Some of the secondary characters nearly outshone the hero and heroine The dialogue was smart, funny, and true to life.Then why not 5 stars I really, really wanted to give this book 5 stars, but sadly, I just couldn t My reason was that I couldn t quite convince myself that Cameron is a warm or gentle or tenderhearted person Normally, I always admire strong heroines but I don t know why it was so hard for me to warm up with her Somehow I guess it might be because she has such a strong personality and that made me feel like she is half robot half woman I couldn t pretend that her lack of feminine charm didn t matter because it did, and that bothered me a lot.However, this was a great romantic story with the perfect amount of suspense woven in, one of my engrossing reads It was very well written and I really enjoyed reading this book Fans of enemies to lovers romantic suspense story shouldn t miss this one.

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    So this book caught my attention the other day when I read this quote More like a chocolate molten lava cake A dessert so sinful, so luscious, so filled with inner heat it made a girl want to lick each and every crumb right off the plate That was Jack Pallas and I realized that I really needed to meet that man Soooo, this became my random rainy Saturday read and I was not dissappointed Here s how I see Jack to start us off The book was a delightful, fun, lighthearted read a bit of a blend between murder mystery and romance. so I guess that would make it romantic suspense although there isn t anything that will put your heart in your throat That being said, I still didn t want to put it down.Right from the beginning, it had me laughing here are the opening lines of the book Thirty thousand hotel rooms in the city of Chicago, and Cameron Lynde managed to find one next door to a couple having a sex marathon Yes Oh yes YES Cameron pulled the pillow over her head, thinking as she had been thinking for the past hour and a half that is had to end sometime Trying to take a break from her life, Cameron decides that a pampered weekend in a 5 star hotel would be just what she needs Of course, its just her luck that she happens to be placed next door to the couple engaged in a loud, lengthy sex marathon Unpleased, she phones the front desk to complain, but when security arrives, the guy is gone and the girl is dead The FBI are called in and her luck keeps on coming when swoon worthy Special Agent Jack Dallas walks through her door With their rocky history from three years ago, neither of them are thrilled to be involved in the same case But as things escalate with the investigation leading to scandals, hostage situations, witness protection, shootings and , the sparks between begin them to fly Jack clenched his jaw Christ, Cameon What the hell am I supposed to do when you look at me like that Ignore it Stay focused on the fact that you hate me I m trying I m really trying here The story started out strong with the writing style being fun, smooth and catchy It is told from multiple POVs including the killer s The storyline is pretty typical mystery format engaging but not overly surprising, but its the BANTER that flew back and forth that was gold Fast, witty, funny it made the pages fly by Glowering she liked that description It was certainly insightful than the generic asshole she d been going with for the past three years Cameron was a strong, independent heroine Jack was a hot, swoony hero The book wasn t overly focused on the sexual aspect of their relationship, but they also didn t have any relationship crisis There was a bit of steam although I might have wished for some , a lot of laughs, and some mystery if you are a fan of romance but want to try out a quick, fun mystery, this would be a great read for you

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    This was picked for our Smut Monday Club reading and even though I read it before, I wanted to read it with everyone again I forgot how much I really liked this Actually after reading this for the second time, I realized I loved it This is a simple, drama and frustration free, romance There is no angst or love triangle to pull you hair out over There is just snarky, witty, banter between the main characters, Cameron and Jack, and a fast, fun, and super sexy plot Cameron is a prosecutor for the Chicago DA and happens to be at the wrong place at the wrong time She s staying in a fancy hotel, treating herself to some pampering while her hardwood floors are being re done Unfortunately for Cameron, she gets stuck next door to a very amorous couple that keeps her awake with their Viagra induced antics At the end of all this, we re left with a dead woman, and a Senator for a suspect Cameron ends up being the only potential witness in a high profile murder case with Jack Pallas, FBI agent, leading the investigation This is Cameron s worst nightmare because she has a less than friendly history with glowering, but hunky, Agent Hottie, Jack Don t worry, all this will be explained when you read this story you must, by the way I loved how well this story developed You don t want to put this down The plot is fast paced and well thought out, and the dialogue is smart and funny And let s not forget Jack Glowering, and darkly handsome, Jack Who doesn t lust after a hot, Alpha male in law enforcement Loved this description of him a lean, muscular build and a face that was just barley saved from being almost too handsome by that five o clock shadow and then this one Rugged hotness, sex in a shoulder harness So, yes, he was pretty much one of my favorite male fantasies characters Cameron was also a worthy female lead She was a strong, independent woman with a big heart and a lot of sass There were so many quotes that had me laughing and sizzling I laughed about this one Purple Hair stopped dusting blush over Cameron s cheeks Hold up Are you talking about the dark haired guy who came in with you The one who searched me before I could do your makeup Cameron grimaced Sorry about that Don t be it was the highlight of my month That s the guy you re holding out on Sweetie, you need to grab that stallion and ride him like a cowgirl Funny, I just had a vaguely similar conversation with my lovely GR friend, Laura, about cowboys Haha So, if you like romance, with a smart plot, do yourself a favor and pick this one up You won t be disappointed.

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    4 Stars Cameron, Assistant US Attorney and Jack, FBI Special Agent, had a major disagreement while working together on a case three years before Some of it got to national television and because of that Jack was transferred to Nebraska Now, after all this time, Cameron has to spend the night in a hotel and ends up being the key witness to an homicide next door And since there s a senator involved she ends up going to protective custody Well, the detective responsible for the case is nothing than Jack, who just got transferred back to Chicago and they both still have issues with the other But having to spend a lot of time together, they have time to solve their past problems and a lot of misunderstandings and when all that is out of the way, they start to find out that they don t dislike each other that much It may even be the opposite And they re both pretty cute finding that out I liked this book than I was expecting If I have one thing to say it s just it should have kept the level of fun we ve had in the beginning I started to be completely hilarious and that just got lost with the book, and it was sad Except for that, the story was sweet with some pretty heated moments and it got me hooked since the beginning Definitely, a series to follow Rating 4 Stars Storyline Not completely original and predictable at some points, but sweet, funny in some moments and with a nice reading flow Writing Style Third person Several POV s but mostly the main characters Pretty engaging Character Development although some minor annoyances, both characters are very likeable and their connection feels extremely real The supportive cast is also good Steam Starts late but it s kind of hot when it eventually happens HEA view spoiler Yes hide spoiler

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Something About Youcharacters Something About You, audiobook Something About You, files book Something About You, today Something About You, Something About You 0a679 Fate Has Thrown Two Sworn EnemiesOf All The Hotel Rooms Rented By All The Adulterous Politicians In Chicago, Female Assistant US Attorney Cameron Lynde Had To Choose The One Next To , Where Some Hot And Heavy Lovemaking Ends With A Death And Of All The FBI Agents In Illinois, It Had To Be Special Agent Jack Pallas Who Gets Assigned To This High Profile Homicide The Same Jack Pallas Who Still Blames Cameron For A Botched Crackdown Three Years Ago And For Nearly Ruining His CareerInto Each Other S ArmsWork With Cameron Lynde Are They Kidding Maybe, Jack Thinks, This Is Some Kind Of Welcome Back Prank After His Stint Away From Chicago But It S No Joke The Pair Is Going To Have To Put Their Rocky Past Behind Them And Focus On The Case At Hand That Is, If They Can Cut Back On The Razor Sharp Jibes And Smother The Flame Of Their Sizzling Hot Sexual Tension