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    WHAT I LEARNED FROM THIS BOOK Dragon Ball Z represents the journey of the black man in America RZA stands for Ruler Knowledge Wisdom Understanding Allah RZA lost his virginity when he was 11 to an older woman She also taught him how to play chess At the age of 12, RZA had already memorized all the answers to the 120 questions of the Nation of Islam While the rest of New York was caught up in hip hop fads and trends, Staten Island was nurturing something ancient, like Mothra Before RZA founded the Wu Tang clan he was sleeping on a boxing mat with his wife and daughter in a two bedroom Staten Island apartment that they shared with 6 other people RZA had a five year plan to take over hip hop, which began in 1992 with the release of 36 Chambers and culminated with the instant platinum 1997 release of Wu Tang Forever kind of amazing that this actually worked out He did all his best work during this period, spending nearly all of his time in a basement studio in Staten Island All he did was make beats, smoke weed and eat turkey burgers This is where Cuban Linx, Return to the 36 Chambers and Liquid Swords were recorded, produced, engineered, and mastered He bought eight digital compressors and tweaked each one to provide the best audio masters for each member of the clan He calls this his Gravediggaz period I looked older then than I do now The basement was flooded in 1996 and the studio was destroyed Wu tang would never sound the same again Like the line from Shogun Assassin That was the night everything changed Wu Tang Forever came out in 97, a very important year in mathematics 97 is 9 and 7, the year of Born God 9 and 7 is 16, and 1 and 6 is 7 the god number Ghostface Killah basically invented all the Wu slang He also went to a witch doctor in Benin to seek an herbal cure for his diabetes ODB s last words to RZA were I don t understand You can reach a higher plane of consciousness through fasting and meditation RZA was possessed by an Islamic djinn after smoking some raw angel dust RZA calls members of his entourage his disciples RZA s ELO chess rating is 1650, and his favorite opening is the King s Indian Attack, as taught to him by grandmaster Josh Waitzkin the kid from Searching for Bobby Fischer Barack Obama is the 44th president to be sworn into office, but is actually the 43rd man to hold the position since Taft served two non consecutive terms 4 and 3 is 7, again the god number.Anyways, I really liked reading The Tao of Wu, and I think you will too.

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    super disorganized somewhat confusing but whatever wu tang for life.

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    This was not a mix of religious spiritual banter , it was a hodgepodge of confusion Kinda like watching Spike Lee s rendition of the life of Malcolm X Do you seriously think it s the same as reading the actual autobiography Well RZA seems to think so There s always lessons to be learned, wherever you are, whoever you are The poor guy thirsted for knowledge, but he was stuck in the ghetto So he made the best of what he had and gained knowledge where he could From street folks, from comic books, from kung fu flicks Sadly his experiences also shaped his biases, which makes him someone I do not identify with, but we are much alike When he finally got out of the ghetto and had the world at his fingertips, his mind had already been permanently imprinted with his bigotries We all can suffer from this to some extent, but we must acknowledge the decent, RZA does not.His experiences of his formative years taught him things he needed to understand and apply in action in order to get by and survive A certain Ghetto Creed Since the system works for him, he assumes that it could work for everyone Except everyone doesn t live in the ghetto and even some that do live in the ghetto would not have to apply his logic to the world to get out I think the real truth to his words and the reason I even gave it two stars, is that in the begining, he was seeking truth, he wanted knowledge Unfortunately when he stopped he suddenly thought his sh t no longer stank Any rapper can tell you, they won the lottery They re a dime a dozen.Here s a thought, any of this money from this book going to the Boys Girls Club Or how about the YMCA What a hypocrit.

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    This is a must read for any fan of the Wu Tang Clan Let s be honest if you re not a Wu Tang fan, I m already judging you a little But if you read and like this book, I will have a far higher opinion of you Just kidding Sort of In this fascinating book, Rza tells several tales simultaneously He talks about his personal evolution and how his interest in comic books, Islamic teachings and Kung Fu culture all helped shape the man he is today He ruminates on loss and identity and love He also details the coming together and apart of the Wu Tang Clan, and the various personal relationships and experiences within the group s relatively short history He also talks about the history of hip hop, and the role it played in his life Despite the vast subject matter, Rza tells these intertwined stories in a non confusing and enjoyable way Rza often writes in a sparse style that s reminiscent of Lao Tzu s Tao Te Cheng Almost equally often, he writes lengthy sections of memoir.Somehow, the book still flows smoothly and eloquently.This is the kind of book you ll open with a mild curiosity, get completely drawn in and end up finishing in one sitting Whether or not you re a fan of the Wu Tang Clan.

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    This book pretty much rocked It was written by the RZA, who is a lot smarter than you would think, given that he s a gangsta rapper who spits about kung fu and meth Throughout the book, the RZA gives simple, but deep, knowledge through his experience with the Pillars of Wisdom, kung fu, living on the street, Mathematics, Islam, and the Wu Tang Clan He tries to make his lessons as universal as possible, so even the most sheltered, white people can relate to what he has to say In our close minded, mostly Christian community, I think its cool that the RZA uses knowledge from eastern philosophy and Islam to teach people about life and how to live it My favorite part of this book was when he talked about starting the Wu Tang Clan, and how poor they all were It was cool to learn the background story for the making of my favorite rap album, Enter the 36 Chambers The fact that the RZA made the beats for Method Man and Wu Tang Clan Ain t Nothin to F With in the basement of a little shack with electricity stolen from the neighbors is awesome to me Kind of a struggling artist story.I thought it was cool how smart the RZA is He knows about Mathematics and Enlightenment than you would expect He s been studying different religious texts since he was a little kid, without the help of a parent or guardian By the time he was a teenager, he was teaching other little ghetto kids about Islam and God He is one of the only actually religious people I ve ever really known about or had a lot of respect for If the RZA had never studied, there would be no Wu Tang, which is a big deal Overall, I m glad he wrote this book It gave me insight into the Clan, and also gave me simple advice on how to lead a better and fulfilling life.

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    Definitely worth reading for the serious Wu Tang fan, but don t expect too much from RZA

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    Real talk.

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    Last but not least I picked up the Tao of RZA at Border s closing sale last week for %70 off Out of the 3 books I probably enjoyed this one the most The writing was definitely the strongest, but I think a lot of credit could go to the fact that he had a co writer to organize all of his thoughts Basically, RZA sat down and did just rambled about his philosophies for a several hours and the co writer organized it into something cohesive Like Jay Z, RZA is at his strongest when telling the stories The best thing to me about the Wu Tang clan is how they made connections with other mythology and applied it to themselves RZA doesn t just like Kung Fu movies, he feels like they embody his life To RZA, Chess is Hip Hop, Kung Fu is Hip Hop, Religion is Hip Hop He is skilled at absorbing and integrating the things he loves into his music, like the ultimate fan boy RZA is at heart a just a huge nerd who is extremely talented in emulating his influences Because of this, he spends most of the time talking about his various obsessions and showing how he uses them in his music He doesn t sound humble either, but at least his excitement seems about his influences than himself.When RZA does get introspective about his career, he mentions that he has never had as powerful production as he did in the early days He has made thousands of beats, but they are not as appreciated because they are too polished He feels like not knowing the techniques makes for a better project Being an expert in something means you won t make anything new necessarily RZA s weakest moments are when he attempts to explain certain doctrines of principle To me statements like Knowledge is Power and Power is Water and Water is also Love because it s all around us are just Gobbledigook Talking about the 12 jewels is nice at all, but I m of a fan of practical information that the theoretical concepts that RZA is into He s better off writing about how he used to snatch guns out of people s hands than he writing about the practice of meditation and oneness Also, I wanted information on conflict within the Wu Tang He seems only comfortable when dwelling on the times when they were a cohesive unit, and doesn t get into their current differences and conflicts He mentions Raekwon saying, RZA, you want to make peaceful music, I want to make music that s basically punching people in the face, and that quote almost begs for information about their conflicting views Currently, Raekwon and Ghostface are the only really relevant members of the Wu Tang Clan, so it would have been interesting to read how he feels about their approach.

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    RZA s book is chaotic There s no table of contents The random meditations, life lessons, and stories seem misplaced His life chronology is jumbled up and difficult to follow The pillars of wisdom aren t parallel and they re hard to apply The Tao of Wu is like starting in a middle of a conversation He is God but Allah is greater He had the knowledge but then he pretended to forget it as his superhero alter ego He was reborn but still dead He s not religious but Islam is the way The contradictions are not self serving as much as they re piecemeal They make a kind of whole that I m not used to seeing but am trying to convince myself is still a whole Then 2 3 of the way through and he talks about the spiritual gift of confusion and I think, maybe that s the point There are jewels here tidbits of knowledge but the book left me wondering about all the unaddressed contradictions Again, I think that s the point Religion is one contradiction after another It s kinda what happens when you describe the indescribable.

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    You don t have to be a Wu disciple to enjoy this bookthough it helps RZA is an enlightened, deep thinker and provides insight into not only the world of hip hop and Wu slang, but into his spirituality an interesting combination of Islamic, Buddhist, and Christian studies He claims not to be a prophet, but one could easily argue that Prince Rakeem comes bearing knowledge and wisdom unique to his personal experiences with Kung Fu, religious practices, and world hip hop domination After reading this book, I not only felt enlightened, but like I was hearing 36 Chambers for the first time ever bear in mind this was the first CD I ever purchased for myself back in the 9th grade Highly recommended to all this is an important hip hop historical document Like any religious or spiritual text, I will be reading this again and again.

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