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    Sadly disappointing Great premise, very poorly put together It s far less about Amy reaching Tristan as it is about his ex girlfriend, a ridiculous caricature of a person, showing up and causing trouble But I m getting ahead of myself.Amy is hired to assist babysit Tristan, a teenage boy the same age as herself, who was injured in a show jumping accident, leaving him blind, angry and frustrated All attempts to help him, doctors, specialists, therapists, have failed Wow, this should be really good How is this girl going to reach into his dark world and help him Eh, no biggie, she just shows up and says let s go for a ride and that s about the end of the angst Too bad no one else thought to put him in the car and take him to the stable Of course, she LIES to the blind boy after all, he can t see the difference that no one else is there to see him or feel sorry for him.Then a few days later they go to his school he s been out of school for two months or so, but he s still going to graduate his mother is thought to have paid off the school board to practice for graduation and because Amy listens to malicious gossip, she gives Tristan a soft drink that makes him gag, he jumps up in anger because Amy did it on purpose to see if AFTER TWO MONTHS he is faking his blindness and he falls to the floor in front of all his classmates He was trying to not appear blind to them, but Amy spoiled that for him.This kind of mean behavior continues, with Amy s friends waving hands in front of his face, Amy s long lost brother this long lost nonsense played NO part in that story does the same and when the poor boy comes to dinner, Amy s mom serves him a pasta dish with flowers in it and no one tells him until he scrapes a flower petal out of his mouth What is the matter with these people Are they all lacking in compassion So Amy falls for Tristan and they kiss which to her means that they are in love or does it Because the very next day, Tristan s girlfriend actually ex girlfriend, but this takes a while to become apparent , Lexus, who is a gorgeous model, shows up Amy calls her The Creature which was okay for a time or two but not continually So we have a sort of love triangle.There were things about this that didn t make sense For instance, why did Amy need to drive them everywhere Lexus is an adult, had been living in Europe working as a model and she doesn t drive Silly.The thing that bothered me the most was that Tristan dealing with his blindness was mostly dropped after the first few chapters I thought this was going to be about how Amy really struggled to reach out to him and bring him out of the dark place where he s been, but it was actually just a silly romance story with very little depth The whole blindness issue seemed relegated to being a simple meet cute although emo than your usual one That s too bad because the idea of it is really intriguing It needed a lot character development I think a mature author could have made this story something special and so much than what s here It feels like it was written by a teenager.Also, there are tons of grammar and typos, needed editing At one time the author calls Tristan s little brother by Amy s older brother s name and that confused me At least once a chapter, Amy tucks a strand of hair behind her ear to the point where I was just waiting for the hair tuck Amy s phone calls to her friend Ahna, are almost the same, with Ahna screaming so that Amy has to take the phone away from her face, etc I felt like I was re reading the same scene.All in all, even though it s a very quick read, I d say skip this one.

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    3.5 stars When I first read this book s blurb, I thought it sounded a lot like Me Before You xD. I enjoyed this book a lot DI liked the author s way in describing Amy s thoughts and feelings xD..Ofcourse the ending was so expected, but it was still cute P..

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    His Eyes is a quick, sweet, heartwarming read which I devoured in one sitting.Amy is a very likable character as she takes on a job most girls her age would immediately turn down as soon as they realized the guy they would be babysitting was the same age blind At first the job is a way for her to rake in the money to help pay for her college tuition.The time she spends with Tristan she realizes that its becoming less like a babysitting job and like hanging out with a friend who she is starting to fall for.Tristan is very stubborn in the beginning and is not willing to allow anyone to help him He is struggling with the loss of his eyesight after having an accident in a showjumping competition He has shut himself away from the world and is mourning not only the loss of the life he once had but also the deaf of his father.When Amy first starts the job Tristan locks himself in a closet , childish at his age but he thinks it will have the desired effect and make Amy reconsider taking the job Tristan is shocked when the next day Amy shows up bright breezy ready to take him on a trip Conversation between the pair is not easy and there are afew awkward moments but the time they spend together the relationship grows The chemistry between the pair kept me turning the pages I especially love the scene where they go horse riding as it shows the trust they have in each other Obviously nothing ever runs smooth when it comes to love and Tristan s ex girlfriend shows up, who is totally annoying you want her to hurry up disappear,lol But Tristan lets her get away with murder making Amy practically obsolete and feeling completely shut out I loved it from start to finish but I think it could have been longer just to allow time to delve deeper into Tristan s struggle with the loss of his father, his blindness and his reluctance to adapt.Would definitely recommend

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    this book was pure sweetness, not the artificial kind like Splenda, but like natural straight out of a cane brown sugar.Despite of the fact that there was so much tragedy in Tristan s life, loosing his sight, his father and his girlfriend,I never ever doubt he will make it through, he was such a good character everything about him was described perfectly, I felt like I really know him,and then we have Amy, the girl who helped him find light again in the world of darknessman I feel like going out and kiss some random stranger just to spread the loooooove .And Tristan s little siblings were great too they were such sweet kids they had just lost a fatherbut they were still sympathetic towards their big brother, they understood he needed the attention right now, I loved them and his mom was great too in fact, almost all secondary characters in this book were interesting and feel real and not justlike random people filling holes in the story, that was a change.So, to sum up this might not be the most beautiful writting I ve read, or the most original story in the world,but it was sweet and sooo cute and made me enjoy a thursday s afternoon much that I would have if I had just watched re runs of friends on tv,those 4 hours it took me to read this were well occupied and I m SO glad I did PS They prologue was just the cherry on the ice cream

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    Nooooooooooooo, this book was supposed to be amazing I read the blurb and I thought this is going to be amazing IT COULD VE BEEN The story was far too short and. is it weird to describe this story as diluted I mean, it wasn t horrible or anything, but it could ve been much better The ending, the chemistry, the everything.Tristan is a rich teenager with a Mercedes benz Cabriolet and a passion for show jumping Good looking, an equestrian, richI mean, who wouldn t fall for him Well, there s this catch, he s blind He suffered a terrible accident and is refusing to adapt to his disability.Amy Turner is the daughter of a hippie, with an MIA older brother, and is hired to work for twenty dollars an hour helping Tristan out to pay for her college tuition Yes, yes, they fall in love, or at the very least, they like each other like a lot Amy was cool, Tristan was cool But the story kind of died off for me I mean, this was supposed to be beautiful I played it out in my head, how he was supposed to really truly accept his loss of vision but it seemed too short and rushed imo.I won t elaborate further, otherwise I ll be a huge spoiler.

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    I m really not sure how to rate this book.On the one hand it was a nice read and I enjoyed it It was really easy to get into it Amy seemed like a really nice character Just like a eighteen year old should be.I really liked the general idea of the book, that s why I bought it But on the other hand it was too short and therefore a bit rushed Especially at the end It feels like there are important parts missing The whole thing with Amy s brother for example He s gone for ten years without a real explanation and when he comes back everything s just fine That s not really believable So, I wasn t sure how to rate it And 3 stars seems right.I can t give because I expected it to be better.But I enjoyed it so I ll give it 3 stars.

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    Girl meets boy is the staple of YA novels and the who s and how s make all the difference between the memorable ones and the otherwise forgettable His Eyes has the makings of a great story she s a girl with a lot of college dreams without the money to back them and he s the proverbial Mr Popular Rich Hunk whose been knocked on his ass both literally and figuratively a horseback riding incident left him blind and isolated from the familiar good life The set up is ripe with conflict and angst filled possibilities Amy is hired and well paid by Mr P.R.H s mom to play babysitter to Tristan s former charming turned depressed HS senior playboy refusing to adapt to his accident The sparks fly Tristan s younger siblings, little bro Chris in particular, straddle the lines between Loki and Cupid for these crazy kids Little push and pull here, little to serious misunderstandings there, and Carter has a sweet little story brewing about two individuals falling for each other naturally even though they d never have crossed paths otherwise I was along for the ride Until it is derailed by Tristan s ex girlfriend Don t get me wrong, I love a good ex comes back and stirs shiz up storyline, but it seemed misplaced and wholly unnecessary here Instead of adding compelling antagonism to Amy and Tristan s growing relationship or even Tristan s recovery, the entrance of The Ex is superficial and abrupt This superficiality is emphasized with the rather extreme characterization of Lexus the aptly named ex as the perfect rich blonde model who has not blood, but pure bitchiness, selfishness, and heartlessness running through her veins with a dash of idiot for good measure In effect, her presence infects the intelligence of the people around her Based on Lexus levels of ridiculous like her nefarious plans to use blind Tristan to generate buzz in the modeling industry , readers aren t supposed to like Lexus The trippy thing is no one in the book actually likes her aside from Mommy Warbucks So instead of shaking things up, Lexus only purpose is standing between Amy and Tristan sometimes literally the girl is like Elmer s to delay the book ending for chapters.So you might be asking yourself Well, isn t that the whole point of the ex comes back trope To stand in the way of our twosome getting together Absolutely, but here It comes across as a hastily inserted hindrance within a story that was unraveling organically around Amy and Tristan, creating classic and rootable angst and revealing layers of personality for each But before we see these two truly struggle with their differences and they are a plenty , the entrance of Ms External Antagonist sweeps the conflicts under the plot rug Carter builds great tension between Amy and Tristan before Lexus arrives wrong side of the tracks, falling in love vs just doing the job, distrust mixed with dependence, etc Once Lexus exits All ends up deus ex machina ing itself into oblivion, leaving only the fresh linen scent of a HEA.The reading experience was ultimately disappointing because the book had good ideas and characterizations failing to manifest as a whole There are cute, flirtatious scenes, music shout outs, and realistic enough family tussles for drama Amy and Tristan are likeable folks when Lexus isn t around They have a great hook and I was looking forward to experiencing their fallout and or coming together, but the pieces just didn t come together satisfactorily.

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    My Thoughts Where to start I will start with the price I usually do not worry about prices but this one is around 10 dollars on and its less than 200 pages which is a bit to me for such a short book BUT, it is worth every cent I loved loved this book We meet Amy who is in desperate need of money so she can go to a private expensive college so she takes up a job to babysit Tristan She does not know he s her age And whats He s blind He went blind from a horse competition They start spending time together, and than his old girlfriend who is supposedly hot shows up Without giving away the whole book, I will just say this book is amazing I felt myself very entertained with the remarkable chemistry between Amy and Tristan I also liked all the side characters, his family and her family I particularly like his little brother Its one of those that leaves you thinking about it for days The kind that gives you butterflies while reading it Its a great love story and when miracles like these happen, the two falling for each other, it is wonderful and gives me hope.Overall Renee Carter did it right She wrote a beautiful and amazing story I was hooked from the first page and over the course of the book I felt myself falling in love with Tristan I didn t want it to end I could have kept reading about them forever LOVED IT Cover Cute cover We don t get to see what Tristan really looks like so we can imagine him in our minds how we want him to look I like the sunglasses on the ground and I like how we can just see the legs Very artistic and beautiful just like the story I m not sure, if they are Amy or Tristan s legs His sunglasses are right there but his shoes look like a girly color I m not sure, either way cute cover originally reviewed at princessbookie.com

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    The premise of this book was so promising, that I was itching to read it right after learning about it I was looking forward as to see the how the novel would tackle the complexity of emotions that could only spring from such a situation, excited to see how the two people who are unlikely to be seen together at normal circumstances would help each other with their personal situations and find themselves falling in loveBut alas, I was dismally disappointed at the execution of the novel The elements were all there, but unfortunately they were ineffectively utilized to stir up any kind of attachment emotional, intellectual, psychological from its readers The characters and the story were so poorly developed not to mention that the conflict turned out shallow as well view spoiler the author should have made the ex girlfriend of a contender, but when she was so blatantly developed as a selfish airhead bimbo, what challenge did it pose to our protagonist I mean, how can Lexus even use the one asset the author gave her her looks to challenge Amy, when Tristan was BLIND to it It was like throwing the game It baffles me how this could be considered a significant conflict hide spoiler

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    It was a really nice, short, cute and a perfect book to read on summer holidays I mean, its only 196 pages, and I finished it in 1 2 hours Its that kind of a book in which you already know the ending but still you are reading it because its fun and makes you happy Its a story about this girl, Amy Turner, who wants to find a way to pay for college after graduation Then she answers an ad to baby sit a boy But the boy is blind and he s her age Then gradually they both fell in love and then suddenly theres Lexus, His ex girlfriend who comes back Then Tristan has to choose between Amy or Lexus This book was really cute and in the end it makes you smile One thing which I really like about these types of books is that it takes you away from those dark fantasy books which we read all the time for a moment And this can also happen in real life, and you can imagine it too DCute, Cute, Cute 4 5 stars

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His Eyes summary pdf His Eyes , summary chapter 2 His Eyes , sparknotes His Eyes , His Eyes 61742b1 Amy Turner S About To Graduate From High School And All She Wants Is A Job Actually, All She Wants Is To Find A Way To Pay For College Amy Certainly Isn T Looking For Love When She Answers An Ad To Baby Sit A Boy She Just Needs The Cash But The Job Has A Catch The Boy Is Blindand He S Her Age Tristan Edmund May Be Hot, But He Doesn T Want Amy S Help Or So He Thinks After Being Blinded In A Horse Show Jumping Competition, Tristan Spends His Days In The Dark, Refusing To Accept His Disability Much To His Annoyance, Amy Bursts Into His Life And Drags Him Into The Light But Just As The Two Begin To See Something In Each Other, Tristan S Beautiful Ex Girlfriend Shows Up Will The Temptation Be Too Much, Or Will Tristan Choose The Girl Who Really Sees Him

  • Paperback
  • 196 pages
  • His Eyes
  • Renee Carter
  • 01 October 2018
  • 9781432742133

About the Author: Renee Carter

Even before she could use a pencil, Renee has been a writer She began by telling stories to a cassette recorder and using dolls for props Countless short stories later, Renee finished writing her first chapter book at age eleven At thirteen, she developed her writing style through fan fiction novellas and she discovered the power of an online audience His Eyes is Renee s first novel She curre