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Blindsided summary Blindsided, series Blindsided, book Blindsided, pdf Blindsided, Blindsided e402658162 In Many Ways, Natalie O Reilly Is A Typical Fourteen Year Old Girl But A Routine Visit To The Eye Doctor Produces Devastating News Natalie Will Lose Her Sight Within A Few Short MonthsSuddenly Her World Is Turned Upside Down Natalie Is Sent To A School For The Blind To Learn Skills Such As Braille And How To Use A Cane Outwardly, She Does As She S Told Inwardly, She Hopes For A Miracle That Will Free Her From A Dreaded Life Of Blindness But The Miracle Does Not Come, And Natalie Ultimately Must Confront Every Blind Person S Dilemma Will She Go Home To Live Scared Or Will She Embrace The Skills She Needs To Make It In A World Without Sight

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    Actual rating 3.25It took a while for Natalie to come to terms with what was going to happen to her sight, but I can understand completely why it would I don t think I d be able to cope very well at all knowing that I was preparing for being completely blind.This could be a bit slow at times, but it was an interesting read.

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    I really liked the premise of Blindsided I honestly can t even imagine how it is to be blind It must be especially difficult for someone who is used to having vision and then slowly lose it And then to completely lose it while you re a teenager must make it that much harder to adapt with everything else that goes on in your life That being said, I think that Blindsided is one of those books where the overall plot doesn t reach the potential that it can.Blindsided is a very educational book It tells you sort of what it s like to lose your vision It tells youbut it doesn t show you There s very little that happens besides informing you of what blindness is like In fact, the book just dragged on because very little actually happened after you remove the informative part There was also very little development to the other characters besides Natalie I understand that she was the main character, but the author should have given the supporting characters to do.Blindsided also seemed a bit too preachy for me as in telling Look This is what happens when you do these bad things and it came off condescending It seemed like the author had a bit of an agenda First, there was a minor detail about the students wanting guns to be illegal and adding Oh, so and so, is blind because someone shot him in the head With a GUN And then there was the issue of the choking game Oh , so and so is blind because he wanted to get high off choking themselves But one quote that really got my blood boiling was the one that one student said about her cutting Anyway, I m over it now The cutting stuff That was juvenile crap anyway You know My little cry for attention I have friends who have been cutters and I can say that cutting is not a little juvenile phase It s a serious problem And if cutters are so desperate for attention than why do they HIDE their cuts with long sleeves and bracelets Sorry But I call B.S.So, I found Blindsided to be extremely disappointing I respect the author for wanting to raise awareness about blindness, but this was 95 percent informative and 5 percent actual novel Those aren t good odds And I really don t like being beaten over the head with these moral lessons and things that teens ALREADY know is bad for them.

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    This book is an Amazing book introducing you to the world of the blind It really opens your eyes and shows you what its like to be blind and can t see your future literary Natalie overcomes the fact that she is blind and won t be able to do the things that normal people do She doesn t want to take the fact that she s gonna be blind Since she is loosing her vision little by little she needs to learn the techniques of a blind person to go on with the rest of her life This book is an amazing narrative it opens up your eyes to show you what the world is like when one day you wake up blind if you haven t read it READ READ READ READ READ READ READ READ READ READ READ READ READ READ READ READ x100

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    This book was amazing I liked it because it taught me a lesson to never give up It was pretty sad almost at the end.

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    The book was decent, but it was very predictable, and it moved very slowly.

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    The summer before my junior year of high school, I had the opportunity to go to Alaska I got to see killer whales, glaciers and all kinds of fish up close The following spring, I went to Paris with my French class I got to see the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, Le Chateau de Chambord, World War II monuments and so many other things I thought of these experiences while reading Blindsided by Priscilla Cummings.What if I had not been able to see all of that It would have been a totally different experience More sensory than visual.In Blindsided, Natalie O Reilly is a 14 year old girl, who has been losing her eyesight since she was 8 Her early memories memories are filled with colors, family and the animals on her family farm in Maryland From the outside, Natalie is the typical teen She has friends, gets good grades and is on the student council But inside, Natalie is crumbling Born without an iris, Natalie s doctors have been preparing her for the inevitable As long as she remains positive, Natalie thinks it s ok to ignore her mounting accidents, bumps and falls She has so much going for her why does she have to accept losing her eyesight She was fourteen now, on the brink of so much, and maybe, from now on, she would have to get through it by doing what she had always done tune out the naysayers, like turning off a radio station with too much static And hope for the miracle Natalie wants to wallow in denial, but her parents want her to accept reality, and send her to a school for the blind Natalie sees the school as a way to enhance her skills, rather than preparing her for life as a blind person Her roommate Gabriella a.k.a Bree is a lot like Natalie deep in denial They eventually form a deep friendship Another accident forces Natalie to face reality.Walking with a cane, learning Braille, learning how to count steps and learning how to accept her fate is daunting but necessary It is easier to be blind than to pretend you re not blind I found this little gem on my recent spy mission to the YA section of Borders I wanted to see what was the appeal I always thought you needed to be a teenager to relate to teenage problems It s nice to know that isn t the case I m not a total YA convert, but Priscilla Cummings writing swayed me in a big way Her writing totally captures Natalie s teenage angst I found myself wanting to cry for Natalie Not many books make me want to cry, but Cummings came very close How can you prepare to lose something as precious as your eyesight In your teen years you feel invincible Nothing is going to bring you down Natalie holds on to that belief The book is also very well researched Cummings spent a full academic year attending school with blind students With such a perspective, Cummings fully captures the emotional roller coaster.Rating Superb

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    Blindsided is about Natalie, who, at first, appears to be a perfectly normal 14yr old But one of her regular visits to the doctor brings grave news Natalie will lose her sight She is sent to the school of the blind, where she has to choose between living scared or living life I decided to read this book because it was different from what I usually read It completes the category of term 1 s theme social injustice The book talks about Natalie s physical and mental struggles as she loses her sight, and how she was treated unjustly by some of her old friends and other members of the public It was a really interesting theme My favourite quote from this book is when Anarb, a blind boy from the academy, and Natalie are sitting on a bench together by themselves He asks for permission to touch her face so he knows what she looks like Natalie lets him When he s finished, he says, I knew you were beautiful I love this quote because people generally refer to as something seen with the eyes but it s so much than that I knew loss of sight is a very big disadvantage What I didn t realize, until after reading this book, was how inconsiderate people are Natalie s friends made inappropriate jokes, people on the street said nasty comments, and public places didn t provide appropriate services I mean, how hard is it to make a few braille menus Natalie, the main character, is really interesting She is so brave, especially in the end of the story Her and her best friend Meredith were in the barn with a bear outside trying to get in Natalie, now completely blind, loaded the gun and taught Meredith how to use it, Meredith was kind of panicking about the bear and preparing to shoot it while Natalie was helping her goat give birth.

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    Reviewed by Jaglvr for TeensReadToo.comNatalie is slowly losing her eyesight When she was about eight, she started to stumble and walk into things Born without irises, the part that controls the amount of light allowed into the eye, the pressure is continuing to grow Having endured multiple surgeries and continuous eye drops, Natalie prays that she won t go totally blind.But a few weeks before school is to start, she receives the worst possible news There is nothing they can do for Natalie, and now, it s best she be prepared The doctor tells her that one day, she could wake up and be completely blind So, with reluctance, she is sent off to the blind school in Balti.Natalie considers herself different than everyone else After all, she can still see And some of the kids at the school require a lot help There s even a sign above her bed that says Makes own bed It angers Natalie.Natalie is resistant to what the school wants to teach her She refuses to use a cane She can t tell the difference in the Braille dots She finds the Brailler machine hard to use It s all so pointless That is, until the day Natalie has prayed would never happen occurs She literally wakes up one morning and is unable to see From that day forward, Natalie is determined to learn all she can.BLINDSIDED follows Natalie as she comes to terms with her disability It shares her father s denial of her vision loss, her mother s push for Natalie to succeed, and the wonderful teachers that force Natalie to do all that she can When Natalie is placed in two different situations where her disability could harm her, the reader realizes that blindness doesn t stop someone from living it just forces them to develop different priorities and strengths.

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    I picked this book up in 2012, I think it was a book swap This was another one that got put onto my shelf and left I piked it up several times to read and would put it back down again I finally managed to tackle some of my TBR shelf, and Blindsided finally made it into my hands.I didn t really know what to expect from Blindsided, this being my first book by the author, Patricia Cummings, but I found myself really getting stuck into this book The idea behind the story is sad, and seeing the struggle that Natalie has to go through was heartbreaking, each new hurdle for her is a giant leap of faith and trust, trust that what she is being told is correct, having the faith and belief in others that they wont let her fall.Blindsided was an somewhat emotional read, and I liked the little touches of having braille in the chapter headings, and an example of some letters at the end of the book Blindsided really made me think of how much I take for granted, even my own bad eyesight, and I could not imagine the struggle that others go though when they have to experience this for themselves.

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    The author attempts to craft a narrative around intriguing concept, but fails to follow the rule of show, don t tell Instead of reading as a compelling novel, it comes across as a fictionalized account of how to be blind What the author does well Capturing the technical and physiological aspects of being blind and describing the curriculum at a school for the blind What I missed A less obvious climax Throughout the novel, the author mentions a self defense class of course, the protagonist encounters just such a situation but with tragic results I also missed a complex narrative arc and complex characters The potential romances it is YA, afterall between the protagonist and two different boys felt formulaic and unresolved on either account I commend the author for treating such an issue respectfully and knowledgeably I just wish it didn t read so completely as an issue book.

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