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The One Where the Kid Nearly Jumps to His Death and Lands in California files The One Where the Kid Nearly Jumps to His Death and Lands in California, read online The One Where the Kid Nearly Jumps to His Death and Lands in California, free The One Where the Kid Nearly Jumps to His Death and Lands in California, free The One Where the Kid Nearly Jumps to His Death and Lands in California, The One Where the Kid Nearly Jumps to His Death and Lands in California fe779858e Mom Didn T Think It Was Funny When I Took Off My Leg At School, Put It In My Locker, And Then Tied A Rag Around My Stump With Fake Blood On It After That, Though, The Kids At School Pretty Much Knew If Anyone Was Going To Be Cracking Jokes About My Leg, It Was Gonna Be MeSo Says Thirteen Year Old Alastair Hudson In This Darkly Humorous Comingof Age Story About The Relationship Between Alastair Who Calls Himself Stump To Draw Shocked Attention To His Missing Leg And His Father, Who Left The Family After The Accident That Resulted In The Amputation Five Years Earlier When Alastair Is Sent To Spend The Summer With His Dad And His Dad S New Wife, Father And Son Are Forced To Confront The Truth Of What Happened Years Ago, Finally Allowing Alastair To Move Forward With His Life

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    I chose this book when I found it on a shelf at the library In this book, Alastair Hudson, a thirteen year old amputee dreads going to spend the entire summer with his mother s ex husband and his new wife Life becomes slightly bearable when he meets Jesse on the plane He doesn t realize that this older girl that he has a bit of a crush is his stepmother s niece He ll do anything to impress her, even if he has to learn to ocean swim with just his one leg He also must mend his realtionship with his father, even though it drives him crazy My favorite quote is, Sergio looked down all casual like at my legs So do you swim with or without your prosthetic I have a special swimming one with a secret four horsepower propeller attached It s retractable so the officials won t be able to see it, I deadpanned It is my favorite because it shows the funnier side of Alastair, which I prefer from the the angsty side I think that the author s writing style was interesting and close to the real point of view from a teenage boy However, I can t be sure since I myself am not one I would reccomend this book because it is funny, and I feel as if I am with the characters with myself Alastair s story made me laugh out loud, and then want to cry because it was heartbreaking This book was quite excellent.

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    I read this book for the first time when I was a kid, and I thoroughly enjoyed it back then And it has stood the test of time I thoroughly enjoyed reading it now, too Although it isn t THE best young adult book I ve ever read, it s definitely one of the good ones.

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    Wow Loved the voice Couldn t put it down.

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    Alastair lives with his mom and her friend whom he calls Aunt Clem His absentee dad has remarried and has invited Alastair to spend the summer with him in California Alastair really doesn t want to go He doesn t want to leave his mother a recovering alcoholic and he sure doesn t want to spend time getting reacquainted with his father, with whom he thinks he ll never measure up in his eyes because he isn t anything like his fitness obsessed, shallow father Alastair reluctantly goes to California only to discover that his new step mother and he have in common than he ever imagined Skyla has two prosthetic legs to his one Alastair thinks it must be his father s idea of a sick joke In addition, Skyla is very wealthy and lives in a fantastic Oceanside house replete with its own staff Alastair insists on being stump to annoy his father and does everything he can to make life difficult so he ll be sent home Skyla s niece, Jesse, a teen soap star, asks Stump to be on their celebrity team for an adventure race charity fundraiser Stump has eight weeks to get into shape and prepare for the race Now all he has to do is learn to swim in the ocean, win a battle of wills with his cantankerous coach, and confront father over the events that led to his life altering accident Of course, the road to self improvement and enlightenment isn t a smooth one, but in the end, Stump comes away from his California visit a changed young man Somewhat implausible but a fairly fun read, although it is hard to like Stump for most of the book He comes off as a whiny sourpuss who refuses to give his father a second chance even though it s what he most wants Some mild language

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    When he was eight, Alastair lost his leg as the result of an accident that happened while he was on a skiing trip with his father Shortly after, his parents divorced Now that he s nearly fourteen, his father has invited Alastair to spend the summer in California to reconnect I d like to stop here and note that this is exactly the same plot as The Birthday Room by Kevin Henkes, except in that book the boy had lost a pinky in a shop accident with his uncle I don t think the plot similarity is bad, just amazing Especially considering that they both just happened to be the first books I picked off the shelf on my most recent trip to the library, knowing nothing about either one In spite of their similar themes, they are both very, very different books The Birthday Room is understated, realistic, and has a kind of calm beauty and very sophisticated writing In contrast, The One Where the Kid . is fast paced, dramatic, action packed, and funny Both are good.I liked how the characters in this book were flawed and not in the my flaws are actually adorable strengths kind of way Alastair, like many teenagers, expresses his emotions about the brokenness of the adults around him through actions that seem insane to those very same adults He s so extreme and outrageous about it in the book that it s funny for example his response to his father s direction to put a shirt on before he cooks breakfast which I won t spoil if you haven t read it , but it also gets to something very real about how teenagers behave.And as always, it s nice to read a book with a character multiple characters, in this case who have some form of amputeeism.

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    Alastair, who nicknames himself Stump lost his leg at age 8, after he jumped from a ski lift He is now 13, his parents are divorced, and he must spend the summer with his father and the new wife, a very wealthy double amputee named Skyla Stump struggles with the bitterness and anger he feels toward his dad for leaving his mom He also develops a crush on Skyla s niece, ateenage soap star Jessie enters a triathlon to impress her and meets a cranky, retired swim coach, who teaches Stump to swim and much .

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    Alastair, who jumped off a ski lift and shattered a leg and uses a prosthetic, is sent to California to spend the summer with his dad and his dad s new wife What a surprise when he finds out she is a double amputee Stump as he tells people he prefers to be called, has to work through a blinding anger towards his father, a crush on his step mom s niece and being coached for a charity triathlon by the world s meanest man Very well written, Stump really grows up in the course of the summer, which is a good thing, because he was quite annoying at the beginning.

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    One small part Whale Talk, another part One Fat Summer, The One Where the Kid Nearly Jumps to his Death and Lands in California is a book that touches on a lot of issues, some that whole teen novels have been written about, and amazingly does some justice to them all summer romance, anger toward a distant parent, achieving goals, living with and or overcoming a disability, parental substance abuse and recovery, losing loved ones, supressed memories, anger issues like I said, a lot is going on in the book

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    Alastair injures his leg in a fall when he was younger and had his leg amputated to save it His parents separated, divorced shortly after, then when he is almost 13, he is sent to live with his father and new wife Skyla for the summer Stump doesn t want to be there to reconnect with his dad and fights the visit every step of the way, even once his is there Felt like a Danielle Steel book with the home his stayed in, meeting stars, and accomplishing almost the impossible Good

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    I thought this book was a very good book with a bit of a slow start It s about this boy who, when he was little jumped off a ski lift and broke his leg really bad.So bad that to cut it off His dad and mom are divorced and they have some financial problems This book is about Alastair trying to solve issues with his family and train for a marathon that he is only doing because of the pretty girl I would recommend this book to people who like casual books with not a lot of action.

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