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    I consider this series to be a US answer to British famous detectives Sherlock Holmes and Hercule Poirot When it comes to detective fiction, the personality of the character doing the detection can make or break a book, or a series I am happy to say the personalities of the series two main characters made them stand as equals among the greatest fictional detectives, including the ones I mentioned For the people unfamiliar with the series, the two main characters are Nero Wolfe, a Yugoslavian immigrant and his secretary bodyguard sidekick Archie Goodwin who is as American as they come Nero Wolfe is fat one of the book mentions he weights one seventh of a ton and lazy who often has to be forced into taking a job by Archie Goodwin using different persuasion methods He almost never leaves his home certainly not for business and loves growing orchids He also happened to be a genius at solving crimes Archie Goodwin does almost all the legwork and initial interrogation of the witnesses He is also charged with bringing the witnesses to Wolfe s home to be interrogated by the great detective himself Archie is all about action and he is just the right guy to counterbalance Wolfe s laziness He is never afraid of a fight and his wisecracking really makes the series shine This book takes place during Great Depression An operative Wolfe uses sometimes brought a woman of an Italian origin who wants Wolfe s help in locating her missing brother The detective had to take the case as a personal favor, but as it turns out the case is much bigger then it was seen initially soon Wolfe and Goodwin had to fight off dangers to their own lives I wholeheartedly recommend the series to anybody who wants to read a mystery with quirky characters Usually the first book of a big mystery series is a little slow because it needs to establish characters, their relationships, etc in this case you jump straight into the action This review is a copy paste of my BookLikes one

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    Back with a couple of old friends I may not remember which of the Nero Wolfe mysteries I read mumble around thirty five years ago, but I remember Archie s cheeky insouciance and Nero s eccentricities There is real affection in their relationship He always thought he had a handkerchief in the breast pocket of his coat, but rarely did, so I went to the drawer where I kept a stack for him and got one and handed it to him But there is never any doubt who is boss Archie may give a bit of lip, but he does what he is told And his love of glasses of milk is there from the beginning as are Nero s weight problems He began the accustomed preparations for rising from his chair. I love the way this series just dives into their lives no tedious back story.Bright and breezy tale about two murders It does drag a little in the middle, but I know there is better to come Dated slang, my kindle dictionaries came in handy here including one racist term I have never heard before.I didn t know what a roadster was If this isn t the car Archie drove around in, please don t shatter my illusions

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    Entertaining, but Slightly Unbelievable, Mystery Crime NovelMaybe it has to do with the year the book takes place, 1933.But let s just say that certain things that happened in the book I won t reveal them because they are spoilers would not have been possible today.Maybe they were in 1933.After all, Prohibition had just been repealed, so the atmosphere was kind of rough and ready I also found it slightly mind blowing that the author flat out tells us who the murderer is half way through the book I m not sure why he did that It took a little bit of the wind out of the sails Not much, but a little.Still, the cast of characters is fascinating, and the novel is full of action and humor.The two main characters, of course, are Nero Wolfe, and Archie Goodwin, the narrator.Wolfe is an obese alcoholic He is moody, lazy, and self indulgent His cook, Fritz, and his assistant, Archie, take care of all of his needs He refuses to diverge from his iron clad routines rise at 8, take care of his orchids from 4 to 6 every day, etc for any reason He is so fat and lazy that he rarely leaves his house He is arrogant Archie describes him as being elegant with women, nevertheless He is also a genius at solving crimes He has great instincts He lives in a brownstone on Thirty Fifth Street in New York City Archie Goodwin is Wolfe s assistant, and his opposite in every respect He is a man of action He is tough He is relatively uneducated He enjoys going here and there and being out in the world He goes out and interviews suspects and collects facts for Nero Archie is much younger than Wolfe and he is a ladies man He drinks milk, and wisecracks a mile a minute.Peter Barstow, a well to do college President, dies of an apparent heart attack on the golf course in Westchester County, where he has a country home.Carlo Maffei, an Italian metal artisan, disappears Maria, his sister, contacts Nero Wolfe, as she is concerned about the fate of her brother view spoiler Are the two deaths connected in any way Wolfe thinks so He asks the Westchester District Attorney to bet him 10,000 about exactly what he will find when Barstow s body is exhumed and autopsied This is an indirect way of asking the D.A to pay Wolfe for his assistance on the case In today s climate of intense scrutiny of public officials, Wolfe never would have gotten away with this But in 1933, perhaps it was ok hide spoiler

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    The mystery itself is solid, but this lumbers along at a slow pace, and has pages than are probably needed to tell this story, so that took some of the enjoyment out of it for me This is my first Nero Wolfe novel, and Nero s character is not fully understandable to me based on just reading this novel I understand he is a obese genius, but I am not sure if he is just lazy refusing to ever leave his home and making Archie do all the legwork or if he has a mental disorder that leaves him incapable of leaving his house Nero had a relapse and stays in his room eating for a weekend, but what the relapse is from is never explained Everyone says the series gets better, and Stout s timing and pace improves as the series progresses, so later I will try another one.

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    I m givin this sucka three stars, seeee Ya wanna make somethin of it, tough guy Yeah, that s what I thought.Actually, Fre de Lance by Rex Stout is cerebral than tough guy as far as detective fiction goes Oh sure, there s some strong arm scenes and a line like Don t try no funny stuff, ya got me pal y wouldn t be out of place here However, as many of those you find, you ll discover just as many classical allusions and erudite quotables This is in great part due to the eccentric genius Nero Wolfe, who owns and operates the detective agency However, he is too corpulent and immobile to be the true hero of the story That mantle rests upon the able shoulders of regular good guy Archie Goodwin, the man on the street, the guy who gets the job done Archie narrates the story and his witty one liners and occasional snark are a great joy to read One of the early ones in the detective genre, Fer de Lance leaves the reader guessing who killed who and why Very solid red herrings and perplexing twists abound This book will satiate the mystery lover.This why only three stars Well, as one of the longer books in the Wolfe series, Fer de Lance lumbers along at a slower pace than necessary, adding pages than are probably needed to tell this tale But hey, this was back when Stout was just starting out and you can hardly be surprised when a new writer goes long Plus, this being one of the early detective stories, he didn t have down pat the bebop beat timing and double time swinging pace that hardboiled detective fiction would eventually be known for Definitely worth giving it a shot

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    Generally I bump up the first book in a good series by 1 star, but I won t in this case I m glad I didn t start with it since it was at least 1 3 too long The other stories I ve listened to didn t seem nearly as bloated Still, it was a good mystery I really liked the way Stout made it feel as if it was in the middle of the series Archie has worked for Wolfe for 7 years many other details added to the feel.One downside to this was that although I downloaded it from the library as electronic files, I was continually instructed to flip the cassette continue on the other side or go to the next one Seriously They couldn t spend a few minutes editing that the duplicated lines out That s just cheap.

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    3.5 StarsThis is the first novel in the Nero Wolfe series and was originally published in 1934 For those who are not familiar with the series a brief introduction Nero Wolfe is an eccentric genius who lives in a brownstone on 35th Street in New York He rarely leaves his home where he eats gourmet meals prepared by his personal chef and tends his orchids Archie Goodwin is Wolfe s assistant and legman Where Wolfe is urbane and cultured Goodwin is witty and the hard boiled detective you expect from this era It is the relationship between Wolfe and Goodwin that is part of the appeal of the series Archie is the narrator in all the stories.In this debut novel the plot involves the murders of an Italian immigrant and a college professor The murders appear to have been committed by the same person This story is not really a whodunnit Early in the story Wolfe and Goodwin are confident they know who is responsible The story is of how is Wolfe going to prove it This is 1934 and times are tough and the only way Wolfe is going to earn his fee is to prove the identity of the murderer This will not be easy because the murderer, while not a genius, is very intelligent and a careful planner It is a battle of wits In some ways this story reminded me of the old Columbo TV movies starring Peter Falk where they showed you who did it It is just a matter of setting the trap and getting the murderer to trip it.Having read most of the books in the series, if not all, I am probably rereading this with some bias There are some minor changes in later books Changes is probably not accurate The characters develop as the series grows There is no Inspector Cramer Purley Stebbins is mentioned but it is probably only a sentence or two But there is that relationship between Wolfe and Goodwin This is not Holmes and Watson or Poirot and Hastings And then there are Wolfe s eccentricities to add some comic relief I was first introduced to Nero Wolfe and Archie Goodwin when I was a teenager I won t say how long ago that was but I still enjoy going back and reading these stories from time to time They never get old.

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    I bought this book several years ago when I was trying to expand my mystery novel reading beyond Agatha Christie I remember reading the first few pages before becoming bored and tossing it aside in favor of a contemporary work I picked it up about a week ago, expecting a quick, fun read, but was sorely disappointed.I found myself disliking nearly every character in the book, including the corpulent, agoraphobic Nero Wolfe and his closest employee, the wise cracking, milk drinking Archie Goodwin Rex Stout attempted to give a backstory to both of the characters, seeing as how this was this first book in a series of 73 novels , but it was woefully inadequate The plot jumped around way too much for me to follow it well, and I consider myself a sharp, observant reader Characters popped in and out of the book, and events happened either too quickly or off the page for me to comprehend The titular snake, the fer de lance, doesn t make an appearance until the last 100 pages of the book, and is disposed of entirely too quickly and anti climactically.The thing I disliked most about the novel, however, was the blatant racism and sexism rampant throughout I know this book and its characters were products of their time, but Archie and his compatriots spouted so much hateful talk it was hard to believe it didn t signify something deeper Also, I was disturbed throughout by Wolfe s blase attitude toward justice he seems to prefer tending his massive orchid collection, eating gourmet food, and guzzling gallons of beer He won t rouse himself to go out of the house, or to even rise in courtesy He doesn t seem to care about finding the culprit, he only does so to satisfy his ego and acquire money When compared with other sleuths motives like Holmes zeal for the game or Poirot s compassion and adherence to justice, Wolfe s fall sadly short In the end, reading this book became a chore, and I had to push myself to finish It s safe to say I won t be continuing to read the adventures of Goodwin and Wolfe.

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    I was a bit let down given the popularity of the Nero Wolfe series Well written, well crafted mystery I don t want to spend one minute with Archie, the narrator If the story was told in the third person, I d probably read a few over the years As it is, the 1930 s slang of a less educated sidekick was not an appealing place to live for the week or so it took me to read this.

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    Having been a lover of mysteries most of my life, there are some characters that crop up again and again Nero Wolfe is one of them and yet, for some reason, I had never tried any books featuring this classic fictional investigator and decided to give the series a try Fer De Lance, is the first book in the series although the characters seem quite settled, even at this stage, and there are references to past events which means that you feel you are already in a settled series.Published in 1934, America is in the grip of a depression and Nero Wolfe is obviously keen to make money He needs it, as the corpulent investigator has an extremely expensive lifestyle Not only does he live in a large brownstone complete with lift but he has a cook, a full time assistant in sidekick Archie Goodwin the narrator of the story and a full time gardener to care for his beloved orchids Wolfe is very much like the spider in the centre of a web he makes deductions, sends Archie and sometimes a group of other men he uses to complete his legwork and is generally seen by all as a maverick genius.The actual crime investigated in this first novel involves the missing brother of Maria Maffei a housekeeper on Park Avenue Carlo had lost his job and was living off his sister, before suddenly declaring that he had enough money and could return all he borrowed, before disappearing What seems a simple missing person case turns into a complicated and involved murder investigation involving the sudden death, on a golf course, of a revered and respected Professor The plot is involved, complicated and involves a great deal of investigation by Archie including him having to continually bring witnesses to Wolfe s lair for interviews and interrogation.This was a good start to a series which seems to be about characters than the actual plot If you like the interplay between Wolfe and Archie Goodwin, then you will certainly enjoy this The actual crime itself was a little long winded and overly complicated at times, but I certainly enjoyed the characters and would be happy to re visit Nero Wolfe again and will continue reading the series Rated 3.5

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