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Virals quotes Virals, litcharts Virals, symbolism Virals, summary shmoop Virals, Virals 116a0b05 Tory Brennan, Niece Of Acclaimed Forensic Anthropologist Temperance Brennan Of The Bones Novels And Hit TV Show , Is The Leader Of A Ragtag Band Of Teenage Sci Philes Who Live On A Secluded Island Off The Coast Of South Carolina When The Group Rescues A Dog Caged For Medical Testing On A Nearby Island, They Are Exposed To An Experimental Strain Of Canine Parvovirus That Changes Their Lives ForeverAs The Friends Discover Their Heightened Senses And Animal Quick Reflexes, They Must Combine Their Scientific Curiosity With Their Newfound Physical Gifts To Solve A Cold Case Murder That Has Suddenly Become Very Hot If They Can Stay Alive Long Enough To Catch The Killer S ScentFortunately, They Are Now Than Friends They Re A Pack They Are Virals

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    The Good 1 The main character, Tory Brennan, is the sort of a smart, self confident heroine that YA sometimes lacks.2 The rest of the cast are entertaining and developed The whole group is a bit like Big Bang Theory meets Veronica Mars Intelligent, techy, unabashedly nerdy, and willing to use all those skills for a little breaking and entering.3 The story is solidly set in a vivid and well described location The author never loses her sense of place and time.4 It s view spoiler sort of werewolves hide spoiler

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    Ten Reasons Why This Book Is Better Than Maximum Ride Hunger Games Gone Everythingelse1 It blends science, superpowers, and mystery Crossover genre books are the bomb.2 These kids whoop ass Literally When they SNAP, all heck breaks loose.3 The characters are very well done Maybe a little iffy with the side characters, but it s easy to sympathize with Tory and the Pack 4 Virals is very informative in the science area without turning into a Bill Nye episode 5 THE MYSTERY Loved it and very intricately written out 6 I loved the face that Reichs didn t entirely focus the book on Tory and her friends when they got their powers That would have totally turned into a Maximum Ride copycat But this book isn t like Maximum Ride in the fact that all these people are easily relateable You can t exactly compare with bird winged kids who are basically super fly ninjas, can you But you CAN compare yourself with someone like roly poly Hi, or nerdy Shelton, or even moody Ben Plus, Reichs added in teen characters who were actually pretty intelligent Brain power rules.7 Gee golly, wolf spiked DNA Well it s believable than fallen angels, I do believe.8 Virals is a ruby in a bucket of diamonds In other words, it completely stands out among the washed out, idea has already been done before YA books that are floating around in which they all have Dazzlingly Spectacular covers but no substance 9 I can honestly say that I did NOT see the end coming at me Whoa, total shocker.10 The ending looks open for a sequel I WANT MORE

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    Kathy Reichs is the author of the Temperance Brennan series She is a forensic anthropologist, so both the books and the TV series Bones are loosely based on her life Knowing all this, I expected something different from her YA novel, and that s exactly what I got.I loved this book Tory Brennan is 14 years old, living on a very small island near Charleston with her newly discovered father, a marine biologist With her three friends, she somehow saves a wolf dog from an institute, but they all soon become very ill and start experiencing strange things At the same time, they discover some old bones, so the four of them begin an adventure made all the interesting by their new abilities I m almost certain that the DNA cannot be altered the way it s described in Virals, but THAT story is definitely believable than angels, vampires, weres, sidhe seers and whatnot What we have here is a classic whodunnit spiced up with a touch of supernatural I liked that there was no love story in Virals Tory is only 14, so I don t think it would be appropriate to have her fall madly in love with some boy just by looking into his eyes I was thanking various deities for that little treat I m not saying she hadn t developed a small crush, but that only made about 2% of the story Also, the solution to the puzzle was not obvious Reichs is very experienced so I expected as much So why did I give four instead of five stars Tory Brennan was a bit too smart for her age They discovered a 40 year old skeleton and she somehow managed to determine age and gender in less than 5 minutes I get that she inherited her aunt Tempe s brains, but did she also inherit her knowledge It was a bit ridiculous Also, the beginning was slow, but I understand that this is the first installment and the foundation had to be laid My overall experience was somewhat ruined by the narrator, Cristin Milioti The fake southern accent she used for some of the characters almost drove me crazy She has a pleasant voice, but a flat intonation, so I often tuned out while listening to the parts with very little dialogue The next installment is called Seizure and it s coming out on October 18th I will definitely read it.

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    I want to give KR the benefit of the doubt here, and assume she was pressured into writing this book Something along the lines of .PUBLISHER Kathy we just love your books The refreshing way you intersperse real life issues pertaining to forensic anthropology into compelling stories KR Thanks, I do my best.PUBLISHER We think it s really important to reach out to younger readers and would really like you to consider writing something for them.KR Such as .PUBLISHER Well, the same amazing mysteries you write, but with concepts that teens find compelling Like vampires Or werewolves KR So I should write something that contains both real life forensic issues and mythological creatures PUBLISHER Exactly KR Did Angel fans put you up to this PUBLISHER Why Do you think we should be reaching out to them Do you think David would pose shirtless for cover photos KR sigh Yeah, it was that bad That bad, plus a debutante function so she could borrow concepts from Gossip Girl as well as Twilight You re better than this, Kathy I hope.

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    What was I thinking putting this book off It has been sitting on my shelf for years and I never got the nerve to pick it up That was probably one of my biggest book related mistakes Kathy Brendan Reichs have a real hit on their hand I have been reading the Temperance Brennan series by Kathy Reichs for years and I always wanted to get into Virals Silly me bought the book and admired it for years, until I finally managed to dust it off and pull it into my reading pile THANK GOODNESS because this book is a real gem and I need to binge this series It s just too freaking good to not read Now, before I get ahead of myself, readers must remember that this is a YA novel and not an adult novel like the Temperance Brennan series There are fun story lines focusing around being a teenager, and people need to remember that this book was made for a younger audience I love books like this, because I can get into the fun of a younger book But, some readers won t be expecting a YA novel you should be Off to the races Tory Brennan is our lead a distant, grand niece of Temperance, if I am remembering correctly and she s just as smart as Tempe She s also sassy, barrels of fun, and gets in probably too much trouble in this book She s not a girly girl, she likes hanging with her guy friends and she likes being smart Seriously, I relate way to much to this girl Her gaggle of friends get into trouble on an island nearby, rescuing dogs, talking to monkeys and trying to solve murders Typical teenage stuff, obviously.I love that this group is smart and for the greater good I also felt a twinge of save the environment themes going on Mixing in all the fun and goofy scenarios the teens get into I have to say I like this book I also really love the terminology that s used in the book It s not dumb ed down and these kids know what they are talking about Do they know too much Maybe Or they are just really smart kids.What did I not like Mean girl subplots always annoy me because they are so common I get this is a very typical trend, but I d love it to see Tory have a girl friend who isn t a total snob Shockingly, there are some not snobby girls out in the real world But, there has to be drama in this book so I totally get it I remember in high school there were snobby girls all over the place too I also think that the introduction of fantasy was great, but it needed a little There are books in this series, so I m assuming that the fantasy side will be explored there At least, I hope so The little bits of fantasy just wasn t enough for me I want to know the ins and outs of it Overall, this book is lots of fun and super smart I really enjoyed reading it and I couldn t put it down Books like these are why I love reading I can whisk myself away into another world and just enjoy myself I would highly recommend this book to anyone who loves YA with a fantasy twist, loves the Temperance Brennan series but wants a bit fun , people who loved Bones this SCREAMS the fun of Bones or if you just want a smart YA novel with fancy terminology to teach yourself something new.Five out of five stars

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    This was entirely awful badly written, misogynist, poorly plotted and characterised, borderline racist YA that entirely fails to suspend belief The writing was technically bad, with nothing but choppy sentence fragments and rhetorical questions which are immediately given redundant answers, every time Tween readers are constantly condescended to The four main characters behave in ways that make no sense, or are completely unrealistic breaking effortlessly into high security labs, for example Continuity is sloppy, subplots are never resolved, and there is even the basic error of absolute terror of using said.There is exactly one positive female character in this the heroine She s a deeply unlikeable brilliant kid graces with a tall and slender figure caricature who is a bitch to her father s girlfriend for being pretty, feminine and getting her expensive clothes what and spends her time mentally snarking and whining about the popular kids, but I am pretty sure we re meant to like her, anyway Every single other female character Vapid and or evil.There are no characters who are not stereotypes, which is where my unease with the way race is handled arises Heroine is white of course Her friends are a Japanese black boy who is naturally a nerdy bespectacled computer whiz, an overprotected Jewish stereotype, and a boy with Native American heritage who is well, he s Jacob, essentially The only excuse is that the author doesn t seem to think in terms other than stereotypes even when the default white characters are involved rich kids are spoiled and shallow, Southern belles are sickly sweet, blonde cheerleaders are evil dumb cows, librarians are weedy and live alone with their catsThe plot is stupid Four kids rescue a wold dog hybrid from ebil vivisectionists and turn into superheroes with wolf powers, and it s all jumbled up with invesigating the death of a girl killed by ebil Big Pharma It s rubbish, and the denouement revolves around a villain who has declared their intention of killing them all and disposing of them fast instead standing there explaining the evil plan for two chapters Even at ten, I would have been disgusted with such sloppy writing.I really can t think of a single saving grace for this one, and I m unsure why I evern finished it, except that it s light and easy and there was a sort of trainwreck fascination it It amazes me that, when there is so much good self published stuff out there, Random House are putting their money behind things of this standard.

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    I m a sucker for good writing, and in my opinion, the writing in this book is excellent Varied and vivid verb choices, great word painting, and a unique narrative voice appropriate for the fourteen year old narrator I am floored.Action junkies may not love this book as much as I did because it was definitely a slow burn At its heart, it was a murder mystery, and plenty of groundwork was laid I actually enjoyed all the groundwork because the narrative voice always kept it fun and light Even without constant action, all the story building seemed completely necessary and never felt like too much to me.Another thing I loved about this book is that the young adult characters were intelligent and mostly rational I feel that too many YA books are built on characters that are irrational as if being a teen means you can t have common sense That wasn t the case here The kids were smart really smart While their choices were reckless, they were mostly logical The one exception happened toward the end, when they mishandled evidence in a way that was uncharacteristic given their history of logical choices up to that point.I was hoping to give this book five stars Sadly, toward the end, there were some twists that didn t have enough groundwork And too many revelations came in traditional and cliche bad guy tells all before killing good guy moments that led to some eye rolling on my part Also, it should be noted that this book is borderline middle grade.

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    Oh dear I think she s made too much money and her editor couldn t face being honest about the whole thing This is clearly Kathy Reichs attempt to enter the teenager young adult market with a combination of mystery thriller DNA science high school cotillion with supernatural powers thrown in for good measureWell I suppose it was an original combination What really made me hate it, was the fact that she set it in the same world as that of Temperance Brennan and the teenage heroine Tory is her great niece Given the developments by the end of the book, this was just really problematic as regards the concept of realism and made me worried for good old Tempe Anyway this starts of with 4 really super smart teenagers living on a remote island off Charlston whilst their families work on a nearby research island Of course they just happen to attend the smartest private school in Charlston, where they can be picked on by the rich kids, except for Tory , who naturally attracts the attention of the two most popular boys at school Our fearless team like messing about on the research library and seem to go out of their way to just be annoying Tory finds a set of dog tags on the island This means that at all costs she must identify them Any means are justified Full day research in the public library followed by felony break in to the lab in order to use specialist equipment to clean the god damned things , returning to the scene, digging up a dead body, refusing to call the police until after same, interfering with a crime scene, lying to everyone, identification of disappeared dead body at all costs , identification of murderer again at all costs without telling any adult etc etc etc what happened to teenagers just wanting to go out and get drunk Anyway all of this was annoying enough but on top of that we have secret experimental dog who contaminates them all with wolf DNA and they end up with super powers The ending was even worse Again no adults involved Total car crash.

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    Really enjoyed this I can t wait to read the rest in this series

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    I found it in the library and I was immediately intrigued It literally screamed at me Borrow me I brought it home because it would look bad if I hadn t borrow something PS New sexy librarian is in the library, so let him have educated customers Dad read Reichs novels with great gusto, so I plunged headfirst into one of them and didn t expect that I have feeling that Virals chased away a taste of bullshits I ve read before.The story takes place in a small, almost deserted island, which is psycho itself Tory manages to make friends with three boys after the six months, what lives there Another hit the jackpot Hiram s the funny, Shelton s the smart and Ben s well, Ben They re not afraid, with their passion for science, of, for example, break into a secret laboratory, break into the library or liberate wolf An infected wolf And it will not go away.Kathy s novels isn t enought to read, you must turn on your brain That s the beginning I feared the worst with her expertise in forensic science damn lengthy expressions There were minimum in the book, fortunately.The book was clear to see that the author has much experience in writing books and in the world of science Her characters are realistic and to be honest half of them completely unbearable These are the times when I was like the most, if I slipped the book into that damn tub.Tory was a bit much action Let s break here, let s go to steal over there Sometimes I said that she s for her age too smart And she is That s not the genes from Temperence, Reichs If Ben wasn t in the book, he would simply not there I mean What so important he did Hit his leg What was the thanks, I had to flip through the whole book because of you now, miss Whitney Inquisitive, powerful lover of pink dresses and brands If this individual will also occur in the second book, God forbid Chance, Jason, Ashley if you read it, you know.The author with apparent through of the son, which is mentioned at the end spent countless days over Virals, and congrats The work was a success The plot deserves, well, a lot Promising characters ignore that names on top that finally will give the respect of teenagers for adult people Beautifully chosen location I don t change the view for this kind of Islands anyways What now Big thanks to Elle I owe this review to you somehow Not sure if you read it, but hey, still is for you D

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