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  • Hardcover
  • 128 pages
  • A Long Walk to Water
  • Linda Sue Park
  • English
  • 03 March 2017
  • 9780547251271

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    A Long Walk to Water by Linda Sue Park is based on the true story of Salva Dut, one of the Lost Boys from Sudan during the second Sudanese Civil War in 1985 The book also includes a separate narrative about a girl named Nya, which takes place in Sudan as well, but beginning in 2008 Throughout the book we learn about Nya and Salva s circumstances and their struggles.Salva s story is harrowing It s during a normal school day in 1985 that shots are heard the war has arrived in his village and he s forced to run into the bush for safety Go quickly, all of you, the teacher said, his voice low and urgent Into the bush Do you hear me Not home Don t run home They will be going into the villages Stay away from villages run into the bush He has no idea where he s going he only knows he must seek safety as far away from home as possible Traveling with different groups of people, Salva is scared and surrounded by danger there s barely any food or water and he faces dangerous wild animals, the sweltering heat, and soldiers armed with guns It s hard to imagine the fear he must ve felt being a child amongst strangers, separated from his family, and now in the wilderness Years go by as he travels, settling into multiple refugee camps Salva witnesses much death and wonders if he ll ever find his family again.Nya s story begins in 2008 as she and her family struggles to locate fresh water Nya spends most of the day traveling back and forth in the scorching heat to a pond to fetch water for her family Members of her family and others have actually been sick from drinking contaminated water Life is challenging without access to clean water and rather than go to school like other children her age, Nya has to spend most of her days just fetching water without much time for anything else One day, Nya learns that something good is finally coming to their village a new water well.Honestly, I don t remember hearing about Salva s story before now I ended up reading this book with my kids for their reading discussion group We all loved the book, even though it s frightening and even hard to read in a few parts The book is written well, and what a page turner it is The author did such a wonderful job weaving these two narratives together We couldn t put it down and kept asking ourselves What s going to happen to Salva Is his family alive How are these stories connected Along with the two narratives, you also learn about the history of Sudan, the different tribes, a bit of culture, and their consistent struggle for clean water It s odd the things we humans take for granted I honestly don t think I ll ever look at a glass of water the same again By the end of the story I was in tears This book is incredibly moving with a strong message for any age It s truly a book I recommend to everyone Stay calm when things are hard or not going right with you You will get through it when you persevere instead of quitting Quitting leads to much less happiness in life than perseverance and hope Salva DutI don t want to spoil anything, but the extras at the end of the story had us doing research online afterward to learn .If you d like to learn about the Water for South Sudan project, you can find it at can also read this review Range 10 12 yearsGrade Level 5 7Paperback 128 pagesPublisher HMH Books for Young Readers Reprint edition October 4, 2011 Language EnglishISBN 10 0547577311ISBN 13 978 0547577319

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    I need only to get through the rest of this day This day and no other Where there is a child, there is always joy I always thought this was true but the story told otherwise This is a true to life story of Salva, an 11 year old boy who found little to almost no place in a world where people struggle to survive an almost endless series of conflicts during the Second Sudanese Civil War that started in 1983 To adults caught in a tumultuous succession of life threatening obstacles, Salva is a burden, someone who will only slow them down, just another mouth to feed sniffs It s unbelievable where the young boy found all that courage and will to live Of the many things I ve learned from him, it is to cling to hope the wisest possible way that hit me the most He tried not to lose hope At the same time, he tried not to hope too much Written in a lyrical narrative but easy and timeless style of language allowing the reader to feel , the story completely seized my heart The vivid, wistful recollections of the young boy s perilous journey by foot from Sudan to Ethiopia then later to Kenya were plainly told, nothing very emotional In fact, the writing style seems to be even a bit dismissive of tragic events as if in a life sucks but hurry up and move on now approach but it still brought me to puddles of tears It s an inspirational piece of literature that is definitely worth your time.Thank you to Shanna Darina for bringing this book to my attention I had no idea this ever existed before I stalked your profile and of course, I didn t forget HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MY DEAR FRIEND WISHING YOU A SPECIAL DAY, GOOD HEALTH, HAPPINESS AND MORE GREAT BOOKS TO READ 3

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    Taken from a true experience, an intertwining story of two children, at two different periods in time, living in two opposite tribes, and coming together to make a difference in their world Both living in Sudan during times of war, despair, ravaging, starvation, death, lack of water and many harrowing obstacles to face daily.This short novel has such a large story to tell I received a recommendation from my daughter on this one after she took the time to read it with my grandkids I am very pleased to have experienced it.

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    Quick read good for multiple ability levels.This book should be an easy inclusion into 7th grade Geography, 6th grade world history, or as an addition to a Holocaust unit This is how I plan to use it with my 7th grade reading teacher For younger readers, this book may encourage a class to adopt a project to help bring water to children their age in other places in the world.Book is told from two viewpoints One is a girl walking each day to get the water her family needs which she carries home in plastic gallon jugs The trip takes her all day and while not mentioned in the story, this could be a dangerous trip for her The second viewpoint is from a boy in the 80 s who is at school when his village is attacked He runs into the woods and that is the last of his childhood of living with family or a village He is in fact one of the Lost Boys The two stories come together in an upbeat ending meant to inspire the reader to make a better world.Parks intended this book for children to read, so there is not the terror or violence that this book could contain It does contain some difficult situations a boy carried off by a lion in the night, the burning of a village, etc I would read this book before handing it to a student younger than 6th grade One comment, because the book ends with an addendum about an elementary school putting a well in the girl s village, students may want to initiate a project like the one in the book Be careful if you do this with the kids, so that your money really goes to putting in a well, and not in some warlord s pocket Rotary does projects like this and others of course and that might be the way to go.

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    A Long Walk to Water was a poignant, touching story that will appeal to readers of all ages While technically a middle grade novel, this is a story that everyone would benefit from reading It s a quick read, told as two alternating stories that of a young girl Nya in the Sudan in 2008 and a young man Salva in 1985 Both of their stories are compelling, emotional and inspirational Nya must walk hours each day to a far away well to get water for her family Salva s story is heart wrenching His village is attacked and he is separated from his family Salva s journey is fraught with loss, tragedy, unwavering hope and courage It was unimaginable to me to think about the horrors children face when they are displaced from their homes, separated from their families and in refugee camps Salva s sheer will to survive was inspirational I don t know how I d cope in such a situation I loved how these two seemingly unconnected stories intertwined in the end What the book lacks in pages it makes up for in impact It is impossible not to feel empathy for the characters within these pages and be moved by their stories This is one book I highly recommend reading discussing with all the important children in your life.

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    There are some stories that need to be told regardless of how sad or horrifying they might be The challenge becomes even harder when the stories are being told to children How much should one include What details are necessary and what can be left out without changing the story too much And what about stories that involve extreme violence and severe suffering How best to tell the story These questions can be debated over and over again because there is no one right answer No two authors will present the same story in the same way This book follows two main characters, Nya, a child living in Southern Sudan, who must spend every day walking to and from a pond bringing water to her family, and Salva, who twenty three years earlier became a refugee when his village was attacked by soldiers from the north The story about Salva is the longer of the two and follows the eleven year old as he runs from his school and must somehow cross hundreds of miles of desert, swamp, and forest to reach safety After six years in the refugee camp, Salva faces terror once again as the Ethiopian soldiers force all the Sudanese refugees back into Sudan, killing hundreds in the process But Salva finds the strength and hope to survive and becomes a leader among what has become known as the Lost Boys of the Sudan These boys were orphans who struggled to survive on their own Some of these boys were able to find a way to not only survive, but to help those left behind Salva s story intersects with Nya s in an interesting way, showing that the efforts of one can have a far reaching effect.While the book does explain some of the horrors that the Lost Children of the Sudan and the other refugees faced, it does not do so in a graphic way, and the story is not about despair or violence, it s about hope, which makes the book great to share with students who face their own challenges.

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    After reading this book, I felt like my heart was pierced by an arrow, right in the center, bulls eye The story was sad, but in the end, it was a happy ending There was one part that I thought was most heartbreaking If you read this book, you might remember It was the part when Salva s uncle getting shot by the burglars, by his own gun in the desert And the most irritating part is that they laughed they laughed They just killed someone In the beginning, I thought it was inhuman But after I got to know a little about the history and culture of Sudan, I learned that it was normal I became heart repaired in the end because, in the beginning, all the way to the end, it was mostly sad and fist clenching stories Nya s tiring life Salva s life threatening story In the end, as you might know, the two meet, young Nya, and grown up Salva Nya gets to go to school, because of the well that Salva and his crew dug I won t give and specific details of the story because I am not a spoiler I guess this can be a happy ending Read this yourself, I really enjoyed it I recommend this book to all people, except very sensitive and very easily impressed, very easily heart struck, or very easily moved This is because these type of people might start crying in the middle of this book I can t connect to this story at all I just can t These type of true stories are just too rare, but in the end, it might be common to some people I wish others can read this book so that they have a similar thinking as me, and actually try to help types of people such as Nya and Salva.

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    This novel is divided into two alternating narratives that come together in the end In brown print is the story, set in 2008, of Nya, a young girl from Sudan who has to walk 8 hours round trip to fetch water every day, twice a day In black print is the story of Salva, a young Sudanese boy whose village is attacked by the rebels in 1985 and who ends up fleeing across the desert to a refugee camp in Ethiopia After witnessing many horrors, he and other lost boys, homeless and orphaned, walk back across Sudan to refugee camps in Kenya Salva s story takes place from 1985, when he is eleven, until his path crosses with Nya s in 2009 It is based on the true story of a man whom the author knows, the real Salva Dut, who eventually was flown to Rochester, New York, to begin his life anew How does Salva come to meet Nya Read and find out Salva s story is both heartbreaking and heartwarming, as the reader laments that children should have to experience such terrible things and also marvels that a child could be so courageous Highly recommended, especially combined with Mary Williams Brothers in Hope the Story of the Lost Boys of Sudan, Alice Mead s Year of No Rain, and Katherine Applegate s Home of the Brave.

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A Long Walk to Watercharacters A Long Walk to Water, audiobook A Long Walk to Water, files book A Long Walk to Water, today A Long Walk to Water, A Long Walk to Water 1fbd5 A Long Walk To Water Begins As Two Stories, Told In Alternating Sections, About A Girl In Sudan In And A Boy In Sudan In The Girl, Nya, Is Fetching Water From A Pond That Is Two Hours Walk From Her Home She Makes Two Trips To The Pond Every Day The Boy, Salva, Becomes One Of The Lost Boys Of Sudan, Refugees Who Cover The African Continent On Foot As They Search For Their Families And For A Safe Place To Stay Enduring Every Hardship From Loneliness To Attack By Armed Rebels To Contact With Killer Lions And Crocodiles, Salva Is A Survivor, And His Story Goes On To Intersect With Nya S In An Astonishing And Moving Way

About the Author: Linda Sue Park

Linda Sue Park is a Korean American author of children s fiction Park published her first novel, Seesaw Girl, in 1999 To date, she has written six children s novels and five picture books for younger readers Park s work achieved prominence when she received the prestigious 2002 Newbery Medal for her novel A Single Shard.