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    4.5 stars.What an emotional and hopeful journey.Jessica is a born runner Unfortunately, she lost a leg in a tragic car accident Fortunately, she unlike her classmate didn t die, but her passion running did Or so she thinks Luckily, her case isn t hopeless She will be able to walk again, with the right prosthetic limb Her whole track team is raising money to help her to get her back on her feet Jessica is very lucky I m sure not every person who was in a car accident and survived has the same opportunities Jessica has, but this is a realistic story nonetheless Further, it s not only about this amazing runner getting back up after falling so hard It s also about raising awareness about disabled people wanting to be treated normally Two legs is the default, because so many people have them If everyone were in wheelchairs, wheelchairs would be the default Someone s disability shouldn t be what defines them The story progresses masterfully well It s fast paced, but not fast in terms of story Jessica gradually learns to cope with her situation with the support of her friends and family I was happy that she had such an overwhelming amount of love in her life Everyone deserves that This is so different from FLIPPED If I didn t know the two were written by the same author, I never would have guessed I liked it much better also It s not fluffy or romantic, but it s truthful and inspiring Blog Youtube Twitter Instagram Google Bloglovin

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    I can t believe I listened to this entire thing in one night It was so addicting My favorite thig about it is that it s not just some story about Jessica recovering and being able to run again, but it has this great moral about disabilities in general that you should never judge anyone based off of their looks I think the fact that this book incorporated and highlighted a character with cerebral palsy was incredible and eye opening Overall this book had an awesome moral and it exceeded my expectations Such a beautiful story of friendship and recovery.

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    I was nervous about reading The Running Dream On the one hand, Wendelin Van Draanen has become one of my favorite YA authors over the past few months, thanks to her brilliant Sammy Keyes YA mystery series On the other, I ve come to be wary of novels featuring kids with amputeeism thanks, in part, to books like Hannah Tinti s The Good Thief, which stars a kid without a hand but reads as if the author has never talked to a person without a hand in her life So I d been deliberately avoiding Van Draanen s The Running Dream, which centers around a high school track star whose leg is amputated after a bus crash I wasn t ready to risk losing respect for an author I admired if the book turned out to be a train wreck of disability stereotypes.But yesterday, at the library with time to kill, I decided to give the first few pages a chance The story opens with Jessica, the main character, recovering in the hospital just after the amputation of her right leg below the knee, realizing that she ll never run again Four or five hours later, I was finishing the last page Uh, don t worry, I did go home and eat dinner at some point in there I didn t just sit in the library for five hours I was relieved to find that Van Draanen had done her homework with regards to Jessica s physical recovery Jessica s experiences adjusting to crutches, learning to navigate showers and cars, figuring out where to sit in a classroom when using a wheelchair, prosthesis fitting appointments, etc., read as though Van Draanen had spent a year hanging out with recent amputees and thinking about life from their perspective With regards to the book s portrayal of the emotional experience of surviving a bus crash and having an amputation, I m just not qualified to evaluate that in the same way as someone who had been through it would be But I felt satisfied with Van Draanen s portrayal Based on what I ve experienced and what I can imagine, I thought Jessica s depression, eventual stabilization, and re entry into high school life seemed pretty realistic.The part of the book that I was most nervous about was Jessica s friendship with Rosa Rosa is two grades lower than Jessica, has cerebral palsy, and uses a wheelchair Jessica never talks to her until, due to her own temporary use of a wheelchair, she winds up sitting at a table with Rosa in the back of her math class Here s how the book s jacket flap describes the two girls friendship As she struggles to reclaim her life, Jessica gets to know Rosa a girl with cerebral palsy whom she and her friends had always overlooked Not only does Rosa come to Jessica s rescue in math, she also helps her reach for a future that is full of unexpected opportunities.If you ve read or seen a lot of stories about people with disabilities and you have a disability rights background, I think you ll understand why this made me nervous Does anyone recall the episode of Glee where Rachel loses her voice, freaks out about not being able to sing, and Finn introduces her to a paraplegic former football player The former football player helps Rachel see that her future could be full of unexpected opportunities in spite of losing the ability to do something she excels at Rachel promises to come by and give him weekly singing lessons, they sing a song together and then you never see him on the show ever again I mean, it s just so handy, right It s like people with disabilities are something you can just pull out of the closet when you need some inspiration and then you just put them back when you re done It s like magic Magical, no fuss, no muss inspiration So you see, I was reluctant to read Van Draanen s book because I was afraid that The Running Dream would be a story like that.So is it Well yeah, but not how you might expect Jessica eventually trades in her wheelchair for crutches Her crutches for a temporary prosthetic leg Her temporary leg for a better leg And, finally, her better leg for a running leg As Jessica returns to the world of the able bodied, she feels like her friendship with Rosa is slipping away So Jessica tries to figure out a way to keep a connection with Rosa, and to pay Rosa back for helping her pass math class.Some disability rights folk probably wouldn t be satisfied with the idea that Jessica comes up with, which forms the climax of the book, but I was Maybe it s not what a team of Disability Studies scholars would have come up with but it certainly seemed like what a seventeen year old girl who had had a disability for less than a year would do, and I think that s okay in this context It s true to the story.There were a couple other moments like that like when the track team, without Jessica s knowledge, forms a campaign to raise money for a running prosthesis and titles the campaign Help Jessica Run To me, this is problematic because the team doesn t ask Jessica s opinion first and because the focus of the campaign at least in name and conception is on helping Jessica as a passive person capable only of receiving aid But it s also the kind of thing a high school track team in real life would do Along similar lines, Jessica connects with a love interest when he tells her how much she inspires him PC No True to life Yes.So I liked this book I think it s a very good contribution to the small field of YA books about teens with disabilities and deformities And on top of all that, now I can move on to the next Sammy Keyes book with peace of mind

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    There was some books that a 5 star is not enough to convey how amazing they are This is one of the books I wish I can give it six stars, ten stars.because this book is up there on a caliber by itself.For me, what makes this book amazing is how real the story was told This story is an emotional one and actually Wendelin van DRaanen can easily exploit the story to make us, the reader, sob and cry and feel sorry for the character But, she didn t do it.She told the story as it is, nothing less and nothing It was told as it would happen in reality I keep on thinking that this book is like biography than a fiction because I can imagine a Jessica out there existing What happen to Jessica can happen to any of us It s just a matter of bad luck Through this book we took a journey with her through her despair, anger, humiliation, hope, perseverance, and dream.Another thing that I like is how Jessica reach the end of the book with the helps of many people Without her family, Fiona, ROsa, coach Kyro,the team, and all other people, she definitely can t do it It s a group effort I get the sense that all of these people helped because they really care and definitely not because of pity It s a triumph of human kindness.

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    The main reason why I wanted to read this was for the friendship that I thought would develop between Jessica, a girl who just lost her leg in an accident, and Rosa, a girl who Jessica had previously ignored because she didn t know what to say to her because she had CP I guess I thought I was going to get a beautiful friendship that ended up being powerful and genuine but unfortunately, I didn t get that I thought that their friendship was very shallow and I wasn t really impressed I think that a big problem was Jessica She seemed very patronising when she spoke to of Rosa They also just didn t build up a proper friendship, Van Draanen should have had them spend time together and had them talk .Rosa wanted to be known for her personality and she wanted people to see past her disability That is awesome, and a great message to send to younger YA readers BUT I also thought that Rosa wasn t very three dimensional outside of her disability So she didn t end up feeling like a complex character, she felt very much just like a personalisation of CP, which I m guessing is the opposite of what Van Draanen wanted Younger readers may not notice the authenticity of characters, but I do Saying that, Rosa wasn t the only one who wasn t three dimensional Most of the characters were one dimensional cardboard cut outs, the only difference is instead of them just being a personalisation of CP, they were the usual clich s of supportive best friend, evil pretty popular girl, handsome understanding love interest, etc Jessica was the only character who was three dimensional in any way and she was just okay She had her moments of being likeable and unlikeable.The story is cute enough and its a positive book but its got no meat in it It is just the tip of the iceberg and I guess I wanted I also wish it was about Jessica and Rosa, rather than just Jessica The romance was also completely redundant, focusing on the friendship would have been better Overall, I just thought it was too juvenile for my tastes I would recommend this to younger readers, probably teens aged 14 and under, but I wouldn t recommend it to others outside that I previously read Flipped by Wendelin Van Draanen but I found that to be quite juvenile too so I m not sure if I would read books by her in the future.

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    I am deeply out of step with friends again on this one, and it feels a bit like kicking a puppy to say how much I disliked a book about a runner who loses her foot but overcomes her tragedy in theory In reality, I disliked the prose, very much disliked the voice and hated the odd little pro track team anti other types of athletes or bad track team whiners thing going on Little quote to indicate the prose before another few quotes just to vent This one comes two pages after Jessica asks her best friend about school to which she hasn t returned, after the accident in which she lost her foot and Fiona asks in return what Jessica wants to know about it.This is a good question, and it s one I really don t have an answer to I want to know everything about school.And nothing about it It hurts to realize how unnecessary I am From what little I ve let Fiona tell me, school life seems the same as always Track meets happen The same flitty people are still flitting about The same teachers are keeping to their same routines The same lunchtime activities and rallies and club meetings still take place.I fell off, but the merry go round keeps moving.Then there s a page long aside about how jocks look down on runners, done by sneering at other athletes, who are far too lacking in grit to be out practicing in bad weather Admittedly a lot of one line paragraphs makes it faster to read than it would be otherwise The bit about tennis players who call off practice if the courts are even a little wet is the worst, but however realistic or not this tirade is I suspect it s pretty much at the not end of the spectrum , I don t understand the lack of generosity in failing to admit the hard work all serious athletes have to put in It s noticeable also that when her coach finds out about the running leg she could get, it s the team that gets involved in fund raising along with Jessica s crush but he becomes a runner, so is clearly A OK all along, but minus his then gf, who s the only one on the track team who s a poor athlete and a phony , with really nobody who s not on the team involved at all Again, I m not the one to be pointing the unrealistic finger at a book over US high school experience, but even in the girls school here, which was pretty bad in many ways, it s inconceivable that the fundraising wouldn t have been a school wide effort The sheer awfulness of Jessica s erstwhile rival from the well off school is both unnecessary and oh, yes foreshadowed by this first thing we re told about her Her long nails painted deep red We should all have seen the nastiness coming, then, right But of course, she goes to the other school Langston s got state of the art everything From their starting blocks to their jumping standards to their landing systems and cages and hurdles and bleachers, their equipment totally puts Liberty High to shame.It s their track, though, that has us all green with envy.Ours is dirt.Theirs is a Tartan track.It s the most amazing track I ve ever run on It s clean, smooth, and fast, and it s a beautiful royal blue Whenever I race at Langston, I imagine that I m running across water It s an incredible feeling.So Langston is our big league rival, and even though they have everything our team would love to have, we have the one thing a team can t buy.Spirit.Maybe it s a bond formed from years of running into the wind Maybe it s because Kyro calls us his family and expects us to treat one another that way Maybe it s just the fight of the underdog Whatever it is, we have it, and Langston doesn t Oh, they act like they do, but you can feel it it s just a show 1, that rings with saccharine falseness that makes me slightly ill, and 2 how do you see another team faking spirit I read this not long after reading The Year We Fell Down, which I found quite problematic in some ways, but the protag s voice was so, so much appealing And that didn t have all the one line paragraphs.I find those pretentious.They re also irritating.I bet you re irritated too now.

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    Silent tears burn, then pool in my ears.But they don t change a thing.I wipe my eyes and check the clock again.4 32 a.m.It s my eighth day with no leg What if you lost the one thing that means the most to you For me, as a reader, it would be terrifying if I went blind I would lose the ability to see words with my eyes and imprint their meaning into my mind What a scary thought While it wouldn t be the end of the world of course there are still audiobooks to listen to it would be such a tragic loss.For Jessica, losing her leg in an accident turns her whole world upside down Because Jess is a runner And now the one thing she lives and breathes for has been taken from her My mother says I was born a runner that I entered this world wanting to get up and go This book follows Jess as she heals and learns to live with a missing leg It fills in a lot of information I was clueless about before, like below knee and above knee amputees, prosthetics, and how people with missing limbs do things differently Mostly, though, it focuses on Jess as she is faced with the reality that the world didn t stop when she lost her leg Everyone went on with their lives and somehow, Jess needs to continue on with her own.It s such a motivational story When Jess watches an online video of Oscar Pistorius, a runner who has prosthetics on both legs, she dares to dream that she will run again But first she needs to raise 20,000 to buy a running leg.By the end of the book, Jess was like a different person full of hope and determination, not the scared, depressed girl she was when she first lost her leg It was truly an inspiring journey to experience along with her Air seemed to fill my lungs again I was heady and happy and I could feel myself a future me running I also really loved her parents, who were devastated by Jess losing her leg, but never stopped cheering her on during her recovery I would love to see positive portrayals of parental roles in the YA genre, where usually parents are nonexistent or portrayed negatively.The Running Dream was written in a simple, straightforward style that was easy to read It was such a moving book while I was mentally cheering Jess on, I was also feeling extremely thankful that I have all my limbs, and it helped me understand people who have lost theirs a little better.

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    I am not a runner In fact, my body vehemently resists most exercise, preferring the couch, Netflix, and fistfuls of potato So a book centered around the love of running did not seem to be my cup of tea But this This was pretty good It almost, almost made me want to get up and run.In The Running Dream, 17 year old track star Jessica has just lost her right foot The book follows her through her frustrations, healing, and eventual ability to feel comfortable in her own skin It s a perfectly entertaining book, and van Draanen obviously did her research The stages of grief feel authentic The process of healing and getting a prosthetic are precise And the fears Evangeline suffers all feel real Every single twist and turn of the story is seen miles away, but still A fairly enjoyable read.

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    The Running Dream by Wendelin Van Draanen is undoubtedly a great book It got me hooked right from the start Just the synopsis alone is enough for anyone to pick the book up and immediately start reading it For me, the beginning of the book was the most memorable It was when Jessica had just lost one of her legs her worst nightmare The horror, the pain and agony she had to deal with just to walk again was truly heartbreaking Being a runner in her school, her legs are definitely the most important part of her body But with the tragic accident leaving her crippled, Jessica learns to have a better appreciation of the things she has in life.I found the plot beautiful especially when Jessica got to walk again for the first time with her new prosthetic limb It s like watching that youtube video where the deaf lady gets to hear the world for the first time Yeah, that emotion that emulates out is amazing. The beginning of the plot was borderline depressing but the ending is extremely victorious I loved the happy ending, although I had wished for further elaboration at the end Okay, maybe I just wanted the plot not to end and I m making excuses But that is how I feel So maybe I was let down a little here I really loved how her team, her friends and family provided support to Jessica during her tough times How they found ways to raise funds just so that Jessica could run again and feel the breeze on her face With the plot not only focusing on her recovery but also adding the element of high school, I do believe that that elevated this book It s kind of like a American romantic tale which has a tragedy That s the simplest way I can put it.If you love a book on determination and how a girl is able to take charge of her tragedies to becoming victorious, then you should totally give this book a go

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    5 STARS OH MY GOSH I LOVED THIS BOOK From the first page to the last page, it completely grabbed me, held my attention, and made me super emotional I can t believe it took me THIS LONG to read another Wendelin Van Draanan book because if you know me, you know I m HEAD OVER HEELS OBSESSED WITH FLIPPED. Of course, as a total die hard fangirl I still love Flipped best of all, but The Running Dream is AMAZING and here s why The characters ALL the characters in this book are so well written Jessica, our protagonist, is a runner who has just lost her right leg in a tragic bus accident The story begins with her waking up in the hospital post amputation to find that her life has been completely turned upside down CAN WE JUST PAUSE FOR A MINUTE AND APPRECIATE HOW PERFECT THE OPENING IS Talk about jumping right in with the inciting incident It grabbed me right away and didn t let me go Jessica felt real. Though not everyone will be able to relate to her physical struggles, her emotional and mental conflict cut right to the heart Her reactions and responses to everything life threw at her always felt realistic She was shook and rightly so by the accident, but never obnoxiously whiney She grew and transformed because of her circumstances and in spite of her circumstances She was a character I could believe in.The supporting characters were also amazing every one of them felt 3 dimensional and human, with flaws and hopes and fears of their own Jessica s parents were amazing Her best friend, Fiona, was epic Jessica s new friend, Rosa, was awesome I loved how she led a story of her own and took the plot for an interesting and engaging twist I think the thing I loved the most about the characters was how their stories all worked together. Jessica learned from Rosa, but Rosa also learned from Jessica Fiona learned from Jessica, and Rosa and so did Gavin It felt so realistic, because everyone s lives and decisions and conflict interwove with the rest of the characters and, in some way, impacted each other The journeys.Jessica goes on a pretty big journey learning not just how to run with a different ability, but learning how to live, and not let anything stand in her way Her inner battles felt so raw and realistic, I WAS GETTING SUPER EMOTIONAL READING THIS BOOK Over the course of eight months, she goes through a roller coaster of a journey and all of it felt so natural and smooth. The pacing was beautiful, and I never felt like Jessica had a major shift too quickly The themes.AJLKFJKSJDKASJD THE THEMES IN THIS BOOK HONEY THEY ARE GOOD if you know me at all, you know I LOVE A GOOD UPLIFTING READ I believe that the world needs stories with positive themes and happy endings, and this book has no shortage of that I love love LOVE the themes of overcoming, healing, hope, teamwork, friendship, dreaming big, and seeing people for who they are, not just their conditions or disabilities The themes made me giddy I especially loved the subtle theme of self worth and how that ultimately comes from within There was a line about weeds in my worthiness garden and OOF that hit me hard dang I loved it.Other things I also really appreciated all the detail and medical accuracy Van Draanan really did her research, and it shows Having written a book including an amputee character shameless plug check out my debut novel 100 Days of Sunlight I was excited to see how the author included all the aspects of Jessica s new and different experiences and lifestyle into the story I think it got a little too technical sometimes But I still thought it was cool and A for effort The only nit pick I had was that I thought it was a little odd that Jessica had never heard of runners with prosthetic legs Or had never seen anything about the Paralympics I mean I totally understand that the author was using this realization as a sort of pivotal moment in the plot for Jessica, when she realizes she can run after all but I just felt like the therapist or prosthetist would have mentioned the possibility of running blades to her, since she was obviously super depressed about not being able to run BUT THIS WAS SO MINOR and everything else was so good it s not even a problem lol.WHAT CAN I SAY I LOVE THIS BOOK It left me on the final page with a big goofy smile on my face and I can t help but give a story like that 5 generous stars The world needs books like The Running Dream. Do yourself a favor and read it.

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The Running Dream download The Running Dream, read online The Running Dream, kindle ebook The Running Dream, The Running Dream 78c09d9733e0 An Award Winning And Inspiring Novel When Jessica S Dreams Are Shattered, She Puts Herself Back Together And Learns To Dream Bigger Than Ever Before Jessica Thinks Her Life Is Over When She Loses A Leg In A Car Accident She S Not Comforted By The News That She Ll Be Able To Walk With The Help Of A Prosthetic Leg Who Cares About Walking When You Live To Run As She Struggles To Cope With Crutches And A First Cyborg Like Prosthetic, Jessica Feels Oddly Both In The Spotlight And Invisible People Who Don T Know What To Say, Act Like She S Not There Which She Could Handle Better If She Weren T Now Keenly Aware That She D Done The Same Thing Herself To A Girl With CP Named Rosa A Girl Who Is Going To Tutor Her Through All The Math She S Missed A Girl Who Sees Right Into The Heart Of HerWith The Support Of Family, Friends, A Coach, And Her Track Teammates, Jessica May Actually Be Able To Run Again But That S Not Enough For Her Now She Doesn T Just Want To Cross Finish Lines Herself She Wants To Take Rosa With HerWinner Of The Schneider Family Book Award