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    This is just totally excellent and beautiful Donald Zinkoff is a really special kid He doesn t get other kids, really, but most of the time he has so much fun with his life that it doesn t really matter He laughs so hard at words that he thinks are funny that he falls out of his chair and can t breathe On the first day of every school year, he wants to know how many days of school are left until he graduates from highschool not because he can t wait to get out, but because he luxuriates in the notion of all that time Spinelli introduces us to Zinkoff in such a way that the reader is completely won over, and then he gradually allows real life to intrude Zinkoff is awesome, but to his classmates, he s a Loser.What s amazing about this book is that Spinelli allows Zinkoff to hang onto his individuality and the things that make him both awesome and a loser, but the book remains realistic In the end, Zinkoff is a hero of a sort, but there s no scene where his classmates realize that they were wrong all along, or anything like that No, he s still picked on It s just that he s found a way to be ok with himself, and there s a glimmer of hope that not all the kids will always think of him as just Loser.

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    Do we ever relise what really makes a person a loser or a geek well i don t know about everyone but i know that i have judged before i even knew what that person was all about Sometimes the biggest loser in your class can be your best friend I mean we all try to be what other people want us to be instead of being faithfull to outselves When it get s to that point we don t think of it as changing we think of it as a life style that what this book is about seeing that when you change yourself you aren t just hurting yourself your leaving the people that loved you for who you are.This is a good book if you want to see what i have relised.

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    I was in the in the 5th or 6th grade when I decided to read this book and read it in one day I had friends that recommended me this book and told me that the story was great and I should read it too So I did, but came up with nothing Not that the book was entirely terrible, but I just could not see what everyone else did Although I read it in a matter of hours, I did not enjoy one bit of the book For the most part, I didn t really care No I am not heartless, but this story had no aim The only thing I remember from that book was him cracking up at the word jabip whatever that was supposed to mean , and him going crazy for snickerdoodle cookies, and 3rd person perspective rambling about stuff that was highly unentertaining I got bored quickly and lost interest in whatever it was Spinelli was trying to say Whether this book had a real moral or not, I still think of this book as plotless, disapointing and had no magic whatsoever if he that s what he was trying to create This book was alsp along with uninteresting, really sad It had potential to be heart warming and out of this world outstanding, but there were no moments where Zinkoff made an impact on another persons life but his own So since there were no special moments that caught my eye, this book went down the drain for me.

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    With a name like LOSER, I really expected to hate this book and feel sorry for the main character throughout the entire story The story is written with an omniscient narrator, and even though the plot could focus on the kids that teased Zinkoff, it focuses on Zinkoff s positive attitudes despite his peers, instead My favorite chapter was about Zinkoff s day shadowing his father in his job as a mailman He was so happy to get to deliver the mail it was so cute I m reading this book with my advisory class I want them to love it as much as I did.

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    Intial reaction is the book was disappointing I read this after reading Schooled by Korman which also was very dissappointing so that could have affected my reaction to this book.Frist off this book is a character study and I perfer books with plot The book also like Schooled is about a character who is above the negative opinions of his classmates In fact like Schooled Don Zinkoff seems is clueless that he is being teased Loser is slightly better than Schooled in that the teasing is not as obvivous and Don is written to be that clueless However it is hard to be in sympathy with such a clueless character The action of the plot is also believeable.The problem though I don t understand who this book is for or why I don t see it be very helpful to a bullied child Instead the book would probably make them feel worse and see as another example of how clueless adults are about the effects of teasing As for kids who are bystanders or are bullies I doubt this book would change their attutides The books also has a strange narration which had the effect of keeping me at a distance from the story The story is narrated by an outsider narrator who seems to be witness of the events but, is never in the story I found the narrator to be a distancing influence.For dealing with teasing and it effects I perfer Bystander by Preller, Blubber by Blume, and The Girls by Koll.

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    zinkoff, The dreamer and simply boy I love him and,It is realy good book for the bedtime day after day to the children

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    This book is all about bullying and having self confidence in yourself Have you ever get bully from other bullies or have you ever felt like you ar e the bully Well, if you want to know about this READ THIS BOOK

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    I saw this book in the Scholastic book magazine and did not select it for reading due to the perceived angst I might feel over some mean kids and pitiful character that is bullied I have a big aversion to the nasty use of you re a loser as I feel everyone has something special to contribute Those that use loser to define another are the losers themselves as they are breeding ground for nastiness, exclusion, anger, hate, and hopelessness.However, my son was assigned the book to read at school, so I felt obligated to engage in the discussion All in all, I was surprised and had to reach for my tissue box a couple times, but I did not feel so despondent that I had to go hug a tree Without giving any specific spoilers, let me say that for the reading level of the target audience, the amount of detail was appropriate although I would love to see what this author has could do with his talent in detail in a higher level , and the skill of significant details, images, redeemable characters, and metaphor made the book well worth my time I can imagine that this book makes for a great discussion on character and compassion for the classroom and family setting I m not sure if it will change the behavior of the some of the heart hardened bullies who read the book, but at least they may think twice, and the main character is memorable For the rest of us, it is an encouragement to keep brave in the alleys of our lives, despite the flurries of challenges in our way.

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    Loser Have you ever felt like you were a loser The genre of Loser is realistic fiction because its made with fake characters but it could happen to somebody in real life My opinion on the book is that its very good because I can relate to the book Sometimes I can feel like a loser So, I like it because I can relate to it The setting of my book is school grades in school I know this because the story takes place in school when he was in different grades during his life.The major events of the book where when he was growing and found out he was different from the other people in his school until he found somebody that was weird like him Its person vs person because Zinkoff tries to become friends with other people but they reject him because he s weird and different than everybody else Weird is the theme because he is very different and weirder than everybody else The title relates with the book Loser because Zinkoff the main character is supposedly a loser because he is different and has no friend do people consider him as a loser because in the text it says He doesn t know he s not like everybody else which makes him a loser The major event of the story was when he finally realized he was not like everybody else so then he tried to change because he didn t have any friends because of his weirdness I was surprised when he found a friend weird like him because I never thought he would find someone weird like him and that he would have a friend finally also surprised me.I liked the way the author described the Zinkoff because he said he was weird,different, and curious so he was described different from everybody else he knew I would give this book a 4 because i enjoyed it but there were some parts I didn t like about the book.I would recommend this book to my classmates because its a good book even if I didn t like some parts of the book.Do you like loser book if you do this is the book for you

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    Books like this bring back memories of my childhood that I do not like to revisit I spent most of this afternoon crying We learn, very young, how to be cruel and I feel that younger kids can be the cruelest And when you are an oddball, a book nerd, introvert, extra sensitive, MANY TIMES the new kid and very much the klutz I would strive to be sick on field day I DESPISED that day than any other , you get called names and loser was very much one I heard on a daily basis And the result of that is that one becomes defensive and even introverted and very unsure of oneself Even to this day I am apologetic for the amount of books I read AND the kind of books I read , for the amount of time I spend alone and for being the klutziest person on the planet OMGOSH sometimes I swear this is true LOL among many other things I drive my best friend insane with this because unfortunately, people in adulthood, are still very mean This book struck such a chord with me I was a chatty cathy and a big singer and loved school until I hated it Donald reminded me so much of who I was when I was that age and I cried over how he was treated, by students and teachers alike WHEN will people learn that not every child will fit the box you think they belong in Sigh A really good read, even as it was very difficult.

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