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✹ Al Capone Does My Shirts Epub ✼ Author Gennifer Choldenko – Transportjobsite.co.uk chapter 1 Al Capone Does My Shirts, meaning Al Capone Does My Shirts, genre Al Capone Does My Shirts, book cover Al Capone Does My Shirts, flies Al Capone Does My Shirts, Al Capone Does My Shirts d663a829c6fa3 Today I Moved To A Twelve Acre Rock Covered With Cement, Topped With Bird Turd And Surrounded By Water I M Not The Only Kid Who Lives Here There S My Sister, Natalie, Except She Doesn T Count And There Are Twenty Three Other Kids Who Live On The Island Because Their Dads Work As Guards Or Cook S Or Doctors Or Electricians For The Prison, Like My Dad Does Plus, There Are A Ton Of Murderers, Rapists, Hit Men, Con Men, Stickup Men, Embezzlers, Connivers, Burglars, Kidnappers And Maybe Even An Innocent Man Or Two, Though I Doubt It The Convicts We Have Are The Kind Other Prisons Don T Want I Never Knew Prisons Could Be Picky, But I Guess They Can You Get To Alcatraz By Being The Worst Of The Worst Unless You Re Me I Came Here Because My Mother Said I Had To

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    I ve been meaning to read this for a while, and I m glad I finally got the chance It tells the story of 12 year old Moose Flanagan, whose family moves to Alcatraz in the 1930s when his dad takes a job as a prison guard The first person narration is beautifully done I loved the humor and the relationships between the characters We assume Al Capone will have a role to play in the book, but it s not clear what that role will be until the very end, when we get a Gangster ex Machina resolution It certainly left me wanting to read the sequel, if only to see if we get about Capone.

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    I had to read this book once I learned that it is about little kids who lived on Alcatraz in the 1930s Ever since I was a little girl I ve wanted to purchase Alcatraz Island and live there Plus, it s a Newberry Honor Book, so it sort of counts towards my goal The book centers around a family a mother, a father, a ten year old sister, and a twelve year old brother, our protagonist, Moose The family has just moved to Alcatraz Island where the father works around the clock at two jobs so that the sister, Natalie, can attend a prestigious and expensive school for children with mental issues Natalie has what would today be called autism.Moose Flanagan s view of life perfectly depicts the struggle between loving someone and half wanting them to go away He loves his sister, but she complicates his life in ways that most twelve year old boys don t have to deal with Also, he illustrates the loneliness of the okay sibling All of the family s resources and time seem to be poured into Natalie, leaving Moose with many responsibilities and few perks.The feeling of this book stayed with me mostly via the setting The images of children on the island, taking a boat back and forth to school everyday, lingering just beyond the field where the prisoners play baseball, hoping to catch a ball, having their laundry done in the prisons.So, the phrase is overused, but heartwarming definitely applies here.

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    With a name like Al Capone Does My Shirts, I was settled in for a good light read, not Not that it isn t an easy read but there is pathos in this story of Moose Flannagan Moose is the brother of a severely challenged sister, Natalie, who cannot function in society and is sometimes entombed in her own frightening world to the exclusion of even her family.Moose s father is a prison guard electrician on the island of Alcatraz His mother takes a boat to San Francisco most days to teach piano and Moose is in charge of head strong, not to be sidetracked Natalie How many ways can you spell trouble I identified in ways most readers wouldn t with this story because I am the mother of a disabled young adult I never went through what Natalie s mother went through, looking for a cure, but I think I know that a disability effects everyone in the family I spent weeks when Jami was little going to the doctor up to three times in a week There is no way all that time and attention on one child does not take away from the others but you do what you have to do I like to think that our experience has made our other six children compassionate people And a special note to Jeff, my knight in shining armor who spent most of his weekends his junior year babysitting so Mom could get out and socialize you are my Moose, thank you for all your goodness, love, Mom

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    I absolutely adore this book Initially, I had to read it for a children s literature class two years ago, but I chose to pick it up again recently because I loved it so much The story is about a young boy named Moose and his experiences growing up as a prison guard s son on Alcatraz during the 1930 s Moose s younger sister Natalie has special needs, and although her specific diagnosis is unknown, we as readers can assume that she is autistic Moose s life is made even interesting when he begins corresponding with Al Capone, one of the most notorious gangsters ever imprisoned on Alcatraz This is perhaps one of the most unique stories I have ever read, and I think that the whole coming of age theme ties in nicely with Moose s struggles to accept Natalie s differences I am definitely planning on using this book in my classroom this year, and I can t wait to see what my students think

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    I read this poolside during our SoCal vacation and I was pleasantly surprised Moose s family moves to Alcatraz where his dad has taken a job as an electrician He has a younger sister who has autism and the family is trying to get her into a special school If you think about it there are so many parts of the story that are heart wrenching the author does an amazing job of making emotional connections with each character You can see the grief cycle in each member anger, denial, bargaining, etc I also loved how she showed Natalie, the sister, as a real person one of the few books I ve read with a disabled character that really shows you the person inside.I really felt like I was on the island with them, as well Having it set on Alcatraz is really cool and you learn a lot about the island in the 1930s and of course, it s funny After I read the book I just told Darik, Wow I love that children s literature can be this good and be entertaining and yet handle adult issues autism, growing up, family relationships, etc better than adult literature can a lot of times.

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    I did not like Al Capone Does My Shirts at all I thought the plot was too unique to be believable The characters had all the same traits and I thought the book was really slow The only problem in the book was how Moose s sister, Natalie, had aspergers and was not being accepted to a special school to make her socially comfortable I could see the outcome of the book way before the ending I did not enjoy this book at all Overall, I gave Al Capone Does My Shirts one star.

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    Now althoughI have indeed much enjoyed the historical San Francisco and Alcatraz setting of Gennifer Choldenko s Newebery Honour winning Al Capone Does My Shirts and absolutely love the non fictional supplementals at the back of the book which truth be told have been my favourite parts of the book , personally I have found a few rather annoying and frustrating issues with the author s story telling, with her narrational style, scenarios that have felt rather a bit off to and for me For one, with narrator Moose and actually with regard to many if not even most of the Alcatraz children presented except for Natalie of course, but she is a special case , while I have most definitely enjoyed being taken into their world, their ways of expressing themselves and even many of their behaviour patterns often really do tend to feel rather anachronistic as though instead of 1935, when Al Capone Does My Shirts is set, the novel reads like it takes place much later, in say the 1950s or 60s And yes indeed, even after now having finished Al Capone Does My Shirts, I keep having to check the Goodreads book description for the precise time period, as I still when I think of Al Capone Does My Shirts keep imagining and considering a post and not a pre WWII tale, for especially how the children, how Moose, Piper, Theresa, Annie, Jimmy etc behave, act out and talk amongst themselves and with their parents, and even how many of the Alcatraz adults, but especially Moose s parents, tend to conduct themselves, sorry, but it just does not seem like typical 1930s America, and like a considerably later time period and while of course, the type of family dysfunction that is shown with the Flanagans and especially with regard to Moose s mother and her obvious favouritism of Natalie over Moose also existed in the 1930s and earlier, how overtly this is shown in Al Capone Does My Shirts and by the young twelve year old narrator at that, by Moose Flanagan himself, feels at least to and for me rather jarring and out of time, in other words, how Gennifer Choldenko has Moose narrate, just seems too annoyingly modern for a historical novel.And for two, especially how Moose s mother is depicted her clear favouritism of autistic Natalie over Moose, that the mother basically shoves almost ALL of the responsibilities for Natalie and for much of the household chores and such on Moose without even considering his feelings, often reacting very allergically and nastily if ANYONE even remotely tries to call her out, tries to be in any manner critical , while I do realise that persons like Mrs Flanagan exist in real life, in Al Capone Does My Shirts, I have most certainly been left with the distinct impression that Moose s mother has been created and used by the author as basically and mostly a rather one dimensional and yes almost stock witch like fairy tale villain type, a character with no or at least hardly any personality and nuances, someone who reads like a blank slate of cardboard except with regard to being negative and grating And really, even autistic Natalie, Moose s older sister, has much much to her in every way than the mother, who just appears like an annoying buzzing mosquito but who also seems to rule the roost so to speak, a scenario that I for one have found not all that pleasurable to read, as while I do not at all mind negative characters appearing in my novels, and actually often welcome them, if I want to read about one dimensional negativity and nastiness, I will generally tend to peruse fairy and folktales and unfortunately, especially how Mrs Flanagan is textually depicted and featured by Gennifer Choldenko, it sure does makes Al Capone Does My Shirts feel a trifle on the surface at best, with the deus ex machina ending of Al Capone actually using his influence even whilst in prison on Alcatraz to get Natalie into that special school heightening my feelings of disbelief and of being in a novel that is not all always that realistic and rather majorly artificial in scope at times.

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    I don t agree with the enthusiasm for this book A Newbery Honor, really At least it didn t win I wanted to like this book A story about families living on Alcatraz where the worst of the worst convicts reside was alluring But this book just didn t cut it The characters developments were horrid Moose was wishy washy, Piper incredibly reckless, and the adults were idiots The only character that the author got right was Natalie Plus, the whole let s see how close we can monopolize Al Capone story line was weak in aligning with the characters This is where I wish I was articulate because I want to spell out how the characters broke this book for me and therefore how silly the story became Anyone out there that has read this book and see what I see and can help effectively describe the bazaarness Oh well, maybe it s just me Find this review and at Jinky is reading

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    Interesting setting Alcatraz, 1930s and unusual characters boy with autistic sister , but I wouldn t have given this the Newbery honor book award.

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    This is a really great book I d been meaning to read it for years and finally got around to it Moose Flanagan and his family move to Alcatrez Island where his father works as a guard so that his sister Natalie can go to a special school in San Francisco for kids with disabilities Today, Natalie would have been diagnosed with autism, but back then they didn t know what to do with her The author deals with this topic very sensitively and emotionally, because it s based on her own experiences with her sister.Al Capone is imprisoned on Alcatraz at the time the 1930 s and amazingly enough there were actually 50 or 60 families that made their residence on the island then The warden wanted his guards to live close by in the event of a problem, and many of the families considered it a very safe place to live I had no idea Moose makes friends with some of the kids on the island, does a lot of growing up, and gets into some trouble This is a very sweet story.

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