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The Lady of Bolton Hill files The Lady of Bolton Hill, read online The Lady of Bolton Hill, free The Lady of Bolton Hill, free The Lady of Bolton Hill, The Lady of Bolton Hill 83475bd34 When Clara Endicott And Daniel Tremain S Worlds Collide After Twelve Years Apart, The Spark That Was Once Between Them Immediately Reignites Into A Romance Neither Of Them Thought PossibleBut Time Has Changed Them BothDaniel Is An Industrial Titan With Powerful Enemies Clara Is An Idealistic Journalist Determined To Defend Underprivileged WorkersCan They Withstand The Cost Of Their Convictions While Their Hearts And Lives Hang In The Balance

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    THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS I HAVE READ IN A LONG TIME At first it seems it will be too predictable and that the main characters get along a little too well after their 12 year separation I was looking forward to some tension and anger, especially on Daniel s part toward Clara The tension and anger comes, but when you least expect it And, that s where the UNPREDICTABILITY of this book comes in Nothing ever happens the way you think it s going to And so much of the plot goes places you never expect when you first start reading I chuckled at several parts as my heart constricted just loving the way things were said and how it was all going Clara has a way of being so sweet and yet fierce and brave when it comes to sticking up for the down trodden Usually I can t stand sweet heroins But I was never annoyed with Clara I really liked her She tried to help people turn their lives around and turn to God, in a non annoying or preachy way Any religious aspects were mellow and beautifully handled I teared up a couple of times, and I RARELY cry when reading a book This didn t even really come across as a Christian book, it just had a nice, feel good message woven in to a wonderfuly, perfect romance mystery story There is also a secondary character, Bane, who I cringed about at first and thought I wouldn t care if he did turn his life around, he d still be a shady character, but I came to LOVE him, and I d love to see a book written about him This was just so perfect from beginning to end Elizabeth Camden is a new favorite author of mineI love the way she tells a story I ll buy anything she writes

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    About this book When Clara Endicott and Daniel Tremain s worlds collide after twelve years apart, the spark that was once between them immediately reignites into a romance neither of them thought possible But time has changed them both Daniel is an industrial titan with powerful enemies Clara is an idealistic journalist determined to defend underprivileged workers Can they withstand the cost of their convictions while their hearts and lives hang in the balance Series Connected to the author s other book, Against the Tide Spiritual Content Scriptures and Biblical events are mentioned, quoted, remembered, talked about Prayers Witnessing Talks about God, Jesus, Heaven, forgiveness, faiths, salvation, revenge H s are capital when referring to God Clara s father is an influential religious leader Daniel does not consider himself a Christian Spoiler view spoiler Near the end he starts trying to pray and go to church to do better hide spoiler

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    Lovely story and quite unexpected at times Full review to come I admit, I judged this book by its cover I m guilty Though the cover of the book is quite pretty, it led me to believe that this was going to be the typical inspirational, historical romance all of the conflict would stem from a big misunderstanding, it would be resolved a few hundred pages later, and they live happily ever after So you can imagine my pleasant surprise when the main character, Clara, is an investigative journalist, right around the time when there were female journalists, but not many This particular journalist is intent on bringing the truth to light and using her words to do so Early in the story, she is in jail, no less The opening of the story had me hooked from the beginning.The plot was in no way ho hum, but rather kept along at a nice pace It wasn t just the typical lady meets gentleman story in fact, Daniel Tremain is not much of a gentleman at all, but rather a big of a roguish character Being a self made man, he knows firsthand the hardships of the working poor The struggles between Clara and Daniel were out in the open and all the potent because of that The relationship between them was endearing and rang true for me I love how they had true, realistic internal conflict within themselves and not just with each other and outside conflict There were so many aspects to admire Daniel s rocky path to forgiveness, Clara s steadfast loyalty and their conflict over her beliefs I also really enjoyed the relationship between Clara and her brother, Clyde I think he deserves his own story and would love it if one was ever written about him The other secondary characters, Daniel s sisters, Kate and Lorna, and especially Alexander Banebridge, were all fleshed out very well and added a lot of depth to the story.What kept me from giving that fifth star was the fact that at times I didn t feel a very strong sense of place I m a reader who likes description of place and setting and at times, that just wasn t there for me Some of the dialogue didn t seem like it was back then, but rather would have suited a contemporary story I also felt that some of the decisions Clara made, while they propelled the plot, did not always come across as realistic The second thing was the spiritual aspect of the story one reviewer mentioned that Clara suddenly turned into Super Christian, and I find that I have to agree It became very in your face at times, versus the other times where it weaves in and out of the story organically.Overall, it was a very enjoyable story with a compelling plot, an endearing romance and stand out characters I m really looking forward to reading the rest of Bane s story in Against the Tide

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    I have mixed feelings about this book after reading it Overall I did enjoy the storyline, it was easy to ready, had twists and drama in the right places, and had characters that were vivid, even if they were a little unrealistic at times There are two things that bring let this book down for me The first is that it wasn t until halfway through that I realised it was a Christian book Now to be fair it wasn t as preachy as it could have potentially been, although there were times towards the end when the same bible quote was repeated over and over again, and that got a little repetitive But the main reason the book lost points from me is that the main antagonist in this book changed from being a hardened opium dealer criminal, to a born again christian in a matter of days and after only a few short conversations with the main heroine he completely changed his life I have not been in the situation where I have been convinced to change my opinion on religion, but I really doubt it would happen so quickly To make this story realistic I would have hinted at Bane s wishes to change his lifestyle rather than him saying how much he enjoyed it and wanted to climb up the criminal ladder.Overall the story wasn t too bad, but not one I would rave about and highly recommend There are far better writers out there that I would rather read from.

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    I really enjoyed this book I had read Against the Tide which features Bane earlier this year, and was intrigued to know that he had appeared in another of Elizabeth Camden s novels I m glad I took the opportunity to read this book, and get to know Bane s backstory slightly , although this book s focus was not on Bane.I liked both Clara and Daniel and how they each needed to learn some lessons before their relationship could blossom I liked how, even though Clara was portrayed as a really good Christian woman, she still had some faults that she needed to work through, and how she relied on the Lord to help her do so I especially appreciated that she knew she would not be able to have a romantic relationship with Daniel unless he were to turn his life over to the Lord, even though she truly loved him She drew her line in the sand and did not cross it.I thought the portrayal of Daniel was very well done I think the prologue was just the right set up so we could understand his desire for revenge against the man whom Daniel believed was the reason for the destruction of family I liked how he was able to figure out what mattered most and to make changes in his life that reflected that knew knowledge.I loved the very clear Christian message of hope in Christ s salvation The Gospel is so simple, and I love to see it preached in this way

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    This book should absolutely be listed as book 1 in a series w Against the Tide So good

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    I appreciate what Ms Camden was trying to do with this book Honestly, I do And the engaging storytelling, rich historical details, and compelling MCs made me want to like this book But I couldn t The h was way too preachy What could have been a sweet and natural reunion between the MCs became strange and awkward with the h s insistence on the H becoming a Christian Please don t mistake what I m saying Sharing the good news of Jesus Christ is always a good thing However, letting the way you live your life be your testimony is a much better way to share it The problem with this story is that we don t see the h doing that We just see her badgering him with the message of forgiveness and grace instead of being patient with him There were a few things that I liked about this book The h wasn t a pushover or a doormat She didn t compromise on her values or beliefs She was also a hardworking professional who didn t rely on a man for happiness or for money She also didn t turn into a puddle of hormonal goo whenever the H was around All of those things were super refreshing I also liked the H who didn t beat around the bush about his intentions toward the h There wasn t any long drawn out angst in that regard There was also not OP drama, which was quite nice as well All in all, I didn t hate this book, nor did I love it The spiritual message was strong but maybe too much so for my liking The historical aspect of this story was nice, but there was simply something missing in it for me.

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    This makes me want to reread Bane s story in Against The Tide.

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    First I have to admit to cover love I am so shallow that I wanted the book before I knew a thing about it other than it had a gorgeous cover Thankfully the inside didn t let me down.One of the wonderful things about historical fiction is all the issues they can talk and teach you about This book had so many things going on that it felt like an action movie What kept it grounded was the relationship between the characters and the characters themselves I may be shallow but Clara isn t She isn t even a caricature of the woman ahead of her time or the strong willed independent type She resists labeling because she may have some features that resemble those types but she s also terrified of horses and insecure a lot of the time Daniel is the same way He s brilliant, fiercely protective, determined, rebellious against society s rules, and so angry at the person who hurt his family that he s willing to hurt the financial security of his company Yet on some level he s always felt unworthy to love Clara The complexities in their personalities as well as those of Alex and Clara s father really impressed me.I m a romance girl and I thought the relationship was fabulous It had enough sparks to feel realistic for the time period and I loved the tension between them I believed in them and wanted it to work out At the same time, I could almost believe that it wouldn t This is a well written, action packed story with a great romance I look forward to reading by this author and I thank Bethany House for providing my copy though it did not influence my review.

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    Daniel and Clara are childhood friends torn apart before their sparks of romance could ignite When they cross paths twelve years later the heat between them creates an inferno on the page The romance in The Lady of Bolton Hill got so steamy for a minute there, I thought it might be headed in a whole different direction Rest assured, we don t cross out of Christian fiction territory, but if you are a fan of edgy inspirational you ll enjoy the romance in this one There was much for me to love in this book and I finished it in one sitting The whole labor and union plot line reminded me a little bit of the series North and South and once that image popped into my head, I couldn t help but picture Richard Armitage as Daniel If I had to cast someone to play the role, he d soooo be my pick If I had one criticism of the novel, it would be that Clara seems to don a Super Christian costume to convert the lost The reader doesn t actually see spandex, but Clara must have worn it underneath her dress because she wields an unbelievable power of persuasion over the unchurched But in my experience a good romance covers a multitude of sticky plot points or in this case a single sticky plot point And the romance in The Lady of Bolton Hill was very good If you re anything like me, you ll still be thinking about the tingling in your tummy long after you put the book down Elizabeth Camden, welcome to my must read list Thanks to CFBA and the publisher for my review copy

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