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Broderies pdf Broderies, ebook Broderies, epub Broderies, doc Broderies, e-pub Broderies, Broderies e9fbd176bd4 From The Best Selling Author Of Persepolis Comes This Gloriously Entertaining And Enlightening Look Into The Sex Lives Of Iranian Women Embroideries Gathers Together Marjane S Tough Talking Grandmother, Stoic Mother, Glamorous And Eccentric Aunt And Their Friends And Neighbors For An Afternoon Of Tea Drinking And Talking Naturally, The Subject Turns To Love, Sex And The Vagaries Of MenAs The Afternoon Progresses, These Vibrant Women Share Their Secrets, Their Regrets And Their Often Outrageous Stories About, Among Other Things, How To Fake One S Virginity, How To Escape An Arranged Marriage, How To Enjoy The Miracles Of Plastic Surgery And How To Delight In Being A Mistress By Turns Revealing And Hilarious, These Are Stories About The Lengths To Which Some Women Will Go To Find A Man, Keep A Man Or, Most Important, Keep Up Appearances Full Of Surprises, This Introduction To The Private Lives Of Some Fascinating Women, Whose Life Stories And Lovers Will Strike Us As At Once Deeply Familiar And Profoundly Different From Our Own, Is Sure To Bring Smiles Of Recognition To The Faces Of Women Everywhere And To Teach Us All A Thing Or Two

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    Family gossip is my Achilles heel I live for those moments when my mother and I get to discuss old memories of hers and mine.So this graphic novel fit right like a glove.Embroideries starts out with Marjane Satrapi and her family and friends sitting down with their drinks to devote themselves to their favorite activity discussion There was talk of marriage, love, unfeasible men, sex, double standards, body image simply put, Embroideries included everything I love discussing with my family and so much .Here are a few of my favorite talks between Marjane s tough talking grandmother, stoic mother, glamorous and eccentric aunt and their friends and neighbors I was cry laughing at this part This is why I adored Marji s mother in Persepolis 2 Her grandmother was as wise as ever I laughed out loud multiple times,which I truly wasn t expecting And the one part I most vividly remember making me laugh too loudly was when 6 year old Marjane was talking about her grandmother s nose I almost choked laughing so hard This conversation really hit home for me.Also, this This is seriously 100% like all the conversations I ve had in the past with my family To put it plainly, Embroideries was all I could have wanted from Marjane Satrapi and yet I long for and Note I m an Affiliate If you re interested in buying Embroideries, just click on the image below to go through my link I ll make a small commission Support creators you love Buy a Coffee for nat bookspoils with Ko fi.com bookspoils

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    To speak behind others backs is to ventilate the soul. a dictum from Marjane Satrapi s grandmother.Reading Embroideries from Marjane Satrapi was like reading some missing pages from Persepolis , her renowned autobiographical series In Persepolis she gave much insights to the reader about the social and political life of Iran during her childhood, but through Embroideries Satrapi manages to illustrate the closed personal world of Iranian women in an amusing manner.In this slice of an autobiography, Satrapi let s the reader experience the joy, sorrow, disappointments and frustrations narrated from the personal viewpoint of a bunch of charming, highly spirited and intelligent female characters living in Tehran during early 1990s The effortless gossipy manner in which they discuss their private lives, which Satrapi captures in her Spartan yet fluid black and white illustrations, are equally touching and a delight to read Observing a young Satrapi in the company of her mother, grand mother, aunts and other female friends sitting around their tea while the male members are enjoying a nap after a family dinner and gossiping, is an experience like the observer is right among them sipping tea at times even feeling like a voyeur and listening to their confidential lives, their anxieties, their own personal struggle against social and personal oppression and their intimate feelings of guilt and pleasure There is no inhibition among the members of such an intimate gathering where Satrapi s grandmother takes the central stage and regulates the flow of this family chronicle and no topic is a taboo on such an occasion and the reader is privileged to hear a string of anecdotes and ruminations, which can be funny and raunchy, at times sad or even provocative and controversial They discuss their sex life, their fantasies, about keeping up the appearances for the sake of saving marriages, about getting an embroidery done a slang term for a hymenorrhaphy or hymenoplasty , about performing plastic surgeries, about the obsessions of the society on the virginity of a girl, about homosexuality, about failed marriages, about extramarital affairs, all with a casual grace and traits of independence even under restrains imposed by their society The charm of the book is in its simplicity of narration It merely narrates these thoughts as conversations aimed at the reader while offering no solutions, conclusions or judgments for the various issues discussed by its participants It is left for the reader to think about A perfect candidate for light weight reading, but if you are reading Satrapi s works for the first time, then I will recommend Persepolis before enjoying Embroideries Actual Rating 3.5 5

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    I rarely if ever read books on the subject of sex or marriage, but Embroideries is about much than these things It s about normal women who have adapted to oppression and learned how to expertly hide who they really are It s about the thrill of secrets, the fear of being caught and the brief taste of freedom that comes along with living in such uncertain times It s about fashion, fun and also fright Told in beautiful illustrations from the author of the equally incredible Persepolis, Embroideries gives a face and a voice to Islamic women who wish to share a story that we can all relate to in one way or another, whether we re a man or a woman, whether we re religious or atheists, whether we re free or trapped or liberal or conservative, it doesn t matter as long as we re real and alive.

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    Satrapi graphic novel, , Persepolis , .

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    This is a short, amusing read, though not at all on par with the impactful Persepolis books by the same author That being said, it s an easy read and gives a glimpse of Iranian culture among women.Find reviews and bookish fun at

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    Reading this graphic novel was like being invited to tea with a group of Iranian women, except that the talk turned interestingly enough to arranged marriages, cheating husbands, and faking your virginity The images strengthened the words in such a way that when I was done reading it I actually felt like I knew and had spent a little time with these women.It s interesting, because their conversation makes it seem like they have some power while living under harsh social restrictions but as a Western woman reading this book, their idea of what constitutes power is hard to accept Like many women, they talk about plastic surgery nothing unusual there One woman even goes so far as to admit that she had fat removed from her ass and injected into her breasts, which led to this comment about her husband Of course this idiot doesn t know that every time he kisses my breasts, it s actually my ass he s kissingBut to me, there s not a lot of power in that More sadness that you d have to take that small victory when you re likely stuck in a marriage that you didn t and don t want.It s hard to judge these women, though Their stories are told in such a way that it s easy to just listen and admire them for having a voice and telling their stories Many are in fact divorced, and share many of the same love concerns and troubles as women everywhere, as well as the same strengths and weaknesses It s definitely worth reading as a reminder that women everywhere share a connection.

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    This author is great Her graphic novel Persepolis is remarkable and hilarious, and her notable humor is present here as well I enjoyed it.

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    To speak behind other s backs is the ventilator of the heart comics graphic novel .

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    Uma leitura r pida, divertida apesar de triste e interessante sobre a sexualidade das mulheres e os pap is impostos a elas.

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    Story about various Iranian women They re sit back and relax in the afternoon while sipping a hot cup of tea But not just that, they all have a tale to tell And the story begin To speak behind others backs is the ventilator of the heart HuwahahahaPertama tama ketika nge mark as to read gw pernah komen Mari ngebordir , yang dikasi komen sama Lita di message 1 dan saya ngasi komen wah, rok mini mah cepet keknya ngebordirnya, siap lah di message 2 Nah, setelah beres membaca bukunya, dengan ini saya nyatakan kalau saya menarik kembali kedua komen saya itu.Kenapa beginiDari dulu sayah bukan pembaca komik novel grafis dan sama sekali gak ngeh sapa itu Marjane Satrapi Iseng ke kaki lima nemu buku ini masih diplastikin, dan di plastikna ada stiker dengan tulisan gede tebel DEWASA Wah, dewasa adult entertainment kah the evil hippo inside me begging screaming like hell to take this book home Dan setelah meriksa KTP buat ngecek umur dari tarik urat leher sama penjualna ahirna bukuna bisa di bawa pulang dengan harga 15 rebu Soal isina apa samasekali gak tau, yang penting ada tulisan DEWASA nyah, hahaha.Nah, setelah itu bukuna disimpen aja gak dibuka dulu sehari, niatna masukin aja dulu bukuna di rak gudrid tapi ahirna memutuskan baca dulu ripyu dari teman2 yang sudah ngerating buku ini dan muncul lah kalimat2 seperti ini Tomo Sesepuh Jaduler Dan yang diomongin bukan soal ranjang tapi adegan di ranjang Gituuu Bujeng Bueuk teteh..ceritain yg adegan ranjangXD XD gpp Yu, gep ajah tutorial..hiyahahahaha Kuwi tapi yg silet ituh lucu tuh. kasian suaminya XD Indri tersenyum geli, waktu adegan silet Ibutio juga menggambarkan santet di ranjang haha beneran aku ketawa guling guling yang adegan kopi yang ada putih putihnya itu jelas jadi penasarantrus Momo yang dilarang larang baca buku ini karena masih kecil Namanya juga anak anak, tambah dilarang tambah nekat ama penasaran Pas baca Gubrak, Tuing tuing, yaelah, aduh, hahahaha pantes aku gak boleh baca Ahirnya diputuskan merobek sampul plastikna dan baca bukuna dan setelah sekitar 30 40 menit baca. ternyata oh ternyataadegan silet. yang dimaksud dengan bordir itu ternyata. konci ama teh putih. Ni buku kocak syekali ternyata, hiyahahaha.nah segitu aja sih ripyu nya DJadi kalo mengacu kembali ke bordir yang dimaksud disini dan komen sayah mari ngebordir jelas jadi ngaco jadina untuk itu lah saya menarik kembali komen saya DPelajaran yang saya tarik dari buku ini kalo bikin kopi gak bakalan pake krimer lagi, cukup kopi item aja dah, hahaha satu kalimat yang bakal terngiang ngiang terus adalah ketika rumpian ibu2 ini sudah berpindah topik masih ada seorang ibu yang penasaran. putih2 itu apa sih Hwahahaha gyahaha. dapet juga bukuna dikaki limamari ngebordir

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