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    I was hesitant to bring this up in my last review because I thought it was just me I thought I was reading too much into these novels But I don t think so any and the issue is ruining my enjoyment of an otherwise good series.You see, this series is terribly sexist yet it s all so subversive that it was hard to pin at first.There are many, many female characters Normally, I d consider this a good thing However we can effectively separate them into categories.Harmless, likable and a sex objectHarmless, laughably evil and a sex objectDangerous, unstable and a sex objectFor example, Atticus initiate is harmless and likable She is probably the only woman who fits into this category She s also probably the closest thing Hearne has written to a positive female character.The many, many evil witches in this novel fit into the second category Atticus is sure to take special note of their appearance I say laughably evil because whilst they have power it s nothing compared to Atticus and Hearne goes to great lengths to make them objects of derision in our eyes They will always try petty, pathetic things that make you happy that Atticus lays the smack down on them They are arrogant and tragically doomed to fail like Team Rocket from Pokemon For every evil male character there are at least eight bad female characters There is only one Harmless and laughably evil male character There are many, many of these female characters and they all play second fiddle to the main bad character a man They are Hearne s version of the nameless goons in Bond movies They are the faceless Red shirts from Star Trek.Then there s the Dangerous, unstable and a sex object category and possibly the most offensive These are women that Atticus is supposed to take seriously because they are all powerful in their own right many are supposed to be powerful.Yet even goddesses are throwing themselves at Atticus to be in his bed All of them are seriously unstable, highly emotive and completely subject to their own pettiness Atticus spends most of this novel indulging them like you would play to a crazy person to keep them happy I guess it s hard to blame Hearne too much Men and the medical profession have been painting women as hysterical, unreasonable creatures for most of history It s nothing new but it s terribly disappointing The ruler of the Tuatha De shows up and plays the damsel in distress to Atticus She does the whole, Help me, Obi Wan Kenobi You re my only hope Routine in the first book Seriously SERIOUSLY She is the fucking RULER of an ancient people SHE IS A GODDESS It s just all so unempowering.Still, I thought I was being sensitive after reading the first novel In the second, Atticus strips Brighid down, humiliates her and lectures her in very reasonable tones while she froths at the mouth and acts the part of two bit villain Now I m just insulted An immortal goddess, so proficient at politics, bargaining and magic is so pathetic that she would act as she did and be caught as she was Oh, of course She s a woman and this all makes sense if your unconscious bias is to believe that women even immortal ones and creatures completely enslaved to whatever petty emotion is running through their fragile bodies.Atticus sexual assault, the use of sex as a weapon and many, many other small instances in this book only cemented my opinion that Hearne does not have a high respect for women or he simply knows so little of them There are much fewer male characters in this book yet every single one with the exception of Percy, is a powerful, reasonable, intelligent, logical character When comparing their uses and functions in these books, it becomes clear that men, as characters, as significantly likable, powerful and reasonable than women.It s a really sad thing to behold for a series that is otherwise fun and interesting.

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    So far I have only read 2 of these books but they crack me up Demons smell like ss nasty ss that slithers down your throat, finds your gag reflex, and sits on it with authority I love that Atticus is a hot Druid that gets help by the Earth And he has very funny conversations with his dog in their minds Oberon is an Irish Wolfhound and he is funny too So almost right off the bat, Atticus hast to fight off a huge bug but the Earth helps him And his crazy neighbor hates him O Sullivan an uncertain voice pulled my consciousness back aboveground It was Mr Semerdjian Yes, sir, how may I help you Everything was back to normal that is, vines looked great and so did my mesquite tree The saguaro cactus using its many arms to mold stone as if it were clay and making loud bugcrunching noises was admittedly worth comment My neighbor raised a skating index finger to point at the saguaro That moving cactus and the big bug and you, you spooky bastard What are you I stuffed my hands in my pockets and grinned winningly at him Why, I am the Antichrist, of course Mr Semerdjian responded by fainting, which seriously surprised me I d expected a vulgar expression of disbelief, like a middle finger or a clenching of the crotch, because the man had seen a giant demon and casually offered to blow it up like a tough guy Atticus lawyer wants him to kill Thor and is mad at him because he doesn t want to I love Thor Anyway, Atticus has two lawyers, one a vampire and one a werewolf So some evil witches are trying to take over the town so Atticus has to get help from some other supernatural beings to help get them out There are other things going on as always seems to be the case in these books Either way, I like it

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    Reread 20173.5 starsPart of the appeal of these books for me, at least is that druids haven t oversaturated the market yet I mean, name one romance novel with a sexy druid as the leading manSee I m not saying it s impossible, but if you managed to do it, you probably had to think about it for a minute Oh, and I m also not saying Hexed is a romance novel It s not I just meant that once a magical person place thing hits romance novel status you re pretty much sick of the sight of them As in, remember when vampires were scary motherfuckers and not sexy motherfuckers Yeah, those of us from the Jurassic era look back fondly on those daysOn a happier note Hexed has a druid And all the fun gods that come with himYes, there are werewolves, fae, witches, and even a vampire in this book, but to counteract the been there, done that feeling of those characters you ve also got a handful of less used magical people creatures Including, but not limited to, the Atticus adorable sidekick, Oberon.I mean, who wouldn t want a talking Wolfhound to be your BFF Ok, truth time There s something lacking in these books that I can t quite put my finger on yet It isn t as though I don t enjoy the action, the plot, or the charactersI do But at the same time, I m not in a great hurry to pick up the next book in the series again And whatever the reason is, it must be why I forgot abandoned these books to start with Still, it s hard to find a really good urban fantasy series that doesn t regurgitate the same old crap characters, so I m determined to give this the Iron Druid a fair shot at winning my heart this time around.Original review 2012Hexed picks up where Hounded left off Atticus is dealing with the fallout from killing his old enemy, and the power vacuum that his death caused A lot of the gods want him dead, or on their sidewhichever is easier.And of course, everyone wants him to kill Thor next.This is a pretty fun action adventure series, and so far I m really enjoying it Recommended for fans of series like The Dresden Files.

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    When Tempe s witch population booms, Atticus O Sullivan is forced to make peace with the members of the former coven and join forces with them to drive the newcomers out of town But what other deals will he have to make to see his task through to the end Hexed is the second volume in the Iron Druid Chronicles and nearly as good as the first Witches following Bacchus roll into town from Vegas and start shaking things up Throw in Coyote, Atticus new apprentice, and some mop from the previous book and Hexed is pretty hard to put down Once again, Atticus gets bits burned and lopped off, but manages to survive He also manages to set up the next book.The magic system in the Iron Druid Chronicles works better for me as a reader than that of the Dresden Files That might be that Atticus doesn t explain the same things in every book, though His modern slang continues to get on my nerves, however I understand that he needs to fit in but his personality doesn t really fit my concept of a 2000 year old being either He seems like a typical 30 year old and doesn t display much wisdom than that I did appreciate the depth of his pop culture references, although he could stray further from the Butcher repertoire.Curmudgeonations aside, I still had quite a bit of fun reading this The widow McDonaugh and Oberon continue to be my favorites among the supporting cast The witches were further developed and I expect they ll continue being a prominent part of the series The Morrigan and Brighid seem to have a power struggle brewing Hexed shows that Hearne s pulling Atticus from the Harry Dresden mold but the imprints are still pretty clear Four out of five stars.

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    In most any American town, one can find a popular all night eatery where a plate of hash browns can be prepared scattered, smothered, covered, chunked etc Kevin Hearne s Iron Druid chronicles serves up a steaming hot and delicious plate of fun and prepared Hounded, Hexed, Hammered, Tricked etc Hearne s 2011 addition to the Chronicles, check off list, Hexed, is good as the rest of the series Iron Druid checklist 2100 year old last of the druids CHECKBlood sucking vampire lawyer CHECKPack of affluent and urbane professional werewolves CHECKCoven of stylish Polish witches CHECKAncient body snatching Indian witch CHECKDemons CHECKNative American trickster god CHECKTuatha D Danann CHECKGratuitous and athletic sex magic CHECKReferences to Asgard CHECKWise cracking, Scooby snack dealing telepathic Irish wolfhound CHECK Just as in the earlier Hounded and various shorter works, Hearne s imaginative and talented writing crafts an urban fantasy adventure for protagonist Atticus O Sullivan, last of the great Irish druids and now residing in Arizona This episode finds our hero making friends with some witches and battling others.Lots of Celtic and mythological good times

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    I listened to the narration of this book and did not finish the book I stopped around chapter 13 or so.Positives The narration is decent I liked the inclusion of Coyote I think he is a great character I enjoy his presence in other books by other authors, this one was not an exception Atticus and Oberon are mildly entertaining The scene where Oberon talks to Atticus about life and death and Atticus tells the readers that he has been artificially prolonging Oberon s life was very moving This was the best scene in the two books I read in this series Ultimately, this series is just not for me I love urban fantasy and fantasy books I enjoy male authored and male point of view books, but for me this book missed the mark I am clearly in the minority Okay, on to the rest of my review I thought this book suffered from the same issues I had with book 1 no emotional connection with Atticus, low cost to using his magic, everything comes easy for him here is my review for 1 I am not going to go into a lot of detail about this book, but here are some scenes that irritated me The scene in the beginning where his assistant answers the door scantily clad is just beyond silly First, no woman who was not purposely trying to entice would answer the door dressed like that Let me make it clear I have no problems with purposely trying to entice, titillating scenes or scantily clad women It was the delivery of this scene I thought was off Once Atticus is conversing with her, his apprentice is apparantly clueless as to the affect of her near nakedness and continues to wonder out loud why Atticus is uncomfortable and looking up in the air Umm, any woman knows immediately when a man is reacting to her appearance in such an obvious way Sorry Kevin Hearne, women don t answer the door dressed like that generally and usually don t go to bed wearing such an outfit unless there is a specific man present they want to please I hope this doesn t disappoint you too much I know the general style of humor he was attempting here oblivious sexy woman doesn t understand her effect on man, walks around in sexy nighties just waiting to answer the door for men who ring it I just thought it was not very believable And because of that I couldn t enjoy it.Atticus verbally attacks a teacher who calls out and wonders what is going on, no animosity in her voice he is fighting a demon near the school Atticus then proceeds out of nowhere and completely disconnected with the scene to attack the teacher for not teaching the children English well enough So here we have someone he apparently does not know, we have had no information or discussion of poorly prepared students in the subject of English presented in this book thus far Then Atticus says to himself, I need to shut up and stop taking my frustrations out on this poor frumpy lady who probably never gets laid Huh Just random attacking of teachers based on assumptions, criticizing their appearance and then making assumptions that they don t have sex because her appearance is not pleasing to him I really don t have a problem with frumpy as a description, but when it is contrasted with how he describes almost every other woman in the story and we don t get to know anything else about her appearance mousy limp hair maybe Don t know, not in the description Slack ill fitting clothes Don t know, not in the description All he says is frumpy which I guess means he doesn t want to have sex with her and thus he assumes she is not getting laid very often, because you know if Atticus doesn t want her she isn t getting any What if she has a husband or wife somewhere she has spent her life with I know I am getting deep here and humor was intended I just don t think it is funny to make jokes about innocent bystander s appearance It really rubs me the wrong way I know the humor he was going for, but it just came off the wrong way I think that if he also described men as frumpy or had provided of a decription of this woman beyond frumpy and had not equated her being frumpy with not having sex, I likely would not have had an issue For me it was the delivery e.g I find her unattractive, I will dismiss her completely and assume that no other man wants her I honestly don t think this is the way most men think.I won t be reading or listening to Hammered, 3 in this series.

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    Whoa, this series is getting quite addictive Every time I plugged in my earphones and turned on Audible, time just seemed to melt away as I tried very hard not to laugh out loud in public while I was being thoroughly entertained by the story and narration.Judging from the title of the book, I suspected that witches will be the fodder for trouble in this volume and lo and behold, I was spot on Polish and German witches to be specific One thing s for sure, Arizona is quite a melting pot of a myriad pantheons Firstly, Atticus will never outrun his heritage and his promise to the Morrigan, which resulted in some scenes which were quite hilarious and even a bit moving as the Chooser of the Slain can be nicer than the scary, deathly aura she emanates don t ever say that to her face though I also thoroughly enjoyed the appearance of Coyote well, of course Native American will feature in Arizona and the Virgin Mary as a manifestation of unwavering faith Atticus also drops a lot of references to pop culture through different eras, which ratchets up the fun Atticus is growing on me as a character True, he can come across to be quite a smart ass at times, but let s face it if the guy can survive 21 centuries and still appear like in his twenties with a nice bum too, apparently, and I do have a weakness for that , then I ll say he has every right to be so What warms the cockles of my heart the most is the love he has for the land and natural life being a druid by nature and for Oberon, his wolfhound As a biophile and a huge dog lover, this undoubtedly means a lot to me Speaking of Oberon, this lovable canine continues to steal the show And right behind his wagging tail is the widow, Mrs MacDonagh I swear if I have such an adorable old lady in my neighbourhood, I d regularly spend some time with her drinking whiskey on her porch Have I ever mentioned how darn good Luke Daniels is He just gets the nuance of each character down pat Special mention needed to be made of his voice acting for the vampire, Leif, and the werewolf, Hal For the former, he does this silky smooth and formal voice while the latter had gruff and growl The best part of all was how he layered over those voices a certain sense of threat or danger that these personages represent As much as I am loving this series, especially on audio, I need to space them out so that I can savour the remaining 7 books for as long as I can.

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    Another well written, excellent narration of the Iron Druid Chronicles Great story 10 of 10 stars

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    Full review now posted I ve got to give Hearne one thing the man is funny.Hexed is the followup novel to Hounded, the first book in the Iron Druid Chronicles I find that with many longer series, the second book tends to be a good deal weaker than the first A large part of this is due to a successful first novel being optioned into a series, and the author having to find a way to stretch their idea into multiple books, generally far than a trilogy in the urban fantasy genre Often, by the third of fourth book the author has found their stride with the series, but this frequently results in a second book that is weak and forgettable.That might have been the case with this book if not for one thing the humor I wasn t nearly as interested in the lore for the Polish and German witches who featured so prominently in this book as I was in all of the Celtic lore presented in Hounded, but the amount of humor seeded throughout the book kept me reading anyway There were so many hilarious, nearly slapstick situations packed into the narrative that I could actually overlook my relative disinterest in the main plot line Also, our main character s canine friend, Oberon, is even entertaining than he was in the first book The dialogues between him and Atticus, and between Atticus and various other side characters, were often so funny that I honestly laughed out loud as I read.Something I love about these books so far, and the reason I m looking forward to reading of the series, is the mix of lore from around the world Books that serve as a mythological melting pot, such as Neil Gaiman s American Gods, just make me really happy, and this series shows that promise While I wasn t a big fan of the Eastern European witchcraft lore around which most of the plot was based, I loved the additions of the Native American god Coyote, the Virgin Mary, and various Celtic goddesses who were present in the first book I also love how much everyone, no matter what pantheon they come from, hates Thor As the next book is entitled Hammered, I have a sneaking suspicion that this hatred will be addressed soon.I didn t enjoy this book quite as much as the first, but I did really appreciate the humor This is for sure a series worth reading if you like funny urban fantasy Original review can be found at Booknest.

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    just as good if not a little better then the first one.now i really want to read the third.he really can t hold on to his ears

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Hexed (Iron Druid Chronicles, #2) download Hexed (Iron Druid Chronicles, #2), read online Hexed (Iron Druid Chronicles, #2), kindle ebook Hexed (Iron Druid Chronicles, #2), Hexed (Iron Druid Chronicles, #2) e8ff51cff3ec Atticus O Sullivan, Last Of The Druids, Doesn T Care Much For Witches Still, He S About To Make Nice With The Local Coven By Signing A Mutually Beneficial Nonaggression Treaty When Suddenly The Witch Population In Modern Day Tempe, Arizona, Quadruples Overnight And The New Girls Are Not Just Bad, They Re Badasses With A Dark History On The German Side Of World War IIWith A Fallen Angel Feasting On Local High School Students, A Horde Of Bacchants Blowing In From Vegas With Their Special Brand Of Deadly Decadence, And A Dangerously Sexy Celtic Goddess Of Fire Vying For His Attention, Atticus Is Having Trouble Scheduling The Witch Hunt But Aided By His Magical Sword, His Neighbor S Rocket Propelled Grenade Launcher, And His Vampire Attorney, Atticus Is Ready To Sweep The Town And Show The Witchy Women They Picked The Wrong Druid To Hex