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Ice pdf Ice , ebook Ice , epub Ice , doc Ice , e-pub Ice , Ice 5dd276158fc My Life S Been A Great Story In The Ultimate War Should I Ill Or Do Right Make Peace Or Go Raw Ice T, Exodus He S A Hip Hop Icon Credited With Single Handedly Creating Gangsta Rap In The S Television Viewers Know Him As Detective Odafin Fin Tutuola On The Top Rated TV DramaLaw Order SVU But Where The Hype And The Headlines End, The Real Story Of Ice T The One Few Of His Millions Of Fans Have Ever Heard Truly Begins Ice Is Ice T In His Own Words Raw, Uncensored, And Unafraid To Speak His Mind About His Orphan Upbringing On The Gang Infested Streets Of South Central Los Angeles About His Four Year Stint In The US Army S Famed Tropic Lightning Outfit About His Successful Career As A Hustler And Thief, The Car Crash That Nearly Killed Him, And The Fateful Decision To Turn Away From A Life Of Crime And Forge His Own Path To International Entertainment Stardom Ice By Ice T Is Both A Tell It Like It Is Tale Of Redemption And A Star Studded Tour Of The Pop Culture Firmament The Acclaimed Rapper And Actor Shares Never Before Told Stories About Friends Like Tupac, Dick Wolf, Chris Rock, And An Antler Clad Flavor Flav, Among Others Readers Will Ride Along As Ice T S Incendiary Rock Band Body Count Narrowly Escapes From A Riotous Mob Of Angry Concertgoers In Milan, And Listen In As The Music Legend Battles The Self Appointed Censors Over His Controversial Cop Killer Single Most Of All, Ice Is The Place Where One Of The Game S Most Opinionated Players Breaks Down His Own Secret Plan For Living, Offering Up Candid Observations On Marriage And Monogamy, The Current State Of Hip Hop, And His Latest Passion Doing One On One Gang Interventions And Mentoring At Risk Youths Around The Country With Insights Into The Cutthroat World Of The Street And The Cutthroat World Of Hollywood Ice Is The Inspirational Story Of A True American Original

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    I knew I was going to love this book Ice T keeps it real always, and who couldn t like that I love how he came out of the ghetto, but still keeps in contact with those from the ghetto, and lives a wealthy celebrity lifestyle His children have their own crosses to bear and he lets them make their mistakes so they can learn I was never a fan of his rap music, but I respected what he did He came out during the time when rap was at its best I still like rap, but some of this gangsta stuff isn t for me, and obviously, not for Ice T either When T was coming up the ranks, that s when rappers were super talented Not that there aren t some today, but not like T s era Tracy Marrow is one talented man father, husband, rapper and actor, and he manages to keep it all together His wife Coco is his right arm He s blessed to have her I love a woman who stands by her man, and she definitely does One thing he states throughout the book, there are two categories everyone falls into Either you re a pimp or you re a ho And depending on what stage you are in life, depends on which hat you re wearing Lots of people get mad at him for stating the obvious, but that is one of the truest statements ever He doesn t sugar coat the game at all You ve got to respect this brotha I know I do You alright in my book, Tracy He gives some damn good advice, and people should definitely take heed to it He knows, he s done it all literally This was an outstanding read He gets 5 stars for not telling all, and stating what needed to be said I definitely have love for Ice T

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    I m probably one of the few people that have read and reviewed Ice s other book The Ice Opinion and this book was as equally informing and true as the previous Being honest, after having read that book a few years back, the thought occurred to me to ask what could this man say that he hasn t already spoke about Let me just clear the table and confirm that nothing in these two books is material that s been repeated or regurgitated Without doubt, this is a solid and eye opening read First, you might not know that Ice was an Army Ranger and an incredibly solid and dedicated soilder while he was doing his time in service Yes, he did end up having to stand up in front of the C.O., but who hasn t Legendary Marine, Chesty Puller once said that the best soliders are often found in the brig In Ice s case, he wasn t kidding Ice never got involved in drugs or alcohol and never squealed on anyone either In historical and mythical terms, he s a pretty honorable character, but the reality that you come away with from reading this book, is that Ice is anything but a character, he s a real person with his survival instincts ratcheted up on high Ice, born Tracy Marrow, is probably the best example of social darwainism that I ve ever heard about Working your way up from the bottom, parentless, financially out , being bussed from one social tier to another for school, trapped in a warring culture on the brink of a social apocalypse you name it Just hold your ground and be true to yourself That s his message and he has the life behind him to prove it Hmm Who also said that, about 400 years ago I wonder To thine own self A few days ago, I was at Zales looking at something with my wife At that time I was about half way through this book, and while I was standing at the counter, all I could think about was Ice T and his team of smash and grab jewelery thieves doing licks all over Los Angeles and later nationwide The story he tells isn t about ego, it s not romanticized and he s not telling you to score points with the reader or with the history books in general This is just how it was The funny thing is, is that there s probably a lot of us who grew up during this period of time, like myself who can absolutely relate Even from the criminal tip He never got caught, never went to jail, never carried a gun in those days and never had to hurt anyone innocent I can t say the same for a lot of thugs on the street or even the white collar criminals out there today Ice talks a lot about his military training, how it made him disciplined and how the military mind in the civilian world is often implemented You either become an Officer, or you become a criminal Notice I didn t say Cop The amazing thing was that Ice was making a boatload cash before he got into the rap game and was trying to manage both his criminal career and his ascendency into Rap all at the same time Being surrounded by both Crips and Bloods on all sides, he emerged as the spokesman for both sets and was like the nuetral Switzerland He had respect from all the big time guys and worked hard to maintain it One of the interesting tidbits is how he ended up over at Warner Brothers and being close with a lot of folks who had much respect for him there as a musician, and as a person Ice also had a lot of respect for the law, even though some, who might remember this, might not think so He tells it like this There was a line and it was their job to enforce it and it was my job to cross over and back and not get caught When his musical career broke, I remember hearing him when I was living all the way up in Alaska and thinking how raw it was It was incredibly clear to see that everything that came out after Ice, was inspired by Ice, because nobody had rapped about such a hard game before When Ice Cube hit with his Amerikkkas Most Wanted album and NWA casettes were circulating, people everywhere couldn t get enough By then though, we all knew where it started and Ice had already moved on to something else Body Count The book is harrowing in places and deeply engrossing Never for a moment does any of it come across as contrived, unrelatable or not real Ice s mantra always seems to seep from these pages to just be you and I ll be me For that, you know this isn t going to read like a lot of the celebrity biographies do where there s just ego oozing out from the seem of the book Forgive me if I don t care to name names, but too many of them are like that Ice can easily tell you how when he bought a brand new Ferrari and Flava flav smashed into the back of it, you never think for a moment that he s bragging He tells it like a young man, excited and jazzed about something cool that just landed in his lap and that s unflinchingly sincere in all aspects This isn t a white washed version of his life, reading it you can tell He s not holding anything back here either as he admits to many things that many people in position just wouldn t Regarding Law Order, I m one of those people that originially tuned into that show because of Ice T and I ve always felt that I d always prefer to see episodes centered around his character But he has a different position on this Like he says in the book I m number five on the roster and that s a good place to be Through the years, I ve come to appreciate Ice and for a number of reasons Ice obviously if you re paying attention is a huge fan of Robert Beck, as am I, and the life that Robert Beck lived and wrote about is the story of a lot of us, myself included When I read Mama Black Widow, I finally had found someone who was writing about the facets of my own life Later I read Airtight Willie Me and quickly read everything else For the record, this review is on the Advance Review version of the book and thus I was sadly without any of the cool pictures that will be in the final print edition or other things that are promised in the details This book is going to get some good circulation and he deserves it As a side note If you re one of those folks that like to read books like this in one sitting, which is typically fine, I would suggest not doing so with this I would read this in stages and really spend some time thinking about what s here I would read this book in 80 page increments so you don t just glass over the details This is a very good book and deserves consideration

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    In Ice A Memoir of Gangster Life and Redemption from South Central to Hollywood by Ice T, readers learn how he became an early rap icon, originator of gangsta rap and now a television star After reading this memoir, I have a whole new respect for the man Although he knew the crimes he committed in his younger years, were wrong he proved he could rise above his upbringing and make a better life for himself I wish I could have listened to it in audio format because I think it would have been even enjoyable hearing Ice read it himself Although I do admit that as I read along it was his voice that was playing in my head I love reading about the history and how things and people get their start Ice takes his readers back to the beginning of rap music and the culture surrounding it We learn about how this west coast rapper would go on to make a name for himself in the New York scene and rise beyond it He also gives a glimpse into his personal life sharing personal pictures My rating for Ice A Memoir is 4 stars out of 5, as I couldn t put it down However I wish that he would have given a better timeline of the events in his life, by mentioning the year he was referring to I would recommend this book not just to Ice T fans, but to people who enjoy music history as well For my full review on Ice A Memoir of Gangster Life and Redemption from South Central to Hollywood, visit my blog

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    Surprise This is really good I have a whole new respect for Ice T aka Tracy Marrow First of all let me say, this book was not even remotely on my radar but it might be life changing Or maybe this just my reaction as a new excited reader of the Memoir Autobiography genre I think it was what Ice had to say and not my over enthusiasm and voracious hunger for this genre that is a new discovery to me I don t want to give too much away and spoil it for any future readers But I will say I really enjoyed learning some new facts about Ice Technically it wasn t learning new facts, I will venture to say that unless you have read this book or watched an interview where he told some in depth tidbits about his life, you probably have no idea who Ice is Because he s not who we thought he was from a few videos, movie cameos or prime time TV series characters This book is about a man you thought you knew. but you don t Any you may have underestimated his depth by what the media let us see. but he s a much complex character and it was good to see this He s very candid with his life story Of course, I m sure he hasn t told his public every single thing but what he does tell leads you to adopt a brand new respect for the man, his struggle, his journey, his hard work or as he would say, his hustle Ice T one of the OG s of West Coat rap, did you know he s not really even from L.A He talks about some life and death close calls Did you know he was a Vet It s all just so interesting And all the lessons he learned from it all, he shares in this book He s not perfect He admits he s made a lot of mistakes but one thing I noticed that is inspirational to me is his ability to try Regardless if it fails or goes well, at many turning points in his life, in classic Ice vocab he d say, F it Let s do it That is his success He wasn t afraid to say ____ it and just try He also has about 50 quotes or pearls of Ice wisdom at the end of the book I may try to print them out Some are funny Some are common sense and some are good advice 4 Stars I definitely recommend this book Life is full of lessons and everyone s life has something to teach in the telling This guy is so much than the rapper we grew up with or saw on videos For those of us who know of him, you feel inspired and say, respect For those who have a pre judgement by who you think the man is. read this and see if you don t change your mind about not just him but people who look like him, come from where he s from or just people who you have preconceived notions about in general.

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    Comes across as a sincere and insightful account of the most real OG Darlene was up front in my career she did all my album covers She wasn t just my girl in real life she was essential to my image But understand I was very much about not having anything fake If it ain t your girl, don t put her in the video She s wearing my chain with the gun pendant on the album cover That s my car Maybe I was na ve about this shit, but I didn t know you could lie I didn t know you could fake I really didn t believe it was okay especially with rap I got a song where I say I don t rhyme about guns I ain t shot Hoes I ain t caught Or shit I ain t bought The game to me is too fucking deep If I did I honestly believe I d die in my sleep To me, coming from that hustler s lifestyle, it was like Why would you have a model How fake is that Why would you have girls in your video that you don t even know That s fake, brother Everybody in my videos was my friend When we shot the High Rollers video, I said, The gats in the promo shots ain t props And they damn sure weren t.We all used real money wasn t no fake cash It was real Because I was rapping about real shit.

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    Ok Can I just say that I loved this book This book really surprised me I checked out the audiobook thinking this would be a quick, entertaining, mindless read listen I was wrong, it was quick, entertaining, but so compelling and informative Obviously I know nothing about growing up on the streets, but really felt like Ice T gave a very detailed, clear explanation of how growing up on the streets was for him This book was written in a vernacular tone and it was so appropriate I loved that he dropped f bombs in his book It kinda made me feel like I was sitting down with Ice T for a drink and had just asked him to tell me about his life Ice T is much interesting than I could have imagined He was a gymnast WHAT I felt like I had no idea Ice T was so cool Anywaysif you are an Ice T or Law Order SVU fan, check it out Alsoif you listen to the audiobook, check out the book too just so you can see the pictures he included in the book.Unfortunately Ice T does not read it, which would have made it that much amazing However, the narrator who does read it did a really great job

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    I first heard about Ice T through the band Body Count, but I wasn t much of a fan of his music I picked this up out of curiosity mostly and was glad I did When you read a book like this you never know what to expect As an artist he s influential and was a cornerstone of gangster rap, but there are a variety of people reading this that came in through various stages of his career so it covers every aspect and for the most part doesn t hold anything back Like it or not, Ice is a role model, and when you hit that moment of realisation you almost have to put the book down His honesty is what makes this book so good Even if you aren t a fan, you can t help but Iike the guy despite his criminal past It s the kind of biography you don t see very often, and that s what makes it so good You may not like him all the time, but this life story is one you can learn from and even share it with others who need someone to look up to Ice isn t perfect, but he has matured and grown beyond the life he was heading toward Definitely a book that will surprise you and that doesn t happen very often in biographies.

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    Whether you love or hate Ice T, I recommend his memoir to you His word on redemption and peacemaking is so unique, hopeful and philosophical At times ICE may read as a little unintentionally humorous, as the amateur critics on Goodreads have pointed out It doesn t matter Ice T s experience and what he s able accomplish in the day to day do Personally, the Ice T Wife Coco show is off putting, but he is also the executive producer of the AE reality show about conflict resolution between warring gangs in L.A He s a good man, who will take artistic and professional chances and acknowledge he has his flaws without fishing for the public s final approval.

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    How did Ice T go from a rough childhood on the streets and gang involvment, to becoming a hip hop icon and the actor who played Det.John Munch s partner, Fin, on the hugely popular television program Law Order SVU This often emotional and insightful memoir explains it all, written with honesty, wit and a great sense of character.

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    Wanted a little bit than just 20 or so pages on his career in Body Count And for it to cover their other 4 at the time albums and not just the Cop Killer controversy we re all so familiar with at this point but all in all a fascinating, insightful and comprehensive tale.

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