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❴Read❵ ➪ Baba ve Piç Author Elif Shafak – Transportjobsite.co.uk chapter 1 Baba ve Piç, meaning Baba ve Piç, genre Baba ve Piç, book cover Baba ve Piç, flies Baba ve Piç, Baba ve Piç f34b639139cdd From One Of Turkey S Most Acclaimed And Outspoken Writers, A Novel About The Tangled Histories Of Two FamiliesIn Her Second Novel Written In English, Elif Shafak Confronts Her Country S Violent Past In A Vivid And Colorful Tale Set In Both Turkey And The United States At Its Center Is The Bastard Of The Title, Asya, A Nineteen Year Old Woman Who Loves Johnny Cash And The French Existentialists, And The Four Sisters Of The Kazanci Family Who All Live Together In An Extended Household In Istanbul Zehila, The Zestful, Headstrong Youngest Sister Who Runs A Tattoo Parlor And Is Asya S Mother Banu, Who Has Newly Discovered Herself As A Clairvoyant Cevriye, A Widowed High School Teacher And Feride, A Hypochondriac Obsessed With Impending Disaster Their One Estranged Brother Lives In Arizona With His Wife And Her Armenian Daughter, Armanoush When Armanoush Secretly Flies To Istanbul In Search Of Her Identity, She Finds The Kazanci Sisters And Becomes Fast Friends With Asya A Secret Is Uncovered That Links The Two Families And Ties Them To The Armenian Deportations And Massacres Full Of Vigorous, Unforgettable Female Characters, The Bastard Of Istanbul Is A Bold, Powerful Tale That Will Confirm Shafak As A Rising Star Of International Fiction

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    It was the cover that snared me Turkey is one of the top three countries on my mental list of countries to visit, along with the Czech Republic and Morocco, and I love Turkish architecture and design The cover reminded me of those beautiful mosaics and arches and mosques, and then the title Who could resist A less impulsive person than me, sure, but this is my idea of living dangerously Beautifully, gracefully, vividly written with a light, airy atmosphere that really allows you to breathe, The Bastard of Istanbul follows the story of two girls and their families, one Turkish, one Armenian American, and how their histories interweave Asya Kazanci is the bastard daughter of Zeliha, raised by an eccentric group of aunts and grandmothers in Istanbul Now 19, she spends most of her time listening to Johnny Cash records and philosophising with a group of older, cynical political outcasts at the Cafe Kundera In Arizona, 19 year old Armanoush Amy Tchakhmakhchian bounces between her over protective American mother Rose and quiet Turkish step father Mustafa, and her father Barsham s large Armenian family in San Francisco Struggling to understand herself and what it means to be Armenian, she decides to journey to Turkey and stay with her step father s family, the Kazanci s.Politics, history, philosophy, religion, and the familiar struggle for personal identity in relation to and against a collective group flesh out this lovely tale, littered with references to popular culture and classic literature Likened to the work of Amy Tan, Shafak s prose is much philosophical and lyrical, and her themes are less dramatic for drama s sake I found all her characters to be instantly recognisable, and I felt that both Asya and Amy to be familiar, and similar, to myself in some ways I identified with them far readily than I would reading about a conventional teenager The atmosphere is wonderful, from dry Arizona to misty San Francisco to loud, colourful, vibrant Istanbul made me want to go there even than before I could hear and smell and see it all so clearly, though the prose is not overly descriptive With an omniscient narrator who reveals the inner tortures and idiosyncracies of the characters with a humorous but sympathetic touch, the narrative goes back and forth in time, skilfully revealing the past as it corresponds to the present, creating a tapestry as detailed and vivid as a Turkish carpet I loved all the aunts too, with their quirks and Banu s djinni Yes, there s a touch of magic realism in this book that serves it well.The conflict between Turks and Armenians, the denial of the Armenian genocide which, I believe, is still keeping Turkey out of the EU, is dealt with with a great deal of compassion and understanding Shafak makes an effort to show different arguments, as in, why the Turks are so ignorant of this history and why the Armenians are so stubborn to relive it There was a wonderful quote about that but sadly I didn t mark the page and now I can t find it.This was a random find in the bookshop and an absolute gem to read, and I highly recommend it On a side note, the author mentions that the book was first released in Turkey in 2006 she wrote it in both Turkish and English and she was facing up to three years in jail because some of the things the Turkish characters said went against the nation, something like that, but the charges were dropped Still, it s a bit scary, but also fascinating Turkey is arguably one of the liberal Muslim states, by western standards, where women have rights and opportunities, but where conservative traditions still play a heavy hand in domestic affairs.

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    Uma Verdade Emprestadada A Bastarda de Istambul foi um best seller na Turquia uma obra pol mica que em 2006, espetou com a respectiva autora em tribunal O conflito Arm nio Turco que entre 1915 e 1923 redundou numa matan a massiva de cerca de um milh o e meio de Arm nios o primeiro genoc dio do s culo XX nunca foi assumido pela Republica da Turquia.No livro, a destemida Elif Shafak aborda esse tema tabu, num di logo entabulado pelas personagens Asya e Armanoush.Acusada de heresia e de denegrir a identidade turca, a autora s escapa pris o gra as aos protestos internacionais Foi pois com redobrado interesse que me entreguei a esta leitura, e devo confessar que o que mais me cativou, foi a diversidade de personagens femininas.Acostumada quela imagem da mulher isl mica dom stica parideira, coberta da cabe a aos p s, foi deveras gratificante deixar me surpreender por um leque de variad ssimas mu ulmanas, todas elas de personalidade vincada Foram elas 1 A rebelde Asya com a sua paix o por Jean Paul Sartre e a musica de Johnny Cash.2 A bel ssima e irreverente Zhelia, uma m e solteira de trajos arrojados, que gere um sal o de tatuagens.3 Armanoush, uma arm nia americana procura de si mesma no passado.4 A vidente Banu sempre rodeada pelos seus djinnis conselheiros.5 A disciplinada Cevriye, uma professora de hist ria a abarrotar de auto controlo, mas sem a m nima ponta de humor.6 A hipocondr aca Feride, que s nos ltimos 6 anos, fora diagnosticada com 8 doen as diferentes, qual delas a mais alien gena.7 Petite Ma, uma bisav de 77 anos, j com a mem ria carcomida pela Alzheimer, que solta suspiros sempre que um copo ou um espelho se quebram L vai mau olhado , o coment rio que acompanha os suspiros emitidos Etc, etcLoucas, sensatas, hipocondr acas ou rebeldes, elas simplesmente s o, sem coer es nem press es Fic o Verdade Sendo a Turquia um pa s Euro Asi tico, pode ser que uma Verdade viajante se v insinuando sub rept ciamente, emprestada l pelo lado europeu E que o lado asi tico n o a devolva Com sorte, pode ser

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    The book suffers due to its trite language, stereotypical characterization, and unsubtle plot You end up not really caring for any of the characters, and wishing that the two deep questions the Armenian genocide and the Turkish identity pre and post Ataturk, had been painted on a deserving canvas

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    The lines are beautiful.The humor is priceless.The questions are numerous.One example being what is the value of truth Is truth always to be sought, AT ALL COSTS because the past is anything but bygone and as Elif Shafak also so eloquently speaks Once there was Once there wasn t God s creatures were as plentiful as grains and talking too much was a sin, for you could tell what you shouldn t remember and you could remember what you shouldn t tell The humor I adored the depiction of French cuisine at a restaurant where each plate was composed as a known work of art Could you dig into a Chagall, Magritte or a Mogdigliani portrait As Asya describes her family, this must be a nut house But aren t we all nuts

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    I love Elif Safak and I liked this book She makes her characters so alive when writing, good are not always good, bad are not always bad, there is beauty and poison in all of us at times It is only a matter of how we use it.

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